Needed This: Lovers That Destroy

Never be ashamed
Of how deeply and passionately
You loved someone who destroyed you,
Because destroying things is just who they are…

But loving things deeply and passionately is who you are.
Photographer: Cho Gi-Seok

I Keep Saying It…

Truly, it pays off. Karma is real. Treat others how you want to be treated. That’s why all these people are hell bound, with shortened lives, preceded by terrible event. You reap evil, because you sow evil and oppression. Via: Adventuring_Into_Lettering

My Neck My Back With Attico

Posting about Khia’s iconic My Neck, My Back on FB gave me a flashback! First off let me just say, this song is legendary, probably the most sampled female rap song of all time. City Girl’s used it for Fuck Dat Nigga (my most listened to song two years in a row), Erica Banks used it for Throw A Lil Mo (Do It), Saweetie used it for Icy Grl. Every single time it hits, from lyricism to beat. Be it sped up, or slowed down. Khia gets flowers for empowering females to be selfish in their sexual liberation. Make sure you get yours, fuck dat nigga. Inspirational. Female rappers often deemed crass, are actually the biggest advocates of feminism art wise (thank a black woman as usual). Encouraging women to value themselves, over society indoctrinating us to be subservient subhumans for the patriarchy. Sometimes it only takes one hit to empower a generation.

Flashback to an epic memory, not when my friend and I turned the gay bar up for karaoke, but another Miss Lily’s moment. I was wearing my Yetta black and gold sweater belted, with over the thigh leather black heeled boots (my pinky toes BLED to break in those shoes, but a look is a look), and black biker shorts. That’s the most athleisure I get in public. Everyone kept asking me what I was wearing. Is it a sweater dress, or just a sweater no bottoms? I get asked this often, since they can’t tell if it’s in pieces, or a single garment. Anyways, the dj plays My Neck My Back, and everyone loses their MINDS! Wasted from the flask of whiskey in my makeup bag (for that nosey bitch Jamila who got fired for writing me up, that’s how I did it), on top of the bartender doling out drinks, I instantly turn up. Dropping it low made everyone in the back stop eating to stare. Then the whole place goes into an uproar, especially in the front where these women in diaphanous pink silks stand on the chairs to dance. That’s where I remembered my favorite designers The Attico from! Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordoni were those women. It was major, no one ever stood on the furniture before. Rockstars. Everyone was screaming, dancing, taking videos for the duration of the song. A classic.

Ladies, be whatever type of human you want to be, do things to fulfill your own desires. That’s the point of the song. Smash the patriarchy; whose entire goal is to make women chaste objects to fulfill their desires sans having our own. Which rendition is your favorite? Via: Gilda Ambrosia & Net A Porter

“Melanie Hamrick Is Apart Of My Downfall”

Me with no make up and a hat, Melanie deformed Hamrick in the same look, sans the harmonious features plus circles under her eyes. A mess, look at my features look at hers. One of us is beautiful (no wonder she’s in love with me), which is why she murdered L’wren Scott & raped Mick Jagger. She grew up a loser dedicating her life to ballet, only to be a background dancer. Just wait until I post the troll accounts prior to L’wren’s death where she eludes to her future with Mick in creepy comments like, hello is it me you’re looking for? Unlike rolly polly Alvin Bragg, I did a thorough investigation. Something he’s proven to be incapable of time and time again (read:Alvin Bragg Is A Criminal). He also doesn’t have my abilities, he’s not divine and my goddess senses tell me he collects money from helping criminals. He’s officially an accessory to murder and will be incarcerated. The universe sends people to me when their karma has come, when they’ve got away with doing evil too many times. He will be exposed.

Below you’ll see the good times between Mick and I, as well as the bad. Here we are talking about the Stones versus Beatles (read: Jack James, Me, The Beatles And The Stones) in text one. We always made each other laugh. The second message is him doing anything to get my attention, typical. It was sweet until it wasn’t. The third message is Mick being prescient that Melanie mutilated murderous Hamrick will be his downfall. He knew she was evil and he didn’t buy her any house. He’s literally never even been there, but Melanie is a liar, that’s what she does. Finally her lies are catching up to her. The last is Mick begging for me back in April, I said no, he should have treated me better. I like romance, loyalty, equal give and take, not drama, manipulation and abuse. He blew it. I’m not coming back, he’s not my twin. Every boyfriend I’ve had wanted me back, because I’m amazing. I told Mick that, I know my worth. Now he’s joined that group. Too bad. You shouldn’t have taken me, my love, my kindness for granted. Now you’re miserable about to lose everything, due to an ugly bitch with a deformed face who tried to rape me.

Melanie Hamrick is a nobody. I will be suing her for $9 million instead of $7 million, the amount L’Wren left to Mick. She’ll never come out of debt. She has no career even with a legend, because she’s not pretty, talented, cool, or stylish, she’s a weirdo criminal. A stalker, murderer, rapist, who destroyed everything and everyone around and aligned with her. Why? Because she made a deal with the devil whose come to collect.

Even her ass is gross, Mick Jagger would NEVER choose you. Especially over L’Wren, your time is up. Burn in hell. Via: Daily Mail

Art For The Masses

Art could be both popular, aimed for the masses,
and yet advanced,
raising its own aesthetic standard as well as the taste of the masses.

Via: Basquiat. JPG

A Gangster And A Goddess

I use to hang with bloods in ninth grade and ABI, the Albanian gang, cc: Julia Fox. We really were just so wild. I pray my kids aren’t my karma. Not the point of this post, everything I said is happening. I’m about that life, if you think I’m not you got me fucked up. Told you so, I’m not someone to mess with. I give so much time, because once it’s up so is my compassion, and I will come down on you with the full wrath of the Gods. Trust me I’m wrathful. I want and will have revenge. Duh, I’m a war Goddess. Pay attention. It’s karmic season. All that surrounds the Kardashian Jenner West and Melanie Hamrick alignments are death, loss, and destruction. Via: Gothic Away

P-Valley Season Two Is Lit

This season is soooooooooo fucking good, I can’t even process. At the same time it’s giving me heart palpitation vibes, there’s so much that can go wrong. If you haven’t watched you need to get with it. Honestly, those pole dancers are artists, my anxiety’s as high as their stripper heels.
A synopsis for those living under a lame rock, P-Valley is about a strip club called the Pynk, which is close to being closed until it’s saved by a mysterious, shady, dancer. This season deals with the pandemic, which left them in dire straits again. I don’t want to give a lot away, but the music is major, the cast is gorg, plot twists abound, it’s well written and just a must see. There is nudity and sexual content so kids can’t watch. It’s also funny af. It increased Starz viewership by 1000%, not surprising, it’s quality art. Are you watching? If not you’re welcome. Via: VintageCouture_

Butterfly Affirmation For The Week

Affirmations are powerful, since thoughts shape your reality. Try it, pick an affirmation from above, or one you create yourself. Then, then, say it once a day for the rest of the week, or month and note how your world changes. Keep track of the big and/or small ways your mantra works, regarding how you feel about yourself, your goals, manifestations. For example if you choose “I am guided,” tracks signs be it reoccurring animals, numbers, symbols, dreams… Via: Eclectic WitcheryUK

Melanie Hamrick Has No Career L’wren Did

L’wren Scott’s career includes modeling, because she’s gorgeous. Having been a muse for the likes of many including Thierry Mugler, just like equally gorgeous Jerry Hall.
L’wren directed videos for hip hop artist, working with: Rev Run, Diddy, Mase, Salt N Peppa, Snoop, Keith Murray & Onyx on Santa Baby (she directed more of course). She also styled videos for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, the above photo is from hit song Ain’t It Funny.
L’wren designed entire sets for campaigns, like Absolut Versace, a collaboration between the vodka company and fashion brand.
L’wren did costume design for films, shoots, styled major celebrities from Penelope Cruz to Meryl Streep. On the red carpet, or for editorials.
L’wren was Keith Haring’s muse in the 80’s due to her height and beauty.
L’wren was the first style director for the Oscars in 2000’s.
L’wren had her own fashion company and many celebrity clients and friends. Despite ugly Melanie Hamrick’s black magic lies it was successful enough for her to leave her fortune with Mick Jagger of $9 million. A net worth Melanie the secret lesbian will never reach, meaning she will be indebted to me in my lawsuit, while in prison.

Melanie is Siradjdjoud, commenting under L’wren’s birthday tribute, which is why Mick didn’t post one to his page, but to his stories this year. She can’t help herself and he doesn’t want that murder rape baby, who thanks to Melanie will be gone soon, like his entire line. She openly states she killed L’wren Scott. Also her stories don’t add up, because she can’t keep her lies straight (read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). Also Mick doesn’t remember as Ronnie Wood confirms (read: Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite). If L’wren knew and suffered from depression why didn’t she change her will, the way Mick did his with your not inheriting anything, ugly, weirdo, soon to be dead due to you devil deal ass? Please note this isn’t her first time pretending to speak a different language (read: Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani). Melanie was never the star, which is why Daily Mail will be held accountable for journalistic integrity, whatever she says they print due to payment. When was she ever the principal dancer (read: Melanie Hamrick Still Trying To Be Lwren Scott bye Sally Wood you’re hell bound with your kids early, terrible parent)? Never, she said that after I called her out for having no career. Who offered her a deal? No one, because no one cares about her. She’s ugly, and collects child support, she pays people to publish lies with that money, which is soon to be mine. She has no other suitors due to being ugly and Mick would never pick her, especially over successful L’wren. She’s a nobody background dancer with a deformed face. I will be posting more of our convo’s (Mick and me) to put this ugly, murderer, rapist in her place. Enjoy prison felon. I’ll also post more troll accounts. Siradjdjoud screenshots taken Feb 19th 2022. Mick’s family, his kid, white trash who deserve all that’s coming. Via: L’wren. Scott

Melanie Hamrick Isn’t Sexy Like Me

No wonder Mick Jagger doesn’t want to let me go I’m hot, glamorous, stylish, got body, wedgie free and well connected. For those of you not caught up Mick Jagger and I met at Miss Lily’s in 2016. He’s been searching for me since before that murder rape baby was born. After writing happy birthday on his instagram post in 2020, his personal assistant made a page to contact me. We started dating in the beginning of August, after he assured me he wasn’t with Melanie ugly Hamrick. Not only that, but he told me she’s evil and he wanted me to take care of it. His kids forced her back into his life (read: Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). However I didn’t care, being involved in my own celebrity drama with the Kardashian Jenner West coven and co (read: Why The Kardashian Jenner West Drama Started). Also she’s basic, I had zero interest in her. Figuring he was bereaved and settled with anyone after L’Wren Scott’s death. Until L’Wren Scott came to me in June 2021 showing me how she died (read: Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon). Melanie Hamrick and her coven black magicked her into killing herself, L’Wren came to me because Melanie was going to do the same to his kids. Then him. She gave him his heart problem. Her murder rape baby was going to inherit the fortune.

As queen of witches I took her powers away, as Athena I found all the evidence of her deal with the devil, obsession with L’Wren (who she stalked for years), by connecting to her energy. Her plans were to be like Misty Copeland & Prince, except her career didn’t take off (read: Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference). I then found she was stalking me, and got her to incriminate herself after promising Nicole Kidman I’d make her pay (read: Mood: Melanie Hamrick Is Going To Jail). She was friends with Scott for 25 years, too distraught to comment on her passing. I also promised L’wren justice.

Melanie who couldn’t sue me for defamation, was so desperate to cover up her murder rape crime she committed perjury, endeavoring to get the evidence removed. As a goddess I’m prescient and set her up. I never messaged Melanie on anything but troll accounts she was stalking and harassing me on. Therefore she submitted false evidence, a felony. Now corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who helped her commit this crime knowingly, is going down with her (read: Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick). I’m suing both of them and putting them in jail. Alvin Bragg knew she was going to rape me (read: Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me), like she did Mick, I tagged him in the post (read: Melanie Hamrick Is A Black Magician). He obstructed Justice and violated my civil rights over and over. Melanie was also stalking Noor, Mick’s other ex.

Below you’ll find messages between Mick and me. I refused to go on tour after the pandemic, or continue to be with him due to his kids. They racially profiled me, they’re mediocre, dumb, entitled and antagonistic, gross people. I saved their lives. White trash.
Mick and I at one point were happy. Naomi Campbell lied to everyone on behalf of Genc Jakupi, my ex boss telling them I was a call girl (read:Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (1/2) & Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (2/2). That I was older than I pretend. That I didn’t grow up on the Upper East Side. Genc left me alone after half a decade of abuse when Mick told him we’re dating. After he tried to set me up for unemployment fraud (read: Karma Alway’s Comes Featuring Miss Lily’s).

Mick & I could have astral sex, that’s part of why I thought him my twin. He wished me happy Mother’s Day, and rewrote his will for me, our unborn children and Lucas Jagger. He kicked his other kids out of the will. Melanie inherits NOTHING, since I left Lucas gets it all (read: Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING). He doesn’t want Melanie, who has no talent, isn’t beautiful so she has no career, her face is deformed, she has no connections, she can’t get a suitor without black magic rape and let her obsession, love for me, be her downfall. It was also fated. Mick is superficial he would never choose her. Especially over L’wren.

Mick two was the new number he contacted me on. He’s blocked on both numbers and Instagram. When he saw I really put the lawsuit papers in he got quiet. This downfall thanks to deformed Melanie is a liability, which is why Rupert Murdoch is divorcing Jerry Hall. The Jagger’s didn’t listen so now they fall. As you can see April 2022 he begged to have me back. He only pretended with Melanie thinking it would keep her out of jail, because he doesn’t want that murder rape baby. Too bad the devil’s come to collect. Via: Daily Mail