A Dark Winter On The Way

Eleven million people and counting have contracted the coronavirus. The United States has taken the lead partially due to someone saying it was a hoax, politicizing science as a Republican versus Democrat issue, which it is not. This person is responsible for murder, as the United States has contributed to at least 20% of the death toll worldwide. This is only the beginning of a painful winter. My heart goes out to those who have loss someone and will lose someone, as well as those who have run out of assistance and find themselves with empty stomaches. Who am I talking about? Name the piece of shit and his family and their affiliates. Can you think of any other people who just said fuck it due to a perturbing entitlement and lack of regard for human lives (but love money)? Via: NW Mag

*Didn’t I tell ya (I do not focus on the short term I’m a long term type bitch): https://sainttwenty.com/2020/07/04/the-universe-never-makes-mistakes/