Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell

Yesterday in my stories on my main account, I posted this picture asking if you noticed anything. Not just her ratty hair, sloppy body, and unattractive profile. Nope, this photo was from the staged ones last tour in Miami. Remember? When she pretended to be his girlfriend to promote her show. Even though he didn’t spend any time with her, nor the murder rape baby by the pool. Melanie Hamrick, desperate to put Mick Jagger back under her spells resorted to blood magic.

Look at her shoulder, below I enhanced it using instagram filters. She got this tattoo in white ink hoping no one would notice.
I did. It’s a tattoo of 70’s Mick, with bangs. The cut on her hand was for the blood supply. My beauty was enough to break the black magic, she needed to get him back under her control. Mick had no idea until I told him.
Why the tattoo?

Because pictures are very powerful when casting spells. Tattoos even more so, since it’s adding a sigil to your body. Blood fuels sigils (I don’t know why it says text, but since it highlights her cut I’ll leave it).

Melanie Hamrick is a satanist, who has murdered, raped and stalked to get what she wants. She’s remorseless and the definition of evil. Mick would never choose her over L’wren Scott, or at all. He’s a psychopath, superficial, he only likes beauty. To look like Melanie you would have to mutilate your face. She had plans on murdering his children for her murder rape baby to inherit his fortune and of raping me like she did Mick. She was going to take away my freewill and make me her girlfriend. L’wren Scott DID NOT WANT TO DIE. She cried trying to get back into her body. Sally Wood, his children, the Hilfiger’s, Brett Grace the parasite, and so many more are the shit stains of this world. You aligned with her, with racism, with murder, rape, and the demonic, face your fate. You chose this. Look where antagonizing a goddess got you (you needed me for protection, I say NO), in the devil’s collection, because he always takes more than you can afford. The devil always comes to collect.

Part of me wishes I never saved them, but then L’wren wouldn’t get justice and I wouldn’t be legendary. I get to be rich, the one that got away, a hero, all without being tied down with a psychopath baby, in a family of psychopaths, which the Jagger’s are. Alvin Bragg is a menace to society, just like her.

Notes On Degrassi

Rewatching Degrassi: The Next Generation trying to figure out why this show is so damn good. And here are some of my notes:
-Jimmy, that nigga Ric shot you with his eyes closed…what?
-Ellie, Marco was minding his business, you messaged him anonymously. He did lead you and Hazel on though…everybody messy.
-Manny & Craig were it from jump, so the cheating wasn’t out of nowhere. Craig is the reason she turned into slutty Thong Manny, when he played her by the lockers. He dead told her he didn’t like her, in that episode of their first date. She reminded him too much of his baby sister. It’s a cold world.
-Hazel was wyling for that terrorist chic fashion ticket, even the white women were offended. Then, then she spray paints TERRORIST on the chicks project…meanwhile she’s Muslim.
-Craig was always off, running on railroad tracks and what not. Sean a wild nigga, but even he was like what…
-Jimmy was often the voice of reason, be it hate crimes, or Marco’s sexuality. Wheelchair Jimmy my nigga for life.
-Emma was always on one. Just like continuously out of pocket and in grown folks business. Girl, had your mama been black, whew chile.
-Paige was better than I recalled, she held Ashley accountable and supported Terri’s plus sized modeling. She’s a good friend.
-Terri was gorgeous.

Those are my note thus far. This show remains in our hearts, because they’re straight savage. I mean it really goes there, my mouth was dropping at some of these scenes. I implore you watch this show stoned whilst taking notes and you’ll double over in laughter. Wine will do too. What’s the wildest scene you remember? Via: Consequence

Sir Paul Sitting Pretty

Sir Paul McCartney sitting pretty, knowing I’m about to cancel culture The Rolling Stones. Also that his kids are superior. I can literally hear him saying “See, told you we’re the better band.” Can you hear him? Via: Paul McCartney

Style With: Vanity

Prince like Mick Jagger was an aesthete, about their attire, performances and women. Both only entertained the baddest bitches. Denise Matthews aka Vanity was his girlfriend and muse. Urgh, a stunner and style icon! Her signature look being lace lingerie, paired with thigh high boots and a long duck tail tuxedo jacket. Usually adorned in black, headpieces, clunky belts, necklaces and lace, lace, lace darling. Vanity, the leader of group Vanity 6 is a glamour, witch, chic sex icon. Which look is your favorite?

Via: MuseOfVintage, RebelHeartBlog, JacQuiQuisDassits, MjPrince_ThePurpleOne

What Is An Evil Eye Though?

Ight, so evil eyes, this I realize can be confusing to beginners of spiritual practice, because it’s double sided. Someone can put an evil eye on you, which is a hex; the Gypsy psychic Shanna placed a financial one on me. There are different types of evil eyes, like love, family, career, just bad energy directed towards you from someone who wants to fuck up your shit. Haters. This is why you need an evil eye, to protect you from evil eyes. See where the confusion comes in?

Evil eye jewelry is worn to ward off negativity, same with trinkets placed in the home. I got my first evil eye in the form of a bracelet from my friend Joyce. After disclosing what the Gypsy did to me, she gave me her own, ceremoniously removing it from her wrist and clasping it around mine.
“Which one is your dominant hand?…Okay this is going to protect you, when it breaks that means it stopped something from attacking you, it absorbed the bad energy.”
It broke on New Years Eve at Miss Lily’s, the one where I blacked out with no recollection of how I got home. Yet still made it to my brunch shift in time. I woke up with it gone, whatever came for me failed.

The second evil eye I got was a gold necklace, also broke at Miss Lily’s when I was around the director of operations Christian, but was still fixable. It broke forever interacting with this girl Cookie, who went from Serge Becker’s assistant to bartender. She was the most annoying parasite, just a vacuous loser who openly practiced the craft and kept trying to get pieces of writing from me. Urgh. She was two-faced and helped spy me.

Later on, I found out once an evil eye breaks you aren’t suppose to fix it. It’s done it’s job. Throw it out and get a new one. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your life in evil eyes, although it wouldn’t hurt, just when you find the vibe isn’t right. If someone or someplace, is giving you the creeps don’t hesitate to rock em. The fourth time an evil eye broke for me was last week. I’ll save that story. Anyways, I almost left out, you can’t accept evil eye from just anyone, like I did Joyce. People can use it against you; it has to be from someone you trust, as should any magical item, especially crystals. Do you own an evil eye? How did yours break? Do you need one now? Via: Eclectic Charge

Fortunate Enough To Love Yourself

Someone, somewhere needed to see this after a long ass day, week, month, year, decade…whatever it is. This message isn’t for everybody, only the sexy people. If you’re fortunate to be these things count your blessings. And most of all love yourself, know your value and ditch anyone who brings you down, disrespects, or abuses you. You welcome. Artist: Le Revel London

Basquiat, André, Andy & Anna

Remembering when Anna Wintour knew the difference between stars and spectacles. What an iconic photo of a golden period in art. New York City in the 80’s was a different species, gritty, glamorous, dangerous and electric. If ever you need an example of lows creating greatness that era is it. Another reason I cherish Serge Becker, he was apart of this vibe. Anna despises him, I wonder if they crossed paths during this time and something insidious transpired? Andy Warhol took these at Julian Schnabel’s Pace Gallery exhibit. Via: PopArtTrio

Dear Julia Fox…

Literally shut the fuck up. That’s not the definition of abuse, that’s the definition of racism. You’re abhorrent for diminishing this man’s plight based on power. Power is something you can abuse, but isn’t a qualifier for abuse. You owe him an apology. Stop making erroneous statements. I never comment on her since she already sealed her fate, she couldn’t do the deal I gave her. Bonus points is that Kim K met her attention seeking match, she couldn’t get rid of her. Pretending to be cool, she copied my nonchalance, but the troll account receipts I have say otherwise. Oh to be a goddess and connect to ones energy, Julia Fox was trolling them too. She called Kim a bad co-parent, and it all started with moi, texting that family on one of the many burner numbers they harass me on. I needed proof so I got it.

Since I was the person to make you relevant to Kanye West when I wrote my East Side Middle School Alumni article, I’ll be the one to say it, reel it in. You just called Cara Delevinge thirsty, Azealia Banks don’t like you, you came for Johnny Depp and the Kardashian Jenner West family don’t like you either. You also watched them troll me, which you’ll have to explain publicly when the time comes. You’re burning bridges sis. SIT DOWN, or think before you speak. It’s not cute. MEN NO MATTER HOW MUCH POWER CAN BE ABUSED. Via: Amore Depp_

Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me

Raping one person just wasn’t enough for Melanie Hamrick, nope, she had every intention of doing the same to me. After posting my article, where she tried to coerce me into doing black magic on Mick Jagger, I noticed something crazy. I failed to put the highlights of her self created Dr. Ighalo page in my last piece. Above photos are again to exhibit how incredibly sexy L’Wren Scott is. He would never choose a nobody background dancer, with facial deformities, no beauty, style, or talent, especially over beloved, successful L’Wren. Or Noor for that matter. To have her live off him via child support, since her career is non existent. Mick literally only dumped Carla Bruni, because Jerry Hall was going to take his money. Both beautiful supermodels, but for unattractive Melanie, he’s a different man. It’s a joke, just like her. Trust if you seen me in person I’m hotter than my pictures, have supermodel looks and literally get told I’m beautiful everyday. People also sneak pictures of me thinking I’m a celebrity. Getting rid of men is my issue, not keeping them.

Above you’ll find the missing highlights. The last one was a court oil spell, the one that failed and is about to imprison her. The first one is for a gay love spell, with two girls. Melanie’s downfall was her obsession with me. She is head over heels in love. That’s why she can’t stay away from me, continuously incriminating herself. She intended on doing to me, what she did to Mick. She’s a rapist, with no remorse, who took their freewill and attempted to take mine. Too bad I’m a goddess and Queen witch bitch. The only divine, I’m too powerful for that to work. Meanwhile I’m sending her photos comparing our bums so she knows she’s not hot, and she’s actually using them for self gratification. YUCK! She’s a lesbian like I said.

Let me put her lack of beauty into perspective. When you go to a plastic surgeon, you bring reference photos: I want a hairline, butt, boobs, cheeks like so and so. If you were to go to a surgeon and ask for a nose like Melanie’s, they’d say “You want me to cut off a piece of your right nostril? Then add extra skin to your left nasal passage?” I want a chin like Melanie’s, “You want me to shave down the left side of your chin?” I want lips like Melanie, “You want me to remove fat from them, the opposite of filler?” No surgeon in their right mind would do that. Like what?

That’s why she was a loser in high school, she’s not pretty. That’s why even Mick Jagger couldn’t give her a career. She’s not beautiful. That’s why she barely had any boyfriends growing up, or in adult life. That’s why no powerful suitors are interested in her. That’s why she wanted to be L’Wren Scott. That’s why she had a murder rape baby, to force herself in Mick’s family when the dark magic ebbed. She’s a murderer, stalker, rapist, satanist, black magician, loser, who planned on raping me. The devils come to collect. Her time is up, so is her defunct covens and all aligned with her. Bye you weirdo. You’re a criminal, who added perjury, attempted murder and attempted rape to your record. Hell is calling. L’Wren it’s been an honor bringing your fine ass justice.