Lady Pink X Jenny Holzner

Yet, I’m still surprised at how nefarious some are. I prefer to believe in the best of people, even going against my instincts in search of a prettier view, one tinted rose. But that was long ago. A lot of powerful people aren’t as talented, kind, creative or bright as they seem. In fact most of them are just desperate, willing to do ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING for ephemeral things. Learn the difference, being stupid and naive isn’t cute, but dangerous.

Let me remind you, we are souls having a human experience. The things you tainted your essence for are social constructs, meaningless, without substance. Was it worth it? Photographer: Lisa Kahane

Kaltblut Magazine: Chateau

Now this is interesting, decadence, glamour, an ode to the days when the French monarchy ruled. An apt resurrection. “I have created a fashion editorial inspired by the beauty of Versailles and it’s costumes. The purpose of this project is to break standards of that era, taking them to another level more groundbreaking and transgressive, and at the same time blending it with current trends.” I love the conscientious disarray in the background, making the regality of each look pop. Which outfit is your favorite? Photographer: Baev Maksim

Four S’s With Cher & Greg

If hair were a couple goal category, Cher and Greg Allman win. It’s so incredibly glamorous and seventies, sexy, sensual, silky. Another underrated Halloween costume, everyone always does Sonny & Cher.
You welcome in advance.
Back when there were standards, not shameless fame for fame sakers trying to get attention, because they feel entitled to be talentless. Add another S adjective. Photographer: Terry O’ Neil

Supermodel 101: Tyra Banks

Growing up we received a bevy of magazine subscriptions, including Victoria’s Secret. Had Tyra Banks even glanced at my dad he would’ve spontaneously combusted happily. This man was obsessed, OBSESSED with her in the nineties. Any cover with Tyra was purchased and left on the counter for the eyes of all.
Scouted by Elite at age 17 she was the first African American model to cover Victoria’s Secret, GQ and Sports Illustrated. A bodacious bod, glimmering green eyes and a forehead that makes her look like a hot alien, this baddy was able to parlay her modeling career into acting (Fresh Prince, Coyote Ugly and Life Size), hosting (The Tyra Banks Show and DWTS) and countless other entrepreneurial enterprises. But it was the groundbreaking America’s Next Top Model that made her the star of iconic memes (passing out and asking if the girls were scared, screaming at Tiffany WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU), phrases (ho but make it fashion), creating careers (Winnie Harlow & Eva Marcille) and a legendary wordsmith (smize = smiling with your eyes).

Some would say she’s insane, but we let her get away with it because she’s funny, entertaining and well, pretty people privilege. A mother of one she has no plans of slowing down her ever growing empire. Anyone who tries to stop her can kiss her fat black ass! She does the most, but she takes accountability and we love her for it. You wanna be on top? Photos: Cosmopolitan Magazine, Victorias’s Secret, Tyra Banks Instagram and L’Officiel

Winner Of Valentine’s Day 2021

Michelle Williams beat everybody’s a** this V-Day. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, tbh I was shocked, I’ve never seen her so glamorous. Work it bitch, you outshined everyone yesterday. Eyebrows perfect. Hairstyle perfect. Outfit perfect. Decor PERFECT. Am I right, or am I right? Via: Some Like It Haute

Lace Chokers…

Are so Bridgerton, a fan of the show as well as this look. Super cute and extremely versatile, I for one will be purchasing some. Hate it or love it? Which one do you like best? Are you one of the 82 million people who watched the show? I binged, can’t wait for season two. Via: Opium Den

Checkered Furs

Stan Studio F/W 2021 checkered coat and matching accessories is an entire vibe. LOVE this look, obsessed with it cool and chic as hell. Do you love it or hate it? I need it. Photographer: Johan Sandberg

Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2020

Glamour at all cost, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing. I love this couture collection. Can one wear these dresses without feeling themselves? There’s no way. The body is adorned by these garments. It’s giving me modern Studio 54 and Old Hollywood all at once. You would sooner catch me on the beach in that gold dress with boots, than wearing sweatpants in public. Personally I rather be done up than under done, LA casual is not the vibe for me. Which look is your favorite? Do you prefer comfort or would you prefer to suffer for a look? Via: Fat Anna Wintour

Schiaparelli Gold Acrylics

Another example of ghetto until proven fashionable. Olympic champion Florence Joyner (aka Flojo) is an athletic icon, the fastest woman of all time and good for putting the culture on the world stage. Just in case people forget it came from black women. Let us know when black people in the fashion industry get the respect we deserve for being never ending muses. Although I do see how Uncle Tom’s who talk out of both sides of their mouth about representation, then support racist keep us in this position. They do it for the profit not the principle. This is why the bigotry continues. What else is ghetto until proven fashionable? Via: Beyond Classically Beautiful & Schiaparelli