Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory

Trudging through all the evidence I’ve uncovered is overwhelming, here’s a comprehensive directory of it all. I’ve broken it down into categories for easy legal access:

Why L’Wren Scott Died On March 17th
Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon

3 Different Discrepancies In Dating Mick
How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick

Why L’wren Came To Me
Melanie Hamrick And June 24th 2021 (she planned to murder his consensual kids)
Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick)

Where She Got The Idea
Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference

Melanie Planned A Murder
Melanie Hamrick Proof Of Premeditation

Why Melanie Did It
Why Melanie Hamrick Did It
Melanie Hamrick Has No Suitors
Rachel Hamrick Is Better Than Melanie Hamrick
Melanie Hamrick Is Ugly And Soulless
Melanie Hamrick Proves Young Doesn’t Mean Beautiful
Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly
Melanie Hamrick Will Never Be Beautiful
Melanie Hamrick’s Not Hot Part Two
Melanie Hamrick Forever An Ugly Loser

A Murder Rape Baby For Mick’s Fortune
Melanie Hamrick The Rapist
Melanie Hamrick Has No Career L’wren Did
Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING
Melanie Hamrick Is Apart Of My Downfall”
Melanie Hamrick And Her Nobody Friends

Troll Accounts & Stalking (these are just a few).
Melanie Hamrick Stalks Sebastian Stan
Melanie Hamrick Is Denise Ducharme
Melanie Hamrick Is Maltesegirl1218
Melanie Hamrick Is Come. On. Stimmy
Melanie Hamrick Is Maryann Donchez
Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani
Melanie Hamrick’s Lies Incriminate Her Again
Me & Veeeeeefr AKA Melanie Hamrick
Things I Send To Melanie Hamrick
Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick) (she stalked fan Catherine Montgomery)

Black Magic Mel
Victims Of Black Magic Mel
Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell
Melanie Hamrick Is A Black Magician
Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me

Melanie Commits Perjury With Manhattan DA
Alvin Bragg Is A Felon
Alvin Bragg Is A Criminal
Alvin Braggs Isn’t Competent
Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick
Melanie Hamrick Writes Her Own Articles

Melanie uggo Hamrick deserves ever title created. She is a criminal parasite who murdered and planned on doing so again. She stalked and continues to stalk. She raped an old man to best her sister. She took away the life of a beloved human being. L’wren Scott, who she then tried to be after stalking her. She feels no remorse. She never even held a child before, only having a murder rape baby for access to Mick Jagger’s fortune. She has no career, because she lacks beauty and talent. She lived off child support. Mick would never pick her, she has nothing to offer, especially in the looks department. L’wren Scott did not want to die, Mick loved her, he aided in a felony to avoid custody of a child he doesn’t want. From a woman who raped him, taking away both his and L’wren’s freewill. You made a deal with the devil, sold your soul. Enjoy hell bitch. Via: ABT

Brockwell Kiss PSA


Use sunscreen guys, even if you’re black. I went to the beach to darken and was like ohhhh it won’t hurt just this once. Tbh I’m not consistent in protecting my skin since I’m melanated, what if it takes longer to tan? I didn’t think sunburn could happen to me besides the one time I got it on my shoulders, years ago.
Wrong! I got it on my stomach and chest thanks to a recent visit, it hurt to sleep. Fabric touching my skin left me stinging. Never again. Also you can get skin cancer. Are you using SPF? If not start! Artist: Ed Gray

Kitty Covey Is The Messiest Sister

If you haven’t watched XO, Kitty, get on it. Messy, Kitty is fucking messsssssyyyy, like girl. I guess it runs in the Covey family, except Lara Jean’s drama also stems from her younger sister meddling. For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned characters, they’re from Jenny Han’s series To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I read the books first, then watched the films. A quick recap: adolescent Lara Jean writes love letters to her crushes instead of telling them; the letters remain hidden in her late mothers hat box, until little sister Kitty mails them out. Thus begins her love story, solidifying Kitty as a matchmaker.

XO, Kitty follows the youngest Covey girl to Seoul, Korea. She earns a coveted scholarship to the prestigious KISS school. Unbeknownst to her father, she along with her stepmother convince him to let his teen daughter study abroad. Kitty has no memories of her mom, who passed when she was a baby. She feels attending the same school will bring them closer. Kitty also believes it’s fated, because her long distance boyfriend Dae also attends.
As soon as she lands drama ensues, continuous, surprising drama. Turns out Dae has a multi-millionaire boo in Korea, or does he? Every other second in my sleep deprived two day binge, I was like what…what…WHAT…It’s sooooo insanely good. I don’t want to ruin anything, but boy, well written, amazing plot, well developed characters, twists and turns galore. I need season two ASAP. Have you watched? Via: Anna Cathcart

RIP Tina Turner

Rest in peace Tina Turner, the Queen of rock n roll, a legend, one of the best performers to ever do it. You gave us a lifetime of entertainment, sharing with us the violence and abuse you overcame. Everything you did was signature, hair, voice, moves, style, paired with the sexiest legs in the industry. A fashion icon, a feminist icon, one of the few remaining mega stars. Your biopic was one of the most epic. You along with James Brown taught white Mick Jagger how to dance. You gave so much joy, shaped so many memories with your talent. I’ll never forget that Blue Smoke holiday party, Proud Mary came on and everyone lost their minds. It was lit af, you did that. Thank you, we love you, we miss you, you earned this rest. What did you love about her most? Via: Emil Wilbekin & Capsule98

Focus On What You Can Control

Sometimes you can do your very best and things still spiral out of your control. That being said, ground yourself. Take a moment to assess the situation. If it’s out of your hands, let it go. Meaning don’t add worry, or anger, you’ll only stress yourself out. Remind yourself that’s just life. Not everything is going to go your way all the time, control as much as you can.
Please note there are things in the I cannot control category that you can control, like your emotions and how people treat you. You get the gist of it though. All it’s reminding you of is life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react. You’re an ant in an ever expanding universe, things are always going to be out of your hands. Via: The Brain Coach

Get Serious About Your Goals

I don’t know who needs to her this, but whatever you wanna do, go for it. Time is all too often taken for granted. What are you holding back from doing? Why? Artist: Eric Stefanski

Reading Is Rebellious

Reading is fundamental, that’s why women and black people weren’t allowed. It fills the mind with ideas, the truth, it’s the best thing you can do. Banned books are a way of warping facts, preventing people from thinking for themselves, a way to control the masses. Reading is quite possibly the most rebellious thing you can do. That being said if the aforementioned parties weren’t allowed to read, we certainly didn’t write, yet we’re suppose to follow these religious works used to support slavery, used to degrade women. Think about that. What’s the last book you read? Do you take reading for granted? Via: Hyper Allergic

A Snippet On Kidada Jones

Let’s just take a moment to talk about Kidada Jones. Looks like her mama Peggy Lipton, but keeps it gangsta like her dad Quincy. She lost both her best friend, Aaliyah, and the love of her life, fiancé Tupac. Needless to say the 90’s ended in heartbreak for her.
My favorite part is the foil character dynamic she has with sister Rashida Jones. Kidada is all hip hop and hood, while Rashida is a tad quirky and hipster. They just give such big sister littler sister vibes, it cracks me up. You can tell from their pictures together Kidada beat her up, but if you touched Rashida, she’d beat your ass.
I feel like Rashida’s the sane one in her family. One thing you can say about this bunch is they’re all cool as fuck. Via: KidadaLuvv & LuvvJones_

Melanie Hamrick Is An Ugly Joke

People magazine: Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick have been dating since 2014…”
When the black magic wears off and you’re death gripping pretty bitches, because you were raped by Melanie ugly Hamrick. All the publications spreading fabrications will be held accountable. You’ve forgotten you need journalistic integrity and now you’ve aided in obstruction of justice, a murder cover up, a hate crime and multiple felonies. You didn’t think I was gonna sue for defamation, libel and slander did you? No, you committed crimes far, far worse. Against a Goddess no less and queen of witches. You’re going to be a lesson no one forgets.
Mick dated Noor during said time period. He also dated me and is still in love. Melanie Hamrick is an ugly murderer, rapist, stalker, that’s why Mick stopped paying your child support bitch. Maybe if you were pretty you’d be chosen. Imma go in on her later today, including her trying to break into my instagram. The devil always comes to collect, especially ugly hoes.

Notice the difference, he was happy with L’wren, pick you where? You have nothing to offer. Bitch you’re ugly, broke, talentless, going to hell and jail. It’s an honor putting an ugly bitch back in her place, sans money. Haha bitch you’re cut off. Ohhhhh the post are coming honey. Via: Daily Mail

College Hill Season Two Is Top Tier

This is some of the best casting I have ever seen in the entirety of my life. I am oh so very happy. God is good, God is great. Waiting for the third episode. Ray J has always been my fave, he will never not be about bullshit. Never. I’m just so thankful to have New York on my screen always. Amber Rose is more high maintenance than I expected, but also it makes sense, she dated Kanye. Tbh I love it, I feel like prior to her being on the show, she was misrepresented. She’s highly intelligent from what I’ve seen so far and about that life. Sis throwing hands in class. No wonder Kanye was phenomenal with her, his best muse. Period.
Thank you all: O’Ryan (with your fine fine ass, those brother are top tier hotties), Parker McKenna (ight bet, ight bet), Joseline, the Puerto Rican princess (get an animal, the love they show is unconditional, most are better than humans), Iman Shumpbert (also get an animal and your 100% stoned or am I bugging?), and Kway (they already got you doing the most). Thank you all. This is how you do quality casting people! Are you watching? Via: Reality Chat