Many Faces Of Depression

Check in with yourself, check in with others. Depression has many faces and facets. There’s nothing wrong with not feeling your best. Maybe go down the list and take stock of what resonates, then pick what you want to work on. Start small, pinpoint what’s making you lonely, what’s triggering your anxiety, when do you feel disconnected…just don’t numb yourself. Know you aren’t alone.Via: Anxiety Healer

Dear Zola Story, Stop Playing With Me

Thirty years, I gave y’all thirty years of my life waiting on this movie and when you released the trailer I got mad hype. My friend who apparently lives under a rock got addicted to the tweets and now we both waiting, as June 30th crawls achingly slow for the release. If y’all don’t hurry up…Is anyone else chomping at the bit to see this movie finally?! Via: A24

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

With all the injustice going on it’s more important than ever to celebrate the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders this month. People who revel in hate are the gutter of humanity. Show your love and support by standing up to violence and racism. Read books, watch films, educate yourself on someone else’s point of view, intervene when you see something horrible, donate to businesses and victims. When’s the last time you immersed yourself in Asian and Pacific Islander culture? What are other ways you can honor these communities? Via: Kevins World Famous Chili

Killing The Ways Of Old

If you are filled with hate and hell bound, you will know when your time is nearly up. The demons who take you to eternity will start to enter your sleep. Was it worth it? No. You can’t take the money with you, can’t guide your loved ones in this dangerous world, or watch over them. You won’t even be able to see what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, it is all for not. A good reference point is the movie Drag Me To Hell, where she chooses money over helping a woman keep her home and couldn’t escape her fate. Look around, have you not seen the bigger picture in humanity, that justice and karma through social movements and more are killing the ways of old? That things beyond what some thought possible are occurring? Did you not wonder why? And where do your values align? Where you align is where you will fall, as I’ve said before and I will say no more. Via: The Fairy Art Mother

Enough Men Keep Us In Fear

Thinking about following a girl after catcalling to no avail? How about don’t, it’s aggressive, demeaning and it scares us.

Wanna berate us, curse us out, because we declined your unsolicited offer to hook up? How about fuck off, we’re humans with our own agenda’s, our lives don’t revolve around some horny, ill-mannered, uncouth stranger. How dare you.

Feel like talking aloud to your friend about the dirty things you’d do to MY body, as if you’d have a chance? Or talking to me when I’m talking to someone on the phone, have my earphones in? How about don’t interact with me.

Women want to feel and be safe, not go to the bathroom in mass exodus as children in fear of getting snatched, not turning our heads every which way when journeying home fearing murder, or rape. Artist: Vulgar Drawings

Happy Birthday Barbra

A colloquialism I created and often use “Pulling A Streisand”: being exclusive with your time, energy, social circle and affairs, because you’ve already cemented your legendary status, à la Streisand. “She needs to pull a Streisand, she doesn’t need them.” Social media distorts reality, sometimes icons forget there’s levels to this shit. Ignore the numbers, the work speaks for itself. You know how many of the greats I don’t follow? I don’t need to, they’re woven into the tapestry of culture, they have nothing to prove. If instagram disappeared they’d still be relevant. We’re mostly here for aesthetics, duh. What’s your favorite Barbra Streisand piece? Via: Harper’s Bazaar

Ditch A Vice This Weekend

The older I get the more vices I’ve kicked, which reflects not only in my mental wellness, but skin. Significantly reducing my alcohol intake, quitting cigarettes, cutting out hard drugs and processed foods (god I miss Cup O Noodles now it aches my stomach) and decreasing my sugar/ junk food ingestion has me looking younger than I did in my twenties. I look at my skin then and can’t believe how unhealthy it looked. Plan for the future by starting today, pick one vice to cut down until you ditch it. Via: The Dust Rails

Happy Belated Luther & Iggy

Two iconic legends with signature music and style. One with a voice like a velvet teddy bear, the other a screaming contortionist. What are your favorite tunes by Vandross and Pop? Via: David Corio & Creem Magazine

Racist Deal Or No Deal

And now that the proof of a recent “I’m not a racist” redhead has been passed along to the right people, you can see these liars for what they truly are. I love seeing people’s true colors which is why I let lies told about me remain, they worked out for me like a fucking charm. How you treat people who can do nothing for you says everything about your character. I don’t make deals with trash, I take it out. There is no justification for any of the parties involved, not from the ten hour trolling, the lies, the cultural appropriation, the white man’s burden mockery of justice (the duty of white people to help less developed non-whites), children as accessories to access what you are not and will never be and so much more. Why should I care about your careers or family, you didn’t. You saw the unsavory and doubled down on your behavior. Ight bet. Like I said to the people of color in power THEY TOLERATE YOU. AND TO THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT OH SHE LIKES ME LET ME SWAY HER I RATHER TAKE YOU OUT TOO IDGAF. All of you are disgusting, entitled, arrogant, immoral and most of all fucking stupid. What a bunch of idiots. And for my non celebrity readers you’ll know soon. And trust I’m MEANER in person, you wanted war you got it. I do forgive you, but accountability is accountability. Can you justify racism and bullying from grown ass people especially when they are public figures? Via: FemeStella

Happy Birthday Selena

When Scar let’s his brother Mufasa fall on his own volition, that was the first time I recognized sorrow and understood death. The first time I experienced the desire for vengeance was in your honor, most of my friends had that moment. “It’s over for Yolanda forever and the actress who plays her.” In your short time here you gave us signature fits, a new sound, quality work, a banging 90’s babe for inspiration and a love for you that made us want to behead that monster, anything for Selena’s. An icon. What’s your favorite Selena song? Via: John Dyer