Look At The Bigger Picture

Let me tell you a little something about life, it will switch up anytime it damn well pleases. Just because something isn’t happening the way you want right now, doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Or better yet you have, which redirected you to your true purpose, or taught you to master the skill. Your life isn’t a loop (for the most part) you’ll progress, go forward.

Last year, as I’ve harped on many occasions I was attacked, profiled and bullied by people I was a fan of. They then got their myopic, stupid, insolent, arrogant, egotistical cohorts to join in. I sat patiently, letting them think they won, because they were looking at the now. I on the other hand look at the grand scheme of things, keeping in mind the future. In the time they were gang ganging, I gathered evidence to expose their nefarious ways, amongst many other surprises.

Never let the now be your forever, life is a series of ever changing moments. That’s why it’s best to be open about what the universe has in store. Trust it, co-create with it, believe in it. You’ll end up better off than you planned, just gotta have faith. And ALWAYS remember when a girl bitch from the Upper East Side says don’t mess with her, don’t do it. We’re not new to this we’re true to this. Do you feel inadequate because of your timeline versus reality? Shift perspectives to the bigger picture and reflect on times past when it didn’t work out, but later you understood why? Via: Seconds Apart

Taking Out The Trash

The only people who should worry about the acquittal are the ones who think they scored a victory and that’s before they are sent to hell. I find it funny when people think they’ve escaped when all they’ve done is worsen their fate. At first it was going to be your whole party, but seven are safe now is all I see. You’ve won nothing, it would have been your best bet. There is worst to come, you haven’t seen anything yet. The longer karma takes the worst it will be. Good luck.
P.s: please stop posting you have black friends when you were siding with my first round of trolls, all that means is you really don’t respect the people you claim to love. I have noted EVERYONE, even if I haven’t interacted with you it means nothing. You will still pay. Photo: Rihanna’s Instagram

A Bitch If You Are

Scribe. She was a scribe in a past life and a knowledge keeper now. The reason I know I was under a glamour. At first we all loved them, genuine, hilarious, endearing, making the most out of a bad situation. We each chose a character based on our personalities, most people were doing that for the lovable family. Then things turned, it got dark and narcissistic, money mattered over each other, but still I watched.

One by one my friends dropped out, finding out it was manufactured, scenes were being redone. The scribe was one of those friends and she would show me facts of lies, reshoots, man stealing, bullying of black women, eating the magic of black people, psychics everywhere saying what I felt later on etc…but I argued with her to the death, the death. A walking advertisement harping on the issue of her ignorance, it was all explained thank you very much! Watch the show and maybe you’d be factual. Full on heated debates, powered by a wave of emotions I felt out of loyalty from watching them forever. The same abusive patterns that’ve played out in expired friendships.

It’s totally fine that Donica tried to head butt me, she got too drunk. She had healing to do. What about when she threw the lamp that time, after a slew of pillows? After mugs. 14 years of sisterhood gone when I finally set boundaries. If you don’t people take your kindness for weakness.

After the degradation one sister faced by placing herself over money (paper, a social construct that’s left them loveless and reviled, for their low grade behavior, lack of dignity and absent class), I stopped watching. Tasteless. The rose-colored glasses were off. I saw what was and not what was glamoured on me. Compounding the issue, their unsolicited bullying. Everything said by the scribe was true, about what they had and were willing to do. The show was the difference.

The needle and the damage done: mindless social media influencers, removing ribs and inflating lips to look the same, stealing, profiting off black culture, racism so blatant they mock us, lying, stealing, manipulating, textbook satanist pretending to love god but worship money, soulless…an energy so dark it chills me. They are fated to fall. I look at all the others in the news connected to their energy falling too, I warned as many people, as many times as I could. GET OUT. Do you really think I want to spend my time on mindless tarts? No, but they want to spend their time on me, that’s how it started. It’s divined.

Ashes Ashes

You all fall down. My bloodline is a very powerful one, again I don’t speak for my health. I’m not even using a fraction of what I’m made of. Don’t make me repeat myself, or anger me. You get what you give energetically. Idiots who think they are going to escape karma are just that. Anyone in alignment with low vibrations is going bye bye, if you’re affiliated with Roger Chillingworth it makes my job easier. I’m just, fair and compassionate that’s why I was given this divinity. I’m put in the dark (bad people or places) to eradicate it. Is your karma good or bad? Via: Meet Life 240

Lessons On Listening

Lessons can be right in your face, yet still one doesn’t see it until divine timing hits. Here I am watching everything I say come to pass, tarot cards on my explore page and others with similar abilities confirming the same thing. Honestly, I don’t talk for my health, I can see what’s to come and you guys are lucky I’m even giving insight or warning, especially in Hollywood. It’s like reliving Atlantis, people valuing the wrong things and the creator getting angry, serving karma to sealed fates. I’m like why aren’t people understanding? So many more abhorrent things will be revealed, so many people will be going down via alignment, many others will try to backtrack, but it will be too late.

EUREKA! It rocked me like a hurricane, I don’t listen either so what do I expect? Time after time, psychic after psychic reading me for free on the street due to my energy, family, friends and countless signs have said the same thing: do your businesses alone, you can’t take anyone to the top with you. This person isn’t meant for you, blah, blah, blah.

A full two, three years later, has proven they’ve been right. Like 100 million percent accurate. I was acting out of my ego, ignoring the universal messages for people who quite frankly are shitty. Why would I expect any different then the way I’ve behaved? Mind you this just hit me like two days ago, but what a way to learn the lesson of listening. I don’t blame people for doing the same, because what I see will come to pass, whether you like it or not. Period. Some people are meant to fall, others aren’t. All I have to do is deliver the messages given to me and put evil back in it’s place, as I’ve done countless times. But, please do carry on, people watching is fascinating, especially when true colors are revealed. My what a web we weave, when at first we do deceive. Buckle up buttercup, many of you are in for it. Via: Paula Litu

Mood With Toni Morrison

Which Toni Morrison are you today? I think I’m shot six, just incredulous at the endless love of the universe. Be grateful, be thankful, be patient. Everything will work out for your highest good. Remember if your energy is shiesty (shady af), your highest good would be learning consequence, so stop being a shit person. And that’s for everyones good. Photo: Black Women Radicals

The Hair Gypsy: Amber

I know it’s not cool to want karma to get those that deserve it, but damn it’s hard when people are blatant ass munches and continually get away with it. I knew this person and although she appeared to be a positive cheerleader, she was also a pathological liar and narcissist. I should’ve seen it coming and I think in a way I did.

I met her trying to secure the next chapter in my professional career. She presented herself as the owner of a new salon in town. Even the name of it was born from her struggles. Her story was inspiring and nothing shy of amazing. A multi-cancer survivor, mother of three and grandmother. Did I mention we’re the same age? Wow!! If this lady could go through so much and be this strong and hopeful and positive, why was I so scared to go from employee to self-employed? What was MY hang up? If this broad can do all of this, I can definitely do a portion of it. I got the position (!), became self-employed and started on my current journey.

As time went on I noticed her detaching, becoming less available to the staff. She had built this store with 13 stylist aside from myself. I viewed her differently than the others, she wasn’t my boss, just the landlord. Believing we forged a friendship I would ask her what’s wrong, but received no response. She up and ghosted me, leaving me to ponder what I’d done to upset her. We went on family trips together!

Year two I started to question her motives, after uncovering a lot of misinformation. For instance she was never the owner and the “silent investor” wasn’t so silent. I tried to look over discrepancies, but boy there were a lot. Two weeks after opening a new space the rent increased! Under the guise of using a new software program to teach me how to add appointments, bitch hijacked my account, changing the password, stealing clients, addresses and color formulations I’ve spent ten years building!The real kicker, she was never a licensed stylist! She never even graduated cosmetology school!!!! She’s all over social media taking pictures asking people if she should “get back into doing hair.”

The most frustrating part is that she’s constantly around town working her Gypsy ways, acquiring things from people under the impression she had their best interest at heart. But it’s a game show.

When you stop having something she wants, you’re disposed of. Why do I keep getting involved with shady ass punks? Photo: Numerologistcom

Ever Evolving Karmic

“Yeah, I cheated twice.”

I asked him to tell me the truth.
Told him that I wouldn’t get mad, but I needed to know.

“Did you ever cheat on me?”

I knew he did, I practically saw it with my own eyes when those girls responded to his Craigslist ad, with scantily clad bikini photos. I saw it when I broke into his Facebook, checking his inbox where a woman demanded to know “Sexy, why haven’t you answered me?” Speaking to my boyfriend, who I live with as if he were hers. Most cloying was his reply, the need to explain, she’s someone he answered to. After his confession I kicked him out. We were suppose to have a fresh start after a couple of years apart, but if I didn’t ask he wouldn’t have told me. This was not something that weighed heavy on his soul, he didn’t feel bad for his betrayal.

He would do it again.

When he left I was destroyed for a couple of days, because I knew he cheated far more than what he said. There could never be trust between us, we were ruined. On the last day of my soul purging our karmic adieu the lesson came.

How we started is how we should end. I cheated on my boyfriend Luis to be with Mike, so it was only fitting that the same should happen to me, times three. This was my karma. This is how the universe confirmed it’s pulsating, energetic, ever-evolving karmic presence. I never cheated again.

Karma is both good and bad, one will always reap what they sow, the longer it takes the worst it will be. The longer it takes the better it will be. Sometimes we are the victims of our own hands, who need to take accountability. Thinking back to bad times objectively, can you see a possibility of experiencing karma, for something you’ve done wrong prior? Photo: The Female Warhol