Peep This: Pastel Ombré Drip

This is how you make pleated khaki’s street chic. A pastel ombré sweater coordinated down to the socks (very into the cross body purse). Adore this look. Hate it or love it? Via: Dan Clemt

Door Knocker Queen

Need to get a new pair of door knocker earrings. No wonder these sold out, they’re all perfect. Bonus points, Mary J. Blige a door knocker queen created these, explains why they’re fly af. Which shape is your favorite? Via: Sister Love MJB

Invisible Black Girls

Don’t worry curious minds, every name will be revealed so you know who’s surrounding you, all in due time. As for my gift giver, if my present isn’t big there will be hell to pay. No prisoners, that’s not how we play where I’m from, we play for keeps. If it isn’t destruction did it really happen? Exceed my expectations, or else. Do make sure it’s in a timely manner. And please don’t back out now guys the games just begun, we are gonna have SO much fun! Doing the right thing is FREE, paying attention to the patterns is FREE, being a good person is FREE, so no I don’t feel bad for a single one of you. Name a black woman you admire and why. Via: Blkhugs

Changing Weather: A New Entry

Little Rouge Noir Riding Hood has entered the premises, she meets all the requirements for the changing weather category, let her in! She took your grandmother’s man and she’s here to take yours. Is this more your vibe? Via: LA Fashion Files