You Don’t Need Permission

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if others don’t understand you, especially if you’re a visionary. Follow your path. If I’d listened to the haters, idiots and really anyone but my soul and the universal, you’d all be screwed. You’re welcome. Don’t let anyone deter you from your purpose. You are a unique soul, not a copy babe. Via: Dr James Rouse

Three Steps To Dealing With Triggers

If something is triggering you, one it’s not your fault. Being looped back into trauma can feel like failure, but healing isn’t linear. A single moment doesn’t erase all the others of progress. Don’t blame yourself, you’re doing the best you can!

Secondly, identify what it is that’s setting you off and remove, or confront it. Sometimes it’s an epiphany that you deal with head on. Other times it’s something that needs to be removed, like a person. My karmic is my trigger, conjuring up abuse from this life and our past ones. Not interacting with him, giving him any energy, has decreased my PTSD episodes enormously.

Lastly, ask for help. This is hard for me to do, but once I did, the energy shifted and I was able to take action. Acknowledging you need others feels like a fault, it’s not. Sometimes you’re too weak, or just don’t have the means, you need a support system. Humans are tribal beings, not islands, that’s how we surpassed all other homo species. Teamwork. Be it therapy, or any other means (writing, meditation, reiki etc…), getting help is healthy. Remember pride is what made the devil the devil. How do you handle trauma triggers? Via: Keep It Up Super Shanti

What’s Your New Label?

Breaking out of the labels society has limited you too is tough af. Still you have to abscond for you. You deserve it. Currently I’m escaping a lot of karmic mental blocks. It’s harder than I thought, didn’t even think I needed to. Souls are very powerful things, the contracts between them too. My new label is- you are free. Free from the binds that have followed me from past lives to this one, free for my ancestors, free from toxicity. Pick a label or create your own. You are…? Via: Created By Ginny

Elevation Requires Isolation Bye Boo

What you guys don’t get is being alone is better than hanging out with the wrong people. Once I’m done with someone I’m done, there is no maybe in the future, or one day we’ll be friends again…bitch. I allotted more than enough time for you to show me you can be in my life. Ain’t nobody who lied about me, abused me, disrespected me, was a hater etc…allowed in my life. If you want to tolerate people who don’t give af about you cool. Like one if my friends keeps saying ohhh I think you and this abhorrent model agent, who is a full blown narcissist, going to be friends again. Haven’t been friends with this nigga for years and I don’t miss him. Can’t wait to rub everything I have, that he’ll NEVER have in his face. He also hasn’t changed, and guess what? Those people are blocking your blessings. Energy is everything. Let people go so you can receive what you deserve. Elevation requires isolation. You’re worth it. Who’s blocking your blessings? It’s time to say buh bye boo. Via: Zoe Cain Art

Love Is When You’re Missing Teeth

Children are so fucking ill. The way in which they see the world is refreshing. Try not to kill all their magic, they just came from the other side, they’re wiser than you think. In fact there’s much to be learned from them.
How beautiful this statement? Via: Memezar

Things That Are Totally OK

There is no one way to be. Be you. Do you. You’re human, which means you’re always going to err. Don’t let it define you, get up and keep going. It’s okay to be the things on this list, actually it’s totally okay. How about take the thing that applies to you most and give it a positive spin. Par exemple- I don’t fit in…because I’m too fucking major. You’ve never seen a bitch do it like me before. Your turn. Via: Open Talk_

Thank You Ancestors

So I did. I am. The days of disrespecting black people, black women are done. You’ll think a million times before you do so. You take from us to add to your wealth. The Uncle Tom’s who’ve turned their ancestors in their graves will be punished too. You didn’t think me smart, or powerful, because I’m a black woman. Except I’m the only divine and am about to take you out. Was I not minding my business? Thanks for being added to my book of myths. I warned you. I told you and showed you what I am, did I not? You have no one to blame but yourselves. We’ve only just begun. Via: Witchy Portal

Childhood Trauma For Adults

Childhood is a precious time, one that can cause a lot of damage if your parents aren’t careful, compassionate, or healthy people. Growing up was made easier for me, because all my schoolmates and friends for the most part were fucked up. Clinging to one another. Feeling that void inside together isn’t enough though, that’s what I learned. We weren’t healing, we were numbing, salving ourselves with drug and alcohol abuse. Outbursts of tears and rage. Running from repressed and suppressed emotions, memories.

Once upon a time I was all the things stated in this picture. I decided to heal, commit to spirituality. Change my lifestyle, even if it meant losing people. As I was losing them I found myself. We weren’t on the same wavelength anymore. They were still in their pain, I was rising above it. All of it was worth it.

If I can do it, drag myself up from the dregs of drugs, depression, despair, etc…you can too. It won’t be easy, but you’ll feel better, be better, do better. Try it. You deserved happiness. Is childhood trauma showing up in your adult life? Via: Janeel Monae