Are You Closed Minded And Stagnant?

Damn, I know so many closed minded people who find learning, evolving, a waste of time. They’re also the most miserable, jealous and want to bring others down to their low vibration. These are the people I outgrew and dumped. I didn’t realize it was due to their closed minds until seeing this post. When your entire friend group, or family is liked this, going against the herd is hard. Let me tell you, worth it. If they can’t keep up, belittling you for choosing yourself, make your own way. Dare to be a better version of yourself, dare to be different. Don’t dim your star for the ignorant, let them stew in their own stagnancy. Go be the star you were born to be. Let them watch from the gutter darling. Which group do you fit into? Be honest with yourself. How does it correlate to your joy? Are you willing to make the necessary changes? Via: SelfCareExpress

The Righteous Path

Most times the righteous path is difficult, but you have to trust the universe, your purpose and karma. When’s the last time you took this path? How did it serve you in hindsight? Via: Good_Vibe_Girl_Gang

Social Battery Recharge Please

Start the week fully charged, by cutting out things that drain you. In fact holding onto toxicity causes blockages, preventing you from elevating and receiving abundance, which comes in many forms. Leaving what you know behind can be scary, but it’ worth it. Promise. Live brave and strive to be a better version of yourself, you’ll be happier. Life is too short to stay stagnant and miserable. Remember, you are the company you keep, clean house. Which battery do you need to recharge this week? Via: YourSelfLoveMatters

Healers Aren’t Doormats

Straight like that.

Like I’m here to help, but I’m not the one. I didn’t want people to be afraid of me, but I’m over that now. Beltane has left me tired and powerful. Energy uploads can be exhausting. Must have been those good old epigenetic codes of being a woman and black I shed. Hello, hi, I’ve arrived, bring it on. I’m detached from the full compassion that makes me give endless chances. Want a deal you come to me, your life depends on it not mine, so if I offer you one, take it. Also, I’m no longer repeating myself, if I told you once, I told ya twice, wanna play? Try your luck if you’re foolish. I already did all the work. Fate is fate and I’m happy af. Everything coming to me I deserve. Blessings be for daddy.
Seriously though, healers can help or do the opposite. Never take someone’s kindness for weakness, for they are kind, because they know they can destroy you. Via: Empath Essentials

People To Stay Away From

Listen I trigger people all the time, I’m fully aware that some people compare themselves to me and “fall” short. I use quotations, because they’ve made themselves feel inferior, not me. I’m also fine if they need to remove themselves based on insecurity. Whatever makes you mentally well do it. Our vibes aren’t matched up, bye, you save us both the trouble.

Remember it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, if they’re doing any of the above in a non constructive manner, ditch them. Is there someone who fits this, that you need to leave behind? Via: SelfCareExpress

All I’ve Ever Done Is Leave My Comfort Zone

“You make it look so easy, that’s why many people are jealous of you,” said multiple psychics, including ones drawn to my energy off the street. Except it’s not easy, in fact when you think about it, all I’ve ever done is leave my comfort zone (albeit sometimes by force). Surrounded by death early and continuously, has made me fully aware of our one shot here. Yeah we’re infinite souls, but we’re finite humans, as unique as snowflakes and fingerprints! Or wine! Wine is my favorite comparison, because it’s complexity aligns with ours.

Sure you can choose to come back, but you won’t be Tara Garcia, Yasha Jones, or Blueberry Sunshine, ever again. You’re alive as you are right NOWWWW. You get to write your story, yeah my life is exciting, but I’ve also have been: homeless, attacked, stalked by Genc Jakupi for five years, that was traumatic, had many curses placed on me, suffered depression, been racially profiled, had unstable living situations, stalked copious amounts of times by powerful people, took weeks to escape that cult I joined by accident, just so many things…I mean, could you even handle the price paid for this exciting life? By no means, has anything been as easy as I make it look. I knew the risk of following my dreams, I took em anyway. I earned it. You can’t hate on people who leave their comfort zone for the adventure of life. You must ask yourself can you, will you leave your comfort zone? Is it worth the risk? Are you willing to take actual action consistently? Do you have faith in yourself and the universe to get you where you’re headed? You can’t just ask, you have to co-create. And most importantly, think of your life like a book you’re reading, what do you want your story to say? Is it interesting? Via: MinfdulThroughLife_

Reason Behind Ignoring Red Flags

In the past I ignored red flags like no other, painting people how I wanted them to be. Seeing their potential, not who they actually are. Trust in red flags, it’ll save you the future trouble of a relationship that isn’t gonna work. Be it friendship, family, or lover. Do you ignore red flags? Why? Has it bitten you in the bottom? Via: Curly_Therapist

I’m Here To Take You Out, Period

Everyone seems confused, so let me clarify- I’m not here for battle, me versus you, I’m here to take you out. If you were to win, I wouldn’t incarnate, but I did, because you don’t. You’re either with me, receiving blessings, or aligned with evil, hell bound with misfortune hitting you prior. Spare yourself the embarrassment, I’m Athena and queen witch bitch. Happy full moon.

People Who Are Good For You Mentally

Get rid of toxicity, it’s draining and lowers your vibration. If someone isn’t good for your mental health ditch them, life is too short to waste time, or energy, on people who don’t make you feel good. Replace them with people who care. That’s why I’m suing Mick Jagger and documented how he’s treated me. He thought I’d miss him, but I don’t. I truly just pity him, he’s stuck in toxicity because he’s a coward. He’s spineless and an old man child. Who do you need to leave behind? Via: An Anxiety Thing

Be Mindful Of Circles And Corners

Forreal. Some people don’t want you to do better than them, some people are keeping their enemies closer. Some people just straight evil. Some along to ride your coattail’s. Learn to read the vibe and treat people accordingly. People who care about you show it authentically. I have “friends” who want me beneath them, when they lucky to have met me. What they fail to realize is it’s only affecting them, be it not finding love, not being where they want to be career wise, or being influential…why? They reap what they sow. Be mindful of the people in your circle, some of them are parasitic, envious, snakes in the grass. Wishing you ill will. Cut em loose, you’re better off. Artist: Morg Made This