Time Means Nothing In Relationships

When it comes to relationships the quality of character, matters more than the quantity of time you’ve known someone. I learned this long ago, repetitively. It applies to every single relationship in your life: lovers, friends, family, co-workers, cats- if you’re not good to them (fuck around and see how quick a cat walks out the door in search of new companionship; it happens everyday). Contrary to popular belief time means nothing in this instance, there are people I’ve known for decades, family included, who have screwed me over, because their character is of low quality. There are people I’ve just met who’ve done more for me than “friends,” because not everyone in your circle is in your corner. Take moi par exemple: I don’t know Mick Jagger’s kids, but I saved their lives, while Melanie Hamrick has known them by force for almost a decade and she was going to kill them. This whole time they didn’t know her at all, while I continue to expose her true colors. Let’s not forget their “friends” (who I honestly can’t find fault with after my own experiences with this brood), using them to get to their noteworthy parents. Rounding it out his own children, flesh and blood, forcing a murderer, rapist connection in his life (read our text messages in Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick)), going against the man who gave them theirs. He said they’d betray him, he was right. Meanwhile I saved his life. The quality of their character is low, brainless, vile, entitled.

You don’t have to tolerate toxic people just because you’ve known them for a duration of time. That simply displays how long you’ve endured negative energy. Stick with people who treat you the way you deserve. PERIOD. I’ve let go of so many childhood friends, two of them were physically abusive amongst other things, on multiple occasions. My life has gotten better, more interesting, and I feel amazing without them, like consistently happy. I changed, they didn’t. Parting ways is fine, it opens you up to new better experiences and nouns. Can you think of other circumstances where this happened (Dane Cook’s brother stealing from him, R Kelly’s bff of twenty years robbing him…)? Who do you need to apply this to? When has this happened to you? Via: Quotes By Christie