Mind Your Mind For A Better Future

If you don’t use it, you lose it, literally, as in your brain can become riddled with disease. Exercising your mind, learning something new, expanding on what you already know, helps your brain combat memory lose and the erasure of other things. It’s like when you don’t make working out a lifestyle, as you get older your body loses it’s ability to do basic tasks, even bending over is a hurdle, or impossibility. Don’t believe me? Volunteer at a nursing home, I’ve done it plenty of times and it solidified my commitment to yoga. I want to pick up dropped items, hold my head up (literally, some people have permanent crane neck and can’t turn their heads), and move sans assistance.
The same goes for mental activity. Feed your mind, clear your mind, train your mind. Not only will you remain sharp, you’ll feel better. Mental health matters. If this is overwhelming, pick one from each category to do. Via: Sound Of Silence.Praachipisatt

Energy Transfers All The Time

You pick up energy everywhere you go, everyday, and carry it with you. That’s why the company you keep is important it’s an exchange that affects how you feel, what you think, how you behave…Be extremely mindful of your energy via people and toxic environments. To protect yourself cleanse by yoga, especially yin yoga for energy stored in your body, sage, incense, baths, grounding, meditation, spending time in nature. What other ways can you cleanse your energy? Do you partake in any? Via: Shera Mystic Warrior

Universal Downloads 2020

There are so many downloads coming in, many messages for many people. When your powers come from god (born with it), you listen and respect the boundaries. I am not to reveal anything, it is for you to navigate with the information I have given thus far. When they come from the devil there is no respect, just taking, but the devil always comes to collect. Always. Stay grounded, exercise to release negative energy stored in the body and meditate to stop the mind from controlling you. This will all strengthen your intuition to decipher energy, people lie, energy does not. Side-note: Are you wearing your mask? Via: Mue Studios

Protect Ya Neck From Text

Last week I stopped working out for two full days in a row…okay four, four whole days in a row. A symptom of quarantine, usually I exercise 5-6 times a week. The break was crucial in confirming health is wealth; almost instantly I started to experience a severe pain from my right shoulder/neck to my wrist. At first I thought I had De Quervain’s tendinosis (inflamed tendons on the thumb side of my wrist), but the real culprit was technology. I was suffering from text neck. Staring down at your phone and/or computer for extended periods of time, rather than holding your items at eye level causes the neck to protract. This is nothing to take lightly. Your ligaments weaken and the muscles at the back of your head shorten, leading to permanent damage if left unresolved.

In the beginning I didn’t think this was something to worry about, I look down to read books and write in my journal. Until a curvature appeared, truly I started to freak the fuck out! Evolution is not a game, something like this can change the human structure and pass down to our offspring. We keep what we use, we lose what we don’t.

Dramatic as fuck, I started looking up solutions to reverse my turtle neck which was worsening hunny. Holding your technology up to eye level is one prevention method, but exercising, particularly YOGA is the answer. All those downward facing dogs and mountain poses aren’t in vain. Do yourself a favor even if you don’t like strenuous workouts; if not for your mental wellbeing, or for vanity’s sake do it for your spine. Unless you find bliss in spinal degeneration, early arthritis, disc compression, weakened muscles and loss of lung capacity then have at it, it’s your life kid.

Protect ya neck: https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/text-neck-treatment#prevention-tips

Elevation Of Vibrations

These methods really work. Write down five things you’re grateful for, meditate for at least 5 minutes a day and yoga works too.

Be Here Now

A cool saying.

One person longing for another.

A demand.

I’ve seen it sprayed on walls and inked on flesh. But what did it mean?

An over thinker, I make simple things complex. Sayings like “You can’t have your cake and eat it too,” escape my mind, like water through fingers. What does it mean? Exactly that. The answer my ex-boyfriend always gave. You can’t have a cake and eat it, because once you eat it, the cake is gone.

Years, it took years to understand. Be here now. It wasn’t youthful slang, yearning, or a commandment. It was a call to be present. Now is all we have.

Where does your mind wander in stillness?

Reliving the past and/or planning for the future, never enjoying the present moment.

Meditation, a podcast, an Eckhart Tolle book and yoga. All of it unveiled that I was living my day to day life on autopilot, going through the motions, completing task blankly. Jumping from one thing to the next.

Take a beat, look around the room, name three objects, the colors, shapes, sizes. Take a mental note of what you’re doing. How do you feel about it?

If you ask a tree for the time it would say now. The past has vanished, the future hasn’t manifested. Now is all there is.

Ground yourself by being here now. You are alive and that is enough.