Conclusions Based On Conjecture

My reaction when my boyfriend doesn’t text me back within two minutes, jumping to conclusions based off pure conjecture. Find someone who knows, understands and loves that you’re crazy. Do you tend to jump to conclusions based off pure emotion and imagination? Via: AEST

Andy, Anita And Edie

Um let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that Edie Sedgwick and Anita Pallenberg hung out, two sixties icons, seemingly polar opposite in disposition. I mean what did they talk about? The mind reels. Have a great weekend folks. Via: Peace And Rock N Roll

Vintage Beauty Illustration

“Why do women always have to do such unpleasant things? Heels, thongs, shaving, plucking, bleaching. It’s really not fair.”

Artist: René Bouché

More Than A Mirror

Looking in mirrors only scared me when I stared into my eyes far too long and saw something beyond my tangible self. Has that ever happened to you? I would tell you to try it, but that’s not the sort of thing you recommend. What did me in was my haunted apartment in West Harlem, the one that left me sleepless, frightened and desperate for answers. Previously I was always able to write off paranormal events as best I could, no matter how intense the experience. But here things occurred nightly forcing me to accept my reality.

I learned quickly to be asleep by 3 a.m, witching hour, when the house would wake up. Hanging on the back of my bedroom door was a full length mirror, where if I were unfortunate enough to be up apparitions and shapes would appear. It dawned on me that they were coming through it like a portal, which mirrors are. They capture things you can’t see with the naked eye, even if it’s standing next to you. Mirrors also capture souls, which is why they are covered when loved ones depart, or as a tool to trap an entity. Now the only ones allowed in my bedroom are attached to vanities, full lengths are completely banished. I mean duh, what do you expect from a woman who watched three black blobs rocking vintage medical head mirror reflectors come out of one. Paralyzed as they move closer, circling you with disembodied mumbling, hovering above performing surgery. Their faceless faces bending to get closer to yours then suddenly exiting the way they came, after god knows how long.

Word to the wise bless your mirror if it’s not brand new, you never know what’s attached to it, or what it was used for prior. Have you ever had a creepy experience with a mirror? Via: Legacy Bros

Happy Birthday Stevie

Stevie fucking Wonder, a legend! This award winning multi-talented musician is the epitome of no excuses. A style icon, a pillar in the entertainment industry, there are just no words to describe how amazing this man is. Make sure you sing HIS version of Happy Birthday also known as the black way. What’s your favorite Stevie Wonder song? Via: MaMag

Red Coat Series: Sayoko Yamaguchi

It’s thirsty Thursday and the weekend is coming, what’s the mood?

Photographer: Antonio Lopez

Cool To Be Kind

Being a mean, nasty, hateful person, means you’re low class no matter how much money you have. Class is refinement, a mindset, the way you carry yourself, the way you behave. Show others the same respect you’d like to receive, like a got damn human. The parents of these garbage people should be mortified. You raised that? Embarrassing.
It’s cool to be kind (unless you have to stand up for yourself). If you don’t stay humble the universe will do it for you. Where do you fall (be honest), could you be a better person? Do you treat others how you want to be treated? Via: Classy Quotes Page

Radio Raheem: Potential For Our Love

The potential for our love to create a macro impact on the world is based on the amount of love we are able to put into our micro connections.
Because all of our actions hold energy, everything we do has the power to affect another person.

How do you treat others?
How do you talk to people?
Whether it is your best friend or a stranger, be someone who sees them, who affirms their dignity, and who honors their humanity.
Be the person who gives someone the relief of knowing that the world ain’t so bad after all.

Via: Caffeine And Hip Hop