Need Both These Chokers

Sometimes I’m goody-goody.
Right now I’m naughty- naughty.

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Set For The Future

Me walking into my abundance while you all process the plot twist. Live in the now, but plan for the future. Hi, I’m the future. Via: La_Fashion_Village

Yetta Is A Fashion Icon

Like honestly, I can’t. CAN-NOT. Seeing this side by side has me gagging, and rolling on the floor at the same time. The Nanny’s influence on me is freaking me out continuously. When my friend told me I dressed like an old white woman, I was dressing like Yetta, you are what you absorb. I switched fanny packs for glamorous belts though. Who wore it better, me or the OG? Via: ItsJqBoo & Jena.Dunham

Style With: Vanity

Prince like Mick Jagger was an aesthete, about their attire, performances and women. Both only entertained the baddest bitches. Denise Matthews aka Vanity was his girlfriend and muse. Urgh, a stunner and style icon! Her signature look being lace lingerie, paired with thigh high boots and a long duck tail tuxedo jacket. Usually adorned in black, headpieces, clunky belts, necklaces and lace, lace, lace darling. Vanity, the leader of group Vanity 6 is a glamorous, witch chic, sex icon. Which look is your favorite?

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Hair Must Haves: Cans, Lace Bows, Durags

Black Girl Magic: Hair I s Crown.

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Weekend Onesie Wars

Oh to wear a onesie:
Nude & sequined,
Black & biker?

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Rider- Waite Tarot Nails

Major. J’adore this tarot nail design. I want one, but I’d switch out some of the cards. Urgh another sign to get back into tarot reading. I haven’t touched my deck since Covid. Do you like them, or is it a hard pass? Artist: Baluja Nails

Bretman Rock Is A Vibe

Honestly, with all the drama I haven’t been able to do my staple pieces, like Style With, but I will. Bretman Rock is definitely joining the ranks. He’s so glam rock. Urgh obsessedddd with his entire aesthetic. He’s killing you hoes everyday, bes’ believe. Let me save it for his curation. Do you dig it? Via: Bretman Rock Insta

Wigs? Her Mama Played Her

Sis, I’ll never forgive your mom either. My mama didn’t have me in wigs, but she def played me. How you gonna do messy extensions with a bang? Her mission: prevent teen pregnancy all cost. As for the above, she literally looks like she’s heading to church, not school. I can’t. That being said, which look is your fave? Did your parents play you for picture day, or nah?Via: Wregon