De-Conditioning: Just Because You Didn’t See It

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. All too often people have dismissed racism as a thing of the past, because seeing is believing. Only if seen by white people right? An innocent life was taken, a crime was committed, police officers are not above the laws they enforce. In fact they should be held the most accountable. ARREST THE COPS THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR. PERIOD. Why do you believe the cops haven’t been locked up? Via: Upscale Magazine

Black Is King Styled By Zerina Akers

Visually stunning, nothing less to be expected from a Knowles. My only wish is my uterus be as gifted as Miss Tina’s; I mean this is bananas, the talent that womb birthed is extraordinary. For the haters in the back, BeyoncĂ© is allowed to celebrate her ancestry any way she chooses. This isn’t appropriation, she’s reconnecting the black diaspora. Showing accurate representation of black divinity, which is so feared they try to white wash our history and degrade us to caricatures of the white imagination. Operative word try, as in attempted, as in failed. And FYI for the brainless, although the African American was created by the rape of our ancestors, our lineage does not begin there.

Round of applause to Zerina Akers for styling this film. SHE WENT OFFFFFFFF. That effortless cool we exude perfectly captured. I truly don’t know which look was my favorite and this isn’t even a fraction of what was done. THIS amongst many things is why black folks set the tone. Take notes, don’t steal our shit and give us credit. Period. You welcome and thank you Queens. Which look is your favorite? Which do you think is going to be the Halloween costume of 2020? Via: Beyonce 1, Black Is King, Valentine Bey & Miss Beyoncee

The Thing About God

It took one evil eye from a gypsy to know there are things beyond the material realm.
No, I don’t go to church.
No, I don’t identify with any religion.
Yes, one million percent yes, I know there’s a god.
A higher power.
The creator.
The source.
Whatever it is you want to call it.
Previous experience in the supernatural should have taught me, except being a control freak means burying and writing off things you don’t comprehend. Realizing in fact everything is not under your control, feels like jumping from an airplane with no parachute. Being told through all the darkness, don’t worry god is going to give you wings just before you hit the ground. Talk about living on a prayer, that was my summer trying to undo what psychic Shanna did to me. Never trust a woman with no doorknob, but that’s a story for a different time.

God has always been in my life, coloring Jesus (hi Nikki and Justin) during Sunday service when the kids split from the adults, Jehovah Witness meetings my aunt Vivian roped my mother into, with all their doomsday rhetoric (I had to fight for my right to read Harry Potter), but most importantly was My Book of Bible Stories. A mustard yellow book embossed with shiny blood red lettering, the title gleaming when touched by light. At the time it was the most exquisite book I’d ever seen, filled with vibrant illustrations. The coloring was perfect, the font was perfect, the paper quality between my fingertips, divine. All my life my nose has been in books, a virtue my grandmother poked fun at. In elementary school this book ticked all my OCD bibliophile boxes. I devoured it cover to cover. The most disturbing stories being Jezebel the prostitute falling out of the window and the woman who turned into a pillar of salt, looking back, ignoring god. This book hands down is the basis of my morality, the stories instilled a reverence for god and ethics. But who wrote these stories? People for profit?

Bible stories are meant to guide you, not to be taken verbatim. For example women not being able to wear jewelry, when it was written women donned jewels to signal they were prostitutes. That made sense then, but isn’t appropriate now. As Pastor Donna explained, the context of these stories are everything. Surprisingly the most enlightening revelation of this whole journey, is the lack of critical thinking regarding doctrines and ideologies in play. Who said the only way to be close to god is through a religion? Who said you must follow a set of rules and regulations, or be punished? All that is required of you is having your own relationship to god in whatever manner you see fit, because god is love and not fear, or hatred.

Out of the atheist who behaves morally, spreads love, exhibits kindness, treats people kindly, versus the person who goes to church, studies the bible, secretly does pernicious things, lies, cheats, spreads hatred and treats others poorly, the former will be in god’s favor. Those who behave as the latter can thump bibles all day, as long as they spread negativity they are not of the source. That is the devil’s work. Are you someone who disbelieves in a higher power due to the confines of society? How often do you question the origins of things? Why or why not? My seventh grade social studies teacher gave one piece of advice from the Jewish faith that changed my life: question everything. Via: Lun V Witch

Got A Golden Skull

Lying here your plant looks tall
With light shining through
Remembering a runner’s way
A look in your eye

Could you be the psychic one staring me through
Though we may whisper calm
My head spins with truth

Artist: Lindsay Bri Adams

It’s Only Everywhere

What I really wanna do is
Turn it into motion
Beauty that I can’t abuse
You know that I’d use my senses to.

Artist: Koketit

Must Watch: Nora From Queens

Highlight of being sick in bed was finding this absolute gem. Nora From Queens left me doubled over in laughter, blinded by my tears, from beginning to end. Nora, played by Awkwafina, is an underachieving stoner, pushing her thirties, still living at home with her grandma and father. Attempting to assert her adulthood she finds herself in ridiculous situations; getting addicted to amphetamines in order to balance her gaming addiction and real estate assistant position, getting caught up in her own Fyre Festival scandal. The latter made so much funnier due to the dynamic with her foil character, Edmund. Her gay, tech-savvy, successful cousin, who reads Nora whenever possible.

The show is similar to Broad City in that it showcases that ‘Only In New York’ (OINY) eccentricity, that as a native I can attest to. A city filled with complex, zany characters all trying to find their place and purpose. A reminder that the definition of success varies from person to person, people value different things, everyone has their own timeline. Awkwafina is about elevated fuckery, adding levity to soften the edge of what can sometimes be a cruel world. Can’t wait for season two. What is your version of success? Do you feel pressured by society to have a different goal? Why? Via: Nora From Queens