An Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

Honestly, I have all this stuff I want to post, but I’ve been in a rut. At first I didn’t know how I was feeling, I just knew I felt funny near my naval. An emptiness, a void, a bad feeling. I could tell this was a problem of the energetic body and was able to identify the culprit, an imbalanced sacral chakra.
The sacral chakra is feminine, it’s element is water, it’s in charge of creativity, emotions, relationships, sexuality and intimacy. My ability to create, my energy levels, my feelings of intimacy are fucked up thanks to my ex. Finding out that Mick Jagger was holding me hostage, while vacationing with his new girlfriend added a new level of betrayal. Like he really just wanted to hurt me, when I saved his life and genuinely loved him. He went as far as setting my job up to destroy my finances. It takes a lot to hurt my feelings, but that did it.

I have trust issues, especially after being stalked by Genc Jakupi for half a decade. What hurts is I confided in Mick regarding it all, telling him I didn’t want a relationship. Instead he rushed me, knowing I idolized him. I pushed myself to trust him, worked really hard to open up, took a risk, and he wasn’t worth it. He left me more traumatized and it was just unnecessary. I wanted to part ways amicably, instead he refused to give me what he owed, and tried to incarcerate me. He chose to damage me further, mentally and emotionally, instead of letting us both move on in a respectful manner. After I told him he should find someone who suits him.
He misses me, because I’m a good girlfriend. He let everyone get in his ear, instead of believing in me, and punished me for being a good person. I would never do that. He’s the most toxic boyfriend I’ve ever had. We went from fiancés to divorced, no marriage, but I’m the one wielding a knife on Hackney Diamonds. I know the album and kicking his kids out of the will is his way of making amends, but he left no room for me to ever trust him again, even as a friend. He left no stone unturned in betraying me. There was nothing he wasn’t willing to do to cause me pain. That’s what hurts. I wouldn’t do a fraction of that stuff to him. I didn’t. I saved his racist family after they treated me terribly, to spare him pain. He was my best friend. I lost someone I loved and the person I admired all my life.

Now I have to pop out these divine children, so the world doesn’t end and I don’t even trust anyone. It’s just so much pressure. I don’t even want to try to love again right now. There’s so much ill intent and evil in this world, it’s disgusting.

Today I feel better after doing a sacral cleanse yoga routine. I was able to process my feelings, reaffirming that if someone doesn’t treat me with respect I’m out. Our society has created and enabled toxic masculinity. We really need to reconnect these “men” with their emotions, this behavior is not okay. Mick is a product of his environment. Without thinking too much about it, what does being a man mean to you? What traits and behaviors are qualifiers of being a man? Write it down, look it over, is our view healthy, a safe space for others? Via: Mairi_Design_Studio & Cosmic Ajna

Pick A Affirmation Post-It

Repeat the same affirmation to yourself daily for at least a week, witness how much it changes you. Mentally. Emotionally. Personally I’m choosing the second post-it, “I am proud of how far I’ve come.” I look back at all I’ve overcome, absconding the ill intents of evil powerful people and I’m genuinely grateful. If I were anybody else I’d be dead. Certainly wouldn’t have come out ahead. Yet here I am, serving divine justice. Karma. Root for yourself, be your own biggest cheerleader. Via: LittleBitsOf_Hope

Melanie Hamrick Is NEVER Mick’s GF

I’m still taking the pills, and I’m off to BrazilAngry (Rolling Stones)

Anybody else would hear this one lyric from The Rolling Stones debut single Angry, and wouldn’t think twice about it. As Mick Jagger’s actual ex-fiancée, the person on the cover of Hackney Diamonds, the album’s muse (it’s about our shattered love), that one line played in my head on loop. It caught my attention immediately, immediately. After L’wren Scott showed me what happened to her, I told Mick. Ugly Melanie Hamrick planned on murdering all of the Jaggers, so her murder rape baby got the fortune. Which she’d control until he was 18 (read Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING). I took her powers, stopping any more deaths. Mick wanted me to drop it, because he doesn’t want the boy. He hates Melanie, doesn’t remember how he met her, never considered her his gf, which is why everyone was surprised about the pregnancy (read Melanie Hamrick The Rapist). Imagine black magic murdering an old man’s lover, trying to be her, then raping him for child support money, because you’re ugly. You have no talent. He would never choose you. That’s why you copied Misty & Prince (read Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference), but it didn’t work. Misty Copeland is beautiful and talented, you’re not. That’s the story of Melanie Hamrick.
After I told him we got into another argument. He wasn’t going to take that murder rape baby by any means necessary, he doesn’t like him, because he doesn’t like her, calling her evil (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick)). Instead of listening to me, he started following this random girl. I looked at her Instagram for days, trying to catch something. Mick became unhappy with his inability to control me and was lining up replacements. Which was fine by me, except he wouldn’t give me my money back. I wanted him out of my life. He wanted me to do as he said, which is why I dumped his misogynistic ass.

Below, you’ll see our messages with me referencing her. Out of nowhere he started following her, for months.

‘That random girl’ was signed with Elite (but not a real model), and sitting on a beach in a Brazilian flag bikini. In 2021 she was 23 years old. Her on and off again boyfriend was a photographer. Initially I screenshot her profile, but along the way deleted it. I didn’t find any indication of a relationship, but knew he was unhappy and on the prowl. So when Mick referenced Brazil in ‘Angry’ my mind instantly went to this girl. The pills he’s referring to are Viagra. I complained on fan pages and to Keith Richards, that he was mentioning other bitches in songs about me. My interest piqued yet again when he made sure to announce he wasn’t engaged to Melanie. I know Mick, which is why he’s obsessed with me, I knew he put that statement out to appease someone else. One, for me, since he’s attempting with this album to connect with me again. Two, for whoever his new real girlfriend was, because she was getting upset. That’s when I connected the two. He added that line about her, because between Melanie and myself his Brazilian girlfriend was getting irked.

When something is different, suspicious, I put a pin in it and come back later. Which is why I remembered Mick Jagger with a mysterious brunette on Leonardo DiCaprio’s boat. I found it odd that everyone’s face was showing, except the mystery girl. She’s walking next to Mick Jagger in multiple pictures, but her face is hidden. The math wasn’t mathing. I scoured the article again, like the Nancy Drew ass bitch I am, and got the one picture of her face. Zoomed in and found this is the same girl he followed two years ago, except now she’s tan. Mick didn’t show her face, because he knew I would recognize her and expose the truth. This is who he’s actually dating.

Endeavoring not to end up taking care of that murder rape baby, he goes along with Melanie uggo Hamrick’s lies. “Don’t get angry with me, I’m in a desperate state,” because Melanie his rapist put him in a bad position. She blackmails him, threatens to kill herself, he’s a hostage. He would never choose her, now he’s stuck with her ruining his relationships, because she sold her soul to the devil. His idiot racists kids, also force her in his life, because they’re bad people (like he said). This is why I take pity on him.
Notice he brought his pretty girlfriend to hang out with equally superficial Leo. Not ugly, uneven faced Melanie the weirdo. I high key fuck with Leo for that. He only hangs out with beautiful people, putting raggedy Anne in her place.

Suddenly EVERYTHING made sense. His visits to Brazil including NYE was to see his real girlfriend, who also planned his birthday with him, continuing the carnival theme.

Melanie the rapist is NEVER his girlfriend. He always has a real one, because he’s not attracted to her. She black magicked him and L’wren, then stuck herself to him via rape with an unwanted baby. Now I understand her outfit for his birthday, that’s going to be the next article. It’s because I’m who he “loves” most. Pay attention, I’m the only one telling the truth and your soul depends on it. Xoxo Athena Via: Daily Mail & Jaquana Cornelius

What Women Are Like

“Curtis used to take me down to the lake, and I’d study that water. It came to me that women are just like that lake. They do everything to it, but it’s still beautiful. I wish you could see it, Tan. They fish from it, throw garbage in it, and sail boats in it, but it’s still as wide and beautiful as ever. That’s what women are like, and we ain’t gon run dry. Sell a bit, and five minutes later we just as deep and wet and full as we was before.” Artist: Madeline Gross

Your Relationship With YOU

How you feel about yourself translates into all other relationships.You accept the love you think you deserve. What you feel deserving of comes from you. If you love yourself, you won’t settle, you’ll set up healthy boundaries others adhere to. If they don’t you’ll let them go. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll have toxic relationships. Even if someone loves you, you’ll find yourself unworthy and push that person away.
Evaluate how you feel about yourself, how it correlates to the bonds you have with others. Via: Doodle Gems

Hall And Hamrick Play Rupert Murdoch

How? How does your face even look like that, in so many photos? Oh, that’s right, light and shadow play on beautiful faces. Beautiful features. Light and shadow highlight hideousness. They eat away at her face. Which is why she murdered L’wren Scott, trying to be her. This is just a post to say haha, you weirdo rapist, murderer, satanic soul seller, stalker, no more Jerry Hall witching Rupert Murdoch to do her bidding. For a man she’s still in love with after he treated her like crap for 20 plus years. You bitches are dumb. This is the moment I’m thankful for female rappers, constantly drilling lyrical feminism into my psyche. A plethora of verses run through my head about getting the bag, and playing these niggas how they play you. Self respect, you both lack it and it’s pathetic the lengths you’ll go through, jealous that he is obsessed with me. I say this to say, no more books deals, magazine covers, and anything else the Murdoch media gravy train gave you. Rupert is gone, his downfall a bimbo, while helping her beloved Mick Jagger.
His kids, like me, can’t stand her. She’s an idiot. She’s entitled. She’s greedy. An attention seeker, parading those kids straight from the womb to covers, and tell all’s. That’s why Mick “loves” me more than he ever cared about you. You all use him. He’s the most interesting thing about you.
I don’t. After all these years she’s still sticks and not upper crust, learning nothing, giving nothing of depth. Espousing stupidity as wisdom, that thing she said about getting a maid and taking care of the bedroom part in her wifely duties. That’s why he fucked the maid.

Jerry is a user. She didn’t do anything, but get Murdoch RICO charges. Without Rupert, Melanie uggo Hamrick wouldn’t have had a book deal from his publishing company, nor a magazine cover from his media company. He was directly involved in aiding her in her felony. Now he’s gone, the Jaggers can’t use him.

Who gonna pay for the rescinded ghost written second book? Mick not gonna do it, you not built like me. That’s why I’m the album cover, student loan paid, lawsuit money you owe me and my attorney coming in, so you can’t use that. No murder rape baby necessary. Enjoy your time. Via: Daily Mail & Itsjqboo Instagram

Do You Seek Problems Or Gratitude?

Complaining is easy, training yourself to seek gratitude is difficult. Where you place your energy is what will grow. Why would the universe give you more, if you don’t appreciate and take care of what you have? People think it’s so silly, but every little action, thought is an energetic exchange directing the universe on what to give you and what to take away.

There are plenty of times I could have sunk into an egoic mind, especially when being in a domestic violence situation. If that’s all I did though, I wouldn’t be receiving the multitude of blessings coming in. You’d be surprised at how many people with the ability to make the most of a home, or preserve their health by taking care of their homes don’t. They don’t see it, but these inactions are a way of turning away the gifts bestowed upon them from the almighty GOD. Why give to the ungrateful? Change your attitude from ego to gratitude. It works. Name five things you’re fortunate to have?Via: The Scattered Feelings

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Go support businesses and artists. Please remember these racists think you’re all Mexican, and equate Spanish to the language of the help. The fact that this is in the middle of two months is disrespectful. From September 15th to October 15th…easy to forget. Which is why I almost did.

I posted Selena (classic Halloween costume), because I love her. Although I grew up learning French, my favorite songs of hers are the Spanish ones. Actually my favorite thing to do when working at Miss Lily’s, or going to the prep kitchen at Follia was making an entrance to Como La Flor. I always did it just like the movie, dramatic, stopping to look at the audience after a long, como la florrrrrrrrr. I’m a terrible singer, which made everyone laugh until tears. It would also just be so out of nowhere. Of course I messed lyrics up and was corrected. However, I do that with English songs too, since I was a child according to my mom. For example, I literally thought Crime Mob was saying “I come in the club shaking my grits,” on Knuck If You Buck. It’s shaking my dreads…grits doesn’t even make sense, as my friends stopped the sing along to tell me. I’ll sing loud and wrong for years, smh.
Our difference are what makes us beautiful. I think racist people are filled with so much hatred, because their lives are one note, when you need different ones to achieve harmony. Via: 90’s.History

The End Of Mosseri And Zuckerberg

Everything the whistleblower said was true and I have the evidence, in fact today I gained more. Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri participated in every hate crime against me, Athena. He’s the one running the Illuminati currently, is why. Nobody forces a Goddess to do anything, I’m capable of things you can’t even imagine. I’ve been far too kind, it’s time to play with more of my toys.

My evidence against the aforementioned parties prove that the community guidelines aren’t the same for everyone, they’re based off race first and foremost and then who you are. He allowed for me to be called a n*gg*r multiple times, when I reported it he said they had too many reviews, block them. He refused to remove or punish the pages, he himself created a troll account to bully me. I forgot to send that one to my lawyer, I remember now. Yet, when troll accounts reported me for exercising my freedom of speech to defend myself he restricted my activities and accounts. That’s why I’m not only going to be taking his billions, I’ll be removing him and imprisoning him. He shouldn’t be running WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Mass communications of the world, same with Rupert Murdoch (your racketeering article is next, bye ball sack), when you’re a white supremacist (with a wife who wishes she was white, Priscilla Chan and Crystal Minkoff, what’s wrong with being Asian?). He’s changed my settings, controls algorithms and reads private messages. I also have multiple complaints I found from people of color saying they are being treated unfairly. I screenshot it all. Mark and Adam go bye bye. I want all their information from text, emails, phone calls subpoenaed. Enjoy your time. You’re one of the reasons the world is ending. I say who goes to hell and who carries on, you aren’t it. The content is about to get good good. Xoxo Athena. Via: Beef Alert

Donyale Luna Gets Her Due

Growing up I felt I was not of this time, that I was from the bygone era’s of the 60’s and 70’s. I was meant to be a groupie, with the band, dating Mick Jagger (ha did that), consuming copious amounts of drugs with art icons of all fields. Gripped by obsession of mingling with the greats, I delved into the counterculture, gaining what I now realize is an esoteric knowledge for someone my age. I don’t confuse stars with spectacles (I don’t affiliate with people who do, I’m a goddess, standards, levels).
At some point I came across this ethereal creature, the only black model walking a show. Upon finding her name in the caption I began researching her, Donyale Luna. There she was again at The Rolling Stones Rock N’ Roll Circus (side note what the band did for her after she was rejected, is why I idolized the Stones, and Jagger’s kids are an embarrassment to him), I stayed up watching a late broadcast on some cable channel as a teen. It was magnificent, the hair on Mick Jagger, Donyale standing behind him just as beautiful, topless, taming tigers. She was it. I couldn’t get enough of her, except there weren’t that many photos. She was practically erased from history. Finding new ones was a rarity I delighted in. Those too stopped, until Zendaya and stylist Law Roach resurrected her, thanks to my blog.

As I said, everyone who’s anyone reads this blog. Out of all the things to come from it, this touched me the most. I wrote this piece Supermodel 101: Donyale Luna on March 19th 2020. Reporting facts is important to me. Beverly Johnson gets all this credit when Donyale was the pioneer. This obscure, otherworldly being you wouldn’t know existed, unless you were extremely cultured and art obsessed. Giving her due was a necessity. Eight month after I wrote my article about this forgotten star, Queen Z and Law paid tribute, recreating her photos on November 19th 2020.

I couldn’t believe it. Gobsmacked, I was gobsmacked. These were the early days of Saint Twenty, the covid shutdown had them not only reading my work, but inspired by it. I was honored. Unlike with Hailey Bieber, who along with the other racists and Uncle Tom’s, thought it ok to bully me, then copy my personality and work. Read Hailey Bieber Copied My Post. Don’t take from me if you’re on some appropriation, hate crime shit. That’s when we have a problem.

Watching the doc this weekend I wept deeply; Donyale’s story was finally being told.
It was being told because three black people- Zendaya, Law and I, revere our ancestors. All the abuse they endured for us to be free, to prosper beyond their wildest dreams, giving their contributions light, and not allowing their sacrifices to be in vain. Our ancestors lived and died in hatred and oppression, they did hard things to be our stepping stones, so we can have what they never got to experience. We owe them everything.
Donyale wished to be a blonde hair, blue eyed woman, because society told her that’s the only acceptable beauty. They punished her for not being it. Treated her subhuman for it. Taught her, reinforced in her, that black isn’t beautiful. Blonde and blue eyed was the only thing worth being. You have no value, because you aren’t white. The subtext of her wish is to be seen as human and treated fairly. If she possessed these aryan features she’d be seen for her immense talent. Instead of being continuously rejected from American Vogue, for being a n*gg*r.

I will never take my foot off your necks. White supremacy will not be tolerated by I, the only divine. Donyale Luna was gorgeous the way she was, as was Lil Kim. Black is beautiful, which is why you appropriate our shit, from music, to facial features with your lip fillers, our bodies, our style, from hair to clothes. We are the culture. And me, a divine, I’m your karma. It always comes. You will pay for the hate you give. Zendaya, Law, I love you. Thank you.Via: HBO, People & Duchess International Magazine