A Promising Week

Just starting the week off with some positivity. This year has been rough for everyone in one way or another, we all took hard knocks in some area. I’m almost traumatized to get excited for 2021 which is just around the corner, but the only way to go is up. Thanks to Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City I am hopeful. What are you grateful for today? I would say my relationship with god. People act like they about that source life, but not really about that source life (you align with money over humans, you align with oppression, you align with rape culture, you align with hatred, you align with willful ignorance, you align with racism, you align with deceit…). Through god I have received miracles beyond my wildest dreams, I am eternally humbled. Your turn. Via: Advocating Mental Health

“A Gentle Reminder”

Things that are actually worth being proud of. What are you proud of currently about your person? What do you want to be proud of one day? What are necessary steps to reach this goal? Author: Bianca Sparacino

Please Hold On

Don’t know who needs to read this right now, but here you go. Remember this moment of sorrow will pass and make the bliss brighter. Without one you cannot experience the other. Until then read this letter and push through. Screenshot it, take it with you, bury it in your heart. When you feel blue what are your outlets? Are they healthy?

I’m Holding Back

What if I weren’t as tough and strong to handle the bullying? This is something I think to myself everyday. What if it were just the wrong moment, if I were going through something devastating and couldn’t take anymore. What if you basic bitches made it so dark I couldn’t stand to live another day? Did you think those things when you decided through some kind of bullshit delusion that I had no value? Because I’m not a diluted, debased attention whore, who doesn’t love herself so I need constant validation to feel noticed? To put people down to feel power. Make no mistake I don’t feel bad for a single person who decided racial trolling was okay. You had it coming. Who the fuck do you think you are to treat people in such a manner, to co-sign it? All of you are trash and trust me I’m holding back. Black women are not a punching bag and you all belong where you’re headed. Do you think I care? Did you? Via: Okay Nevermind

All The Good Things Are True

I flitted from soul to soul,
Hoping to find the soul that matches mine.

I almost gave up
But kept the faith and followed all of God’s signs.

With this belief I did win,
Finally finding my flame, my twin.

You are my reward and I must say,
I love you more and more everyday.

Root Of All Evil

Money being the root of all evil stems from the fact that people will do anything for a quick buck. A social construct that isn’t meant to be valued over spirituality, or lives of beings. Money is dope, certainly no one wants to be broke, but it’s also one of the devil’s greatest tools. Materialism at the detriment and welfare of humanity aligns with dark energy. The fact that a dollar takes precedent over morals, the climate, human lives and connection to your soul is abhorrent, nor does it align with god. You can’t take it with you and it doesn’t equate to being remembered so what are you really doing? Check yourself before the source does.

My Work Here Is Done

A few things before I move on. Now that my work here is finished I feel a sense of relief, because truly I was doing you guys a favor. I’m good, I’m straight, I didn’t have to fight to protect your souls, let alone for this long:

  1. The delusion of the low grade form of celebrities who were dumb enough to think I wanted to exchange energy with you, by being in your circle. It’s a joke, you aren’t even the caliber of celebrity most people aspire to be. Never have I referenced wanting to be like Paris or the Kardashians, I think it’s an insult to my being. Fun to watch at points, but not at all put together and miserable. Same goes for MANY of you, so check your ego’s. If I wanted to be I would, as you were on my pages seeking me out, when I have created nothing for such a thing to happen. Your inflated egos and warped sense of reality is how you got in this mess. Not everyone needs the attention and validation, nor does everybody admire your lives. As you can see from myself and the public. Bitch please. You’re surrounded by fake people, with no conscious and low vibrations. I’m better than that.
  2. No fakes, that’s why I gave the information I was suppose to give and keep my affiliations private. True colors only. That’s why I did it that way. You have free will, you knew these people were awful, but you resonate with them in a nasty way. As long as you could cling to something for yourself, fuck how everybody else is treated right? Imagine if I had the same mindset, more people would have suffered. Disgusting. And yet some of you preach about being children of god, as if that’s enough. Those are words, god seeks daily action. You made your beds. Gods given you enough chances, forgiven but not forgotten. At this point nobody feels bad.
  3. To try to seek energy from me on such a day, are you mad? You spend your time going through my follow list getting people to troll. Weirdo shit. You are satanists. I am a witch, someone your ancestor went to for power. Know your place in the hierarchy. I also gave your demonic asses a heads up, when I said whatever energy you bring to me is amplified, but you soulless bimbos thought you were something. Satan is loyal to no one. There are no boundaries, how many tales must you hear to process this? Rulers of the underworld, never. There will be no reincarnation, you will rest in eternal flames. Where you belong.
  4. You idiots go to a Halloween party, a most spiritual day, when the veil is the thinnest and demons and spirits roam free, with people of Satan? Who dress in demonic gear and does god knows what with your energy? Absolutely foolish. Any energetic ties including liking pictures boo.
  5. From the ancestor, to the ice voodoo article Khloe gave, to Kanye on Letterman speaking about Satan. You knew and didn’t care. I was bullied and stalked for how long? As you can see Khloe liked my obscure instagram page post on my birthday. Get a damn clue. They interacted with me first. The fuck I look like.
  6. Fates are sealed. It is beyond me, good riddance too. There is nothing I can do, if you’ve made your bed lay in it, into the inferno.
  7. I’m the consumer, the people in the comments are the consumer, we make you rich. Without us and our opinions you are NOTHING. Humble yourself.

Quality over quantity. What does that mean to you? Via: The Pattern