Honey Honey

My ex boyfriend taught me the true meaning of the phrase, you catch more flies with honey. A lesson he learned from his father, a successful businessman. He was the first person to freeze fresh fish, selling his technique to the Japanese.

In the four years of our relationship, I watched him negotiate with people over things that weren’t bargain items. He never failed to get a discount. I also watched my mom talk many taxi drivers, newsstand men, restaurants…into giving her free everything. Simply due to kindness, the way you speak to people, the way you make them feel. Next time you’re irritated don’t bitch the person out, just try to understand them, treat them like the human they are and it will work wonders. A thank you so much, in a tone of genuine appreciation can go a long way.

Try it. You’d be surprised. This is why people are loyal to me, because I care, I treat them with kindness, compassion and love. It seems small, but it moves mountains. Could you be more kind in your day to day life, especially when you’re upset? Via: Sigh Humans

A Rule Of Thumb

Always remember to be kind, especially when you’re in a position of power. There is absolutely no reason to treat other people poorly, just because you can. As a society we get so competitive with one another, when the only person you need to compete with is yourself. We are all unique individuals, snowflakes, fingerprints, the ever changing moment, we all serve our purpose. There is enough room for everyone.

My first happy hour as a creative director went astoundingly well, especially for being last minute. I pulled everything together in less than 24 hours. This was my third day on the job. Easily I could have been big-headed, talked smack to anyone whose ever wronged me, and displayed a multitude of unmannerly behavior. But that’s not my vibe. As previous posts stated, I’ve felt states of depression, I’ve gone through traumatic events, I would never want to make anyone feel low. No matter what happens in life, my rule of thumb is “always treat people how you want to be treated.” Something my mother told me.

People who bring down others are miserable and insecure. Happy hoes ain’t hating, hating hoes ain’t happy. Be honest with yourself, have you been discourteous to others? Are you a happy hoe or a hating hoe? Why? Photo: Girlboss

Status: It's Complicated

Sometimes it seems easier to complicate, rather than express how you feel. Simply due to the amount of strength it takes to be vulnerable. No one wants their dreams crushed, feelings hurt, or to be made the fool. Do you complicate or communicate? If you never do the latter you risk losing a chance you could have had, two ships passing in the night. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Via: Meet Life 240

Marco Polo Rules

Sometimes I ask myself, like
You know, what it’s going to take for me
Not to be afraid
To be loved the way, like
I really wanna be loved
But I’m, but I’m, like scared
To really, really feel that
You know, it’s like you want something
But don’t know if you can handle it.

Smile Baby

Not in a sexist only women should do it way. Don’t you love that feeling of liking, or loving someone so much, that the simple things they do paint a rainbow over a shit day? A smile, running their hand through their hair, the way they sneeze… What else can be added to the list?

Dreams, Wishes And Goals

Accurate description of what this world should be for all of us, love, light and laughter. Don’t take it all so seriously, it runs through your fingers like water this thing called life. Have you spent time with people you genuinely care about lately? Photo: My Brown Box

Goddess Is Within

Take your time, these things are integral to your happiness and inner peace. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t distract yourself. You are worthy of healing. Are you taking the time to heal, grow and become, or avoiding the whole process?

Just Might Get It

Exhausted is an understatement.

One of my goals this year is to make money off my work, to produce more work, to leave a legacy behind. I won’t last, but my art will. I was guided to stay in on New Years in order to manifest what I really wanted. Week one in 2020 and I became the creative director for a bar and lounge located in Williamsburg. A dream job, the opportunity of a lifetime.

At first I applied like everybody else, but I knew in my soul this was for me, so I took the job. I went to the location, pretended I wanted to throw an event, got the owners personal email and pitched him. I fell in love with the space, it’s gorgeous and I want it to be seen. Immediately I went to work, because this is what I love to do. I am blessed and grateful. I got what I wished for! Yipee!

However, I am bone tired. When it doesn’t feel like work you keep going. So when it comes down to completing a flier, proper alignment for the website menus, scouting photographers, updating Saint Twenty, or sleep…I will choose to get the job done. This has left me fatigued. I haven’t redone my nails (which is my favorite part of every two weeks), I literally have to run out to purchase soap and lotion, I’m a sleep deprived mess. I’m a driven visionary, with the mentality of Steve Jobs. In the end it will all be worth it. Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it, the old adage goes. Now I fully understand. What do you wish for? What are you willing to sacrifice to live it? For those who have dreams fulfilled, was it worth it? Photo: No But Maybe