Types Of Childhood Trauma

A ton of childhood inner wounds are coming up specifically regarding the father figure in my life, my stepdad and how it’s played a bigger underlying role than I once believed. When I moved out I rarely spoke to my parents, forcing them to create a bond. Reflecting back I see how he’s taken his mother issues out on my mom to this day. It’s all been so clear, but sometimes you can’t see things until it’s time. A lot of the stress my mom took out in our relationship is due to how he treats her. He purposely puts her in bad situations to feed off her negativity, never considers her when making decisions, makes more than enough and barely gives her anything, especially when she wanted to take a class. He leaves her to do it on her own, so she tried to get help through aid and was denied because he makes too much. She deserves better than spending thirty years of marriage this way. I think how she had me at 16 and has barely experienced life without kids weighing her down like albatrosses. I use to think what does she have to complain about? She spent most of her time as a housewife on the Upper East Side, she could have done something, but she couldn’t because someone took away that foundation and dragging my baby sister back and forth to chemo from birth was no walk in the park. I’m grateful recent experiences gave me a truer understanding of her life. Otherwise I never would have seen her reality.

Childhood is important it shapes us all, kids are little people who didn’t ask to be here and I’m sure if you look at yourself or your parents, you’ll see the way it’s affected your beings. Break the cycle if it’s toxic. Are there negative things from childhood hindering you today? Via: The Holistic Psychologist

Pick A Crew: Prince & MJ Or Haring & Basquiat

Weekend hangout are you meeting up with the legendary musicians, or iconic artists?

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Focus On Green Flags Too

Green Means Go.

Being a twin is hard, but until my twin goes from red flags to green ones it’s a no go. Spoiled by my love he wants it without doing his part, he feels entitled. It’s hard for my twin to face their behavior that’s why Mick couldn’t write his autobiography. I hope he can break his toxic patterns, stop trying to make me a throw rug. He’s succeeded being this way, but have you if you can’t face your reflection? Via: Jen Peters

Still Writing My Stories

Bet your bottom dollar. I just need to get back to my aesthetic, from the way people are behaving you’d think they weren’t racist, complicit with racism, bullies, trolls, evil, talentless, insecure, talentless nepo-babies, or dingbats who don’t take accountability. Oh, that’s because you are. Trash people. Trash people who came bothering me, running their mouths about me like I know you hoes, when I was minding my business. Did I get it right? Writing my truth releases low vibrations freeing me from an energetic prison. It’s cathartic. My toxic trait is not speaking up until I’m angry, trying to protect others for the sake of avoiding drama. It’s not my job, call out shitty people in the moment. They don’t feel bad, why should you? Via: Iconic_Beauties

Black Women Are Everything…

For everyone and you feel entitled to it. Fuck off. We aren’t your mammies. If we aren’t into the vibe let us be. Never forget I was minding my business from jump tho. Black women aren’t here for you. Via: Official Black Wallstreet

Category Is: Rockstars In Whitish Furs

Summer is GONE! No more tanning, no more skimpy outfits, no more open toe shoes and bikini’s, everyday we’re a step closer to the cold. Winter is coming. I’ve spent many winters of my youth at Hotel Chelsea, when it was residential and my big breasted German friend Alix lived there. It was as iconic as reputed. I knew I was fortunate then and I know it now. Which rockstar works their kind of white furs the best tho? Via: Luvv Jones_ ,70’s Daily & 27._Club

What Women Want

  • Stop punishing women for not being submissive.
  • To be seen as human rather than an object or accessory.
  • Stop being told to smile.
  • Strange men no longer invading my personal space to holla on the streets.
  • Stop catcalling.
  • Acknowledging that I have earphones in and don’t owe you conversation.
  • Economic revenge when a woman wants to disengage.
  • Not being pitted against other women, because your cowardice hides your emotions.
  • To be heard.
  • To be valued.
  • To be powerful without you tearing us down.

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Which Cat Pairing…

Best describes your ideal date? An evening of romance under the moon, or going on an adventure?

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