Water Yourself And Bloom

Word. Invest in yourself, whatever that may be to reach whatever goals you’ve set. Ways to do that vary, but include: proper sleep, good nutrition, learning, studying, exercise, reading…are you rushing to keep up with everyone else? Take your time. Make a plan that suits you and map out the steps to water yourself. Via: Seconds Apart

Look At The Bigger Picture

Let me tell you a little something about life, it will switch up anytime it damn well pleases. Just because something isn’t happening the way you want right now, doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Or better yet you have, which redirected you to your true purpose, or taught you to master the skill. Your life isn’t a loop (for the most part) you’ll progress, go forward.

Last year, as I’ve harped on many occasions I was attacked, profiled and bullied by people I was a fan of. They then got their myopic, stupid, insolent, arrogant, egotistical cohorts to join in. I sat patiently, letting them think they won, because they were looking at the now. I on the other hand look at the grand scheme of things, keeping in mind the future. In the time they were gang ganging, I gathered evidence to expose their nefarious ways, amongst many other surprises.

Never let the now be your forever, life is a series of ever changing moments. That’s why it’s best to be open about what the universe has in store. Trust it, co-create with it, believe in it. You’ll end up better off than you planned, just gotta have faith. And ALWAYS remember when a girl bitch from the Upper East Side says don’t mess with her, don’t do it. We’re not new to this we’re true to this. Do you feel inadequate because of your timeline versus reality? Shift perspectives to the bigger picture and reflect on times past when it didn’t work out, but later you understood why? Via: Seconds Apart

Hurt: Not Deserved Or Definitive

A common trauma response is victim blaming, which goes two ways, people blame the injured party, or the victim blames themselves for being injured. This post is for the second category. You didn’t deserve what happened to you, nor does it define you. It’s not your job to carry the burden of responsibility for what a malicious being did to you, on top of dealing with the trauma endured.

This is a crucial piece to the mental health and wellness conversation! Domestic violence victims, for example, stay for this reason: if I didn’t get them angry, had I remembered my place, why didn’t I do it right the first time…with outsiders asking ignorant questions- why did you stay if it was so bad?

Because trauma rewires the brain (numbing, repressing memories, escapism, building bad habits, abusing substances). Has something similar happened to you, how did it affect your mental wellbeing?

Via: Seconds Apart & Motivation Director

Bye Mixed Signals

Granted mixed signals can be perceived differently. I’ve been accused of sending out that vibe, but I for one can be awkward, two I attract the b.s. So there are always layers to something going on with me. I think this is talking about people who play games and waste time, who leave you as an option, going back and forth. Do you think it’s fair to take it as a no, or would you be brazen enough to ask the person what’s up with you? Have you been accused of giving mixed signals? Photo: Seconds Apart