Evil Eye Nails Vibe

Put out those evil eyes, black magic is running rampant. Believe it or not it’s real, the latter just leaves you unprotected and fair game for those who are about that life. I’m leaning towards the first set. Which evil eye nails would you rock to block these hater hoes? Via: Miss Betty Rose, Grookere Nails & Nails Ride

Rewarded Trauma Is Still Trauma

Moderation, balance, mental wellness, are essential for a happy life. That’s why you’re here, to find joy and purpose in the realm of time for soul growth. Please put your being first. I had to learn this lesson too many times the hard way. I was miserable running myself in circles. Which are you guilty of? Pick one to work on and baby step it. Via: Holistically Grace

RIP Willie Garson & Greg Leakes

Cancer does suck. I’m fortunate my baby sister lives another day and hopefully one day will be completely free of it, that’s her wish. It’s really hard to do RIP’s and birthday’s right now. We will always remember Willie as the gay bff, who proves opposites attract when he marries his nemesis. And may we never forget when Greg and Nene Leakes wasted our time getting divorced, only to get married again. The emotional turmoil y’all put us through for no reason was wild. Rest in peace and be grateful for your health. Via: Fashion Spa House

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

My dreams are the only place I find peace. After fighting with the demonic, fighting with the Illuminati, not going on vacation, the energy uploads with Mabon, a million different dramas etc…not to mention I have understandable trust issues, which I took a leap of faith on trusting Mick Jagger. He use to be really sweet, then his insecurities turned him into a monster, triggering all this distrust, when the reality is I do a lot for him and tolerate a lot because of him. No matter how great I am our relationship is imbalanced. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. When I ask for the same, since he broke my trust, with simple things, he doesn’t do it, as a way to hold power. If I don’t trust you I’m definitely not going on tour, or anywhere with you. I told him how to fix it and he hasn’t, all he does is complicate my already exhausting life. I don’t want to commit to someone who doesn’t hear me, especially when they owe me their life and reputation.

Our souls use to fix it in my dreams, but for the past month I haven’t seen him there. An actor has been in his place. The dreams aren’t sexual, just emotionally gratifying, romantic, fun, peaceful. It’s like a fairytale! I meet his family and they’re energy is infectious. This as of late is the only time I find true joy. Dreams are potent stuff. Not to mention he’s a sweetheart who tried to mediate our relationship for the world’s sake.

Being happy is important, especially to me. Anything that doesn’t make me happy, I will no longer tolerate. I don’t care who you are, or what’s at stake anymore. Someone who loves you wouldn’t rest until they made it up to you, not cause further distress. All of this not to lose me, except you’ve done exactly that. I cannot live like this, I’m taking back my power. I have two vacation ideas and invaluable lessons learned. Love is give and take, not just take. Actions speak louder than words. I’m putting myself first by any means necessary. Artist: Koketit

Shame On You, Shame On Me

The conundrum with second chances. Am I right?

Via: Sex And The City Best

Tough City Girls

One of these city girls who wasn’t afraid of anything. He’d seen her curse out this muscle-bound turkey who whispered something untoward as she passed on the street, she got up in the dude’s face, but a rat made her squeal like a little girl.

…and I’d run again from more stuff tbh. I don’t do creatures from hell, that’s why I have a cat.

Via: Eleonore Leojeanne

Bloom The Brightest

Adversity shapes you, builds character and makes you interesting. You are strong and should be proud of that, not ashamed. Keep pushing. Can you think of a hardship that taught you an invaluable lesson? Via: Poets Text

No Fake I.D For Me

Getting a fake i.d wasn’t necessary for me. There were a million places that let us in underage, because we brought a vibe, we were cool and fun as fuck. Shout out to Southern Hospitality, Justin Timberlake if it weren’t for you Sara and Chris would have never met! We actually stopped going when we were of age, we had options now. Also saw Justin and Leonardo DiCaprio there once hanging out in the back, as well as Kid Rock. Kid Rock was weird as fuck, my boyfriend and I were making out in a booth when we felt a presence. There he was, standing there, watching us. Never said a word, just made a bunch of faces. Mind you we were in a booth by ourselves, he had a beer in hand resting on our table. I think he was trying to pull a robbery, after an uncomfortable ten minutes he finally went away. We were like should we keep making out? Is he trying to have a threesome? Puzzled.

On top of those places my friends parents owned plenty of restaurants. Fuming when Peter Lam’s dad gave up his SoHo hotspot, to live out his dream as a hairstylist. I was spoiled, why should I get an i.d for Don Hill’s? Plus procuring one was sketchy, I gave up at the first attempt. The subway across the street from Staples on 86th and Lex use to have a medley of shops upon descending the stairs, one was a shoe repair store. To get a fake you had to go in, say a phrase that slipped my mind eons ago, so the guy selling them would know your intentions. Something like: how much for a boot buckle? Or, do you fix soles? He charged $75. When we went the block was hot and the heat was on. He told us to come back, he was being watched. When we did he was fired. Plus, if he felt you didn’t look old enough, he would give you a photo as close to you as possible. I kid you not niggas would have entirely different ethnicities…like this person is Indian and you’re black…apparently it still worked most places for my friend. Far too much work. I spent the money on drugs and alcohol instead. But let me tell you when Leigh Lezark came through with that a-line, blunt bob bitch, with Geordon and Greg bitchhhhhh, definition of cool. We were obsessed.

Did you have a fake or naw? Via: Cine Odyssey

Are You Being Invalidated Emotionally?

Being emotionally invalidated is frustrating. Personally I’ve had to set boundaries with people who do this. I got sick of being understanding and never understood. Some people do it intentionally, feeling inadequate with their own lives, or competitive, rather than be a support you need. Pull back or cut them off for your own wellbeing. Have you been emotionally invalidated? Do you emotionally invalidate others? Why? Creator: Healing Notes