Miss Piggy Nail Wisdom

Love getting my nails done. It makes me feel complete, happy, beautiful. It’s art, expression, a form of self care. Of course not for everyone and women who don’t like getting their nails did shouldn’t be chastised for it, hiding their hands. Like honestly it sounds silly, but it’s not. It’s actually a source of anxiety, since it’s expected of us. People notice, some comment, put them in their place. Men get to look gross, no one batting and eye. Keep the same energy. That being said, I’m def doing dark red next! Via: Daily_Charme

Classic Tatted Nails

Meg Thee Stallion is one of my favorite nail inspo’s. She constantly delivers. Recently she did a lit set, as in the nail literally had lights. Obsessed with these classic tattoo’s she did prior. Do you love em or hate em? Via: Meg Thee Stallion

Nailed It

  • Rowi Singh nails done by Miss Betty Rose
  • Haloscoop nails done by Rose B Nails
  • Wuzg00d nails done by Fluery Rose Nails
  • Daily Charmed nails done by Allured Nails

Which nails are your favorite? I love them all, but the Allured nails are my preferred set.