What’s Your Intention For 2023

The month is almost over, but it’s not too late to set an intention for 2023. If you can’t think of one on your own, choose from the above picture. Remember be flexible, revise what isn’t working, take baby steps and keep going even if you slip up. Artist: Leap Of Faith_Quotes

10 Ways To Do Your Own Thing

Spending time alone is how you recharge and clear your energy. When I was younger, I couldn’t imagine doing anything solo. If someone wasn’t with me, or conversing with me, I’d pass. Being alone means facing your inner demons, sitting with who you are: the good, the bad, the lack, the trauma. It means not numbing yourself, or running away from it all. Seems scary, but it’s worth it. As I began the spiritual work, that feeling faded, because I learned to love myself. Now I love it.

If anyone needs control over their energy it’s me. Being what I am, at this stage in the game, isolation is for the elevation. Energy is everything; other peoples intentions, feelings, can block your blessings and manifestations. Reset by choosing an activity from the above list. Via: Calm Kabira

Pick A Mantra For 2023

New year, new you! Pick a mantra that best describes your 2023 objective. If these don’t do, make one up. Most of all have fun. Life is too short to add unnecessary anxiety to everything. Don’t dream it, be it (bonus points if you can name the film/song this line is from!). Artist: Nabfi_Art

Slavery Introduced Black People To Christianity

“The preacher back home says it was God’s will that purged witches from the world. He says women are sinful by nature and that magic in their hands turns naturally to rot and ruin, like the first witch Eve who poisoned the Garden and doomed mankind, like her daughters’ daughters who poisoned the world with the plague. He says the purges purified the earth and shepherded us into the modern era of Gatling guns and steamboats, and the Indians and Africans ought to be thanking us on their knees for freeing them from their own savage magics.”

Photographer: Andrew Macpherson

New Years Like A Witch And Manifest

This was the first year I actively practiced my purpose in the craft, consistently, with intention. It paid off. Twenty twenty two was a roller coaster, my best year yet. I rose like a fucking phoenix after being burned. I closed out so many cycles, ended copious soul contracts, rose into my power, ended the year debt free (after Mick Jagger increased my credit card limit, ran up the bill and removed his card like the psychopath abuser he is) and set myself up for generational wealth. Here are some ways to set yourself up for the upcoming year. Remember whatever you do keep the magic to yourself, other people’s intentions and energy can interfere and ruin what you’re trying to do. Via: Gaelic_Witch

A Mood To Match Your Freedom

When you finally break free of limiting mental constructs. Generational curses, epigenetic’s and societal beliefs are harder to dismantle than you think. I’ve been actively working on it, being triggered by my abusive karmic and finally I’m free. What are working to free yourself from? Which mood is you? Via: The Vogue Sleeze

Pick A Morning Affirmation

Affirmations work. What you tell yourself about you shapes your reality. Oftentimes we say negative affirmations automatically, maybe without even noticing. Keep track of your thoughts. Tell yourself something good. Pick a morning affirmation, or make one up. Via: Janet Counsellor

You Don’t Need Permission

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if others don’t understand you, especially if you’re a visionary. Follow your path. If I’d listened to the haters, idiots and really anyone but my soul and the universal, you’d all be screwed. You’re welcome. Don’t let anyone deter you from your purpose. You are a unique soul, not a copy babe. Via: Dr James Rouse

Three Steps To Dealing With Triggers

If something is triggering you, one it’s not your fault. Being looped back into trauma can feel like failure, but healing isn’t linear. A single moment doesn’t erase all the others of progress. Don’t blame yourself, you’re doing the best you can!

Secondly, identify what it is that’s setting you off and remove, or confront it. Sometimes it’s an epiphany that you deal with head on. Other times it’s something that needs to be removed, like a person. My karmic is my trigger, conjuring up abuse from this life and our past ones. Not interacting with him, giving him any energy, has decreased my PTSD episodes enormously.

Lastly, ask for help. This is hard for me to do, but once I did, the energy shifted and I was able to take action. Acknowledging you need others feels like a fault, it’s not. Sometimes you’re too weak, or just don’t have the means, you need a support system. Humans are tribal beings, not islands, that’s how we surpassed all other homo species. Teamwork. Be it therapy, or any other means (writing, meditation, reiki etc…), getting help is healthy. Remember pride is what made the devil the devil. How do you handle trauma triggers? Via: Keep It Up Super Shanti