Mick Rock is the most legendary and crucial photographer in rock n’ roll. For decades he’s captured icons starting their careers, performing, in their prime or candid hangouts. His photos are electrifying, you can feel the raw star power jumping out of his pictures. Pure raucous energy that defines these bigger than life personas who’ve shaped the art scene solidifying their place in history, as well as our hearts. These are the people who shaped the world and our beings. Fortunate to have been alive at the same time as him. Thank you for the precious, beautiful art. The second photo is at the World Trade Center, a place that no longer exist. I mean it just doesn’t get better. Rest in peace Mick Rock, this one hurts. I chose picture from his insta as those are his obvious favorites. Which photo is your favorite? Photographer: Mick Rock

Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of my top three favorite films, rewatched it for the millionth time and it still titillates. A classic with a soundtrack that leaves me euphoric when singing along. Pure, otherworldly hedonism, with all characters succumbing to the charm of Frankenfurter’s (Tim Curry) fa├žade of hospitality. He truly is one of the best villains in cinematic history: narcissistic, immoral, clearly sex addicted, impulsive, abusive and a murderer. A praying mantis, seducing then devouring it’s lovers. No one knows what the mission was, but it doesn’t even matter. Every character leaves an indelible impression on viewers no matter the dialogue, or screen time. Janet (Susan Sarandon) perfectly encapsulates the Madonna-Whore complex still plaguing women to this day, taking more heat than fluid icon Brad (Barry Bostwick) for being promiscuous. All the men were hating, while she was made to remain nude as her Scarlett letter to dinner and physically harassed by Frankenfurter. The very man who took her virginity with deception. So many layers. Who’s your favorite character? What’s your favorite song? Photographer: Mick Rock