Forever Hold Your Peace

It’s so hard giving a book review without spoiling it. This book was seriously f*cked up. So this famous artist is accused of killing her husband and placed in a mental facility, where she doesn’t speak a word for seven years. She also stops painting. Theo, determined to get her to speak, joins the psychiatric team. Others have tried and failed at getting her to talk, but he is convinced he can do it.

The director of the ward allows him to try unconventional tactics to do so. In a desperate attempt to prevent the facility from being shut down. Theo has been warned not to fall in love with the artist, as she has a way with men. A femme fatale if you will.

This book is actually funny in a dark way. It’s filled with twist and turns, as the reader tries to determine who really committed the murder. Dude, it does not end the way one would expect. Truly a brilliant piece of work. Photo: A Girl On An Adventure

Before We Were Yours

Based on the true story of families torn apart by Georgia Tann, who stole poor children to sell to the rich for exorbitant prices. From the 1920’s to the 1950’s Georgia Tann lied to families in hospitals, telling them their newborns were stillborn or didn’t make it. She tricked illiterate parents into signing over their older children, under the guise of helping get them a free hospital bill. When distraught mothers and fathers were finally able to locate their missing kin, their names were changed and they were told they’d already been adopted (even if they weren’t). Hundreds of children died under the care of this abhorrent woman.

It’s mind boggling that she got away with trafficking children for thirty years. A riveting tale that is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

Makes me wonder what prominent lineages in our world were affected by her actions.