True Blood Spirit Animal

True Blood is one of those series I love to death, but can only watch once. Honestly I can’t live through that drama again, it’s heart attack inducing. The villains were plentiful, so my friends and I would play this game, which evil bitch would you be? I would always get Maryann the maenad, because of the epic parties she threw. At first I was like what…you guys associate me with madness and Dionysus type bacchanals? It’s truer than true, not being able to exercise my demons for so long is driving me mad. I need one full epic night of partying, maybe a day from brunch til brunch. My mood is the demon on the right, what’s yours? Why? Which True Blood villain would you be? Via: Ley N Relax

The Universe Never Makes Mistakes!

Realistically I’ve been feeling sick for nearly a month. At first it was two weeks of unusually harsh PMS, which turned into a week long aggressive period. All of that is finished with, yet still I sit here lethargic, crampy, nauseous amongst other things. For a moment I thought it was Corona since they added new symptoms to the list, but it’s a stomach flu. Thank god.

But I wondered why? The world’s reopening and I want to embrace all I took for granted.

Everything happens for a reason. It’s weird even though the symptoms are stomach flu I haven’t vomited, or pooped my brains out the way I should be doing? Also why has this been a month long gig of the same core symptoms. Then I remembered I’m a witch, sometimes we go through what feels like sickness is an energetic upload, my abilities are increasing. THEN EUREKA EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON: Getting the job at Miss Lily’s, all these people coming to my page because of the brothers, all these celebrity drama’s, proof of my abilities so you’d believe me in this moment!!!!

THERE IS A SECOND WAVE COMING. IT IS GOING TO HIT HARDER THAN THE FIRST ROUND. I didn’t freak out before, but the lack of precaution people are taking is alarming. Listen when I tell you wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance!!!! I keep feeling it through the marrows of my bone death is coming. Please watch Coronavirus explained on Netflix. The disease has been nearly confirmed to have mutated which means the vaccines they are working on now will be obsolete. Mutation means a stronger disease, I see this going beyond old people to younger people. The good news is, that after the second wave it won’t be an issue any longer. That’s what my witch senses are telling me. Please, please wear a mask!Via: FailunFailunMeFailun

Once Upon A Time Not Long Ago I Was A …

As long as you’re a moral hoe. Being a side piece isn’t cute, it makes you basic, fucked up, stupid and lacking self-respect. You’re an option, that person doesn’t respect you, or their partner.

What’s a moral hoe?

Someone who doesn’t cheat, practices safe sex and is transparent.

What else makes someone a moral hoe? Has someone ever slut shamed you? What is your definition of a hoe? Via:Ssadwrld

Hannah Montana Friday

This cracks me up. Enjoy this holiday weekend, Hannah Montana style (even though that means a totally different thing on the streets). Go let loose safely. Miley doesn’t smoke anymore, but if she did could you keep up? Via: 2000 Snow Bunny

Universal Downloads 2020

There are so many downloads coming in, many messages for many people. When your powers come from god (born with it), you listen and respect the boundaries. I am not to reveal anything, it is for you to navigate with the information I have given thus far. When they come from the devil there is no respect, just taking, but the devil always comes to collect. Always. Stay grounded, exercise to release negative energy stored in the body and meditate to stop the mind from controlling you. This will all strengthen your intuition to decipher energy, people lie, energy does not. Side-note: Are you wearing your mask? Via: Mue Studios

What Are The Lines Of Your Life?

If you were to draw the lines of your life thus far, what would they look like in regards to these categories? Do they match up? A great way to reflect on your relationships. You can add additional lines, if you have multiple siblings, best friends, friends with benefits…Via: Word Hue

Charlotte Stone RAF Lilac

These shoes are so cute! Urgh, they’d be perfect for strolling around, basking in the sun. I just can’t shake this feeling that a second wave is going to hit. The news of possible mutation is leaving me feeling defeated about summer being salvaged. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. PLEASE SOCIAL DISTANCE! WEAR A GOT DAMN MASK!