Happy Mabon

Equinox= equal night.

The equinox that hits us every September is the only time the earth is not at a tilt, standing straight we receive equal parts light and dark. Today it falls on the first day of fall. So what does this mean spiritually?

September equinox is known as Mabon and is a time of new spiritual growth. This is a time of reflection, restoration, balance and gratitude.

Reflect: On what you’ve gone through and what is yet to come. Do you like who you are right now? Why or why not?

Restore: If you’ve been on the go and even if you haven’t, rest. Take a moment to do nothing, but the things that restore you to your most harmonious self. For me thats journaling, watching films, a night out on the town… What do you need to do to restore yourself?

Balance: Is so key, its the meaning of life to have everything in moderation. Take a moment of introspection. What areas in your life are you putting excessive energy (focused too much on finances, work, a relationship, a vice…)? What areas in your life need more attention?

Gratitude: Blessings multiply when you appreciate what you have. We spend so much time ruminating on what we lack, which magnifies the lacking. Be grateful for the blessings you have and watch more manifest. What are you grateful for? Are you in a third world country? If not list 10 things you wouldn’t have if you were. Sometimes something as simple as turning on my faucet reminds me of my great fortune. People in other parts of the world have to walk miles, in hopes of finding water at all.

Photo: Siloqy Jewelry