10 Sign Of Negative Energy

It’s remarkable how much negative energy, be it evil eyes, dark magic, or people manifesting against you, can alter your being. Before I cleansed myself I had every single sign. Things I can’t live without: reading, watching films, learning, long walks, writing…I no longer wanted to do. Are these applicable to you? Via: Ishita Tarot Reader

Arachne Vibes

Let me start by saying this has been a technologically tumultuous twenty-four hours. Sprint will no longer exist at end of this month, it will be T-Mobile after doing bad business. Meaning on December 31st everyone who has not upgraded to the latter with 5g will have their phones shut off. Long story short between the Iphone 13 and it’s power adapter, hours of my life were consumed. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Anyways as you can see I’ve been able to strategical beat all these powerful people, because I am what I say I am. Justice will always be mine, in the end playing the long game, no matter how it turns out with Mick Jagger I win. A) If he gives me my money on his own volition, we are untied, I win. I can date who I want, go where I want. Prague. B) If I sue him, I win. All evidence submitted will be permanent and public. His reputation destroyed. Pieces of A apply as well. C) If we come into union, I win. That’s how you play chess, do make sure it’s not up against a deity specialized in said field. In all ways everyone who crossed me, all the demonic’s from the Kardashian Jenner West to Melanie Hamrick, exposed. Maybe the story of Arachne can be a lesson for you all, although it changes to serve different moral purposes the message is the same: hubris doesn’t pay. Have I not been compassionate? Have I not given you the greatest gifts of all, time, wisdom, protection? My reign for the insolent will be ruthless. Which version of Arachne is your favorite? Via: Aleali May

Let’s Make Some Things Crystal Clear K

Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft, I’m queen of witches by blood, two different things. I can call upon her to help me, I’m Athena. Goddess, queen, words matter.

I told you all for over a year the devil is coming to collect, those with deals and their affiliates, disconnect your energy. You didn’t.

I told you all I was going to protect people from hell up to a point, there are time frames that must be honored, if yours expired oh well. Blame your lack of intelligence and your ego.

I told you all even if you’re in my protection bad things can still happen if connected to that family, like André Leon Talley’s eviction coming to light, he was not removed from my protection. However the ordeal is over now, I soften the blow, you won’t come to harm for long.

Unless stated otherwise your kids are going with you, come on guys Greek gods/goddesses are the most wrathful. You’re a bad, self-absorbed parent. Blame yourselves. I gave you all the tools to make better decisions. I said idgaf about bloodlines…jplay I only send the children of those I really don’t like.

L’wren Scott wanted a baby and she will have one. Deals with the devil always come with a catch. Melanie Hamrick’s is she will be famous, but not for being a ballerina. No, no, no, she will be famous for her evil. The child will go with L’wren in his early death, and she will go to hell. Deal’s with the devil have fine print. That’s why you shouldn’t make em.

You’re all worried about Virgil, but a few post ago I cut short all the lifespans to do with the Kardashian Jenner West family. Worry about you. You all had choices you made em. Now you will know the value of time versus money.

I won’t have a favorite kid, but I do have favorites and they are blessed. They soar.

If Mick Jagger is my twin flame and whatever I am he is, who do you think he is the Greek god incarnation of? Only when he is activated via my womb though. Use your thinking caps. Music, my grandmother’s nickname tatted on my ankle.

You did this to yourself. I said anyone aligned with racism, oppression and hate will pay. Anyone who crossed me will pay. Anyone who align with people who cross me will pay. BLAME YOURSELF AND YOUR LACK OF KINDNESS. YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. I will dance on your unmarked graves as promised. Via: Witchstagram

Swiss Enamel Bracelet

Obsessed with this 19th century bracelet. I actually need it. The gemstones, the flowers, the colors against the backdrop of gold. I have a penchant for falling in love with decadent jewelry. In fact I’m still not over a necklace I lost and the earring a witch roommate stole. They live in my mind rent free two years later. Do you love it or hate it? Via: Bowies Treasure Trove

The Age Of Innocence

Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel The Age Of Innocence left me feeling like a fist punched through my ribcage, grabbed my still beating heart, and savagely removed it from my body. I felt so raw I looked up the ending to triple check that it was that wrenching, stumbling upon reviews stating despite the lack of murder, drugs and guns this was Scorsese’s most violent film, I concur.

Taking place in New York City’s 19th century high society, there was little else to do except idle internationally, acquire wealth and viciously gossip. Countess Olenska, played by Michelle Pfieffer, becomes the talk of town upon her return home, seeking a divorce from her husband. You can only imagine what a big deal this was, if divorce were a scarlet letter in the 1980s it was downright profane in the 1800s. Ostracized, her only saving grace is Newland Archer (Daniel Day Lewis), the fiancé to her cousin May Welland (Winona Ryder). Newland defends the Countess when her domestically abusive relationship is the topic of dinner conversation. He goes even further by getting the most powerful family to back the Countess when she is snubbed at her reintroduction to society party, which is attended by no one. Back in the good graces of the upper echelon Olenska feels she can have a new beginning after all.

As the film progresses so does Newland Archer’s and Countess Olenska’s feelings for one another. Completely unaware of the prying eyes (one of my favorite techniques is seeing through the binocular lenses, yeah I’m a film nerd), they are enmeshed in each other. Delusional they believe their affair to be clandestine. Despite sending yellow roses, despite the one-upmanship regarding Olenska’s suitors and Newland’s tendency to drop everything to be where she is, no matter the distance. The acting is so extraordinary that even the kiss of Olenska’s shoe by Newland leaves one gasping, for the passion behind the action, the love, permeates.

When given the chance to follow his hearts desire from May, who is like a wide eyed doe with crocodile teeth, she’s so passively ruthless, he stays. Imprisoned by his peers myopic minded expectations, like everyone else, conformity is an obligation Newland must yield to. And that’s the violent part, to spend your life confined by everyone’s wants and needs, but your own. Of course that desolate last scene takes the brutish cake. Talk about star-crossed lovers, my heart is still broken. Have you seen this film? Via: Starfire_Michael

Kurt Cobain’s Stupidity Sentiments

Do you research, or accept what is told to you?
Do you investigate, or do you fall for what they want you to see, the land of illusion?
If you don’t question everything, probe for answers, I’m afraid you’re one those dumb humans.

Via: Song4TheDeaf