Closed Doors & Bad Vibes

Amen. Be it people leaving your life, job opportunities not given, all that felt like rejection, have faith in the redirection. Easier said than done, keeping the faith is the hardest task you’ll be asked. It means investing in the intangible, the not yet manifested. Best thing I’ve ever done. How did a closed door turn into a blessing for you? Via: The Pattern

Happy Birthday Michael

Happy birthday to the greatest pointer of all time. He may not be known for much, but at least he has that. My hero and my dream come true. Which Mick Jagger is your mood today? Via: Damasceno Sonia, Rock Music Shop, Getty Images

Compassionate, Kind, Always A Good Time

Have an amazing weekend. Make some time for gratitude regarding where we were a year ago compared to now. Everything’s re-opening, massive deaths have stopped, the vaccines work and I plotted on you hoes for the long win. I told y’all don’t play with me. That’s how you know I’m major, I didn’t even go anywhere and I’m still more fascinating than you. Compassionate and kind too, unlike some. Most of all I feel bad for you, because I’m always a good time, your loss in more ways than one. What are you grateful for this weekend? Via: Lost In History Pics

Thing I Don’t Worry About

Ain’t worried about NOTHING, when it comes to these law makers, for if they saw what I saw they would be. I dare Florida to do the no taping cops, I dare Texas in general, I dare you to overturn Roe vs. Wade, I dare you to keep these restrictive voter laws, for the stuff of nightmares and more awaits you. Before eternal hell of course. Hope you’re keeping up, I’m nothing to play with. The universe will not be in your favor, despite your distorted visions. Don’t make me speak twice, you’ll regret it. Free will, of course. Good luck. Via: Now This

Why Melanie Hamrick Did It

Being cool and beautiful, popular and pretty, pretty people privilege, that was Melanie Hamrick’s motive. How many industries and empires are built upon these principles? Melanie with her thin chapped lips, raggedy parted ponytail, pencil thin eyebrows, pumpkin head, close together eyes, long one nostril extra skin nose, uneven chin, is the invisible girl in Buffy. She wanted to be in the in crowd, because it’s human priority.
It’s what drives her to be my wannabe minion, but she couldn’t even be my minions, minions, minions, minion…for the aforementioned reasons and more. She’ll still try though. And fail.

Being beautiful and cool means free stuff, special treatment everyday, the world bowing to your feet for simply existing, exceptions to the rule, compliments and more. Those who have it believe it’s the norm. It’s not. Look around, in what ways do these traits shape your world and the world at large? L’wren was so beloved, talented, gorgeous, irreplaceable…ugly bitch, never forget it.

Me & Veeeeeefr AKA Melanie Hamrick

Melanie Hamrick is obsessed with me (but wanted to be L’Wren), now keep this troll account in mind, because the way I discovered it was her is atrocious. When I show you how in my article next month, Single White FeMel, you’ll see how evil and vile she is. Sorry not sorry, but I’m not going to pretend someone is pretty, when they aren’t. I never understood why Mick Jagger was with her and figured he just settled after heartbreak, the one she caused. Now it all makes sense.

Melanie is not a showstopper, again she’s missing an entire nostril. This is the type of stuff I send her and still, she needs my attention so bad, she stays. Matter of fact she was in my stories yesterday. Had I been a sheep who blindly follows I would be a liar like some of you. Pretending a basic, talentless hack was special, never critically thinking about this out of character choice (no looks, no social connections, no style, no personality, no talent). Spineless of you all. Power hungry, pathetic. How stupid do you look now?

And to Michael rereading our text I’m sorry I ignored you and was indifferent to evil. It was the same behavior I complained about other people doing to me with the Kardashians (TO AN EXTENT).

Mexican Gothic

After receiving a perturbing letter from her cousin Catalina, Noemi Toboada, a wealthy socialite from Mexico City, is sent by her father to uncover the truth. Since her husband Virgil Doyle, wrote contradicting everything Catalina said, blaming her ramblings of murder and ghosts on illness. Noemi, agrees to go if she’s allowed to get an education at the college of her choice. A huge deal, as this is set in the 1950’s, enough said in regards to feminism. Make no mistake, despite the misogyny Noemi is the apple of her father’s eye; a coquette who enjoys a life of parties, cigarettes and fast cars. When she arrives to High Place, located in a nearly desolate small town, she’s in for a rude awakening.

High Place is dreary, decrepit and absolutely depressing. There’re oil lamps and candles instead of electricity, there’s no heat, the decor is gruesome, you aren’t allowed to talk, even at dinner, nor ride into town without permission and an escort. The opposite of Noemi’s carefree life, made more uncomfortable by the fair featured Doyle’s obsession with eugenics. Furthermore, Catalina oscillates between everything’s fine and there’s something insidious going on. Noemi believes the Doyle’s, that her cousin needs help, until she starts to succumb to the same hallucinations.

And just how far are the Doyle’s willing to go to maintain purity of their bloodline? FAR.

This book is beautifully written, insanely sinister and filled with plot twist, after plot twist. I mean, a must read. I’m still processing it. Are you into horror? Via: Lady Whistle Books

Justice For L’wren

Traumatized, I’m completely traumatized by this experience. Every time I think of her final moments I sob endlessly. It isn’t fair and I can’t fix it. Helpless, is how I feel, all I can do is get justice. I promised her and I will not fail. Anyone who stands against me will be destroyed with no mercy, I won’t think twice. That ugly, one nostril, extra skin on the other side of her big nose, unshapely head, ratty ponytail, tackily clothed, uneven chin, thin lipped, talentless, basic bitch will pay. That freak coven of mutants will pay too.
Bitchy people are essential, we call out when trailer rats need to be put in their place. Everyone has their purpose. Via: L.Wren Scott