Awake Your Inner Child With Extreme Makeup

When we were little the simplest things gave us joy. Now’s the time to reconnect to your inner child, the one who believed in magic. We created just for creations sake, just because we could and we were grateful. Pick a look to recreate, improvise with whatever materials are accessible to you. Get your friends to join, send each other pictures. Photos: Cindy Chen Designs, Elle Magazine and Visible June

Adriana Shot By Charlotte Wales

Anyone who knows me, knows I love this woman. Since 11 years old, will always love her. Here she is for W Magazine with the most major bouffant, in this modern 60’s shot styled by Katie Grand. Magnificent as usual.

Life Aquatic With Ashley Stark

Elegant, aquatic and sophisticated. The neatly cluttered bookshelves bring life to the room, despite being empty of people. The muted carpet brings the cacophony of colors (the couch, the table and the throw pillows) together marvelously. Can you pinpoint the aquatic elements of the room? Subtle, but themed consciously.

Painted Spring Nail Vibes

Now’s the time to get your nails did by…you. Creative, fun, low risk, because when it turns out crappy no one will see. If it turns out great, BOOM! You can save tons of money, no more nail salons. Which mani are you doing? Top down: Heart Zeena, Oh La La Nails & Femme Du Art

Chinoiserie Capsule Collection

A collaboration between Erdem and couture wallpaper company De Gourney. Based on the Chinoiserie aesthetic. A french derived word that describes the European interpretation of Asian culture at the time. The elaborate, excessive designs and motifs are rooted in Rococo. The 17th century art style of Europe which was extremely ornamental. Exquisite, meticulous and thoughtful. Via: Harper’s Bazaar

Supermodel 101: Donyale Luna

The first black woman on the cover of Vogue. The first black supermodel period. Donyale Luna’s lithe body, otherworldly looks and style, were enough to make Salvador Dali declare her Nefertiti reincarnated. Always a muse she starred in Andy Warhol factory videos and Fellini films. Ever the socialite she lived the rockstar lifestyle. Despite appearing with Mick Jagger (above) she was actually hooking up with Brian Jones. Would have died to attend the Rock n Roll Circus. This gorgeous big-eyed, regal faced babe succumbed to drugs, which led to the demise of her career and untimely death. A true queen and pioneer. Which Donyale are you right now? Photos: Roberto Roccchi, Richard Avedon & Vogue Magazine.

Glitter And Pearls

A fun thing to do while quarantined is play with some looks. Dress up just for fun, there are so many creative things to do. Boredom is the world’s way of telling you to exercise your imagination, by using it. Which look do you want to recreate? I personally want to put multi-colored gems on my face. In reality I’m going to try a Sharon Tate eye, wish me luck. xx Photos: R29 Unbothered, Sicky Magazine, Haute Punch Magazine and Imirage Magazine.

Style With Maria Bernad

Can’t process this level of style, overwhelmed, mind can’t compute. Modernized sixties gear that doesn’t look dated, or garish. Look two: the bag pattern aligning with the pant cut outs, the same with the sweater and dress in look three; psychedelic print mixing with the dress and the boot in look four. The most sophisticated look is the eighth one, because it’s the most daring; that yellow jacket with a purple stocking could have come off cartoonish, is instead a chic ode to Scooby-Doo. Now we know what Daphne would wear, should she time travel. Which slay do you think is the most brilliant? Photos: Maria Bernad
An amazing artist, peep her website:

A Sea Glass Nail Debut

Sea glass nails are the new wave (haha punny). As this website has exhibited I’m a nail buff. Surprisingly this is the first time I’m not here for it. Been here for ombre, been here for jelly, been here for matte, been here for glow in the dark, absent for this. There is just something about the translucency and coloring that comes off as crude to me, just can’t quite put my finger on it (haha punny) entirely. It has the same base coat as the jelly nail, but sea glass uses a clear matte topcoat. My thoughts aside, am I nuts, do you like it? Top: Jessica Washick Botton: Tres She