Healing Isn’t Linear

Healing takes time, crying over something you thought was out of your system is totally fine. When I started my meditation journey I found myself crying deeply while in a trance state over things I didn’t even remember, or believed I’d gotten over. All worth it, you genuinely feel trauma lifting out of your energetic body, being released from your chakras; it’s an amazing, cathartic experience. Rinse yourself clean as many times as you need. What’s something you cried over, believing you were over it? Artist: Maybell Eequay

True Meaning Of Paradise

If your life is spiraling out of control the setting isn’t going to matter, because that feeling of dread remains. This is why people self medicate, because the way you feel inside is everything and substances alter what places can’t. When’s the last time you felt the true meaning of paradise? Via: Black N Vibes

What I Think Vs. What I Can

What are two things you didn’t think you could get through, but actually did? It can be anything big, or small (college, marathons, open mic, etc…).
What pushed you?

Via: Daylight Illustrations

Finding Everyday Beauty

Focus on the blessings in each day as frequently as you can. Narrowing in on negativity is a default you can dismantle. Practice makes perfect, the more you do it the better you get. Name one beautiful thing from your day (something that happened, something you saw, something you did…). Via: Motivation Director

The Last Person You Unloved

Unloving someone can take as long as your soul contract states. Even when the person has been vile and disrespectful it’s not easy to walk away. We have this little thing added to that called emotions. Going through it is the only way out, which is when the karma is complete and you can move on with a lesson learned. That being said, who was the last person you unloved? What was the final straw? How long did it take? What did you learn?

Via: Notebook Fairy

Note: Make Yourself Proud

Do things for you and not for the validation of others. Name three moments you made yourself proud last month, big or small, it doesn’t matter. In what ways do you plan on making yourself proud in the future? Via: Wanna Hug You So Much

Feed Your Soul Nurture Your Muses

Carving out time for the the things that inspire you fuels and feeds your soul. Make time for your muses this weekend if you have the privilege. Be it a museum visit, a walk in the park, a walk around the city, painting, reading, watching a film or documentary, writing, taking a trip…whatever your muse is nurture it. Artist: Hallith Bates

Are You Self-Sabotaging?

Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. It could be talking down to yourself, avoiding goals, doing physical harm, choosing toxic recreational activities, procrastination, hanging with the wrong crowd…In what ways are you intentionally or unintentionally self-sabotaging? Why? Via: Pink Cat Daily

The Story Of Lot’s Wife

Yes god forgives, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and be saved. A lot of you need to reread the story Lot’s wife, because that’s the type of time we on. God said but once, if you look back at the burning city you’ll turn into a pillar of salt. The first time I read it I was certain he would turn her back, god forgives, nah shorty was done by her own freewill and disobedience. Many times god forgives and test you after, to fail again means you’re making a mockery, god is also wrathful. It blows my mind when people think they can do so much real pure evil, karma free. Err on the side of good, because you reap what you sow. These stories are passed down for a reason. What was the last good deed you did? When was the last time you didn’t listen and regretted it? Via: The Squashed Stories