The Benefit Of Unravelling

Sometimes unraveling yarn causes a big mess, like when you leave your knitting out in the first stage of being a cat mom and come home to find Jagger fucked your living room up. Just yarn everywhere.

Typically when yarn is unravelled it’s to turn into something better, beautiful, functional, a metamorphosis of the best kind. A blanket for your baby, a hat to keep your head warm, socks for the feet of someone you love. This is how you should see tower moments (tarot card reference), where things are difficult and you’re pushed to the brink. A glorious unravelling for you to build something new, greater, stronger. You gotta co-create though, by knitting putting those needles to work, that’s what you have to do with the universe. Feel like falling apart? That’s okay, it’s human nature. Artist: David Shrigley

Notes On Not Being A Trash Person

Honestly, there are too many shitty low vibrational people in this world. Being a good person isn’t hard to do. Treat others how you want to be treated. Take accountability. Give back. Don’t be abusive, mean, manipulative, envious, place people over profit, paper isn’t worth more than a human life. Don’t sell you soul, this life is ephemeral, your soul is eternal. Stand up for what is right. In the end you reap what you sow, the longer it takes the worse it will be. Via: Mister_Incrediable

Generational Karma And Curses

How many times have I almost hit my head and died?
-On my grandmother’s death anniversary, almost cracking my head against the rocks at the beach.
-When I took a Seroquel bar from a stranger. She was right advising me to break it into eight pieces “…this stuff can kill you.” I took an eighth, slept walked (which I’ve never done before or since), turned the stove on, placed an empty pot next to it, and on my way back to my bedroom passed out in my stepdad’s room. My head just missing the edge of his wooden bed frame. Since I fell from standing my skull would’ve cracked. I woke up encircled by faces looking down at me, everyone thought I died.
-In gym when Sebastian C. (who looks exactly like Will Smith, but in that moment pulled a Michael Jordan) competitive af in Strasser Ball (which was really European handball, but our hot gym teacher gave it his name), slammed me into the ground from standing. Literally I saw stars, cartoon depictions of head injuries are completely accurate. The nurse wanted his blood, she cursed him the fuck out. In his defense we were all competitive, sore winners and losers.
-When I was wasted and just missed slamming my head on a large paint bucket from standing.
-At Blue Smoke, in the attic I slammed my head on the thick metal piping and had to be escorted down after taking a minute to gather my bearings.

”Something is trying to kill me,” I said to myself and others.

My grandfather was a very evil and feared man, he wasn’t someone to fuck with. I barely knew him, only meeting him twice in my life that I can remember, if that. He was a domestic abuser, beating his women including my beloved grandmother whose right earlobe he split (for years I always lost my right earring and only a few back did I connect the dots. It’s her telling me she’s here). My grandmother who half my tattoos are dedicated to, with a third coming, was his second wife. His first wife was Linda.

My grandfather would abuse her often; she made a deal with the neighbors if she bangs on the wall call the cops. Except every time the cops came she’d cover for him, then he’d threatened them. One night Linda banged and banged and banged, but they didn’t make the call and she died. He pushed her so hard into the glass table her skull cracked. Fearing jail he left immediately seeking out the help of Voodoo Mary, selling his soul in exchange of escaping prison. When he returned, when the ambulance came, they ruled it an accident, that she tripped and fell. He got away with it in this world, but not the next.

People with high sexual energy are often healers, which is why after telling this story a million times, replaying it in my head, it didn’t make sense until I told Cara Delevingne. Everything clicked.

The domestic violence I’ve been going through, nobody helping (one person helped me astrally when I didn’t know I needed it, nor did I ask, I’m forever grateful), almost dying, I was paying for what my grandfather did to Linda!!!! That’s why I was always experiencing near death head injuries, just like Linda. Had I not figured it out I wouldn’t have escaped, finding myself in another bad situation, because generational karma and curses are real. That’s why the cards kept saying turn to your ancestors! The story of my grandfather was the key! Now I’m free.
Ancestry is important, what we do we pass down until it’s broken, or healed. Had I not resolved this it would’ve kept happening, it would’ve passed down to my kids epigenetically. Which this world can’t afford, each possessing the powers to save it. I can’t believe it took me this long.

After figuring it out I connected to her, she wants her story told. She wants people to know what happened to her, that it wasn’t fair. The first page of my book will be Linda’s story. I am so sorry, I’m sorry for what he did to you. You deserved better, women deserve better. He doesn’t get to take your peace in both worlds. Thank you. You are a hero, because of you a lot of abusive men are going to be exposed so they don’t hurt anyone again. I don’t know you, but I love you. Everyone will know your truth. I will dedicate my life to fighting domestic violence, I promise you this. And as for those reading it now, if there is a reoccurring negativity in your life look for the pattern then look to your ancestors. You may be reliving their karmic debt. Resolve it for yourself, for your offspring. Artist: Melanins Vibe Podcast

Break Your Dream Down In 10 Steps

Speaking of dreams, I can remember mine again after cutting ties with my abusive ex. That’s beside the point. Go after you dreams! Make a plan of action, breaking it down into baby steps for practicality. What do you want as the big objective? Break it down in ten steps (or more) adding due dates beside each. Life happens adjust accordingly. Artist: The Cute Feminist

Just In Case You’re Feeling Down

Just in case you’re struggling and need this reminder. Mental health can be difficult, maybe you’re depressed, maybe you’re having a bad cycle on the wheel of fortune. Just know you matter and someone is happy you’re here. Artist: Words By Abbie

The Next Big Thing

Everything I said would happen from 2020 on is happening. People thought I was so wrong and crazy, nah love I’m just ahead. Keep up. Visionaries live in the now, but prepare for the future, because the only constant is change.

You get more opportunities on who you know over what you know, or skills, I mean hello nepotism. Look at how many people played themselves thinking all the people I’m exposing were untouchable. No love I’m the future, that’s why it’s called the next big thing, not the same old thing. Duh. Looking at all the evidence I amassed, the way things are about to be restructured and reshaped by me, yeah you just made a big mistake, huge. Go with your purpose, not the crowd. Only the flexible minded survive. Via: Holding Relationships

Take What You Need For The Week

Pardon my inconsistency, I’m just close to locking up a lot of powerful people and have been exposing them on my social media profiles. I live a crazy life, alway have always will, at least it’s not boring. Which do you need to start your week right? Via: 50 Shades Of Goodvibes

Pay Attention To The Magic Of Your Day

Break mental blocks of negativity, pay attention to the magic occurring in your life. There is no such thing as coincidence, just synchronicity. Name something you were worried about that just happened for you? Via: Forty Queens

Rejection Is God’s Protection

Let nouns go. The universe is getting rid of them for a reason, rejection is God’s protection. I no longer try to force anything, if something is meant to be it will. This last relationship lesson taught me that and I’m eternally grateful. Via: Mindset Consciousness