Outfits For My Enemies Funerals

A benevolent divine who plays it like a villain. Honestly, I love getting to be evil to those deserving of it. As everyone is realizing my plans are unraveling as I desired, I’m thinking of the outfits I’ll wear to end careers, legacies, ruin lives. Told you I take long to get mean, then there’s no more chances.
You have to set boundaries and teach people how to treat you. Teach people lessons they’ll never forget. Which outfit would you choose for the ops demise? Via: Pink Reference

Style Is A Love Language

Saw this and become obsessed, style is a love language. Finding someone bold, brave enough, just as committed to the look as you is no small feat. Some people get off just by what the other person’s wearing. Not only does this couple match, they variate enough to balance one another out. It’s not this overwhelming, tacky, two headed beast. Japanese street style is some favorite.

This couple shares a love for all things Vivienne Westwood, even marrying in her clothes. Now that’s dedication. Which look is your favorite? Via: Vivienne Westwood Archives

Crocs Changed Cinderella’s Charm

Real talk. As comfortable as Crocs are I would never be caught out in public in a pair. I don’t care how many charms you put on them. Some people prefer comfort to style, I’m not one of those people. The same goes for Uggs, it’s just not gonna happen captain. If I don’t look right, I don’t feel right. I’m a native New Yorker through and through we run on style, art, and culture. Are you a pain is beauty person, or does it have to feel good? Artist: Adam Tots

Vood Vegan Candles

Obsessed with the aesthetic of these candles, so cool. I’m a candle freak, can’t live without them. I don’t know if these are scented, but they’re vegan, hand painted and German made. Definitely ordering some. Do you love em or hate em? Via: Vood Candles

Classic Tatted Nails

Meg Thee Stallion is one of my favorite nail inspo’s. She constantly delivers. Recently she did a lit set, as in the nail literally had lights. Obsessed with these classic tattoo’s she did prior. Do you love em or hate em? Via: Meg Thee Stallion

I Blame Sir Rod Stewart For This

Sally Wood literally got up, with full vision and decided this was a look. What the fuck are you wearing? I wouldn’t even run errands in this. Even if I weren’t a Goddess or Queen witch, I’m above you. Know your place hoe. She’s a joke. This how you know nobody love her; not only did they let her out like this, but they let her be immortalized in photos. I’ll be doing the world a service locking you up. Don’t ever in your life come for me when you look like this, ever, ever.

Sir Rod Stewart is wrong for this. He keeps his ladies hot, yet let’s his rock legend friends settle with basics. Mick Jagger was black magicked, but Rod had a moral obligation to say Ronnie this isn’t the vibe. Youth doesn’t equate to beauty, although when they’re standing next to old men it leads to visual distortion. Rod Stewart have you taught them nothing? That’s why he’s keeping his title, prestige and prison free. Via: Getty Images

Titty Tassels Over Lace Are In

Apparently dangling nipple accessories over lace is the new wave. I saved the first photo a few months back, then stumbled upon Beyoncé rocking titty tassels too. Twirl those titties sis, twirl those titties sis! Twirl those titties sis, twirl those titties sis! I’m here for it, are you? Which look do you prefer? Via: Offfbrand & Virgo Yoncee

How Dare You Regé-Jean?

One of my issues with The Gray Man, my compromised morals. Ryan Gosling is my nigga for life, I’ve watched him since Breaker High and saw him and Eva Mendes in person one NYE draped in fur hats and jackets. Both nice and gorgeous, wished us a happy one. However, in this movie I came close to turning on him, Regé-Jean Page is so fioonnne he makes you almost root for the villain. How did we live through his Bridgerton (stopped watching when he left) sex scenes? And my question to him is, how dare you sir? Where do you get off? Via: Regé-Jean Insta

Style With: Miami Vice

Oversized blazers, pastel suits and shirts with various necklines, high waisted and linen pants, bold ties and button downs, espadrilles, topped with iconic hair. Don Johnson was business casual cool, while Philip Michael Thomas was structured elegance. Miami Vice defined swagger and men’s style from the 80’s onward. Brilliant to this very day, which says a lot, 80’s fashion is 100% questionable. Name a more fashionable male duo? I’ll wait. Via: MiamiVice_Pal

Category Is: A Knotted Braid Indeed

A knotted braid with a chopped and layered side. Chained straps, chained hair accessory, a frosty ski chalet bitch, to a summer nymph one. Which look is your favorite? Via: Worlds_Moda