Anxiety Affirmation Aids For You

I use to suffer from anxiety, it’s a terrible feeling. My mind spiraling about whatever social situation I was walking into, including starting a new job. Too busy nit picking and analyzing any given moment to enjoy it. Anxiety attacks are physical, mental and emotional, leaving the victim feeling powerless, inferior.
Grounding myself via meditation changed my life. Surprisingly waitressing also aided in my overcoming anxiety. As a server you must take control of the table. Connecting to guests to give them an enjoyable experience, correlates to how much they’ll tip you. You learn how to read and handle people from all walks of life, with all types of moods. Customizing your approach to suit each interaction. Being great at it gave me positive reinforcement, rewiring my mind to see that I’m in control, not my anxiety, and nothing is that daunting. I mean seeing hundreds upon thousands of people monthly, having to connect to them instantly, including high profile clients, I got use to it. For those of you still struggling, here are some reminders to help you along. Via: Simply_Anxious

Children Annoying Cats By Steinlen

“I like to think she’s a good judge of character. That perhaps she senses something in you that allows her to speak. Cats are very smart that way. If they sense someone isn’t a good person, they tend to avoid them, or even attack them.”

Cats are also out of their minds, they’ll attack you for a multitude of reasons. Boy do they have a lot to say when that food bowl empty. I love them so. Artist: Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

You’re Still A Good Person

There’s a time and a place, being kind all the time is why they mistake it for weakness. Set boundaries. Some people need to be told off, otherwise you’re enabling bad behavior. Via: Vintage.Art.Witch

Facts About Melanie Hamrick

Everything Melanie Raggedy Anne Hamrick does goes back to L’wren Scott, she’s wearing one of her designs. Mick Jagger is a disrespectful abuser joke, who thinks he’s going to have a tour, a legacy, a career, after breaking multiple universal laws. He’s a psychopath and a victim, but the former is what led him to the latter. And I’m going to teach him a lesson that goes down in history. Let’s give some facts about Raggedy Anne.

-Melanie Hamrick is more than a baby mama, she’s a stalker, murderer and rapist with no talent.
-Melanie Hamrick stalked L’wren Scott, then murdered her in a satanic ritual with her coven (read: Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick).
-Melanie sold her soul to the devil to get rid of L’wren and rape Mick. Now the devil’s come to collect her and all aligned.
-Melanie’s third sexual experience is with an old man she raped and holds hostage, he doesn’t want that murder rape baby.
-Melanie wants my approval and she’ll never get it. I didn’t even post all the troll accounts she stalked me on.
-Melanie had a baby for the child support money, since she’s too ugly to have a career (read: Melanie Hamrick The Rapist). Prior to that she never held a child.
-Melanie was never the principal dancer, always background due to lack of talent and beauty.
-Melanie writes her own articles, then pays people to publish her delusionals and lies (read: Melanie Hamrick Writes Her Own Articles).
-Melanie purchased a ring and a house for herself, pretending her hostage bought her extravagant gifts.
-Melanie is mentally unstable, owning over 100 fake profiles on Instagram.
-Melanie stalked Sebastian Stan, as well as myself. Evidence that was submitted to court on my behalf (read: Melanie Hamrick Stalks Sebastian Stan).
-Melanie planned on murdering the Jaggers, so her murder rape baby inherited Mick’s fortune. Leaving her in control until the unwanted child was 18. L’wren came to me, stopping her plan.
-Melanie doesn’t like the Jaggers, she wishes she were pretty enough to bag Sebastian Stan (read: Melanie Hamrick Wants Sebastian Stan).
-Melanie being in love with me was her downfall, she had plans to put a gay love spell on me (read: Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me).
-Melanie was too ugly to hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio (read: Melanie Hamrick Can’t Hang With DiCaprio).
-Melanie only looks good standing next to old men with wrinkled skin and Frumpy Sally Wood.
-Melanie Hamrick is never Mick’s real gf, there was Masha the Russian model, Noor Alfallah, myself and the Brazilian girl he’s been seeing (read Melanie Hamrick Is NEVER Mick’s GF).
-Melanie pretended to be Mick’s Brazilian girlfriend, who was pretty enough to hang with Leonardo DiCaprio (read: Melanie Hamrick’s Boat Don’t Float).
-Melanie holds Mick hostage using the unwanted murder rape baby, because Mick doesn’t want custody (read: Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING).
-Possessing no talent, Melanie trains her murder rape baby to mimic Mick. Hoping to make money off him, as that’s all he is to her.
-Melanie is jealous of sister Rachel Hamrick, the smarter, cooler, prettier, non satanic one.
-Melanie is the reason Mick’s kids were kicked out of the will, minus Lucas Jagger, his favorite (read: Mick Jagger’s Favorite Child Lucas Jagger). They ruined our relationship for an ugly nobody, who has done nothing for them. While Mick gave them everything.
-Melanie Hamrick tried to be L’wren.
-Melanie committed multiple felonies trying to remove my evidence of her murder, rape and stalking of L’wren and Mick (read: Melanie Hamrick Is Hollywood’s Downfall). Walking right into my plan, because she’s a predictable, basic, racist Karen.
-Melanie is one of two devil’s collections and responsible for the majority of downfalls in Hollywood, including Mark Zuckerberg’s, Rupert Murdoch’s, the Kardashian Jenner West, Justin & Hailey Bieber, politicians, aristocracy and monarchs (you weren’t ordained by GOD, you’re a line of barbaric racists), to name a few.
-Melanie tried to break into my facebook, desperate to remove my evidence (read Melanie Hamrick Tries To Remove Evidence).
-Melanie has three different accounts of how she met Mick (read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). She can’t keep track of her lies.
-Melanie got the idea to rape Mick from the talented, beautiful, iconic Misty Copeland (read Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference) and Prince.
-Melanie is going to prison, but made me wealthy af. Thanks ugly bitch.
-Melanie paid Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg to obstruct justice and commit a hate crime (read The Three Racketeers: Murdoch, Bragg & Hall), leading to the indictment of Donald Trump.
-Melanie’s book is ghostwritten and one of the plethora of abusive acts towards me, by my ex fiancé Mick Jagger.
-Melanie has an uneven face and flat body, which is why she has no other suitors. She needs black magic to get a man (read Melanie Hamrick’s Math Ain’t Mathing). As queen of witches by blood, I took her powers.
-Melanie used Rupert Murdoch for his resources, despite hating him, he’s the publisher of her book. Mills and Boon UK is a subsidiary of Harper Collins, which is owned by News Corp. The Times (she was on the cover) is a subsidiary of News UK, which is owned by News Corp. Directly implicating him in a hate crime against a Goddess. Read Hall And Hamrick Play Rupert Murdoch.
-Melanie is the reason Rupert Murdoch was removed from his company.
-Melanie Hamrick is the reason I’m able to sue two billionaires, Murdoch and Zuckerberg; making me wealthy, while they face jail time.
-Melanie is the reason the Jagger line dies out.
-Melanie isn’t Stones approved, with Charlie Watts and Keith Richards not liking her. She’s ugly, had no social connections prior, is weird, a loser, not cool, not stylish, has no personality (read People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick).
-Melanie was never engaged, or given a promise ring by Mick. I was his only fiancé and the Hackney Diamond album (read Melanie Hamrick Obsessed With L’wren Scott). She’s a liar and fame whore who copies L’wren. The reason the band isn’t going on tour ever again.
-Mick knew Melanie was his downfall, he hates her and knows she’s evil. However not wanting custody of the child he also hates, he screwed himself (read “Melanie Hamrick Is Apart Of My Downfall”).
-Melanie goes by many nicknames: Raggedy Anne, Ratty Patty, Mentally Unstable Mel, Black Magic Mel, Uggo, Deformed Face, Uneven Face, Nobody No Body, with new ones emerging everyday.
-Melanie will burn in hell, like all aligned with her and her murder rape baby. A Goddess finally delivered your fate, stupid bitch.
These are just a few facts about Ratty Patty. Bonus fact she has a tattoo of Mick she got for blood magic (read Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell). She also has a criminal directory I’ll be updating (read Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). Enjoy your time. Xoxo Athena Via: People Magazine & Daily Mail

Have A Blessed Weekend

Just in case you needed this. A few reminders as you enter the weekend. Take note of all there is to be grateful for. Be a loving, kind human being, as you always reap what you sow. Enjoy your rest days. Via: _MyMixedFeelings_

Gem Nail Art For The Holidays

Colorful gemmed out nails for the holiday season? Yes please, they remind me of Christmas tree decorations. All the baubles and balls. Which do you like most? Via: Chizuru_Enoi & Deuzenity

A Must For Clear Skin

The human hand touches copious amounts of bacteria and dirt daily, especially if you’re living in a big city, such as myself. Taking public transportation is mind blowing. You watch passengers pick their nose, sneeze on something, do horrific things then exit. Often leaving no trace of their public health infraction. Unbeknownst to the next batch of passengers boarding the train, no clue that a homeless person just slept on that seat. You get my drift? Looks clean, but isn’t. When you don’t wash your hands before your face, you’re smearing said germs into your pores! No beuno. Via: Skin Care Gem

I Thought You Read The Bible

People claim to be soooooooo of GOD, yet didn’t recognize a divine. Nor the Bible verses that concur with everything I’ve said about the Devil’s collections, Kardashian Jenner West’s and Melanie Hamrick the rapist murderer. Becoming what you give your energy to. Y’all claim to be holy, but really you’re hypocritical. Your actions, intentions and energy don’t at all align with GOD (the reason many priests try to exorcise demons and evil spirits only to anger them, failing). Bible thumpers are going to hell in droves. A shame to spend your entire life dedicated to something you don’t truly believe in, only to burn eternally. These people are the reason many turn from the Almighty. As soon as they were faced with trials they chose Satan, invalidating a black woman for people who have power and money. Tools of the devil, is that not what the scripture taught? Yet you had soooooo much to say.

I’ve literally had nothing, nothing at times and never once joined forces with evil people. In fact I walked away from Mick Jagger’s (the psychopath abuser) hundreds of millions. Didn’t sell my soul, or join the Illuminati, that seeks financial control. Didn’t put profit over people. Didn’t do evil things to people unprovoked. I stayed with GOD, no matter what, even when I didn’t know I was one.
Guess what hypocrites? You failed the most important test given, the one weighing your souls. Enjoy your time. Clowns, clowns, you’re a pillar of salt now. Xoxo Athena Via: Bible.Verse.17

The Three Racketeers: Murdoch, Bragg & Hall

Where did Melanie ugly af Hamrick, get the idea to pay Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg? To cover up the murder of L’wren Scott and rape of Mick Jagger? Idiots one and two: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, the hypocritical hick (read Melanie Hamrick Is Hollywood’s Downfall). If you’ll recall, Alvin Bragg wasn’t going to prosecute Donald Trump. Even though he lied during his campaign saying he’d do exactly that, Bragg will say anything to win (read Alvin Bragg Lives In Sue City). He doesn’t mean it, he’s corrupt and finally met his maker in a Goddess. I’ve used my social media as well as this blog, to paper trail the shit out of everyone for legal purposes. You’re seeing my work unfold.

Below you’ll find the sequence of events in pictures.
Reneging on his platform of justice, Alvin Bragg decided he wasn’t going to prosecute Trump on March 24th 2022. Suspending the investigation indefinitely.

I found this suspicious as the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, found more than enough evidence to charge Trump. On April 4th 2022, I voiced my racketeering concerns. Stating Murdoch had something to do with this.

On April 7th 2022, exactly three days after my article, Alvin Bragg charged Trump, to avoid racketeering charges. As Alvin Bragg, Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch are the common denominators in Trump’s case and mine, with Melanie the rapist murderer. Murdoch who backed Trump, along with then wife Jerry Hall, told Melanie uggo Hamrick that Bragg could be paid to obstruct justice. They knew from experience. While it’s “cute” that this Humpty Dumpty idiot, looks like a historical superhero, he’s actually just a corrupt politician covering his ass. He ain’t no hero, he’s an Uncle Tom who got caught. Then had the nerve to retaliate with Rat Soup. That article is coming.
I got Trump indicted, thanks to Melanie bum bitch Hamrick. He tapped my phone for the Kardashian Jenner West family and I don’t play like that. That story is coming too. I’m not a bitch to try. I’m a Goddess, everything works in my favor, y’all finna catch these fades. PERIOD.

Jerry Hall pretends she did it for her family, who Melanie planned to kill, but she’s in love with Mick. She’s a jealous bimbo, who played Murdoch for his resources. Jealous that Mick respected L’wren and me, more than her, because she’s a clown who doesn’t respect herself. You ain’t on the album bitch, I am. Raggedy Anne doesn’t like any of you, but you’re all racists so the math is mathing. Jerry is the definition of pathetic. Proof that with age doesn’t always come wisdom. Also you’re the company you keep, she’s dumb and made Murdoch the same. Over a mentally unstable loser, who aint worth shit. Cc my attorney, add RICO charges to that ugly bitch Melanie’s record. Weirdo. Mick’s too. Via: Fox News, Daily Mail & Saint Twenty

Mood: Holiday Host With The Most

How hosts feel after the holiday’s. Sure you’re left with the majority of food and drinks, but you also have the biggest mess leftover. Hosting ain’t easy.

Artist: Phaedra Peer