Once Upon A Time Not Long Ago I Was A …

As long as you’re a moral hoe. Being a side piece isn’t cute, it makes you basic, fucked up, stupid and lacking self-respect. You’re an option, that person doesn’t respect you, or their partner.

What’s a moral hoe?

Someone who doesn’t cheat, practices safe sex and is transparent.

What else makes someone a moral hoe? Has someone ever slut shamed you? What is your definition of a hoe? Via:Ssadwrld

Charlotte Stone RAF Lilac

These shoes are so cute! Urgh, they’d be perfect for strolling around, basking in the sun. I just can’t shake this feeling that a second wave is going to hit. The news of possible mutation is leaving me feeling defeated about summer being salvaged. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath. PLEASE SOCIAL DISTANCE! WEAR A GOT DAMN MASK!

Nikao Pieces I Dig

“For women who write their own rules”, Nikao is relaunching at five years old. Excited to see what they have in store! Some of their pieces are clunky and unrefined, but I see the vision. Thus far these are the accessories I dig. Industrial, bike culture chic. Which piece is your favorite? Via: Nikao Jewellery

Spice Up A Light Nude Nail

Two ways to dress up a minimal colored, light nude nail. I love them both. For the first one I would just do the mid-strip on all of my nails. Cannot wait for the nail salons to open, been considering going out of state even. Which one do you love more? Via: Glamour UK (top), Irmani Nails (bottom)

Summer Solstice Ring

Yup, that’s Stonehenge inside Theo Fennell’s Summer Solstice ring. As a history buff I’m hyperventilating. It took six months to detail this miniature version of the prehistoric landmark. Absolutely divine. Would you rock this diamond encrusted rock? Via: Theo Fennell

Spacey Kacey Channels Elvis

Such a fucking rockstar. Musicians of all groups of people get the privilege of extravagance and edge in their fashion choices. They get to be art at any award show, focusing on the feelings they evoke, statements made, should they be so inclined. Gemstones are coming. Love em in her hair, love them on her jumpsuit, high Elvis vibes. Do you believe gemstone are going to be as major as pearls? Via: NYTimes Fashion

Kosmas Pavlov: Saturation Point

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”

How To Recycle A Piano

An R word that becomes evermore important as time ebbs and flows. Recycle, recycle, recycle! Ingenious way to recycle a piano. Can you think of other things to do with this instrument in an effort to reuse? Maybe it can be refurbished as a cat scratch palace? Do you see the vision? Via: Other Perspectives