Happy Birthday George

The quiet one. The spiritual one. My favorite one, I just loved his aesthetic the most (please don’t hate me Paul and Ringo). He never stopped writing, despite the lyrical genius of John and Paul, finally earning some credit with Here Comes The Sun, Taxman and As My Guitar Gently Weeps. I can feel the tension in that group, can you imagine presenting a song and having it rejected? He just kept going. What’s your favorite song? Via: 60s N Stuff

Period Roulette

Real talk. Even though periods differ month to month it’s usually day one that takes me over the edge. If my uterus wants to play Russian roulette with me, like I won’t k.o us both, so be it. If you are having bad cramps hot compression pads, hot showers, chocolate, weed and working out are some solutions. Also water, water, water, dehydration exacerbates the pain. Via: Ms Bling Miami

Stop Asian Hate

Silence is violence. Stand up for those who are being racially targeted. Fuck anyone who believes prejudice, racism and discrimination are acceptable forms of human behavior. You are anything but, hate is disgusting. Do the right thing; treat people how YOU want to be treated: support Asian artists and businesses, share post, report hate crimes, donate, do something. You can start by watching one of my favorite films Kung Fu Hustle, you welcome. Via: Classic Goat

Happy Birthday Edward Enninful

And through all the muck and stars falling into the gutter there remains a true visionary, fashions art savior, Edward Enninful. Happy belated birthday to a genius. His accomplishments thus far are notable, being the youngest fashion director of an international magazine at 18 with i-D, the first black editor in chief at Vogue and more recently promoted to editorial director of all European publications, he’s had a huge hand in bringing inclusivity to the fashion industry. Bold and brave, he isn’t here to play it safe, he’s here to change the climate, be ahead, set the tone. This is just the beginning.

Didn’t They Tell You That I Was A Savage?

No I told you that.
FOR MONTHS I told y’all to leave me alone and everyone & they mama (you know who you are because I have the receipts) wanted to try me. I told you that family is stupid and does dark magic to be successful (as do MANY of their friends, you’re not low). I told you to apologize (only one person did and I left her ass alone). I told you to be kind, I’m from the UES, I don’t play like that and still you thought it was cute. I told you where you align is where you will fall. Now it’s MY TURN. I’m slow to anger, but boy when you get me there, you’ll regret it.

I scroll through social media, the internet after seeing a hate crime, or racial bias, I see black people like Michelle Obama and Issa Rae expressing helplessness, sorrow, depression and it fires me up even more. Where do you get off? Thank you god for blessing me to solve the issues at hand.

You mocked me and thought it was a joke, except I’m going to be the only one laughing. I don’t feel bad, will never feel bad, in fact I feel ANNOYED that I have to expend energy on trash. You aligned with what you are, law of attraction.

I see photos like the above and I will make you yield by any means necessary. There are no excuses for why I was attacked when considered weak, I gave endless chances, so save it. You made the choice by freewill and you will suffer the consequences.

My apologies to Megan The Stallion, had I not posted ‘Stalli’ as a masterpiece they never would have targeted you and Kanye West cute trip to Haiti in an effort to find something out about me, how did that pan out? Idiots.

You have only yourselves to blame, you’re evil, nasty people.Via: Gordan Parks Foundation & Phat Gurl Blogs

Happy Belated Kurt

No one is loved like musicians. You know, no arts…Musicians are loved by people. You know, really loved, because they give them the ability to express their emotions and their memories. There’s no other form that does that.. I mean, I really think musicians, probably musicians and cooks, are responsible for the most pleasure in human life. I mean, music makes people happier, um, and it doesn’t harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. You know, so it’s very unusual. It’s like a drug that doesn’t kill you.

*Fran Lebowitz to Martin Scorcese/Photo: Island Music Agency

Happy Birthday RiRi

Rounding out my top three style icons is Rihanna, the Caribbean pisces princess queen. Never forget when she put those people on that plane and they never saw her and that’s it’s ugly until she wears it. Her birthday like Kurt Cobain’s was on the 20th of February, icons only. What’s your favorite Bad Girl Riri song? Via: Slice Dot Ca

Pisces Season Is Here

Stop The Slander…

Also me: going through the rolodex of people who fall under this sign, trying to find a sane person and coming up completely empty handed.

Via: Styling It Vintage

Happy Birthday Yoko

Yesterday a bad bitch was born.
No, she is NOT responsible for breaking up The Beatles, but having your name turn into an international, certifiable reference forevermore is major. An underrated Halloween costume for sure, there are so many phases to choose from. An icon. Which Yoko period is your favorite? Photographer: Matthew Placek