GmBH Fall Twenty Twenty Two Menswear

K, I M obsessed with GmBH 2022 menswear line (read the first sentence aloud…ahem). It’s striking, it makes you stop and think “What am I looking at?”
It takes a moment.
Regal streetwear; the cosseted prince in search of a run-of-the-mill life experience, this is what he wears as commoners clothes. He’s a wallflower, relieved of his duties, the pressure of coal turning to diamonds. It’s so elegant, the tailoring with the structure (in love with the wrap twist in looks two and seven, the shoulders in look four). Effortless chic, with that one tell, you aren’t one of us: the print, the silhouette, the fabric. Major. Which look is your favorite? Via: Haute Le Mode

Fashion And Style, Know The Difference

I don’t live for fashion I live for beauty and style. Fashion is fleeting, style remains.

Via: Haute Problemz

Style With Nina Sandbech

Bright and bold a sight to behold, influencer Nina Sandbech has one of my favorite styles. She doesn’t play it safe, rocking hues that if done improperly could be a fashion emergency. The key to her success is doing just a splash of color to catch the eye. Look one for example, all yellow with a splash of pink, she does the reverse in looks six and seven. Even in her ombre fit for look four, she follows the same algorithm.
Most impressive is her ability to make me do a double take for her athleisure wear, I’m not necessarily a fan of that style, but she makes it chic in look two. Her blazer giving it structure with its two tones, and splash of color purse. It’s also clear Nina loves a dramatic sleeve and/or cuff, look one again (loveeee that cuff), looks three and five (which give it architectural elements due to the structure of days sleeves, love the colored pant). Which look is your favorite? Via: Nina Sandbech

Gemma Chan For Vogue Singapore

Um more of this please, as in the gorgeous Gemma Chan being used for artistic purposes. She’s serving looks and luxury. Which photo is your favorite? Via: Vogue Singapore

Best Christmas Trees 2021

Okay, finding beautiful, unique trees like Dorinda Medley’s was harder than I anticipated. Um, also people of color let’s do more, because I barely found anything. Anyways these are the trees I loved in no order. The second tree belongs to Martha Stewart, the third Adrienne Maloof. Which tree do you love most? Via: Lizzy Designs_, Martha Stewart & Adrienne Maloof

Sleeveless Mesh Religious Dresses

Well it’s kind of appropriate for the holidays right? Which religious sleeveless dress ensemble do you prefer? Via: Vendetta Magazine & M. James Cooper

Dorinda Medley’s X-Mas Tree

First, let me start off by saying I have a LOT to say about the housewives this week, I’ll space it out daily as not to overwhelm. I’ll start with Dorinda Medley’s Christmas tree at The Blue Stone Manor this year, she made it nice and unique. I’ve been inspired to now do a curation of my favorite trees! Dorinda you are deeply missed. My thoughts on the NYC branch will come later this week. Hard truths need to be told. Are you into it, or no? Via: Dorinda Medley

Paco Rabanne FW 2020

Very Joan of Arc! The perfect combination of feminine, with it’s slink and fabric, and tough, with it’s hardware accessories slash armor vibe. I love a good fusion of juxtaposition. Warrior woman, when the time comes to defend what’s yours, what will you wear? Via: Miuglier