Final Cast List: Real Housewives Of Atlanta



Girl carrying tray.

Nene Leakes is an icon, don’t you forget it. Her memes, taglines, iconic phrases and facial expressions, her personality, beefs, storylines, and forays into areas beyond Housewives are timeless. Cynthia Bailey’s years as a housewife are like her modeling career, lackluster. Was it really modeling? It’s giving mid-tier commercial sweetie.
There are levels to this and you aren’t on Nene’s. You aren’t a pillar of the franchise, but you’re definitely an Uncle Tom. Bravo’s reboot needs to work, because thanks to Garcelle, Crystal & Sutton (pretty much everyone minus Dorit Kemsley), Beverly Hills is going to need it. The evidence is chef’s kiss. Shame. Shame. Shame. Nothing can justify your actions, but you got the right oneeeeeeeee. Via: MogulMagUk, Reality Chat & The Peach Report

Bravo Bravo Bravo

This had me in tears. Like actually crying. Whoever made this isn’t about shit. Bravo, bravo, bravo keep those cameras rolling I’m an addict. And you know what? I own it, I’m fine with it, I have no plans of ridding myself of this disease. TAKE ME. Who’s in deeper with the feds, Erika Jayne or Jen Shah? Via: Freeish Media

Style With Dorit Kemsley

Pure glamour. Being loyal to Lisa Vanderpump has left me side eyeing all who have betrayed her, but Dorit has grown on me this season. She’s matured out of the mean girl bunch, but still brings her fair share of drama. Most importantly she’s successfully usurped Erika Jayne as the queen of housewives glam. Jayne started it, but Dorit took that crown off her frosted blonde head and plopped it right onto hers. Bitch is SERVING LOOKS, from intricate hairstyles to curated shoes. A mix between streetwear chic and vintage ladies like Lee Radziwell. Think twice before meeting up with her, because dressing down is pearl lined hair and full Chanel. Let’s talk about the conscious effort in look six. The blue with white shoe straps that play up the white print on the blouse, pants and hair tie. Subtle sophistication. She’s giving me white Thelma from Good Times vibes with that one. Which look is your fave? Via: Dorit Kemsley’s instagram