A Dark Winter On The Way

Eleven million people and counting have contracted the coronavirus. The United States has taken the lead partially due to someone saying it was a hoax, politicizing science as a Republican versus Democrat issue, which it is not. This person is responsible for murder, as the United States has contributed to at least 20% of the death toll worldwide. This is only the beginning of a painful winter. My heart goes out to those who have loss someone and will lose someone, as well as those who have run out of assistance and find themselves with empty stomaches. Who am I talking about? Name the piece of shit and his family and their affiliates. Can you think of any other people who just said fuck it due to a perturbing entitlement and lack of regard for human lives (but love money)? Via: NW Mag

*Didn’t I tell ya (I do not focus on the short term I’m a long term type bitch): https://sainttwenty.com/2020/07/04/the-universe-never-makes-mistakes/

Dodgeball Blues

Waiting for New York City to legalize it feels like getting picked last in dodgeball. Come on bro, I’m standing right here! CHOOSE ME NEXT, I promise I won’t let you down. Anyone else feel these sentiments? Via: Duhugh

The Original Blair W.

Blair Warner ran so Blair Waldorf could walk. Do not forget about the original rich bitch from New York City. Both were intelligent schemers, as Warners catch phrase was “I just had another one of my brilliant ideas”, both were nosy, both had a plebeian nemesis (Jo for Warner, Vanessa for Waldorf), neither took shit from anyone and both loved super hard underneath their icy exteriors. Name the shows these queens belonged to. Via: It’s An 80s Thing & 1 Blair Waldorf 1

Versus Jar Edition

Truth be told both jars would be plentiful, I have a potty mouth. I’ve been cursing since I was 7 years old, it’s a part of me who I am. The plus side is people who curse, comme moi, are more intelligent and honest according to science (google it!). Which jar would collect them coins? What are you reading now? What’s your favorite swear word?

Kick Push For Feminism

A necessary perspective. Despite sitting on the steps of Union Square for a majority of teenage hood, it never dawned on me how sexist the sport of skating is. Betty gave me new eyes; now passing by on my way to Trader Joe’s the glaring gender disparity amongst skaters is all I can see. One that is perpetuated throughout the culture, from the stars, to the video game avatars emulating them. It’s amazing what you don’t notice when you aren’t searching, even if it’s doing backflips in your face. The only female there was watching her boyfriend cut up. I’m not making an assumption, they kissed, although they could be open, or friends with benefits (I don’t know their life).

Dating a former pro-skater who left the scene to produce reggae riddims, I had a slight foray into that world. We’d go to Carl Schurz Park where he taught me the basics. As counter-intuitive as it felt, the trick is using your dominate foot to steer. Eventually I was able to kick push without the safety net of him running alongside me, holding my hands. However when I wasn’t learning, I too was the one girl watching her boyfriend and his friends shred from the sidelines.

Betty tells the story of several young women coming of age, who are excluded from the boys club and decide to create their own table. One of the ladies is an exception to the bigotry and has an in with the men, but at what cost? A much appreciated and necessary contrast.

As a native New Yorker I must say I was left nostalgic for humid summer days turned into nights, filled to the brim with eternal adventure. Never knowing who I was going to befriend, or bump into. The scene when they hotbox the van is all too real. Do you take time to see different perspectives, or stick to narratives you already know? How does this choice play into your understanding of other people? Via: HBO

Twenty Twenty As Sam L.

Twenty Twenty taunted humans who threaten to leave a bad review if it keeps slamming them.

“If you never experienced a year like this another day in your life, I won’t lose any sleep. I already ruined your lives during my 12 months. Fuck you. Trash me in your history books. I don’t give a fuck.” Am I accurate or nah? Via: Karens Gone Wild

RIP Alex Trebek

Yesterday beloved television host Alex Trebek passed away of pancreatic cancer. It was a crushing blow after all the Election jubilation. After 37 years and over 8,000 episodes of Jeopardy, a show so iconic it spanned from one generation to the next, Trebek felt like more than just a household name. Saturating childhood evening, after evening with your nuclear, he became a family member. No matter the demographic each of us are able to recall the cadence of his voice, his poker face and a gentle spirit that radiated beyond the screen. Thank you Canada for giving us a legend who stoked the competitive American spirit, in a way that brought knowledge and merriment. Leaving us all to wonder, how well would you fare in front of such greatness? Rest in peace and always remember he had the answer, but what is the question? Via: Chicago History, Rerun The 80s & NYT Opinion

To The People Who Questioned Me:

And we don’t give a flying fuck what you think.

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