September Suicide Month

For Robbie, Sofia and all those who’ve felt there was no other choice. Feeling suicidal is nothing to be ashamed of, you are a human trying your best each day. Please check in with your loved ones, please check in with yourself. Every second brings something new, no matter how bad it seems please push through; you never know what awaits the following day. Specifically for black people-depression is not a mood, it won’t just go away. If someone confides in you take it seriously. If you’re feeling this way take is seriously, alert others or one of the contacts above. Mental health is wealth. How are you feeling today? If you weren’t okay what would your outlet, or mode of communication be? Artist: Xo Necole

The Bad Bits

Hit this realization of gratitude, all my difficulties have been a blessing. People who are too comfortable become mediocre and remain naive. Thank god for the tough times, it adds depth, character, tales of adventure. It’s the reason I know how to snake a drain with a coat hanger to everyone’s surprise. What’s a skill you learned through hardship? Via: Spiritual Asylum

Culture With Blanche Devereaux

A southern belle at her finest. God I love The Golden Girls, the clap-backs and quips were real. I’d say I’m as liberated as Blanche, as thirsty for knowledge as Rose and sarcastic af like Dorothy. How about you? Via: Movie Slutz

Hispanic Heritage Binges

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, (even though you’re Hispanic everyday) I’m shouting out some of my fave shows.

  1. Gentefied: Handles harsh topics such as gentrification, immigration and sexuality with levity. Extremely funny, well thought-out, varied characters, who play off one another superbly. Really covers the multi-generational, cross-cultural experience and that in my twenties, battle of passion versus security career angst. It’s really f*cking funny though.
  2. Mexican Dynasties: My dirty addiction is Bravo, I will pretty much watch almost anything on that channel. Andy Cohen has me hooked! We all remember what the programming was like before him. I digress. This show is like reality Telemundo, characters so over the top, opulent and outrageous. The confessionals cracked me up. I don’t know how this didn’t get renewed.
  3. On My Block: Just some California kids trying to survive their crime infested neighborhood. The four friends who have been so since childhood seem fated for different paths, one of them to inherit their place as the head of the local 19th Street gang. There are: drive-by’s, pull up’s, heartbreaks, murder, treasure hunt, kidnappings…Is friend’s forever possible?
    Via: Gentefied Instagram, Beauties Of Bravo & On My Block Instagram

When’s the last time you immersed yourself in Hispanic culture?

Believe In Alignment

Don’t let anyone rush you, but do find your purpose and be brave enough to pursue it.

We weren’t created to be carbon copies.

Follow your unique path, no matter what anybody else thinks.

Via: The Good Quote

Remember This Fact…

Then stop yourself from being part of the problem by exercising your mind, compassion and kindness. Treat others how you want to be treated. Are you a difficult person? When’s the last time you walked in someone else’s shoes? Via: The Good Movies

Tom Ford S/S 21

Love this collection, a perfect balance of saturated brights and muted pastels. Chic, clean and fluid with the silk textures and floral patterns. Which look is your favorite? Via: Premier Models Photographer: Ferry Van Der Nat

Summer Fall Vibes

Well it’s that time of year, the in between fake summer and false fall. This is how we get got with the flu, improper dressing. Compounding the issue Covid-19. Wear layers people! Maybe this is what Sheree meant when speaking about her clothing line. Are you going the extremely long denim pants, a vest and long sleeved gloves, or the oversized blazer sleeves, with slightly oversized velvet pants route? Which is your summer fall vibe? Via:Black Is King & Hand In Fire Insta