Reboot: Birth Of Venus

Which Sandro Botticelli reboot resonates with you the most? It’s the second variation for me, the climate change is apt. Certain people have a lack of regard for the planet we inhabit and the elements needed to sustain us. This is the level of stupidity that irks my soul. Clean it up, stop distorting facts to fit your horrific behavior. Via: Nowness, Giulia J Rosa, Oreshina Photo & A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour

A Promising Week

Just starting the week off with some positivity. This year has been rough for everyone in one way or another, we all took hard knocks in some area. I’m almost traumatized to get excited for 2021 which is just around the corner, but the only way to go is up. Thanks to Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City I am hopeful. What are you grateful for today? I would say my relationship with god. People act like they about that source life, but not really about that source life (you align with money over humans, you align with oppression, you align with rape culture, you align with hatred, you align with willful ignorance, you align with racism, you align with deceit…). Through god I have received miracles beyond my wildest dreams, I am eternally humbled. Your turn. Via: Advocating Mental Health

A Dark Winter On The Way

Eleven million people and counting have contracted the coronavirus. The United States has taken the lead partially due to someone saying it was a hoax, politicizing science as a Republican versus Democrat issue, which it is not. This person is responsible for murder, as the United States has contributed to at least 20% of the death toll worldwide. This is only the beginning of a painful winter. My heart goes out to those who have loss someone and will lose someone, as well as those who have run out of assistance and find themselves with empty stomaches. Who am I talking about? Name the piece of shit and his family and their affiliates. Can you think of any other people who just said fuck it due to a perturbing entitlement and lack of regard for human lives (but love money)? Via: NW Mag

*Didn’t I tell ya (I do not focus on the short term I’m a long term type bitch):

Alicia Keys For Glamour

The rebirth of pearls has been my favorite accessory. Alicia looks stunning and resembles an Italian Renaissance painting. Effortlessly regal. Would you pearl your hair? Via: Glamour Magazine

Dodgeball Blues

Waiting for New York City to legalize it feels like getting picked last in dodgeball. Come on bro, I’m standing right here! CHOOSE ME NEXT, I promise I won’t let you down. Anyone else feel these sentiments? Via: Duhugh

The Original Blair W.

Blair Warner ran so Blair Waldorf could walk. Do not forget about the original rich bitch from New York City. Both were intelligent schemers, as Warners catch phrase was “I just had another one of my brilliant ideas”, both were nosy, both had a plebeian nemesis (Jo for Warner, Vanessa for Waldorf), neither took shit from anyone and both loved super hard underneath their icy exteriors. Name the shows these queens belonged to. Via: It’s An 80s Thing & 1 Blair Waldorf 1