Universal Downloads 2020

There are so many downloads coming in, many messages for many people. When your powers come from god (born with it), you listen and respect the boundaries. I am not to reveal anything, it is for you to navigate with the information I have given thus far. When they come from the devil there is no respect, just taking, but the devil always comes to collect. Always. Stay grounded, exercise to release negative energy stored in the body and meditate to stop the mind from controlling you. This will all strengthen your intuition to decipher energy, people lie, energy does not. Side-note: Are you wearing your mask? Via: Mue Studios

What Are The Lines Of Your Life?

If you were to draw the lines of your life thus far, what would they look like in regards to these categories? Do they match up? A great way to reflect on your relationships. You can add additional lines, if you have multiple siblings, best friends, friends with benefits…Via: Word Hue

Add Tax To Your Existence

Both sentiments I stand by. Just last week I had the biggest revelation and appreciation for all the mistakes and failures I’ve survived. If I hadn’t dated toxic men, or been around horrible people I’d believe glitter was gold. I am so thankful for all my falls, it’s made me wiser, in turn making life easier to navigate. Also grateful that I value myself. If someone isn’t treating you with respect leave them and don’t look back. You tell people how to treat you with boundaries, or lack thereof. Which one of these do you need to work on, loving your failures or knowing your worth? Via: Amber X Irene

How Do You Make Others Feel?

All the cool kids are doing it. Stop treating people like shit and valuing things. That is all. Do you treat people with as much kindness, understanding and compassion as you could? Via: 8.46am

The Importance Of Now

Time is of the essence. The days are long, but the years fly by. Now is all we have, the past is gone, the future forever elusive. A common regret of the dying, not making the most of each moment. Could you be more present? An exercise: next time you eat a meal savor every taste, note the flavors, textures and colors in your head. Via: I got feelings

A Lesson Unlearned

Having to unlearn a lesson can sometimes be harder than acquiring knowledge from a new one. Beliefs that are deeply ingrained are often difficult to rewire, because it’s all you’ve known. Just because something is familiar and hasn’t stopped your survival, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be uprooted. I have unlearned SO many things. What took me the longest is trusting my intuition> mind. Literally, every time I’ve ignored that niggling feeling I’ve failed miserably. Even if my mind can’t put the pieces together, when I trust my gut it never does me dirty; it senses something beyond my mind’s comprehension. Meditation has strengthened that ability ten fold. What was yours? What are you still unlearning?