Melanie Hamrick Is Ugly And Soulless

“Do you have a soul? I mean, are you such a miserable sack of crap that you lack any kind of compassion? I guess I’d be upset, too, if I had a face like yours.”

Melanie Hamrick is ugly. L’wren Scott had huge boobs, compared to her tiny ones, a nice butt, compared to her flat one (Mick Jagger is obsessed with butts, always telling me to eat so it didn’t get smaller, always asking for nudes), no career, not well connected. A piece of her nose is missing, while the other side has extra skin, her skin is blemished, her eyes have nasty circles and are close together, her lips thin as the lines on loose leaf. Her hair is a rats nest. Her chin uneven. That’s why she never was, nor will be a model like L’wren. Bianca Jagger is barely 5’5 and stayed on covers, because she’s beautiful like all of Mick’s CHOSEN ladies. Unlike the rest of us, she black magicked and raped him. She can’t get another suitor, because she’s ugly and I took her powers, so she couldn’t rape me (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me) or anyone else. Meanwhile Mick is still holding me hostage, lying to people to keep my many options away. This is no longer working, he’s going to jail where he will die.

All I wanted was my money so I can move on with my real twin flame. I already saved this disgusting family, they owe me everything. I owe them nothing. I will show them no mercy. For anyone to disrespect my existence by even thinking I would stalk this loser, you will pay. How many accounts has she stalked me on, since I blocked her main account? Too many. No matter how mean I am, no matter how many times I block her, she keeps coming back, adding evidence, mentally unstable, looking for my approval and in love. For her to even speak to the movie star, then make a fan page for him to follow me on, which she deleted, but I screenshot it, she is going to learn an ugly girls true place. How fucking dare you? Do not ever speak to him, that idiot family has you delusional, so let me catch you up to speed. You’re ugly you don’t get to ever speak to him, nor do you get to speak to me. Now I’m going to learn you, since the soul sell got to your odd shaped head.
She is a murderer, rapist, stalker, a nobody who committed a felony to cover up her deal with the devil. Too bad you tried a goddess and queen of witches. This is the end of the Jagger’s. You are going to watch an idol fall. Two, Ronnie Wood goes with. Everything I said is happening. Fates are sealed. It only takes one ugly satanist to ruin everything. The devil always comes to collect. Via: L’Wren Scott

Are You In Love Or Attraction?

For those of you seeking clarity regarding the difference between love and attraction, especially if you’re seeing a fuck person through rose colored glasses. Careful out there, don’t get your heart confused with your hormones. Don’t force circles into square holes. Are you in love or attraction? Via: Love.UrBuddy

A Barbie Goodbye To Summer

Summer I’ll miss you, see you later.
All that will transpire when you comeback around, what will happen? Who will I be?
All I know is the tan will still be killer. Via: Vintage Barbie And Ken

Work Life Balance Is Key

Don’t forget to live as hard as you work!
Enjoy your weekend!

Do one thing for yourself, it’ll make you happier, relaxed and bring more joy in shaping your life. Via: StudioB.Design

John Throwing Shade At Paul

The ending of The Beatles was probably filled with so much tension, like pulling a rubberband to capacity, before letting it fly. I feel like Ringo was the most chill and had lead in his stomach entering the studio. What an energy. One thing about John Lennon, he gonna be mercurial af. I wonder why he was throwing shade at Paul McCartney that day? Via: Beatles Radio & Andy Warhol Diaries

A Spectrum Of Black 90’s Families

This is childhood. Loved growing up with these 90’s families, portraying the spectrum not stereotypes of blackness. Congratulations to Sheryl Lee Ralph on her Emmy win, seeing her career blossom has been an honor. That being said I would not want to join Moesha’s family, she’s bossy, judgmental, a hypocrite, nosey and has a fresh mouth. Plus she snitched on Miles for getting high. She’s a meddler, she not finna tell me what to do, but she’ll sure try. Not to mention Frank, her dad, is a mess, having an entire love child combined with his rigidness, I’m good. Can you name all these classic shows? Which family is your favorite? Which would you join ? Via: 4EverThrowbacks

Normalize Thinking Highly Of Yourself

Take note of your mental chatter, your internal dialogue. We’re mostly composed of water, our words shape H20 as Dr. Emoto’s water consciousness experiments prove. How do you react when making a mistake, or starting something new? How do you deal with people who overstep boundaries, or project unto you? Via: Ancient Alignment

Life Isn’t Just One Thing

“I thought it would be the same as everything else in my life-difficult and sad- because I was a difficult and sad person. But that’s not what I am anymore, if I ever was. And life is more changeable than I thought. I mean a life can be miserable for a long time and then later happy. It’s not just one thing or another- it doesn’t get fixed into a groove called ‘personality’ and then run along that way until the end.”

– Beautiful World Where Are You?

Artist: Takeuchi Seiho

Love Island Withdrawal Is Real

Ekin Su entered the villa, said Davide is mine and acted accordingly. She knew exactly how to play him. She only entertained Jay, because Davide wasn’t instantly equally obsessed with her. In the end she got the man she came for. A spectacular season. I meant to post this months ago btw. Who was your favorite couple? Via:

Halloween Inspo: The Isley Brothers

No group on planet Earth, past or present is/was more swaged out than the Isley Brothers. PERIOD. The furs, crotched blouses, sans shirts, layered necklaces, hats, gold lamé suits, suits in general, fringe, bold colors, rings… an amalgamation of textiles and fabrics unrestrained by gender norms. Ron Isley is still swaged out to this day. I kiss the ring. A great group Halloween costume (think I’ll be starting this segment early this year, love October, don’t all witches?). Which Isley Brothers song is your favorite? Via: The Isley Brothers_Retro