Georgia May Hates Black People

Why did Cara Delevingne get cursed out on Rihanna’s wall? Because I’ve given her a chance, grateful she healed me and she’s too white to read the room. How dare you repost racist, big faced, small brained Georgia May Jagger, whose silver spoon comes from black culture? Then had the nerve to get her reposted on a black blog. How fucking dare both of you? You literally see her being racist towards ASAP Rocky, you read the article (read Georgia May Jagger Is A Racist). The first photo is her being equally racist to another black male. Purse on her lap, body language stiff, meanwhile she’s the complete opposite with this white man. Laughing, turned towards him, purse on her lap, because a nigger isn’t going to steal it, with her equally racist, big faced, small brained mother. Jerry the hick Hall. Cara is on her last leg, your ethnicity and Aryan looks make you my priority of people to teach lessons to. You guys are going to experience reverse racism, courtesy of a Goddess and Queen Witch. Now you’ll know how it feels to be marginalized based on your genetics. Try me.
Georgia hates black people so much, like her siblings, she aided in a felony of the Karen who was going to kill her, ugly, murderer, rapist, Melanie no talent Hamrick (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick), to incarcerate the black person who saved her.

IDGAF nor will I tolerate entitled whites, especially mediocre basic ones. This is your karma. It always comes.

As you can see Mick Jagger’s kids were a huge reason I left his old ass. Also why they got kicked out of his the will. Trash, psychopathy, pedophilia, racism, talentless, abuse, murder, soul sells etc…(Murdaugh’s vibes)Hate them is an understatement. It’s just funny how like their family friends the Hilfiger’s you use black culture for profit, but you’re racist af. Just like the Kardashian Jenner West family, be it breeding black kids like plantation owners (sorry Chris Rock you aren’t that funny the older I’ve gotten, yawn), appropriating our culture from music to aesthetic and more. I’m not Naomi Campbell, Kanye the coon, Alvin Bragg, all of Destiny’s Child, I don’t tolerate that shit. I know how magical black people are, too bad most of us don’t and let them profit off us, while we gain no generational wealth.
I will show no mercy for those who participated and sided with the abuse of a black woman, who was kind, to near death. The price you’re about to pay, you can’t afford. Enjoy your time, you can’t buy more and when it’s up it’s eternal flames. Burn in hell, from my ancestors lips to Gods ears. Via: Getty Images

The Best Boondocks Episodes

The Boondocks is hands down one of the best animated series to ever be created, ever. It started off as one of the Sunday funnies I grew up on. When Aaron McGruder got the television deal I was hyped. For those of you unfamiliar with this pillar of the culture, it’s based on the misadventures of brothers Huey and Riley Freeman, who move into white suburbs with their grandad, after the death of their parents. Both characters are voiced by Regina King, who truly doesn’t get enough credit for this feat.
Huey is “politically sapient, and borderline militant…a self-described revolutionary left-wing radical who regularly reflects upon current events, as well as the plight of African Americans, as it relates to greater American society.”* As opposed to younger brother Riley, who admires rappers and gangsters, rather than revolutionaries. Riley is also highly intelligent, but uses his smarts for all the wrong things.

Although I have qualities of both, out of the two I’m definitely more Riley, just a nigga for no reason. To know me is to know this. I never said I was about shit, ya feel me?
In honor of Black History Month, here are the best episodes of The Boondocks in my opinion:
-Riley Wuz Here: Riley is mentored by beloved painter Bob Ross, who turns out to be far more woke and rebellious than expected. Together they make anonymous masterpieces around Woodcrest.
-Guess Hoes Coming To Dinner: Grandad, voiced by icon John Witherspoon, falls in love with a sexy young woman. Except he misses the glaringly obvious fact that she’s a hoe. Huey & Riley go through great lengths to prove it. Katt Williams makes an unforgettable cameo in this episode.
-The S Word: Riley, Grandad and Rev. Rollo Goodlove, get media attention when Riley’s teacher uses the n word. His teacher is white and they plan on suing. Thus begins the debate over what consequences should be had, if any.
-Grandad Dates A Kardashian: Okay so, this is only here due to the accuracy of that demonic family’s portrayal. The fake asses, lies, attention seeking, and need to leech off black culture like slave owners is spot on. It’s so, so fucking accurate.
-Freedomland: Grandad spends all of Huey & Riley’s money, leaving them indebted to Ed Wuncler. A reoccurring character, who now owns their home. As payment he forces them to work in his slavery themed park, “Freedomland.” Quite possibly my favorite episode of all time.
-The Passion Of Reverend Ruckus: Uncle Ruckus, a self hating black man (think Kanye, think Kodak Black), who claims to be infected with re-vitiligo, preaches on behalf of white Jesus. After having a dream where Ronald Regan greets him in “white heaven,” he doubles down on his disdain for black people. Spreading the word of white supremacy he gains a following.
-Return Of The King: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. awakes from a coma to find the current state of the culture isn’t what he dreamed of.

A satirical cartoon, the plots and characters are based on true events and people. The series is now on HBOMax. Watch it. You’re welcome. What are your favorite episodes? Via: Blk_Success


Rihanna Super Bowl Challenge

In light of all the haters, I decided to start a Rihanna Super Bowl challenge. Meaning? Meaning you tell us what you’d do knocked up to perform. Cause Imma tell you right now, a bitch is sitting down on the grass, the entire performance. I’m not levitating above shit. Furthermore, I’m finna eat mid performance. A tuna melt with french fries and I might nap. Afterward I’d be carried out on scantily clad men, holding me up on those things they used to transport royalty. Idgaf, y’all not finna work me on swollen feet with, swollen tits and a swollen belly.
Based on my PMS hormones, I’m 1000 percent sure I’d cry at some point, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If anyone wants to get slick, I’d serve them an IOU an ass whooping. The recipient at that point can select a time, date and location for a postpartum fight. This is why being a performer isn’t for everybody.
Katy Perry is the worst to ever do a halftime, ever.

Side note, shout out to all the parents who work 40 hours a week. Literally they barely have time to breathe, or do anything for themselves. I don’t have a kid and I’m exhausted. We definitely have to do better as a society, especially for mothers. How would you perform pregnant? Via: IBadGalRiiri

Melanie Hamrick Forever An Ugly Loser

“I’ve watched Lifetime Movie Network. I know how power hungry white women operate. They do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top, all sneaky and shit. And once they’re at the top, you bet their asses they’re gonna do anything they can to keep their place there. Steal a baby, cut up somebody’s dog. Sneaky things.”

Melanie ugly ass Hamrick, is one of those problematic, nasty, white women. A desperate Karen, just like that bum bitch Sally Wood. That’s why I knew I could set her ass up. I play white women games all day, I grew up with them. You got the right bitch. As you can see, she’s not prettier than L’wren Scott, in any world. She didn’t and still doesn’t have a career, because she’s ugly. That’s why she stalked, murdered and raped. She literally raped an old man after killing his partner. She’s pathetic. Mick Jagger is one of the most superficial people the world has ever known. What did Melanie have to offer, that would make him leave Mormon, gorgeous, successful L’wren Scott, who had no problem with his dalliances, for a nobody? Nothing. That’s why she can’t keep her story straight (read How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). That’s why Ronnie Wood posted about the night they met, “What do you remember?” (read Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite), because Mick doesn’t remember meeting her. Why should he, he was black magicked by an ugly bitch, who sold her soul to get L’wren to kill herself (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick).

She then had plans of doing the same to me, because she’s a rapist (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me). She then paid Alvin Bragg’s greasy ass, to try to get the evidence removed, because she couldn’t sue me for defamation. Since I’m telling the truth. As the evidence shows, the same evidence the judge saw to dismiss my case. I’ve only ever messaged her troll accounts she stalks me on, Mick doesn’t want custody of that murder rape baby, so he aided in a felony hate crime. Now everyone’s going to jail over an ugly loser.

She then had the nerve to stalk the movie star who saved me. Delusional, she thought because Daisy Edgar Jones has the same features, they look alike, just wait til I share that evidence. Until, then read Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly. Girl you not cute, that’s why you aren’t connected to anyone else, nor have a career even with a legend. She can’t get a man without black magic rape. I can, like all the other women Mick consented to. That’s why I left his ass, too beautiful for this shit.
Thanks to her, I now have jurisdiction over Mick. He’s now subject to NY law, which I didn’t have prior. Now I don’t need an international lawyer. My blessing, his curse.

She’s a joke. Now the devil’s come to collect, read Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon for why L’wren’s behavior didn’t add up that day. I gotta motor, I’m late giving my lawyer any missing information needed. Enjoy your time hoes. Athena. Via: Lwren.Scott

Parenting With Love V. Survival

Being a parent is an important job, it shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor forced upon anyone. Please make sure you’re raising kids with love and not survival. The latter causes trauma that perpetuates generationally, as we’re all products of our environments. Do note you can break the cycle, it’s worth the work. Which were you raised in? Which is your parenting style? Via: Positive_Regard_For_You

The Push By Ashley Audrain

Blythe loves her husband more than anything, so she becomes the thing she fears most for him. A mother. While her husband comes from a loving, nurturing family, hers is dysfunctional and abusive. “You won’t be like your mother,” Fox promises Blythe. Except it’s a generational cycle, which Blythe fails to mention. Etta, Blythe’s grandmother, despised her daughter Cecelia, Cecelia loathed Blythe and Blythe feels the same about her daughter Violet. She takes pleasure in ignoring her cries, letting her sit in dirty diapers, writing instead of feeding her. In turn, the older Violet gets the more violent, according to Blythe. Meanwhile Fox is the apple of his daughters eye. Determined to do better, Blythe has Sam, a baby boy she dotes on to the point of veneration. Sam changes everything, giving the novel it’s title.

This book is so fucking good. It’s an original, refreshing, innovative and unconventional psychological thriller. The first person narrative is a effective cathartic tool. This books deals with generational karma/curses, epigenetic’s, the modern family (in a very surprising way), imprinting, abandonment, and the bond between parent and child, as well as lovers. An amazing read, had my mind reeling. Via: Rachel Turns The Page

Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly

Let’s talk about delusion. Melanie ugly ass Hamrick, thought because she has the same features as Daisy Edgar Jones, they looked alike. As you can see from these side by sides, Daisy’s beauty limns Melanie’s lack of. Melanie’s eyes are ugly and close together, gaunt circles underneath them. Daisy’s are large and doe like. Melanie’s nose is hooked, missing a piece of nostril, and on the opposite side having extra skin on the nasal passage. Melanie has paper thin lips, to Daisy’s full ones. Melanie’s chin like her nose is uneven. Daisy is beautiful, which is why she has a career, Melanie is ugly, which is why she doesn’t.

Melanie has been a nobody her whole life, never the star dancer, never sexy, had one boyfriend she dumped to rape Mick Jagger (even with a legend she’s still a nobody), and killed L’Wren Scott (read: Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). L’Wren who was a socialite, gorgeous, successful. Melanie who stalked her, tried to be her in photos and used the full moon to perform a satanic ceremony with her coven to get L’Wren to kill herself (read: Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon). Superficial Mick Jagger, the psychopath, obsessed with beautiful objects, would never choose her. Which is why she tried to get my evidence removed.

Why would I join this freak show family? Pedophilia, racism, mental instability, psychopathy, soulless, with a murderer, rapist, stalker involved. Every person Mick has been tied to has been tied to other powerful people, except delusional, ugly, talentless, Melanie Hamrick. She’s a loser, which is why she did what she did. You sold your soul and still can’t sit with us, the beautiful people. Don’t ever disrespect Daisy or L’Wren again. Ugly bitch. Ps soon you’ll see where this is coming from, it’s not time yet. It involves the movie star who saved me, who she’s been stalking for over a year. Via: Daisy Source

Mick Jagger And Epstein’s Black Book

Mick Jagger was in Jeff Epstein’s black book for a reason. After dating him, from experience I know he’s not an ignorant person. In fact even in old age he’s extremely sharp, prescient and has been a powerful witch. He’s not pretending to be anything else, from coven photos with the band (read The Stones Are A Coven), satan references, the incubus he conjures and drew on his Primitive Cool album (read Mick Jagger’s Incubus Energy), Voodoo Lounge this and Voodoo that, he knew exactly what Epstein was about. From first hand Hollywood dealings, they all knew and Naomi Campbell should be in prison. Don’t worry sweetie we still have time for that, now I’m here and I love finding ways to make dreams come true. Madame.

Raw Dawn Chong, the daughter of famous stoner comedian Tommy Chong, of Cheech & Chong and That 70’s Show, slept with Jagger. She was 15, Mick was 33 and married to Bianca Jagger. Dawn claims Mick didn’t know her age. Lies. Mick, the socialite, didn’t know how old the daughter of a famous actor was? Not only that Andy Warhol has an entry with Mick trying to get with a high school girl.

Now I’ve always heard rumors of The Rolling Stones (minus Saint Charlie Watts, the pure one) purposely picking up baby groupies, but didn’t believe it. Except Keith Richards took 16 year old Jolie Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones on tour.

He and Mick also wrote a song entitled Stray Cat Blues, that not only confesses to having sex with underaged girls, but asks for them to bring their friends. One child isn’t enough, let’s add more. Should we be surprised when Bill Wyman at 47 years old, started dating 13 year old Mandy Smith? Hiding it until she was 16, the age of consent in the United Kingdom.

It was a different time. That it was, but even in those times it was illegal. People turn a blind eye, so you don’t have to call out Jimmy Page, David Bowie (who according to many, isn’t true), Steven Tyler and more. For the girls it was about liberation, sleeping with your idol….so they thought. Except the highlight of your life was sleeping with a statutory rapist, pedophile adjacent rockstar, who saw you as a means of control. An object to be had. I can’t imagine what I’d have in common with a teenager for dating, conversationally, or sexually. As a woman who was once a teenager, at no point is a 13 year old, 15 year old, mature. We may think we were, but we aren’t. These men are predators, who saw moldable sex toys to control.
Plus Mick Jagger in modern times was still in Epstein’s black book. Doing the same shit. As someone who barely got evidence on him in the beginning (thanks Melanie you ugly, deformed, delusional, talentless, stalker, murder, rapist bitch, without her perjury hate crime I’d be screwed), he is 100 percent capable of being apart of Epstein’s ring and not getting caught. He also tried to force me into selling myself, so who knows what his involvement really was. All I can say is, he was definitely involved in one way, or another.
He knew how old those girls were, he just didn’t care, since “it ain’t no capitol crime,” to screw kids who barely know what life’s about. This isn’t the 1700’s, we don’t die at 24, meaning girls marry at first blood. He also said something to me regarding toddlers and sex, that was a huge red flag. His kids have it, Chris Evans who helped him hold me hostage and abuse me, has it.
Evans is a nasty piece of work. Had either felt bad about their abhorrent behavior, I wouldn’t be writing this, my money returned and them not going to prison.

We all rally to take down BALENCIAGA , but Donald Trump has copious settlements for sexually abusing kids. Y’all still root for him, keep the same energy.
All these people are asking why Steven Tyler’s accuser is seeking money now. The answer is obvious. We’ve turned a blind eye to abuse from powerful people for far too long, and finally there’s a time for the victims to be compensated.
Mick Jagger regrets nothing and has done everything he’s been accused of. He’s still holding me financially hostage, abused me, he’s betrayed me, he’s a pedophile, a psychopath, a misogynist who abuses women. Turning a blind eye is over and all who aligned with his abuse of a Goddess will pay with their souls and more. The Rolling Stones are predatory, cultural appropriating, misogynistic racists, who are about to pay with everything they’ve built over money, mediocre kids and enabling a psycho with no regard for human life. Times up. Via: Real Rae Dawn Chong insta, Ultimate Classic Rock, Andy Warhol Diaries & Groovy History Pics

Sativa Versus Indica An Education

I smoke whatever I’m in the mood for, but for those of you who don’t know the difference between sativa and indica here goes. Sativa stimulates, it increases energy, increases focus, eases depression, its light green in color, long and best used during the day, a mind high, and good for fighting anxiety.

Whereas, indica is a body high, higher CBD (while the former is higher THC), dark green in color, bushy, short, best nighttime because it relaxes, eases nausea, stimulates appetite, relaxes muscles, acts as a sedative and relieves pain. It’s a cute little sleep aid.

Then of course there’s the hybrid, but we won’t get into that. There are copious marijuana strains, all falling under either, or, hybrids a mix of both. Find what works for you, and when it works for you. Via: ArtBy_Mozart

The Meaning Of A New Moon

A new moon is coming in two days time. What does that mean spiritually though? Well, it’s a time to pause, reflect, let go of what no longer serves you, manifest, new beginnings, start new projects and set your intentions for the coming month.

As for magic, spells that work best for are banishment, money, health and binding. Every phase has its purpose. What are you going to do this new moon? Via: Horoscope Dotcom