A Real Life Craft

“At the end of the day everyone just wants to be cool and beautiful. Think about it, that’s the premise of most movies, shows and books.” This is why I thank god everyday for my beauty, it is a gift given unmerited and to have it naturally bestowed is a blessing. The world yields for the beautiful, it always has and always will. And those who have no access to such a world notice it most. What I found in the past two days is a real life craft, a group of misfits who wanted the world, but weren’t pretty enough to be in. So their leader, made a plan, definitely called ugly all her life, which she is with her thin eyebrows, thin lips, uneven nostrils, extra skin on the other side of her nose, uneven chin, close together ugly eyes, a ratty ponytail, terrible taste in clothes, a non existent body, to get a man renowned for his high standards in women, in an attempt to force the world to see her as beautiful. For fame and money. I have found her on multiple troll accounts, trying to sway the opinion of his fanbase. The things she said, the lengths she goes through, reveals a woman mentally unstable, desperate, delusional and dangerous.

You and your coven have broken rules even the mightiest of god doesn’t break, by taking away the freewill of two people, in love no less. And you’re still irrelevant, because you’re that basic and ugly. Notice all the articles she forces them to use gorgeous and glamorous. You feel entitled to a persons lifestyle by any means necessary. You are disgusting and seem to think you can create a seed through such darkness, evilness and that seed will not show you darkness tenfold? You created a bond from darkness, the bond on your behalf will return. You will regret the tie that binds. Nothing will go as planned or in your favor.

You didn’t glamour the whole world darling, so no, we all still have eyes. You ain’t it. You got beat with the ugly stick HARD. You thought you were going to be a socialite, with endorsement deals and an empire. So off you skipped surgery, like normal people would get. You sold stories insulting my beauty, as if I would ever be second to you, as if he would have picked you a nobody, over her. To give you a baby she wanted to make yourself seem special, it’s pathetic. You blocked me first, you will not be unblocked. I’m not someone you disrespect. You will pay to the highest decree for what you’ve done. You not so big and bad now that I took your powers right? What happened I thought you were a bad girl, a boss bitch? Run pull up now that you know who the f*ck I am. And remember everyone, if somethings out of character investigate. Thank god the dead speak to me to find peace. Artist: Alexis Chivir-Ter

Water Yourself And Bloom

Word. Invest in yourself, whatever that may be to reach whatever goals you’ve set. Ways to do that vary, but include: proper sleep, good nutrition, learning, studying, exercise, reading…are you rushing to keep up with everyone else? Take your time. Make a plan that suits you and map out the steps to water yourself. Via: Seconds Apart

The Choice That Scares You

Staying in your comfort zone is a slow stagnant death, disguised as security. Take a time out to reflect, when’s the last time you did something that scared you? What was it? How did it change you? Via: Full Spirit Quotes

Coping Without Numbing

Being a former drug abuser, addict at one point, it’s really hard to process traumatic events without reverting back to numbing yourself. Pushing though the feeling is hard, but worth it. Instead I turned my instagram private to detox and am playing Jaded by Aerosmith while crying into a napkin before going out for the day. Rock is my healing music, always has been always will be. Dealing with your emotions without bad habits is no small feat. It’s important to share moments like this to connect and uplift anyone who is going through it, to track how far you’ve come, definitely not as a means for attention, which a lot of people think is cute. Today all my focus will be on me, I don’t give a damn about anything else. How do you cope? Is it healthy? Are you happy? Artist: Chloe Smart Print

I Got My Period, I’m Not A Punk

Sometimes this happens after your period comes, you’re charged up and break down for what seems like no reason. Anything can set you over the edge really, stubbing your toe, someone flaking on you, a missing article of clothing when you need it most. And you’re full on spiraling, sobbing to whomever will listen, only to call them back like “I got my period.”

Subtext: I’m not an absolute lunatic, or a punk bitch. Don’t judge me for that. Pretend it didn’t happen.
When’s the last time you over cried? Why did you change your mind about it? Via: Artworld

Come And Go Like Seasons

Deadass. A tough pill to swallow is letting go of relationships you thought would last forever. That’s just how it be sometimes. Fear not, there’s a plus side- the lesson learned, either through betrayal, a tragedy, a move, a reversal of fortune, there’s a million reasons bonds break. I let go of a friend who disappeared and even added to my stress when I was down, but as soon as she saw me release those receipts wanted to mosey back into my life after disappearing for six months…bitch bye. Social climber. It solidified to trust my instinct when you read a person the first time. From the dog kicking story, to stealing credit cards of a lost wallet to cover a tab, a person with no moral compass is not for me. Lesson learned, she also taught me a lot about spirituality from a different cultural perspective adding to my wealth of knowledge. For that I thank her and wish it could have been different, but hey the milk expired. Who was the last person you let go of and what was the permanent lesson? Via: 4Am Whistle

A-Hole Accountability

Take a moment. Is this you? Sometimes people don’t see how their actions, past or present can trigger a karmic tornado times three. Typically the blind to the consequences of their own actions aren’t introspective. For example, I victimized myself when cheated on only to realize I cheated to get into the relationship in the first place, this is my karma tenfold. Naturally I cheated back on him too…I mean…everyone was wylin. The point being I was the asshole in the first place, causing the karmic chain of events. Once I become self-reflective and took accountability life got better tenfold, lesson learned. Think back, were you an a hole who needs to take ownership in some instances? Via: Psycho Or Cute

The Definition Of Insanity…

Is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Want a new life? Change that shit up. The right thing to do is usually the hardest for a reason, it requires willpower, sacrifice and discipline. When I first started making different lifestyle choices I had to weed out a ton of people, who didn’t have the foresight or self-restraint. I’m sorry, how do you intend on being an actress if you close the bar every night getting wasted with your co-workers, leaving no time to pursue your goals? Missing auditions day in and day out, going back to the same job you despise, having nothing to show for it but a beer belly.

The people who criticized my decision are in the same place, stagnant, never evolving and confused as to why. Here it is, this is the reason- you kept doing what you always did, so you keep getting what you always get. Doing the hard work, spiritual and otherwise pays. Humans are suppose to adapt and evolve it’s intrinsic. BE honest with yourself, are you stagnant due to insanity or upgrading to a better version of you each day? Why or why not?

What Are You Holding Onto?

Daily yoga practice has me taking everyday inventory of the things I need to let go; a pillar of the practice is rooted in releasing negativity from the energetic body. Releasing is one of the healthiest, healing habits a person can have. You have no idea how much is pent up until you approach it with intention. Yin yoga really made me aware, as you have to maintain positions for lengthy periods of time to remove what is stored. Do this exercise, you’ll be surprised at what you find and how much of other people’s energy you carry. What are you holding onto: relationships, an experience, the past, failure…? Via: Cleo Wade