The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

This bimbo hick still in love with Mick, is just as racist as her ancestors. White trash passes down, as you can see in her children. The Jagger’s seemed confused and thought I was their slave. Which a psychic told me is exactly what I was in a past life, “So they don’t listen to you, or take you seriously. They still remember you just being a slave.” She continued by saying it was hard for me to turn on Mick Jagger, because I depended on him for my survival in our past lives together.

When people have unfinished business from previous lives it transfers over until the karma is corrected. That’s part of what you’re witnessing now. I have zero compassion for these inbreds. Everyday my hatred for them grows. I prefer the Kardashian Jenner West’s over them, at least they’re ambitious, but also racist trash. The Jagger’s are idiots, like actually dumb, the stupidest family I’ve EVER encountered. Ever. Why would I take skin care advice from Jerry Hall, or small brained daughter Georgia May Jagger? I look younger than Georgia, despite being older…make anything they do make sense. Ps all your little friends I’m gonna fuck their shit up too. Idgaf. Entitled basic white supremacists. My toys. This is just a prelude to the articles coming Sunday. Jerry was jealous of L’wren Scott and myself, Mick treated us with more respect than he ever did her. Poor Rupert Murdoch, second best to a man who treated her deplorably, when he did almost anything for Jerry. Boy does he look like a fucking joke. Enjoy your time all. Xoxo Athena. Via: Express UK

The Affirmation Sweet Spot

Show yourself some love by picking a self-concept affirmation. Resetting your mind to be positive is incredibly hard, but practice makes perfect, keep going. Eventually you’ll come to a place where you control your inner voice, filtering out what’s creating a negative reality from beneficial constructive criticism. Always excepting or preparing for the worst, manifests it. You have to find the sweet spot. That balance between being realistic and faith in what you want achieve. Choose the affirmation you need most. Via: Queen Manifests

Control Your Energy

Energy is everything, it can’t be destroyed or created, only transferred and transformed. Everywhere you go you leave and pick up energy. You are literally the company you keep, especially in these days of final judgement. Even I disconnected from the devil’s alignment, that shit spreads.
Control your energy, don’t waste it on nouns that lower your vibration.
Water what waters you, instead of letting energy vampires suck you dry.
Cleanse your circle.
Let go of what no longer serves you. It’s difficult leaving what you know behind, but worth it. No risk no reward. Via: Nataliee Namaste

The 4/11 On The 11/11 Portal

Some things to do tomorrow for that very important portal. If you’ve been naughty, don’t bother. For everyone else, may your manifestations come true. If you can, try meditating at 11:11 am or pm. 11/11 represents divine guidance when manifesting, intuition, insight, enlightenment, spirit. In love it stands for twin flames. In angel numbers it signifies new beginnings. If you’re seeing it repeatedly it means you’re on the right track. I saw this number all the time at the beginning of my spiritual journey, now that I’ve risen into my purpose, my power, not so much, I don’t need as much guidance. Truly stunned at how far I’ve come. Extremely proud of myself. Helping others vibrate higher is why I’m here. What do you want to manifest? Via: DivineStar_Tarot

How Toxic People Feel Power

Being toxic is a choice. Toxic people more often than not know what they’re doing and have no plans of changing. Unless they have a personality disorder, they know and enjoy testing other’s boundaries. It’s a game to them, your time, your mental health, it makes them feel powerful. It’s up to you to draw the line, by growing a backbone. If someone isn’t respecting you, ditch them. I said it once I’ll say it again, people are blocks or blessings to your abundance. Choose you. Choose healthy relationships.
I dumped all the people that fit this description and the rewards of doing so are more than I could’ve dreamed. Trust me kick them out of your life. Are there people in your life testing what they can get away with. How do they make you feel? What are you gonna do about it? Via: The Female Warhol

Now You Care But I Don’t

When and where in history of any parable from the Bible, to myths, to folklores and fairytales, has the lesson learned been: piss off a divine and you’ll find peace? Antagonize and abuse a war Goddess and there won’t be incurred wrath? Show me. Where?
Let me see.
An innocent person being held hostage and abused, wanting freedom, sounds like me.
Being profiled for your culture, ethnicity, race, sounds like me.
What did you do about it? Nothing. Not a thing. But you expect me to help? Who told you what a war divine does?
I told you all what? The devil has come to collect the Kardashian Jenner West and Melanie ugly Hamrick, as well as those aligned. What did you do? You aligned. Right Gal Gadot, bumping your clown gums. The reason Kanye is an anti-Semite and white supremacist is due to that satanic coven he joined. They used him for all his connections and tossed him after draining him. Prior to this family he was a civil rights activist and didn’t align with hate. Praising them for speaking out against the hate monster they created got you here. Right Mark Zuckerberg, Harvey Levin and more. Right Hadid family, minus Bella Hadid. You were SOOOOOO quick to antagonize a divine is it still funny spineless, idiot sheep. Not once critical thinker. They pay to build pretend empires and you still believe them. Take fucking accountability. You all did this. Help? If I continue to get angry there will be more destruction. As I’ve said. Point fingers whilst looking in the mirror.

Full disclosure, 95 percent of the time I want to let this world end for everyone. Based on how disgusting you clown ass hats are. Including the fake friends, especially the ones who claim to align with GOD, yet you wanted me to suffer right? Why should I save you from your choices?
But I’m still compassionate for the few who don’t deserve it, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Zendaya, Issa Rae, Taylor Swift etc…as well as the normal people who believed me. They have a brain and eyes.
Be the change you wish to see, because I’m not your mammy. I care as much as you cared about me. That’s why this is happening. When a fucking divine speaks, after showing you what they are, you listen or suffer the consequences. Is it still funny? You’re so untouchable right? Not to the GODS. I told you how to save yourselves. You decided Athena’s words weren’t worth reading, because I’m a black woman. How’s that working out for you? You have sooooo much to say to the government, think you’re above the law, you’re the reason this is happening. A bunch of fucking idiots is all I see. Via: Hollywood Reporter & Vogue India

Take The Time To Rest Your Mind

Failure is the only way to succeed, it’s how you learn. Don’t let it deter you. Everything you know from walking, to talking, you failed at in the beginning. Always remember that.
Keep your head up.
The mind is a powerful thing, if you don’t control it, it’ll control you. Tell you things that aren’t even true, instill self doubt. Only you can reclaim your inner voice. Affirmations, meditation, all of these tools help. Take the time to reset your mind, because it shapes your reality. Creator: Janet Counsellor

Why It’s Taking You Longer

Human civilization is on the brink of destruction, because of people in power being evil and forcing others to align with it. Be down, or you can’t make it (many people are aligned by their own wickedness, spineless sheep). That’s what they tried to do to me. Just like the parables of myths, bible stories, fairytales etc…passed through down for centuries, I’m a Goddess incarnate, disguised to test you. You showed me your true colors, now you face the consequences. Here’s a hint, they’re dire. We are gonna have so much fun, at your expense, you reap what you sow and I’m your karma. Hubris won’t be tolerated, nor blasphemy. I’m giving you the same energy you’ve given me, times three.
Enjoy your time, whatever Mick Jagger saw in his dreams of hell left him petrified. Enough to give the souls of his children, or anyone else to secure himself and plaster me everywhere. His offering. Mick isn’t going, so many of you are, and whatever he saw- mind you it was just a fraction, you won’t escape. You earned it for being disgusting, terrible, evil, hateful, demonic people, Xoxo Athena. Via: F1aro

Meg Mental Health Memes

These are thing things people should want for themselves. After doing the work, it’s all I’m about. Tolerating disrespect isn’t my vibe. I’m giving the same energy you give me, if you don’t like it, switch your shit up. It’s fascinating how people really think they can do toxic shit, lie, cheat, steal, be low vibrational, black magic and not reap what they sow. Karma is a universal law, you’re a mere speck of dust. I love myself more everyday. If something is causing stress, chaos, draining my energy etc….I’ll remove it. Sorry not sorry, my ex really thought I was coming back when all he causes is negativity and baggage. Mick Jagger should have thought about how he needs me for tour, before he damaged our relationship in every way possible. Deuces. Mental health is wealth, what do you need to remove for your sanity? Love yourself enough to let go. Via: Blackk Bombshells & BeckyWith.TheGoodVibes

The Price Of Souls

“Well perhaps I let her believe I was a little more…angelic? But deep down, I think she knew. Greatness requires sacrifice. Who you sacrifice to matters less than what you sacrifice for. And in the end, she became what she wanted to be.’
“A martyr?”
“A legend.”
Addie shakes her head. “But the artists. Think of all they could have done. Don’t you mourn the loss?”
Luc’s face darkens…
“Of course I do,”he says. “But all great art comes with a cost.” He looks away. “You should know that. After all, we are both patrons, in our way.”

But when it’s late, and he is gone, and she is left to wander, the opera plays on, perfectly preserved inside the prism of her memory, and Addie wonders, softly, silently, if their souls were a fair price for such fine art.” Via: Doja Cat