Speaking Of Divine Guidance

The universe speaks, you just have to pay attention and be aligned with the divine. There is no such thing as coincidence, only synchronicity. Life is a lesson of souls, it’s up to you to decipher and understand the reasons behind it. A great way to silence the mental chatter, to tune into your intuition is through consistent meditation and working out, specifically yoga. Use your thinking cap, is there a repeated number, object, animal…appearing over and over? When? What are you doing or thinking when it happens? Via: Luna The Moon Tarot

Organizing Your Monday

Get it out of your head and down on paper, I swear it will give you a better grip on handling things. Utilize pen to paper more often and watch it change your life. Give it a try, write five things to do and five to worry about and whatever’s in between. Tackle one item at a time as not to overwhelm yourself. How often do you write it out? How does that correlate to your anxiety and productivity? Artist: Liana Finck

What Witches Really Are, Prague & Celeb Satanists

Divine guidance is a blessing. One time at the beginning of the pandemic I lost faith and the universe stopped guiding me. I freaked out as it was for an entire two hours. When my faith was restored listening to a podcast regarding it, that you must believe before you see anything, the divine returned.

Shortly after stating Prague was on my mind I got a sign it’s where I must go. There is something waiting for me there, I do not yet know what. Something witchy for sure. One of their traditions is burning witches, not literal ones anymore, but pyres. It’s a Beltane practice to mark the warding off of evil spirits and negativity. Marking the end of hardships with the abundance of Spring. I wonder if I’m meant to go where witches are misunderstood and mistreated. Please look at the first photo and know witches are not satanist. Stop confusing the two.

Everything I said is coming to pass. Virgil Abloh is the beginning of many young deaths affiliated with the Kardashian Jenner West coven. You do not know when your sunsets, I’ve said time and time again. Those aligned with that coven and Melanie Hamrick, the darkest black magic practitioners will join them in hell. The blood moon was everything. My blessings, my reign, I want you to pay attention. Via: Moon Mystic Goddess & North East Tarot

Watch My Blessings Come In

The way the world works. What is hidden will rise. If you really look at Athena’s statues those are the positions of her hands. Enjoy your weekend keeping in mind whatever you do will always come back to you by three not two. Where are you on the wheel, have your actions led you to blessings or downfalls? Watch my blessings come in and remember I told you so. Via: Lucky Killll

Who Understands You Tho?

It truly is. If you’ve found people, even just one person who understands you be grateful. While I understand many, barely anybody understands me which can be frustrating. Being a visionary, being ahead can be rather isolating and not for the weak of heart. Who understands you? Send them a text thanking them. Happy holidays. Writer: Meet Life 240

November Grounding Via Self-Care

Grounding is essential for ridding yourself of negative energy, practicing introspection and being present. As we exit November here are some ways to do so via self-care. Even though it’s cold there is something to be admired in every season, walking outside crisp air stinging my face, I feel alive. Their’s beauty in the cold and I’m not just saying that as a winter baby. Your mind isn’t in the past, nor the future, but the present as you endeavor to maintain warmth in that very moment. It also makes me grateful as suddenly heat in every form is a commodity, I’m fortunate to have boots, a winter jacket, gloves, a scarf. Simple and overlooked until you look a homeless person crying on the subway platform in the face with none of the above, a makeshift cigarette rolled with what looked like printer paper, and soiled, ratty socks. While we choose what to wear, he’s using all he has to survive the freeze and doesn’t have enough. Doesn’t know if he ever will. Just hopes to live to see Spring. Pick two things to implement this week. Do you prioritize self-care? Via: Mystic Witch Of The Moon

What Happened In 1440?

Nosy AF? Guilty! I like to call myself inquisitive. Naturally I needed to find out what happened 500 years ago being that this was the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440 and bingo bango I found some information. The first witch hunt to ever take place began in Valais, Switzerland from 1428 through 1447. In 1440 it spread to Fribourg and Neuchatel. Leading to the Protestant Reformation. These trials were the first time witches were accused of maleficium- using supernatural powers to harm others in a pact with the devil. Interestingly enough one third of the witches murdered were women, two thirds were men. This is the only witch hunt where men were the focal point. Until it turned to women thanks to a painting.

1440 is the first time a witch is depicted riding a broomstick in Martin Le Franc’s “Les Champions des Dames” (The Defender Of Ladies) where he condemns heretics and witchcraft, but defends Joan of Arc in 24,000 verses…I know, but what else was there to do back then? Now this is what I’ve been trying to tell everyone, there’s a difference between witches and satanists, the patriarchy and religious fervor have wrongfully intertwined the two.
The Kardashian Jenner West family and Melanie Hamrick are satanist invoking power through deals with the devil, maleficium, until I came through. A witch is of god, of nature, respects the Earth, follows the moon, protects and defends amongst other things. The year 1440 was the first time society got it twisted regarding women. That blood moon turned the wheel for depravity to enshroud the world. This moon reversed it.

A new world order is coming as I’ve said, where karmic justice will be restored. We’re reliving Atlantis. Those who have made their demonic dealings will fall, those who worship profit over people will fall, those who side with hate and oppression will fall. The ways of old are coming to an end for humanity to live on. That is why twin flames have incarnated. It isn’t about feeling like the best soulmates ever, we’re literally here on a divine mission to raise the vibration in order for planet Earth to survive. We’ll return to source and those possessing spiritual gifts will rise to blot out those who are corrupt. That’s why the wheel–of Fortuna — turned with the blood moon. I tried my best to reform a ton of folks, but they’ve made their beds in the crevasses of hell. Oh well. Deuces hoes. Yeah all your friends will be there, but darling you won’t ever see them nor anyone you know or love again. Blessed be. This time you can’t burn us. Did you confuse satanism with witchcraft? Please note these holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are predated, as in before Christianity and such, pagan rituals celebrating the land and community. Knowledge is power. Via: Hajro Photography

Witch On A Broomstick: https://www.history.com/news/why-witches-fly-on-brooms