Mood: Chillin Like A Villain

I’m revived! Sprightly after being utterly exhausted. Better than ever baby. I went out to dinner, ended up at Hudson Yards, not Hudson street, because I read my friends text message wrong, picked up shit for my cat Jagger, then had to stay up to get a new acrylic set and pedicure. A dire situation.
It’s better to go early, fatigued, then later for hours; since Saturday’s are busy af in the afternoon/evening at a good nail salon. Long story short, it wasn’t enough time for a sleep deprived bitch. I’ll tell ya kids, they aren’t kidding when they say hitting your thirties sleep is priority. Some days I live to fucking sleep. Health is wealth and sleep is an integral part in that, especially as you age. All caught up now. Relaxed, high, wined and wined. Overall a great weekend indeed, cheers. Artist: St.AfterCigs

Pet Parent Problems

Spent the entire weekend at the vet’s office and still no one knows wtf happened to Jagger. She hurt her leg jumping down from a chair and couldn’t walk on her right paw. Nothing was broken. We think she just got an inflammation flare up, as she’s hopped up on drugs, walking around like normal now. That being said, every person who interacted with her had something to say regarding her attitude. She was called: sneaky, sassy, about business, is she like this with you? Here just take her, she wouldn’t let us take the cone off (mind you it was VELCRO! Not even the string kind). I let them know she was born crazy and it has nothing to do with my parenting skills. I didn’t raise her to be this way. In fact it took me twenty minutes to get a sedative pill down prior to the visit. I usually request liquid for this very reason. She stopped eating her wet food when I mixed the drugs in after sniffing it, therefore I had to stroke her throat as she tried to vomit the pill up.

I love animals, like I’m the type of person that if I feel a connection I will one hundred percent buy that pet. Maybe not a cat per se (or a bird, she would attempt to kill it at all cost), since Jagger tried to fight a stuffed cat that looked all too real. It was all fun and games until I pretended the toy was going to use her litter box. She then tried to attack me, running for my life, I shut the room door just as she did the highest jump I’ve ever seen. She would have landed on my chest and I’m 5 fucking 9. Long story short I never tried that hot shit again. I’m just happy she’s okay even though she high key wasted my time and money. Do you think names shape personality? Everyday I wonder, like why didn’t I get a good cat? Via: Shadows_Magazine

Celebs With Spiritual Gangsters

Cats are a huge deal spiritually, probably the most intuitive animal there is. No wonder there a witches go to and were worshipped in both Egypt and Greece. They aren’t demonic, although mischievous. If you don’t love them properly they’ll leave and they can tell when someone is evil, or when something bad is about to happen. Cats are great guides. Their purr emits a healing frequency. Originally I got mine to kill bugs and rodents, boy does she deliver, but what is their spiritual significance? Well it depends on the culture, color and species. Overall they’re protectors, mystics, wise af, curious, independent, playful, regal and the definition of self-love. We can learn a lot from cats, like how to set healthy boundaries. Pay attention to animals, look them up if they appear in dreams, or reoccur in your life, the universe is telling you something. What it is, is up to you to decipher. The universe talks, listen. Via: So Audrey Hepburn, 90s Boom Bap Rap & As The Vinyl Turns