Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me

Raping one person just wasn’t enough for Melanie Hamrick, nope, she had every intention of doing the same to me. After posting my article, where she tried to coerce me into doing black magic on Mick Jagger, I noticed something crazy. I failed to put the highlights of her self created Dr. Ighalo page in my last piece. Above photos are again to exhibit how incredibly sexy L’Wren Scott is. He would never choose a nobody background dancer, with facial deformities, no beauty, style, or talent, especially over beloved, successful L’Wren. Or Noor for that matter. To have her live off him via child support, since her career is non existent. Mick literally only dumped Carla Bruni, because Jerry Hall was going to take his money. Both beautiful supermodels, but for unattractive Melanie, he’s a different man. It’s a joke, just like her. Trust if you seen me in person I’m hotter than my pictures, have supermodel looks and literally get told I’m beautiful everyday. People also sneak pictures of me thinking I’m a celebrity. Getting rid of men is my issue, not keeping them.

Above you’ll find the missing highlights. The last one was a court oil spell, the one that failed and is about to imprison her. The first one is for a gay love spell, with two girls. Melanie’s downfall was her obsession with me. She is head over heels in love. That’s why she can’t stay away from me, continuously incriminating herself. She intended on doing to me, what she did to Mick. She’s a rapist, with no remorse, who took their freewill and attempted to take mine. Too bad I’m a goddess and Queen witch bitch. The only divine, I’m too powerful for that to work. Meanwhile I’m sending her photos comparing our bums so she knows she’s not hot, and she’s actually using them for self gratification. YUCK! She’s a lesbian like I said.

Let me put her lack of beauty into perspective. When you go to a plastic surgeon, you bring reference photos: I want a hairline, butt, boobs, cheeks like so and so. If you were to go to a surgeon and ask for a nose like Melanie’s, they’d say “You want me to cut off a piece of your right nostril? Then add extra skin to your left nasal passage?” I want a chin like Melanie’s, “You want me to shave down the left side of your chin?” I want lips like Melanie, “You want me to remove fat from them, the opposite of filler?” No surgeon in their right mind would do that. Like what?

That’s why she was a loser in high school, she’s not pretty. That’s why even Mick Jagger couldn’t give her a career. She’s not beautiful. That’s why she barely had any boyfriends growing up, or in adult life. That’s why no powerful suitors are interested in her. That’s why she wanted to be L’Wren Scott. That’s why she had a murder rape baby, to force herself in Mick’s family when the dark magic ebbed. She’s a murderer, stalker, rapist, satanist, black magician, loser, who planned on raping me. The devils come to collect. Her time is up, so is her defunct covens and all aligned with her. Bye you weirdo. You’re a criminal, who added perjury, attempted murder and attempted rape to your record. Hell is calling. L’Wren it’s been an honor bringing your fine ass justice.

Eric Stefanski: Honest & Refreshing

Super into contemporary American artist Eric Stefanski’s pieces. His work is refreshing, because it’s honest. “My work is a reflection on the humor and rejection that comes with having a studio practice. The intention is to point outward to larger issues in our culture and art history, while also reflecting on my own personal history.” He’s holding up a crucial mirror to society and to oneself. He’s holding all of us accountable, like reasons he makes art, cutting through the bullshit. Obsessed. Which piece is your favorite? Can you name his inspiration for painting three? Artist: Eric Stefanski

Are You Closed Minded And Stagnant?

Damn, I know so many closed minded people who find learning, evolving, a waste of time. They’re also the most miserable, jealous and want to bring others down to their low vibration. These are the people I outgrew and dumped. I didn’t realize it was due to their closed minds until seeing this post. When your entire friend group, or family is liked this, going against the herd is hard. Let me tell you, worth it. If they can’t keep up, belittling you for choosing yourself, make your own way. Dare to be a better version of yourself, dare to be different. Don’t dim your star for the ignorant, let them stew in their own stagnancy. Go be the star you were born to be. Let them watch from the gutter darling. Which group do you fit into? Be honest with yourself. How does it correlate to your joy? Are you willing to make the necessary changes? Via: SelfCareExpress

Bring Back House Of Ho

Um, I demand that HBO brings back House Of Ho, in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Month. I NEED to know what happened to Judy, Washington, Lesley, Regan…I played it as background while doing stuff, and got instantly hooked.

This reality show is based on a Vietnamese American family, with patriarch Binh Ho, immigrating to America and rising from literal nothing, to become a multimillionaire. The American Dream. Everyone is so strong willed, opined and vocal, an amazing cast. Love seeing the Houston Texas customs fusing and differentiating with the old world cultural beliefs. Quality television. Have you watched? You should.

The Righteous Path

Most times the righteous path is difficult, but you have to trust the universe, your purpose and karma. When’s the last time you took this path? How did it serve you in hindsight? Via: Good_Vibe_Girl_Gang

Melanie Hamrick Is A Black Magician

Melanie deformed face Hamrick, continues to stalk me, whilst incriminating herself. The above photos are just to emphasize how much hotter L’Wren Scott is. Melanie is an unattractive loser, who resorted to stalking, murder and rape to still be a nobody. Then perjury, because she couldn’t get my articles removed. Why? Because she incriminates herself. Not only did she continue to stalk me, she created two other troll accounts to coerce me into using black magic against Mick Jagger.

On April 26th Melanie comes to my Saint Twenty Instagram page, to comment that she was left broke with one kid, under the troll account Rejoice 4304. She then tells me to go to a black magic practitioner, also a troll account by Melanie. Dr. Ighalo Spell Temple, an account she created the day before. As her oldest post and highlights indicate. Which she now deleted.

Melanie literally posted a court oil product, telling, is that what you used when your plan against me backfired? Look at all the spells: How To Be Sexy, Love Spells, How To Get Your Ex Back…all things she used on Mick and L’Wren. She even makes fake accounts to like her post, as seen in photo 7.

Being a goddess I’m prescient, it’s cute you deleted the account, but I already have the evidence idiot. Melanie is a predator who murdered L’Wren Scott, look at how distraught Mick is below. While her ugly ass lurks, like the rapist she is. This picture says everything about her. She was born a loser, wanted to go back to her high school reunion a somebody, since she got nowhere in ballet, desperate to prove everyone wrong she used black magic on an old man to rape him, after killing his love.

Mick would never look at a missing nostril, uneven chin, ugly eyed, thin lipped, talentless, no style, no personality, no body, nobody background dancer. Never the principal, so she stalked, murdered, raped and black magicked her way to trying to be cool. She’s a criminal, a satanist, a lesbian in love with me, predator. She tried to be gorgeous, beloved L’Wren and planned on killing his consensual kids to inherit his fortune with her murder rape baby. Clink clink bitch your time is up.

My Wrath Is Like Barbecue

“His grandpa Alfred had kept a steel-drum smoker out back in Newark, on Clinton Ave. He’d do ribs, brisket, make his own sausage. Grandpa Alfred’s father had been a butcher and cook on an indigo plantation in South Carolina and passed down the mysteries.
‘You throw chops on some coals,” Pepper’s grandfather said, “that’s one way to cook a piece of meat. Few minutes later, you got that black on it, you’re done. But barbecue is slow. Put it in that smoke, you got to be ready to wait. That heat and smoke is going to do its work, boy, but you got to wait.’ One was fast and one was slow, and it was the same for stickups and stakeouts. Stickups were chops–they cook fast and hot, you’re in and out. A stakeout was ribs–fire down low, slow, taking your time.”

Via: DiaryDuneAfricaine

Spice Up The Circle With Girl Power!

Ummmmmm, Scary and Baby Spice are on this season of The Circle. Did I scream like I had zero sense, as if I were a participant of the show? Guilty. Lost my mind. Gone. Freaking out still. I was eight years old again, realizing if I ever saw a Spice Girl irl…I would go into fanatic mode. I’m literally crying at the thought of it. Somebody tase me. Actually though, because I’m one hundred percent sure I’m going to try to get hair, a shred of clothing, sweat to bottle up…I still have my pencil case, don’t play with me.

They’re interactions are so funny, such a family. Some people just have the most fantastic chemistry together. Not to say everyone isn’t amazing individually, but a good band, or cast, is like a well balanced meal. Like how on Top Chef, the salt, the acid, the mouth feel…all the components of the dish need to come through. It can’t be over or underwhelming, it has to be whelmed (10 points to you if you can name this movie reference), to be a spectacular meal. That’s what they have, even just a fraction of the group. Urgh I don’t want them to leave. Could literally watch them forever. I reminder the premier of Wannabe, it was late night, I was at my grandmothers house. Entranced. Favorite member and song please? Do you think you’d catch The Circle catfish? Via: Spice Girls Turkey

Athena Doesn’t Stop Until Justice Is Served

Is it making sense now?

Evil is afoot and it will not win. Whoever believes the devil as powerful as the almighty GOD, is a fool. The almighty allows things to happen for a bigger picture, for the higher good in the end. It may not make sense at the time, but it will. Melanie Hamrick’s time is up, as is her defunct covens, she got away with murder, rape and stalking for seven years, using black magic. She disrespected and lied on a goddess, she will pay. The devil always comes to collect, you’re watching it in real time too. You cannot violate sacred universal laws, nor align with those who do and get away with it. Mick Jagger’s kids fates, his family in general, will serve as cautionary tale, this is how myths are made. Try as I might to change their fate, all I did is extend their time, not by much. Not by much at all. Oh, to be prescient.

L’wren Scott is getting her justice. She did not want to die. Melanie will leave this planet with her murder rape baby in an awful way, she earned it. She wanted to be famous, not gonna happen, an infamous criminal, that’s the ticket. When Mick told me she was evil I ignored him, when L’wren showed me what happened to her, finding all that evidence, I was gobsmacked. What hurts now is how rightfully disgusted she is with Mick and his family, after saving them. Ungrateful white trash. I don’t feel bad for them, watching destiny reap what they sow is amazing. Knowing only I can protect them and won’t, as their chances are up and that they, like the people who support them, are powerless and doomed gives me great joy. Throw all of you away eternally into those lonely flames.

If you disrespected me, or aligned with those who did, be it the Kardashian Jenner West coven, Ed Westwick being racist, people I know, places I worked where dark magic was being used…you chose your fate and it’s not a good one. PLEASE NOT YOU GUYS CAME TO ME, I WAS MINDING MY BUSINESS. When a divine speaks I suggest you listen. You aren’t capable of fraction of what I can do. I was holding back due to my compassionate nature, but that’s done now. Good luck trying to escape your destiny. Here’s a hint, you don’t and with each passing day you’re closer to those eternal flames, instead of being reunited with those you love in paradise. Do enjoy your time, for it is running out. Via: Magical Recipes Online