Fully Experiencing The Day

Honestly, there’s a huge difference between getting through the day versus fully experiencing it. Being tethered to the present is how you do the latter. Getting through the day means your mind is in the future, you’re too busy thinking of the next task to be in the now. Being present is difficult, you’ll notice when you endeavor to do it. I accredit my “be here now” mentality to meditation, first and foremost, yoga and reading The Power Of Now. The practice of being present vanquished my anxiety.

What does being present feel like? Serenity, suddenly you’re mindful of the human experience, filled with gratitude for the minutiae. Turning a faucet for water, as opposed to walking painstaking miles. You’ve done it a million times, but when you’re mindful of it you’re aware it’s a blessing.

What does being present mean? Being fully invested in the moment, mindful, as in you’re not thinking of the past, nor the future. You fully immerse yourself in the sensation and sensory information of the current. You’re thinking about what you’re doing, not what you did, or what you’re going to do, and you’re doing it with intention. It’s almost like outer body introspection. Do you get through the day, or fully experience it? Try thinking of what you’re doing as you do it i.e: I’m getting out of bed (how do the blankets feel? Is the room warm?), I’m walking to the kitchen to make breakfast, I open the fridge in search of eggs…narrate your moment, you’d be surprised at how much you miss when you’re doing one thing, but your mind is elsewhere. Via: My Easy Therapy

GmBH Fall Twenty Twenty Two Menswear

K, I M obsessed with GmBH 2022 menswear line (read the first sentence aloud…ahem). It’s striking, it makes you stop and think “What am I looking at?”
It takes a moment.
Regal streetwear; the cosseted prince in search of a run-of-the-mill life experience, this is what he wears as commoners clothes. He’s a wallflower, relieved of his duties, the pressure of coal turning to diamonds. It’s so elegant, the tailoring with the structure (in love with the wrap twist in looks two and seven, the shoulders in look four). Effortless chic, with that one tell, you aren’t one of us: the print, the silhouette, the fabric. Major. Which look is your favorite? Via: Haute Le Mode

Fashion And Style, Know The Difference

I don’t live for fashion I live for beauty and style. Fashion is fleeting, style remains.

Via: Haute Problemz

A Life Is To Be Lived

Keep this in mind as you go through the week. You aren’t here solely to survive, but to live. Make your story and presence memorable. Don’t write off experiences to be practical, manifest them, have fun. Artist: Brianna Wiest

Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon

Why March 17th for Lwren Scott to die? St. Patrick’s Day, Patti Hansen’s birthday (how traumatizing to share it with your friends death date), why this day? I sat down in my thinking chair, to think, think, think, the way this nigga Steve from Blue’s Clues taught me. Of course everything came full circle, as they always do (I will tell the homeless story, things just came up). Remember I kept going on about learning about being a witch, the traditions and how the universe was guiding me to study the craft. Well I did learn, about the moon and it’s use in spell work.

Spells for increasing something, like finances for instance are best used with the waxing moon, since it’s light is increasing. Spells for banishing, or removing something are best used during the waning moon, since it’s light is decreasing. But, full moons are the best moons, it’s the most powerful so you can do any type of spell work. Why March 17th? Inquisitive me had to see if this eureka moment was real, I Googled the moon cycles of March 2014 and BINGO, BANGO, the full moon that month was on the 16th, the day before Lwren Scott died. Melanie and her coven cast a spell that night, explaining why L’Wren was normal at dinner on Sunday night and had plans to work the Monday she hung herself, calling her assistant to the apartment to do so. She wasn’t depressed, or distraught, none of it was premeditated on her end, that’s why she didn’t change her will, leaving everything to Mick, and Melanie can’t get her story straight. He asked you out backstage to dinner? Or he waited til Lwren died? Or he started an affair with you while she was alive, leading to her death? You tell so many tall tales to these papers who can keep up? Mick doesn’t know, you know why? He was magicked too.

I just had to check one more thing. Melanie flew to Japan on February 15th, Lwren died a month and two days later. Soon after her death deformed Melanie was on Mick. What was the full moon that February? I Googled it. February 14th, the day before she flew her ratty ponytail to Japan was the full moon. She cast a love spell on Mick with February’s full moon, knowing she was going to get a chance to see The Stones, but had to get rid of Lwren, she used the March full moon to do so. As I learned one spell per moon cycle is the most effective, and that’s exactly what she did. February for Mick, March for Lwren.

L’Wren was gone a month and two days after Melanie flew to Japan and two weeks after Melanie met Mick at the March show, because Melanie Hamrick and her defunct coven were doing black magic by the moon cycles. That’s why it all happened so quickly. The mysterious death of gorgeous Lwren solved.

There is always an exchange, with black magic you give your soul to the devil. Melanie got what she was promised, but there’s always a caveat with Satan, he ain’t your friend. You wanted to be a famous ballerina and a baby that looked like Mick. Except you weren’t told how the world fame would come to you, or how long the child would live, or how long you would live for that matter. That’s why the devil is a lie. You also didn’t take into account the universal laws: the power of 3’s and karma, what goes around comes around, you reap what you sow. You will pay the devil’s price multiplied, because he always comes to collect

What gutter did she crawl out of? She looks like trash in that bikini. Literally zoom into her face, gross, Mick Jagger would NEVER choose you and Lwren is so hot you could fry an egg. You’re a wannabe, a weirdo, and I’m just getting started. Ugly is ugly and it runs in your family, comes from her dad. It’s an honor for me to eviscerate this ugly bitch for you Lwren.

Lwrens Mysterious Death:https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2014/jun/22/lwren-scott-mysterious-suicide-of-mick-jaggers-girlfriend

The article Melanie as Lisa covers her tracks with: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/article/lwren-scott-suicide-death-mick-jagger-fashion

Lwren Scott’s Business Was NOT in trouble: https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/lwren-scott-financial-difficulties-denied-official-statement

Melanie Incriminates Herself By Stalking Me: https://sainttwenty.com/2021/09/27/single-white-femelanie-hamrick/

Don’t Be Productive This Weekend

Enjoy the weekend, or whatever days you have off. Balance is key, take a break so you don’t burn out and do something you throughly enjoy. Life is meant to lived, not just be a cog in the machine. Treat yourself. Choose something for joy, what’s one thing that’s gonna make you happy? Do it! Artist: Pixels By Emma

Melanie Hamrick’s Not Hot Part Two

Lwren Scott is hot, Melanie Hamrick is not. Melanie Hamrick was obsessed with Lwren, who was everything she isn’t, she even dresses and poses like her (as you’ve seen and will continue to see). Except Lwren is what you ordered and Melanie is what you got, cheap, tacky, unattractive, creepy. She not only single white females Lwren, she tried to rewrite history as if she’s better through her troll accounts and articles I’ll be posting.

Now girl, your features are deformed (do note in the close ups, she has extra nose skin on the side of her nose, the opposite side of her deformed nostril, the right side of her face in the photo is where the extra skin is…yuck) and not harmonious, you’re also a rapist. A rapist who pretends she was chosen, Mick Jagger was black magicked, your child was had without consent. Thank god he goes with Lwren so he doesn’t find out how he came to be, or becomes a psycho murderer like you. You don’t even come close to Lwren. If she were depressed and distraught why would she leave everything to Mick? Which then gets funneled to you via child support? You are a vile human being, you deserve everything that’s coming. You’re a black magician, a loser, unattractive and soulless. It is an honor to expose you for the gorgeous Lwren. I should have let you take those kids though, at least Lwren saved some of them from hell. They don’t deserve you. They deserve their fate, to support, or use someone who murdered, raped, stalked and wrote nasty things about Lwren, to be antagonistic to disrespect two people who saved their mediocre, dingbat, basic white, boring, talentless lives. I didn’t even know Lwren and I’ve fought for her, you guys are disgusting and deserve where you’re going.

Don’t Let Them Stunt Your Continuation

Evolve, shed the dead weight no matter who it is. Don’t anyone get in the way of you becoming your best, high vibrational self. Maybe you don’t want to gossip, be mean, do the same things every weekend, maybe you want to learn, grow, change, heal, let go of trauma and people think it’s a group decision, it’s a you decision. It’s your life. Who do you need to let go? Artist: S.L_Gray

RIP Andre Leon Talley

I don’t have a lot to say. I yelled at him, then protected him til the end and beyond. I just couldn’t leave him and his legacy like that. He was a hypocrite for that VP Kamala Harris Vogue cover, but I didn’t turn on him. I guess you can be mad at someone and still love them, idolize them, be inspired by them. That’s what he taught me amongst many things. A legend. I’ll be rewatching his documentary tonight, The Gospel According To Andre. All I asked was no more January deaths, but he had to do it. He’s in heaven.

His life story was not only relatable, but resonated with me out of all the fashion mentors the most. Black people aren’t a monolith, being different is hard, to see someone else doing it makes it easier, makes you feel less alone. Don’t let anyone dim your light, shine brighter. A trailblazing icon. Thank you for your work, for elevating the culture. Rest in Prada. Via: The Talk Of Shame, Kurt Rowe, Dameon_Priestly_Artist, I Am Judith Heard, Murray’s My Name, CNN Style

Melanie Hamrick And Her Nobody Friends

Who actually are these people? Spare me about Christine, her career took off with Melanie’s black magic. Why would Mick Jagger leave Lwren Scott who was prettier than Melanie, for her and her nobody friends? Literally she’s hanging out with Elizabeth Taylor! The Elizabeth Taylor, royalty with Princess Beatrice (who I actually meet doing the red carpet for a Charity Water event, so humble) and Nicole Kidman. Who the fuck are these people, including Melanie Hick Hamrick? Sir Mick Jagger, legendary rockstar would leave his successful, somebody, gorgeous girlfriend of 13 years, to hang out with a background ballerina and her nobody friends?
It’s just so creepy of this entire group. None of them are pretty, or stars to begin with for him to want to level up a deformed chin, deformed nostril girl, with no style, or money, and a ratty ponytail. Look at her pony, look at Lwrens. Melanie Hamrick is an entire stalker, murderer, rapist. You’re a weirdo, a lame, delusional weirdo, who can’t be a star even when you steal one of the biggest ones from the sky. Mick Jagger, an icon, would never look at you, even with him you still manage to be a loser. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. You aren’t arm candy, or eye candy, the minimum of his requirements. A mess like that hair, on that unshapely head.