Clean And Clear Skin

People who know me are always flummoxed that I don’t wear foundation, nor do I contour my face. Fortunately enough I was born with bone structure, so there’s no need for that. As I’ve said in prior post, my skin routine is French AF. I am dedicated to taking care of my skin, as opposed to dousing it in pounds of make up. Part of my routine is washing my face daily, with Clean and Clear.

I go between the blackhead eraser and the deep action scrubs. Both work. The key components being that they exfoliate my skin and have salicylic acid, an essential ingredient in fighting acne and removing blemishes. If you don’t exfoliate you’re literally walking around with dead skin piled on your face. Yuck!

These cleansers are oil free, don’t dry out your skin and are gentle enough to use everyday. So I do. For other face clearing tips peep the links below:

Egg mask:
Aztec Mark:

Forever Hold Your Peace

It’s so hard giving a book review without spoiling it. This book was seriously f*cked up. So this famous artist is accused of killing her husband and placed in a mental facility, where she doesn’t speak a word for seven years. She also stops painting. Theo, determined to get her to speak, joins the psychiatric team. Others have tried and failed at getting her to talk, but he is convinced he can do it.

The director of the ward allows him to try unconventional tactics to do so. In a desperate attempt to prevent the facility from being shut down. Theo has been warned not to fall in love with the artist, as she has a way with men. A femme fatale if you will.

This book is actually funny in a dark way. It’s filled with twist and turns, as the reader tries to determine who really committed the murder. Dude, it does not end the way one would expect. Truly a brilliant piece of work. Photo: A Girl On An Adventure

Watch This: Sex Explained

Wondering what to watch this weekend? Look no further than this mini-series covering the biology and sociology of sex. Why you ask? Well sex is a crucial part of the human psyche and experience. Plus you learn all these cool tidbits, here are eight that stood out to me:

  1. An ancient form of birth control, women putting various forms of animal dung in their lady parts. Yes, you read that right. Animal dung in your vagina. Thank god I exist here and now.
  2. Your sexual fantasies don’t mean anything, they don’t say anything significant or psychological about you…for the most part. It’s not that deep.
  3. Gay men on average have more older brothers than their straight counterparts. Leading to an antibody theory of sexuality starting in the placenta.
  4. Preference of body type depends on your environment. A test conducted on African men from the Zulu tribe, where AIDS/HIV runs rampant showed a larger size was favored. Skinny bodies were affiliated with carrying the virus. When men from that tribe moved to the UK, they showed a preference for skinner body types. Where you live says everything about who you find sexy.
  5. Identical twins are not attracted to the same people.
  6. When birth control pills first hit the market, they secretly tested it on women as if they were guinea pigs. Super unethical.
  7. The sperm that got you here had a 1/250,000,000 of making it. You know what that means? You’re lit AF and were meant to be.
  8. Black women are ignored when they express their pain at the hospital. Doctors often don’t give them drugs despite their pain, due to conditioning that they can handle it. Unlike their white counterparts who complain of being overly medicated. This is why the former has a higher death rate during childbirth.

Find this on Netflix and chill. Educate yourself. Will you be watching? Photo: F It Bruh

Talking To Strangers

“Human beings are not transparent. But when is this kind of thinking most dangerous? When the people we observe are mismatched: when they do not behave the way we expect them to behave.”
*Photo: Mainly Styles

Passion Planner

Waiting for the year to end so I can use my blush Passion Planner, got my colored pens and highlighters on deck. My business partner introduced me to this and it’s my third year purchasing one. Why you ask?

  • Passion Road Map: They give you a chart, where you write down what you wish to achieve in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and this lifetime. They then provide you with a second chart, allowing you to break down the steps of your wishlist. Now big goals don’t seem so daunting.
  • Quotes: Each week they give you a quote and a challenge related to said quote, that pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • Positivity: It enables you to focus on the positives in your life, by leaving space once a week for you to write down the good things that happened.
  • Monthly reflections: At the end of each month, you are asked several questions about how it went. Then asked to rate how the past thirty days made you feel overall.

This planner is super introspective and reminds you to be organized, diligent and grateful for everything you have, while giving you the space to evolve. A lot of times we get so caught up in the minutiae, the day to day dramas and emotional rollercoasters, that we forget to process it all in order to grow.

Christmas Eclipse

Tonight is the last eclipse of the year! How conspicuous that it’s on Christmas. So what does it all mean? We will be entering a portal that ushers in abundance and new beginnings! So for the people who have been actively doing your spiritual work and letting go of all the things that no longer serve you, good fortune is on it’s way.

So continue to pray, express gratitude and get ready for elevation to a new level. This is not a drill, think about the timing: new decade, holiday season where many people are triggered to heal whatever familial, or love issues they have and it’s right before the new year! Stay positive and remember better late than never, if you want to start to evolve now.

This a good time to reflect, mediate and set your intentions. Name three intentions you have for the new decade. Artist: Indg0

Kurt Cobain Diary Entry

Thank you Kurt Cobain for the stark reality. Another art form stolen from black people. Yet the Grammys and MTV tried to bar us. Photo: Retro Journal

Where Energy Flows

After reading Jen Sincero’s ‘You Are A Badass…’ I came to this revelation about the types of people I attract.

A lot of past living situations, my roommates who started off normal turned out nuts. Psychopaths, narcissists, like actual textbook and not everyday adjectives. The universe manifest what you give attention to period. So all it picked up was my putting energy into what I didn’t want, therefore I kept bringing it to life. Once I started putting energy into what I want, rather than what I don’t want, the latter disappeared.

Be very mindful of your thoughts, they are what shape your reality and create the world around you. Do you tend to focus on what you want, or what you don’t want? Do you see the correlation in your life (home, work, finances, relationships…)?