Believe In Alignment

Don’t let anyone rush you, but do find your purpose and be brave enough to pursue it.

We weren’t created to be carbon copies.

Follow your unique path, no matter what anybody else thinks.

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Remember This Fact…

Then stop yourself from being part of the problem by exercising your mind, compassion and kindness. Treat others how you want to be treated. Are you a difficult person? When’s the last time you walked in someone else’s shoes? Via: The Good Movies

Tom Ford S/S 21

Love this collection, a perfect balance of saturated brights and muted pastels. Chic, clean and fluid with the silk textures and floral patterns. Which look is your favorite? Via: Premier Models Photographer: Ferry Van Der Nat

Summer Fall Vibes

Well it’s that time of year, the in between fake summer and false fall. This is how we get got with the flu, improper dressing. Compounding the issue Covid-19. Wear layers people! Maybe this is what Sheree meant when speaking about her clothing line. Are you going the extremely long denim pants, a vest and long sleeved gloves, or the oversized blazer sleeves, with slightly oversized velvet pants route? Which is your summer fall vibe? Via:Black Is King & Hand In Fire Insta

Crack Is Wack!

Coming back to the city from school trips and passing this mural, all of us gawking through the rented luxury bus windows. With limited time left Keith Haring created as much as he could, statements that had meaning, art that would last. How will you serve your purpose this week? What is your purpose? Via: Everett Sanctuary (1986)


“Reading is the key that opens doors to many good things in life. Reading shaped my dreams, and more reading helped me make my dreams come true.”

She toughed it out five rounds against cancer and at 87 finally went to rest. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a pisces and a New Yorker), The Notorious RBG, the second woman to serve The Supreme Court, was small but mighty. Although she was an advocate for all people, her biggest legacy is gender equality. This may sound insane to some, but for the greater part of human history, women due to our lack of brawn have been treated as subsets. In the lifetimes of many roaming, we were advertised as home furnishings, decorations to be walked on. There’s a “boys club,” because some topics are too grand for our peanut sized minds to comprehend. Like putting watermelon sized information into our grape sized brains, oh wait, that’s what we do when giving birth.

Women have a higher pain threshold for a reason, but are deemed weak due to sexist metrics that omit our strength all together. Even still our reproductive rights are a topic of conversation; the lighter end being Viagara is covered by health insurance, but birth control isn’t. Why are the options of women who are financially burdened, traumatized, assaulted, or just not ready a discussion? The decision in the hands of a consul who have no idea what it means, impossible for them to experience, but have so much to say? What about equal pay? That’s in the land of the free alone. Now take a moment to walk in the shoes of an impoverished Indian child, who has to marry her rapist, or a middle eastern woman who needs permission to leave the house.

Healing is an ugly, painful, messy thing, that’s why most avoid it. This year is forcing us as a collective to do so, purge our demons. Another light was taken, for us to realize what we took for granted, to guide us into greatness, by fueling us to be vocal, create change and make this planet a better place.

Thank you queen, for fighting for our rights to be seen as human, not subhuman. We won’t let you down. In her honor remember women can break barriers, be intelligent, hang with the boys and change the world. I dissent. Let’s make her last request come true. How has Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work impacted your life? Google it, you’d be surprised. Via: Times Magazine & Bravery Mag

Marge Times Marie

Friday high day, heyyyy!!!! Is she Marge Simpson or Marie Antoinette? It’s for you to decide, whomever you choose to be, remember to have fun. How are you letting loose tonight? Photographer: Kadejah Baylor