The Bad Bits

Hit this realization of gratitude, all my difficulties have been a blessing. People who are too comfortable become mediocre and remain naive. Thank god for the tough times, it adds depth, character, tales of adventure. It’s the reason I know how to snake a drain with a coat hanger to everyone’s surprise. What’s a skill you learned through hardship? Via: Spiritual Asylum

Believe In Alignment

Don’t let anyone rush you, but do find your purpose and be brave enough to pursue it.

We weren’t created to be carbon copies.

Follow your unique path, no matter what anybody else thinks.

Via: The Good Quote

This Is Paris


A documentary created consciously, with thought. The hotel heiress proves again, that she’s one of the most fascinating people you will ever see. Personally I’ve watched everything Paris has done, including The World According To Paris. The way she cursed out Brooke Sheen I knew she was a New Yorker, when angry we don’t mince words.

This Is Paris is so relatable I started to freak out: the trust issues, believing abuse was love, dumbing myself down for other people to be comfortable, putting on a mask so when you get hurt it hurts less (after all they were tearing down the facade, not who you really are). I didn’t expect my heart to break, but it was always very obvious to me that Paris is highly intelligent. To be the architect is to be ten steps ahead. I watched her build TMZ on her back with her equally enthralling crew. God those were the days, we still reminisce about them now.

This is a moving masterpiece, one that reminds you not to judge, that women are more than objects and vulnerability is strength. I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug her, as well as those who suffered abuse at Camp Provo.

Three unexpected features that steal the show:

  1. Kathy Hilton’s Outfits: Whatever that silver get up was when she was decorating the Christmas tree, I NEED it. Glamorous as per Pisces female usual.
  2. Nicky Hilton: Just a real one. Sage, gangster and grounded. A regal energy you can’t take your eyes off of.
  3. Sheeraz Hassan: Just wanted to pick his brain. Super intelligent.

Thank you for reminding us that being human is to be imperfect. Showing us your scars has healed others and elevated your beauty, now it shines from within. Via: Youtube Originals

Monday Motivation

A dreaded day it was, until we got locked down in a pandemic. All the things we took for granted stripped away. I’ve decided this day for me will serve as a reminder to live my purpose. What a beautiful thing to do. What is the purpose of you? Via: Milkshake Patchwork

Growing Up Black…

Meant spending 125 hours of your life watching all of these musical biopics. Yes each movie was 41.66 hours long. Deadass lol. Leon was making that music and that money. Usually these stories were viewed whilst sitting on the floor between your mama’s legs, or on a hard ass chair while she did your hair (for me it was braids). Talking about “you tender headed” when the reality was you dead pulling my hair too hard. And yet I loved every second, because I watched it over and over again. Am I right? Which movie was you favorite? Via: The Jacksons An American Dream (90s History), The Five Heartbeats (John Shaft 1971) & The Temptations (Shadow Act)

A Soft Heart

Be careful not to become the monsters you slay. If you don’t understand what that means read Animal Farm. Everything is balance, use introspection to check your vibe. Have you read that book? Has power gone to your head? Are you more cruel than kind?

A Bitch If You Are

Scribe. She was a scribe in a past life and a knowledge keeper now. The reason I know I was under a glamour. At first we all loved them, genuine, hilarious, endearing, making the most out of a bad situation. We each chose a character based on our personalities, most people were doing that for the lovable family. Then things turned, it got dark and narcissistic, money mattered over each other, but still I watched.

One by one my friends dropped out, finding out it was manufactured, scenes were being redone. The scribe was one of those friends and she would show me facts of lies, reshoots, man stealing, bullying of black women, eating the magic of black people, psychics everywhere saying what I felt later on etc…but I argued with her to the death, the death. A walking advertisement harping on the issue of her ignorance, it was all explained thank you very much! Watch the show and maybe you’d be factual. Full on heated debates, powered by a wave of emotions I felt out of loyalty from watching them forever. The same abusive patterns that’ve played out in expired friendships.

It’s totally fine that Donica tried to head butt me, she got too drunk. She had healing to do. What about when she threw the lamp that time, after a slew of pillows? After mugs. 14 years of sisterhood gone when I finally set boundaries. If you don’t people take your kindness for weakness.

After the degradation one sister faced by placing herself over money (paper, a social construct that’s left them loveless and reviled, for their low grade behavior, lack of dignity and absent class), I stopped watching. Tasteless. The rose-colored glasses were off. I saw what was and not what was glamoured on me. Compounding the issue, their unsolicited bullying. Everything said by the scribe was true, about what they had and were willing to do. The show was the difference.

The needle and the damage done: mindless social media influencers, removing ribs and inflating lips to look the same, stealing, profiting off black culture, racism so blatant they mock us, lying, stealing, manipulating, textbook satanist pretending to love god but worship money, soulless…an energy so dark it chills me. They are fated to fall. I look at all the others in the news connected to their energy falling too, I warned as many people, as many times as I could. GET OUT. Do you really think I want to spend my time on mindless tarts? No, but they want to spend their time on me, that’s how it started. It’s divined.


Stands for pretty ugly people, masquerading under glamours (but that’s a topic for another time) of beauty. This year I was racially trolled by MULTIPLE celebrities, celebrisites, and pseudo somebodies. The most abhorrent part is the facade of caring about the lives of colored people (or colored people aiding in the bullying) to cover your ass. I screamed on all occasions of these interactions, where I was minding my business and they came for me unsolicited. Just because you can’t be light doesn’t mean I deserve for you to smear your conditioned racism, blatant racism, insecurities, or whatever miserable things you feel on me. Then like right-winged black people, expect me to be your punching bag, suppressing the trauma you’ve tried to inflict, for the sake of your peace in some regard. How do you sleep with yourselves? This also goes for all the people who thought it was cute to show support for these said trash people, to what teach me you’re trash too? Do you really think you’re a model human being, when you switch gears because of who I’m connected to, or karma? Do you think lying is cute? Making stuff up about people with your one dimensional, do anything for a dollar selves? Do you like making fake accounts as grown people to demean people who call you what you are? To troll people who were fans for no reason? It would be a disservice to myself, my people, my ancestry to let you slide. And I won’t. You didn’t feel bad, neither do I. You get what you give. I told you guys who and what I was, but you made assumptions and dismissed me based on my gender and skin color. Still I’ve gone easy on a lot of you. Please never assume my life is as surface as yours. I have substance. God is good to those who are good.Via: It’s The Hive Style

That’s What Art Is

Those moments you feel alone, those moments you are alone and storytelling, be it in the form of film, song, some medium that drags you from the depths of despair. That is what art has done since the beginning of time, that’s why humans value it so much. It saves us and keeps us going when nobody else can. For all those who contribute to that, thank you. When was the last time art held you when a body could not?