Lil Kim Queen Of Iconic Wigs

Being a style icon requires originality, few ever reach that status despite spinning webs of lies. Lil Kim is that, the Queen Bee always serves looks. Her wigs are like Picasso periods, deserving their own post. These are just a few of her hair serves henny. The designer logos dyed in are just another level of legendary. She’s so fucking major, even when she’s keeping it simple with a side swooped bang. Bold, fun, sexy, innovative. Which coif is your favorite? Via: Lil Kim Is Muva & Nostalgic_Eras

Bloody Scream Nail Art

It’s that time again, spooky season! Let’s start the month off with celebratory nails. I don’t want to get into mine, a week hasn’t gone by and I need to get some redone. I’m PISSED! They’re suppose to last three weeks minimum, not three days. I digress. Do you love or hate these Scream nails? Via: SpellboundXNails

Summer Pool Nail Art

These pool reflection nails are mad cute. I could stare at them as I do the water, forever. Do you love ‘em or hate ‘em? Via: Glamour Magazine

Barack Obama Is Glowing

Barack Obama is tan af and I feel a way about it…I will be heading to the beach to maintain my dark glory. I’ll literally compete with anyone in a race to purple, anyone. It really doesn’t matter if they’re aware or not. I was just taken aback by his glow and need to ensure mine doesn’t falter. I get so depressed watching my tan fade. It’s an obsession. Trust I know that the people I started this tradition with, we’re all still competing silently. I see you bitches. The race is that real. Tan safely everyone, it evens out your skin. Via: Hello Magazine US

The Dress That Rocked The World

Going through my photo album for the drag queen text, I stumbled on a series regarding The Dress. We were really losing our minds as a species over this shit. The amount of arguments I partook in…honestly I went mad. At some point everyone decided the war couldn’t be won, let’s never speak on it again. Even after the scientific explanation about ocular science, rods and cones giving everyone a different view on The Dress, we dropped it. I saw and continue to see a blue and black dress (one person I asked saw blue and gold, not gonna get into that), others see gold and white. What color is the dress to you? Via: Newport Buzz


Mindy Kaling Aging Like Fine Wine

Some people are fortunate enough to get hotter with age, Mindy Kaling is one of those people. She’s launching a bikini collab with Andie Swim, to empower women and she looks damn good doing it. Also I love the beach, we know this. My favorite part is actually the confidence of beach goers. I fucking love that people come as they are, nobody gives a fuck how you look at the beach. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but it’s truly not. I’ve never seen anyone shamed, or shy. We’re all just soaking up the sun, slathering oils we brought, or borrowed from one another. It’s such a peaceful accepting place, nobody stops you from drinking, smoking, living your life. It’s utopia.
Personally never going topless again, although it was the only reason the cops didn’t arrest me for toking when it was illegal. From po-po to an orthodox Jewish man, I was gawked at to the point of perversion. An old man literally turned his chair to look at me, later stating I had big breast and giving me a thumbs up. I promise you, if you aren’t feeling confident go to the beach. However, if your feet specifically aren’t done, that’s when people judge you. Deadass. Are you excited for beach season? Via: People Style

Marie-Louise & René Glémarac

Couple goals. Age isn’t a determinant for being major if you do so gracefully. There are a lot of tacky young people fyi. This is so, so cute. I’m going to be just as extra. Which fit is your favorite? Via: Michealla Styles

Dress Code For The Seasonal Shift

NYC dress code currently. One minute it’s humid and hot, the next it’s below freezing. Oh that in between time, it’s making me sick. Coughing my life away and fighting to keep my voice. Thank God for whiskey and tea. Am I still gonna smoke weed? Yes. Am I still gonna wear tiny outfits under extravagant coats? Yes. I won’t let winter win, I’ll be fine. How do you transition between seasons? Via: Founding Fabric