Nadia LeeLee Looks…

Absolutely stunning in those Twiggy lashes wearing Ulyana Sergeenko Couture S/S 2020. I am in love with this look, the retro sixties vibe, like you’re going to the most extravagant cocktail party. Which photo is your current mood? Photos: Nadia Lee Lee

Ruin My Life Schiaparelli

I AM HERE FOR ALLLLL OF THIS. My mind cannot begin to comprehend the levels of greatness. Which accessory is your favorite? I would die for that arm bracelet (?), but also throw in everything please. Photos: Schiaparelli

Meet Me Under The Feather Tree

Which interior design, centered around this lovely feather tree, do you prefer? I like both, but the second one has more depth. Photos: A Modern Grand Tour

Giambattista Valli Couture 18

Honest to god, it was like pulling my arm out of the socket narrowing down which looks to post. The whole collection is breathtaking. Orgasmic. The blue dress with the orange feathers, looks like koi fish jumping out of a pond filled with water lilies. Stunning. Which look is your favorite?

Essential Oils Bottle

There is literally no reason for me to have this bottle, but I want it. I do use essential oils in my hair, but would it make sense for me to transfer it? Can you think of another way to use this bottle? Photo: Moonlight Jewels Co

Anne Winters

OBSESSED with this fit. Anne Winters looks like an iridescent, pastel mesh dream. This is styled to the tee. The earrings, the eye make up, the fishtail braid. What’s your favorite part of this look? The fishnet sleeves are doing something to me.