Harimao Lee: World Libraries

The library is open because reading is what? Essential. My relationship with libraries is complex, I live for them ONLY if all the books are brand spanking new. Just the thought of touching a dirty book is enough to make me wash my hands with scalding hot water. All those people, with their dirty hands smudging and sullying up books, that I in turn am suppose to borrow. Yuck. Still these libraries are divine and I think everyone should have books in their homes. Knowledge is power. Which one would you spend the afternoon in? I’m a sucker for that staircase in photo one.

Spacey Kacey Channels Elvis

Such a fucking rockstar. Musicians of all groups of people get the privilege of extravagance and edge in their fashion choices. They get to be art at any award show, focusing on the feelings they evoke, statements made, should they be so inclined. Gemstones are coming. Love em in her hair, love them on her jumpsuit, high Elvis vibes. Do you believe gemstone are going to be as major as pearls? Via: NYTimes Fashion

Historical Artifacts From Quarantine

I’ve been wondering what artifacts will tell the story of this historical moment. Elaine Welteroth’s wedding belongs in textbooks. I mean where does one begin? The mask, the limited amount of guest (15 person cap) for an established NYT bestselling author and former editor-in-chief of American Teen Vogue, hardly anybody touching one another for safety reasons. This picture is epic. I truly wish Picasso could rise from the grave and give us a collection. The Corona Period, Quarantine Period, Blue Period Two, Covid Period. What do you think he would name it? Which artist would you bring back to document this moment in time? Via: The Root

Kosmas Pavlov: Saturation Point

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”

Incubus Versus Pink Floyd

Which song is your jam Incubus or Pink Floyd? Via: Harald Geisler Typography

Protect Ya Neck From Text

Last week I stopped working out for two full days in a row…okay four, four whole days in a row. A symptom of quarantine, usually I exercise 5-6 times a week. The break was crucial in confirming health is wealth; almost instantly I started to experience a severe pain from my right shoulder/neck to my wrist. At first I thought I had De Quervain’s tendinosis (inflamed tendons on the thumb side of my wrist), but the real culprit was technology. I was suffering from text neck. Staring down at your phone and/or computer for extended periods of time, rather than holding your items at eye level causes the neck to protract. This is nothing to take lightly. Your ligaments weaken and the muscles at the back of your head shorten, leading to permanent damage if left unresolved.

In the beginning I didn’t think this was something to worry about, I look down to read books and write in my journal. Until a curvature appeared, truly I started to freak the fuck out! Evolution is not a game, something like this can change the human structure and pass down to our offspring. We keep what we use, we lose what we don’t.

Dramatic as fuck, I started looking up solutions to reverse my turtle neck which was worsening hunny. Holding your technology up to eye level is one prevention method, but exercising, particularly YOGA is the answer. All those downward facing dogs and mountain poses aren’t in vain. Do yourself a favor even if you don’t like strenuous workouts; if not for your mental wellbeing, or for vanity’s sake do it for your spine. Unless you find bliss in spinal degeneration, early arthritis, disc compression, weakened muscles and loss of lung capacity then have at it, it’s your life kid.

Protect ya neck: https://www.healthline.com/health/fitness-exercise/text-neck-treatment#prevention-tips

The Ultimate Spliff

How far do you think you can go before you hit the floor? I gotta be real with myself, I think I can take TWO solid hits, the circumference is just doing the most. That’s a lot of green.

Mary Dickinson By Mary Cassatt

When it comes to stealing flows
These birds is fluent
But they stutter when

Get asked about the queen’s influence
When it’s clear they bite me
I’m just flattered they like me
I don’t wanna check bitches
Tell them wear their Nike’s.

Fix Your Lipstick Before…

You wish this legend a happy birthday. Heading into the weekend optimistic, filled with joy and still alleviating stress with a cute drink. Be grateful for every new day met, nothing is promised. Getting older is a gift you get if you’re fortunate enough. Via: Glamour UK