Alicia Keys For Glamour

The rebirth of pearls has been my favorite accessory. Alicia looks stunning and resembles an Italian Renaissance painting. Effortlessly regal. Would you pearl your hair? Via: Glamour Magazine

Style With: Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Elevated streetwear. Super sophisticated, the color schemes for most of her outfits are in the same ball park made refined by the embellishments, layers and details. Look three: the green fringe dress over the puff sleeved top could have gone horribly wrong, but the 3/4 length makes it work. The embroidered dress doesn’t clash with the striped top, it makes for brilliant print mixing instead. She does it again with look four: multicolored patched jeans with a multicolored top, the light blue circles bringing it together. Look seven: architectural in the construction of the jacket (with it’s boxy shoulders) over the white ribbed corset, well done. I’m not even going to go into the pleated jacket with the dress underneath, if you know you know. Which look is your favorite? Via: Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Ho But Make It Winter

When it’s winter but you still want to ho you adapt. Wear that summer outfit and just throw a partial coat over it. I was good for this. Dedicated to a crop top, mini skirt, a pair of tights and boots honey. Who do you know that just won’t let spring summer ho wear go nowhere? Via: Ashish

Denise Huxtable Tho

As a child you just know when something, or someone is cool and that’s what Denise Huxtable was to me. I was in visual awe of her every time she graced the screen. One of my fashion icon staples, a pillar of style. From head wraps, hats, scarves, beach weaves, short hair, dreads, long hair don’t care, Lisa Bonet was the boho, artsy, chic, queen of owning any look. She taught me how to layer, print mix, be playful and bold. She’s one of those beauties you love so much, you hope she gives birth to herself, so that stunning effervescent cool will always exist (she had Zoey, phew). Which Huxtable had your favorite looks? Via: Ibogard

Euphoria Blue Eyeshadow

Digging these versatile blue eyeshadows. They remind me of Euphoria, which made a splash with makeup so memorable it took over the internet. You couldn’t scroll through social media without seeing recreations. The first look gives me Juels (Hunter Schafer), the second screams Maddy (Alexa Demie). Which look would you recreate? Via: The Fashion Pr0ject (top) & Beauty On Makeup (bottom)

Clean & Coordinated Library

Clean, color coordinated, only made slightly decadent with the chandelier and patterned rug, this library sates my OCD. This is how you take care of and display books. Hate it or love it? Via: Beautiful Bibliophile

It’s October The 3rd

His and hers putting the extra in extravagance. Double whammy, it’s Saturday and ‘it’s October the 3rd’. Which one is your favorite? Via: Peace N Rock N Roll & Matthew Burditt Photography