Nina Garcia Is…

Literally the reason I stayed with Project Runway, but most importantly my inner voice when I’m critiquing something. I go straight into Nina mode, all the gestures, faces and her voice take me over. Who’s your analytical spirit animal? Via: Nina Garcia

You’re Worthy And You Matter

You weren’t born
To lose yourself
Within this darkness.

You were born
To rise,
To shine,
And thrive.

You were born
To live,
To give,
To love,
To be loved.

Via: Ju Xiaowen
Poem: Madalina Coman

Still Tell People Off

Just a reminder in case people thought I switched up. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit, but if you should feel so inclined to start I assure you it’ll be one of your biggest regrets. Being nice doesn’t mean push me over. IDC who you are, where you’re from, what you did, I’ll give you back the same energy. Do you allow people to disrespect you to maintain a kind persona? How’s that working out for you?

A Mary-Kate & Ashley Production

The type of bitches who teach you how to Charleston then pretend not to know you, they fashion queens now honey. Out of all the entertainment these two gave throughout childhood, that Dance Party Of The Century cd was hands down my favorite. Simply an appreciation post. I still have the booklet for it and realized how much value they contributed to my youth. What was your favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley creation? Via: Olsen Oracle

Are Safety Pins…

The new pearls? A versatile must have accessory? I’m feeling it, low key want to put pins in my bantu knots. Dig it or dump it? Via: Achante Insane & Getty Images (Alexander Mcqueen)

Evan Lorenzo Via Riptds

  • An unexpected day off
  • The extra hour of sleep for Daylight Savings
  • Running through sprinklers on a hot summer day
  • Finding money in your laundry
  • Fresh snow in the park
  • First sip of coffee
  • Water and a greasy meal after a hangover
  • Popping bubblewrap
  • Taking your bra off after a long day

What little pleasures can you add to the list?