Celebrate Your Personal Milestones

Originally I planned how my life would be, to a tee. A fraction of it happened the way I wanted, at some point I felt so behind missing the milestones I’d set. Maybe I should have stayed in marketing, or chosen law, not the arts, and entrepreneurship. Cut to now after cleansing myself of whatever my stepdad did amongst other things, life is going better than expected. I’m a goddess, queen of witches, at 33 I’m going to be a multi-millionaire suing my ex, all the hundreds of millions I walked away from in Mick Jagger’s will came back to me in a lawsuit I’ll be launching against a multi-billionaire (who facilitated two years of abuse amongst many other things I documented), I solved a black magic murder, I K.O-ed several satanist covens, I’m influential, I dated my idol etc…
Mind you this is after multiple colleges, extreme domestic violence, being bullied, being lied on, being attacked, being hexed, being homeless and couch surfing due to said hex, “friends” and family kicking me when I’m down, praying I stay down, wrongly arrested twice, a failed business due to a racist investor, being stalked for half a decade by Genc Jakupi, sexism etc…

My point being let life surprise you, have faith and be open to miracles, co-create, be a good person. Karma is real, the almighty GOD is real and many, many times the only support I had. An ex friend model agent use to run his mouth, like the lying narcissist he is. Saying I’m just a restaurant girl, going couch to couch, telling tall tales about me. No wonder he’s never been in a relationship in the entirety of his life. Funny thing is he did the same to LaQuan Smith, who invited him to his first show. I told him to go. He refused calling LaQuan a loser who isn’t even in the main area for Fashion Week. An artist myself I said, you never know he could be successful. Getting this far is a big deal. URGED him to go. He laughed it off. Sure enough I was right. He became HUGE off that show.

A user, he hit LaQuan up to try to be his boyfriend after rejecting him, using him only to hook up and calling him ugly. Now he looks idiotic again, since I’m amassing wealth and affluence he can only dream of. Also working at restaurants I met everyone he wishes he could, most artists and entrepreneurs do, due to the pay and flexible schedule. Karma.
Shout out to Trecey Cunningham a mutual friend and agent for always telling me I’m major, always believing in me and spotting me in times I had nothing, or just cause. Provincial bitches never understand visionaries, don’t let them deter you, or instill doubt. Go your own way and be grateful for your personal milestones big, or small. What are they? List ten things. Via: By Maria Andrew

Needed This: Lovers That Destroy

Never be ashamed
Of how deeply and passionately
You loved someone who destroyed you,
Because destroying things is just who they are…

But loving things deeply and passionately is who you are.
Photographer: Cho Gi-Seok

I Keep Saying It…

Truly, it pays off. Karma is real. Treat others how you want to be treated. That’s why all these people are hell bound, with shortened lives, preceded by terrible event. You reap evil, because you sow evil and oppression. Via: Adventuring_Into_Lettering

Butterfly Affirmation For The Week

Affirmations are powerful, since thoughts shape your reality. Try it, pick an affirmation from above, or one you create yourself. Then, then, say it once a day for the rest of the week, or month and note how your world changes. Keep track of the big and/or small ways your mantra works, regarding how you feel about yourself, your goals, manifestations. For example if you choose “I am guided,” tracks signs be it reoccurring animals, numbers, symbols, dreams… Via: Eclectic WitcheryUK

Pay Attention To Your Sorries

Certain things you don’t owe anyone an apology for. Set boundaries and stick to them, so people know how to treat you. Especially as women we’re bred to apologize just for existing and taking up space. Seriously ladies pay attention to how often you say sorry, the things you say sorry for, then stop doing it all together. We do it as a defense mechanism, because the world isn’t safe for us. In general, for everybody, note when you’re saying sorry for the right reasons, to people please, out of fear. How must you modify the behavior to be fair to you? Via: SelfCareExpress

The Follow Through Matters

If the actions don’t match the benevolent intention leave. You shouldn’t tolerate mistreatment, because someone had the intent of being good to you. Actions speak louder than words, it’s the follow through that counts. Choose you. Is this fitting for someone in your life? Artist: Audrey Emmett

Types Of Toxic People To Ditch

Get rid of toxic people. Everyone I removed from my life, low vibrational (they need to add jealous, frenemy, and liars up in here). A reader once told me, “You aren’t from this time; you’re tribal about community, this world is all about self.”

Trust me getting rid of negative people will make your life better. It took some time to get here, but my blessings are flowing in. I’m doing better than them now. The things that are about to manifest for me, they can only experience in their dreams. Always trust the universe, follow your own path, be kind. All those who stood by me, you’ll reap the rewards. Good people hard to come by. Toxic people block you blessings; are you toxic, or dealing with someone who is? Via: Bad Wolf Psych

False Self Vs. True Self

Which are you? Be honest with yourself. What do you need to do to make the shift to your higher self? Ego is miserable, soul is happiness.

Via: Cee.Crystal.Clear

Crystals Aren’t A Joke

The power of crystals man. Psychic Shanna used them to hex me, I use them for protection now. Although I did feel silly checking into the federal courts, security pulled out my pouch and was like what’s this, rocks?
I’m going to do a post on crystals soon, they’re extremely powerful and contain different properties. Do you have a crystal? Which one? Via: Healing For Hot Messes

Self Love Is Sane

Me walking away from countless rich men, because they don’t respect me. Wealthy men for me are a dime a dozen, I don’t care about that. Chris Evans thought he could exploit me, bitch please. Despite my distress he kept asking me about himself. “Have you seen my films?” “Which one of my movies is your favorite?” in rapid succession for days. Nigga I don’t follow you as an actor, I have zero interest in your work indefinitely. As I stated before I never got the hype, he was nice to me in my dreams and his relationship with his mom made me believe he respects women. WRONG. No wonder you’re alone. Always respect yourself, karma will handle the rest, as you’re about to see. Via: 50Shades.Of.Goodvibes