Mick Jagger’s Incubus Energy

Okay let me start from the beginning. How did I get here, to this discovery?
When Psychic Shana told me to sprinkle “holy water” on all my windows excluding my bathroom, a shape appeared on the one in my living room closest to where I slept. My living room pull out couch was more comfortable than my mattress. The shape was the exact same one on Mick Jagger’s Primitive Cool album and the creature below: big sharp ears, bald head, cutting off at the shoulders. Failed endeavor, after failed endeavor of removing it I decided to sleep in my bedroom and that very night the same exact shape appeared there too. It was made from condensation. All my friends noted it, all of us were creeped out, but learned to ignore it. Mind you psychic Shana is the one who put a financial hex on me, driving me into being a server at Miss Lily’s (read Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (1/2).

Sometimes I go into a trance like scroll, I never know what I’m looking for until I see it. Those are my most profound discoveries. Why did Mick Jagger attract Melanie Hamrick? In terms of the almighty God allowed for this to happen for a reason, instead of protecting him. Karma, but for what? Then I thought of how the Kardashian Jenner women use succubus energy to drain and destroy men, to feed off them. THEN,THEN, I thought incubus is the opposite of succubus, they drain women, the way Mick does! Except unlike the aforementioned coven he doesn’t destroy their lives. I started Googling the latter demon, thinking of all the voodoo incorporated in the Rolling Stones albums and shows, Satanic Majesties…I never got a true Satanist vibe, especially since he hates Melanie Hamrick, calling her evil, which she is. As I pondered the Popobawa’s image appeared, instantly bringing to mind Primitive Cool and the thing on my windows!

Mick Jagger is a psychopath, unlike his brother Chris Jagger who is not. While both carry the genes psychopathy must be triggered by something environmental, his trigger was fame. Everybody telling you for sixty years you’re amazing, throwing themselves at you, being an international cultural icon. It’s hereditary, passing down to all his children, that’s how they’re brain is wired. The trigger being fame means the one’s most in the limelight have it the worst Jade Jagger, Georgia May, Lucas & Elizabeth. Again all of them are psychopaths and idiots.
Psychopaths know no boundaries, nor right from wrong, they possess no empathy, sympathy, nor conscience. Mick Jagger like many dabbled in the 60’s Crowley occult, but didn’t mind the rules, the sacred laws for if broken one is punished. White people tend to lead with their entitlement, respecting nothing, that’s why they fuck it up and end up paying more than they can afford. Mick’s sexual prowess comes from summoning the energy of incubi who fuck and drain as many women as possible, he’s paying homage to the sexually fluid Popobawa with his Primitive Cool cover. That’s the entity he’s called on most. The therapist he seduced to rid him of “sex addiction” said he feeds off energy. He’s been feeding off mine. That’s why he was so comfortable with demons in his crew. That’s why he kept saying let’s have sex to rebind our energy.

Now Mick told me Melanie is apart of his downfall (read “Melanie Hamrick Is Apart Of My Downfall”), so why wouldn’t he listen to me, take custody of the kid, disconnect, before he got to this point of dire consequences and everyone going to jail, then hell with shortened lives?

Mick is saving his soul from hell. He didn’t take the conjuring debt seriously, that’s why God let Melanie a rapist, rape him and kill the love of his life. He aligned with that energy and had to pay. Now to avoid the price of his soul for conjuring energy to torture women, he must give back everything he gained from it, his career, his children, his legacy, or I die as his debt paid like Marianne almost did. That’s why he was so eager to have babies with me and why we could have astral sex (which was phenomenal). That’s why before my cleanse I couldn’t leave, and after I had Stockholm Syndrome, because he was my idol and my abuse trauma, that’s why I needed to be saved. This is his hell so he doesn’t have to go. This is the only way, because Mick doesn’t listen to anyone his ego is too big, so he didn’t listen to me and honor the dead, or the sacred laws of using certain types of energy. That’s why our oversexed icon bedded thousands of people feeding off them. He’s a psychopath he LOVES POWER, CONTROL, WINNING. And to be honest all the ass kissing parasites from fans, to friends, to family IT’S YOUR FAULT. YOU GAVE HIM AN EGO, LETTING HIM DO WHATEVER GOOD OR BAD INSTEAD OF HOLDING HIM ACCOUNTABLE. YOU CREATED A MONSTER. Via: ListVerse.com

Eight Eight Twenty Two

Today is the peak of Lion’s Gate portal, which began July 26th and ends August 12th. Here are some things you can do before it’s over and what it all means. Start on this most powerful day. What do you want to manifest most? Via: Blissful Careers & Simply AstroGlorious

Make Sure Your Energy Isn’t Being Drained

As you go about your week be sure to mind your energy. Energy givers are how you vibe high and attract positivity. Energy drainers are how you vibe low and attract negativity. Sometimes life just beats you up, you get so dejected and let the magic die. That’s the time to dig deep and recalibrate. Don’t let life happen to you, take control. Take care of yourself, you’re worth fighting for. If you’re feeling drained switch it out with a giver. Via: Realest Intentions

Melanie Hamrick Made Me Rich

She may be ugly, she may be talentless, but she’s made me wealthy. Thanks Melanie my little blessing, all the money I’m coming into is due to your felony. While Mick Jagger was busy being a bobble-headed bitch named Brenda, I was building a criminal case against Melanie deformed Hamrick. The reason she used the tour to avoid court, is because she’d be committing perjury for a third time. Going to trial forces her to tell the truth under oath and she’d be instantly jailed. She’s going to prison no matter what, she stalked L’wren Scott & Mick Jagger before murdering L’wren and raping Mick. L’wren came to me before she could kill them all so her murder rape baby would inherit the fortune (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). Unable to sue me for defamation she committed perjury, submitting false evidence that I was stalking, harassing and threatening her. I blocked this ugly bitch and she made account, after account to stalk and harass me, eventually intending on raping me and black magicking me into being her lover. Her obsession with me was her undoing. She still looks at my stories, she’s in love (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me and Melanie Hamrick Is A Black Magician). I told this weirdo stop stalking me or else… plus I promised L’wren justice and it’s being served.

Melanie does have a business account Live Arts Global, meaning the only reason she has the accounts I discovered is to stalk, harass and disseminate false information. She’s mentally unstable and the reason The Rolling Stones are finished. After receiving consultation I was told Mick trying to make me a call girl is a gray area. However thanks to his family’s actions, espeically Melanie’s, I can get them all charged for various crimes, including the sex trafficking. His birthday celebration articles, posts, and pictures are evidence of covering up a murder, aiding in a felony, defamation per se, and a hate crime. There’s more, I’m just keeping it short. Due to Lucas and Lizzy Jagger’s presence, they along with Jade Jagger, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are getting sued and charges pressed against them as well. Rupert helped distort a story to aid in a crime using The Sun and Page Six (also suing People Magazine and DailyMail), he’s a felon. Ronnie and Sally Wood will also be joining, all of your pictures with her again you aided in a felony. All of them rich, all of them fucking stupid. Money isn’t everything folks, nor is one’s profession.

Melanie and Donald Trump paid Alvin Bragg to obstruct justice. He along with the arresting detective will be joining the above in prison (read Alvin Bragg Is A Felon). Alvin tried to force me to sign a plea deal so my evidence in the murder of L’wren Scott would be removed and Melanie and himself could get away with their illegal activities. He’s a fat idiot. Can’t stand looking at that Uncle Tom.

Since Mick Jagger is old and Melanie is ugly, beautiful, cool, iconic me has more influence, now that his true identity has been exposed. That’s why he hasn’t and will not be at any Hollywood events. He’s the next Harvey Weinstein. Look back at all my social media posts and articles I TOLD YOU THIS WAS COMING. I tried to help, oh well enjoy prison. The devil always comes to collect. Mick was right I do become a bigger icon than him (read Mick Jagger The Misogynist). This is karma, all of you look stupid. Literally I’m major. I can see it now –“Lawsuit Queen, How A Hollywood Hate Crime turned this beauty into a multi-billionaire.” Enjoy your short time. Via: SexyeGirls.Net

KarTrashian And Friends It’s My Turn

“People who intentionally become famous- I mean people who, after a little taste of fame, want more and more of it- are, and I honestly believe this, deeply psychologically ill. The fact that we are exposed to these people everywhere in our culture, as if they are not only normal but attractive and enviable, indicates the extent of our disfiguring social disease. There is something wrong with them, and when we look at them and learn from them, something goes wrong with us.” LOVE YOU PATS. Via: AbFabQuotes

Anti-Social Bingo Club

Staying in is fine, do what makes you feel happy. Not every weekend is an adventure, some are for self-care especially if you’re feeling burnt out. Personally I was invited to a Brooklyn block party, but I have all this legal homework. Literally have to type my domestic violence complaint in chronological order to be submitted Monday. The sooner the better. Cannot wait to remove and imprison psychopath Mick Jagger and his equally psychotic, idiotic children. The amount of documentaries about to be made about this is wild. Dumbest, lamest, biggest loser family in Hollywood. Their time is UP. Do what feels right, fuck FOMO. Via: Just Girl Project

Kelly Marie Beeman

Oklahoma City artist Kelly Marie Beeman captures the flatness of her youth perfectly. Her subjects seemingly have no dimension on canvas, due to the clean lines, but the backgrounds add depth. “I grew up in a place that was very flat, not particularly suburban. When I think of suburbs, I think of places that exist as this kind of rescue from the big cities- suburban as being peripheral to the city. There was not a lot going on in Oklahoma City when I was growing up there in the 1990’s. There was no downtown, no skyscrapers. I was perpetually bored, but we entertained ourselves…you create fantasies that kind of get you through the boredom of everyday life.” The characters in her work look exactly that- perpetually bored, their wandering eyes makes the viewer question what thoughts roam their minds. Kelly Marie Beeman magically captures this expansive internal dialogue on stoic faces. They’re thinking of the past, the future, the would of, could have of, should of, the what if’s. They’re not living in the present moment, but the one before, or after. Thus “inviting the contemplation of narrative and interiority” she wants her audience to have.

There’s a listlessness to them. They seemingly don’t interact with one another, or their environment. Yet the lack of personal space between subjects, and bright, bold coloring of the background leaves us with a sense of hope rather than despair. It remains me of David Hockney’s American blandness, with Modigliani’s oblong people feels, but make it fashion. Beeman’s subjects possess a curiosity in their eyes, as opposed to the gloom of the aforementioned artists muses. Reinforcing the eyes truly are the windows to the soul. Her characters are nonchalant not dejected. Which piece is your favorite? Artist: Kelly Marie Beeman

You In The Van Or Nah?

Honestly, me, I would get in this van. Free drinks and I can charge my phone, plus I’m inquisitive and live for adventures. Am I proud? No, this could lead to kidnapping, I’m willing to take that chance as are the people I know. Plus what if the van is lit and there’s pancakes too and they just didn’t say it? Via: Drinks For Gayz

Mind Your Mind For A Better Future

If you don’t use it, you lose it, literally, as in your brain can become riddled with disease. Exercising your mind, learning something new, expanding on what you already know, helps your brain combat memory lose and the erasure of other things. It’s like when you don’t make working out a lifestyle, as you get older your body loses it’s ability to do basic tasks, even bending over is a hurdle, or impossibility. Don’t believe me? Volunteer at a nursing home, I’ve done it plenty of times and it solidified my commitment to yoga. I want to pick up dropped items, hold my head up (literally, some people have permanent crane neck and can’t turn their heads), and move sans assistance.
The same goes for mental activity. Feed your mind, clear your mind, train your mind. Not only will you remain sharp, you’ll feel better. Mental health matters. If this is overwhelming, pick one from each category to do. Via: Sound Of Silence.Praachipisatt