Rolling Stones Women De-Evolution

The Rolling Stones went from having the most beautiful, stylish, cool, influential women, to nobody bitches, who need to brush their hair and only look good standing next to old men.
Nobody wants to be, or bone Sally Stubby Wood and Melanie uggo Hamrick- the stalker, murderer, rapist. I was their redemption. I feel bad leaving Patti Hansen by herself, the only bad bitch they have now. What a fucking fall from grace. From Marianne Faithfull & Anita Pallenberg to this? Two raggedy Anne Karen’s? I’m doing them a favor by calling it, before they embarrass themselves any further. Where’s the lie? Via: W Magazine & Daily Mail

People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick

Please don’t call yourself a fan, or even intelligent and not notice the reality of relationships. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen don’t fuck with Melanie ugly ass Hamrick. Neither did Charlie Watts, nor her murder rape baby. Fake ass fans. Unlike Ronnie and Sally Wood, the Richards aren’t Mick Jagger’s slaves. Nobody tells Keith Richards what to do, which is why he is the most rock n roll ever. My style icon, the man I got almost everything from, possibly my biggest influence, down to attitude. Mick got confused and thought I was bimbo Jerry Hall, or one of his clan.
Actually come to think of it, Keith only fucks with Mick when it’s about work. No birthdays, no hanging out, nothing. Probably because that bitch Brenda is a psychopath monster, who literally didn’t give af that Charlie Watts died- asking me to give him money for his funeral. Ensuring he had full financial control to enslave me. Brenda also destroyed their life’s work for an ugly bitch, who raped him for money and murdered L’wren Scott. Let me guess, you’re crying you decrepit hotdog faced bitch, because Keith isn’t going to help you? He’s not gonna pose with some deformed faced girl to help you abuse me, after I saved your lives. Cover up a murder. Boost your ego. Cause you could have just gotten custody like I said, but instead you’re going to lose everything and go to prison. Pedophile scum. That’s why Charlie was helping me. That’s why Keith isn’t going to jail.

Notice picture three, Keith hanging out with Mick’s grandson, no such pictures with the murder rape baby.
The following pictures are Charlie and Patti with L’wren, things they’ve never done with Melanie the rapist parasite. This is probably one of the only times Richards hasn’t hung out with Mick and his chick. Because Melanie isn’t Stones material. She’s weird, ugly, deformed, a stalker, murderer, rapist, talentless, has no self-respect, a loser all her life, and mentally unstable. She fits right into that psychopath family.

After not speaking to him for a year, getting my energy back, not watching his videos, or listening to his music, seeing how disgusting he is (trying to get me to accept his abuse and pedophilia like the others)- I want him to die in prison. He can’t get or keep pretty girls anymore, because he’s vile. Thinks the sun and moon revolve around him. Disrespected the dead and a Goddess. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson you can’t afford to pay. You are going to be a nobody just like Melanie, what they remember you for will make you wish for death. I’m going to take everything from you.
Birds of a feather, she’s ugly and now you’re ugly. Beauty is power, you’re finished.
Don’t want to be a good human? Give me my money? Thank L’wren Scott for saving you? Drag more people to hell? Abuse women? Then I’m going to give you back what you gave thee, by ten, not three, so mote it be. Athena and Queen witch, you’re gonna learn your place boy. Via: Fashionista6373, Best_Pics_Of_ Stones & Getty Images

Noor Alfallah Vs. Melanie Hamrick

Last name Anne, first name Raggedy. That’s who Melanie Hamrick is and will always be. It’s just funny how her and Mick Jagger have been girlfriend and boyfriend for almost ten years, when the reality is you black magic murdered L’wren Scott after stalking her, then black magic raped an old man. He’s your second or third sexual experience and you raped him.
Melanie with her uneven face and no talent, then proceeds to blab so many lies to the press she pays, her stories don’t add up. If you were on the instagram page for this blog saint_twenty, you’d have seen my post regarding the discrepancies in her multiple engagement stories. I mean how many times is she gonna run that lie? She purchased that ring herself and I doubt it’s real, like her relationship. Embarrassing.

Now that you know how the media works, which is fuck credibility or journalistic integrity, we’ll publish whatever you pay us to say, let’s take a look at Noor Alfallah.
Recently to gaslight me, Melanie and Brenda that bitch, have pretended to be monogamous and solid since meeting in 2014. Funny how this Daily Mail article backs up everything I’ve been saying.
Photo 1: Melanie knows he’s seeing other women, fighting to make sure she’s his number one girlfriend and not just a baby mama.
Bitch, you’re lower than a baby mama, you’re a rapist, with a murder rape baby holding an old man hostage. Second of all, who the fuck are you bitch, to be sending warnings. Ain’t nobody scared of your raccoon eyed ass. You are not above L’wren, Noor or myself. The black glamour magic went your head, she thought she was actually beautiful. Side note: Sally Wood also is only attractive next to an old man and she’s fake af. Which is your friend Noor, or Melanie- your almost twin? Both of you need a hairbrush, you’re only slightly more attractive than her. Never forget it. Here she is as usual going along with whatever these two domestic abusers do. Spineless.
Photo 2: Mick as usual has multiple women, just like he does now. Which is why he made sure that engagement rumor was squashed. The article continues by saying Melanie is stronger than Jerry Hall, she gets angry, instead of crying…I’m sorry Jerry Hall who threatened to pull a gun on Janice Dickinson? Jerry Hall who fought Carla Bruni? Jerry Hall who had her own affair with millionaire Robert Sangster to punish Mick? Jerry who was chosen for her beauty and not a satanic soul sell, like the rest of us picked with consent, can have an affair. You on the other hand aren’t tougher than her and can’t find anybody else, because you’re ugly. That’s why you embarrass yourself by sticking with someone who doesn’t like you, set you up, and will do anything not to take custody of your unwanted child. Girl bye.
Photo 3: It literally says they’re in an open relationship, that he’s around due to your murder rape baby. That’s exactly why you had him, to hold him hostage when the glamour magic wore off and he dumped you. You still weren’t it, so you had a baby. Read: Melanie Hamrick The Rapist.
Photo 4: Mick is never going to marry Melanie. It literally says she accepts that he’s always going to have other women…enough said. L’wren who grew up Mormon actually did accept it, which is why your “affair” causing her to kill herself is one of your many lies. Read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick. You can’t keep your story straight and if that’s so, why did she leave him everything, rather than change her will? Lying bitch.
Photo 5: Just shows the lack of respect he has for you and the lack of respect you have for yourself. He dead picked Noor up at his birthday party, sounds familiar? Just like my writing ‘Happy Birthday’ on his insta. Seems like Mick gifts himself women every year.
Photo 6: Mick was in love with Noor, like he was with me. Melanie the the rapist holding him hostage is why he can’t find happiness. You know how many times he said he wish he met me first? Not only pertaining to her, but in general. PS this isn’t a grown up approach, you’re just a loser, who made a satanic deal and got tricked by the devil. Now you’re stuck. If you were beautiful you would have walked away like Noor, who fed up with competing with someone beneath her, left for a billionaire. That’s when Mick decided to lie and say they never dated, despite the evidence. Mick will tell you the sky is lime green on a cerulean day. That’s how pathological he is.

Noor is a million times hotter than Melanie, who isn’t attractive. That’s why she’s dated Clint Eastwood and got knocked up by Al Pacino. Everyone else is connected to other people, except Melanie. Buxom Noor, with her family money, social connections, beautiful face and body is so out of Raggedy Anne’s league it’s wild. Wild. Melanie name three niggas besides Mick, who are successful, that ever fucked with you? You’re a murderer, stalker, rapist, satanic, joke. You tell so many lies it’s insane. You’re mentally unstable though, so the math is mathing.
You can fool everyone else, but not a Goddess, nor most of the population. We have eyes. That’s why you still have no career, no influence, no following. Mick Jagger hiring a ghost writer to abuse me, because I dumped him, then having Rupert Murdoch -who I’ve done nothing to- help you, isn’t a career. You couldn’t even do it on your own, you can’t even do it with them. Thank you so much for being my blessing. Unlike you I don’t fight over men, period, especially an old nigga who disrespects me. Mick talking about he want me to toss his salad, he lucky I would kiss his mouth. He’s out of pocket. That’s for desperate girls like you. The fact that he even had Noor and I pitted against someone as lowly as you, is an insult to our beings. That’s why we left his ass and I’m putting you back in your place.
I will be enjoying wealth sans the baggage, or a child, while the psychopath family you forced your way into, has a downfall before the line perishes. All because of you. Enjoy your time. Clink clink. Now go sell those books and my house. Get to work, you owe me and my attorney. Who is Mick dating now? How many? Cause it ain’t you babe. Via: Daily Mail

Jerry Cheating:

Noor Vs Melanie:

Melanie Hamrick Forever An Ugly Loser

“I’ve watched Lifetime Movie Network. I know how power hungry white women operate. They do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top, all sneaky and shit. And once they’re at the top, you bet their asses they’re gonna do anything they can to keep their place there. Steal a baby, cut up somebody’s dog. Sneaky things.”

Melanie ugly ass Hamrick, is one of those problematic, nasty, white women. A desperate Karen, just like that bum bitch Sally Wood. That’s why I knew I could set her ass up. I play white women games all day, I grew up with them. You got the right bitch. As you can see, she’s not prettier than L’wren Scott, in any world. She didn’t and still doesn’t have a career, because she’s ugly. That’s why she stalked, murdered and raped. She literally raped an old man after killing his partner. She’s pathetic. Mick Jagger is one of the most superficial people the world has ever known. What did Melanie have to offer, that would make him leave Mormon, gorgeous, successful L’wren Scott, who had no problem with his dalliances, for a nobody? Nothing. That’s why she can’t keep her story straight (read How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). That’s why Ronnie Wood posted about the night they met, “What do you remember?” (read Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite), because Mick doesn’t remember meeting her. Why should he, he was black magicked by an ugly bitch, who sold her soul to get L’wren to kill herself (read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick).

She then had plans of doing the same to me, because she’s a rapist (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me). She then paid Alvin Bragg’s greasy ass, to try to get the evidence removed, because she couldn’t sue me for defamation. Since I’m telling the truth. As the evidence shows, the same evidence the judge saw to dismiss my case. I’ve only ever messaged her troll accounts she stalks me on, Mick doesn’t want custody of that murder rape baby, so he aided in a felony hate crime. Now everyone’s going to jail over an ugly loser.

She then had the nerve to stalk the movie star who saved me. Delusional, she thought because Daisy Edgar Jones has the same features, they look alike, just wait til I share that evidence. Until, then read Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly. Girl you not cute, that’s why you aren’t connected to anyone else, nor have a career even with a legend. She can’t get a man without black magic rape. I can, like all the other women Mick consented to. That’s why I left his ass, too beautiful for this shit.
Thanks to her, I now have jurisdiction over Mick. He’s now subject to NY law, which I didn’t have prior. Now I don’t need an international lawyer. My blessing, his curse.

She’s a joke. Now the devil’s come to collect, read Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon for why L’wren’s behavior didn’t add up that day. I gotta motor, I’m late giving my lawyer any missing information needed. Enjoy your time hoes. Athena. Via: Lwren.Scott

Ronnie Wood Abuses Women

Ronnie Wood like Mick Jagger is a domestic abuser, which is why he helped him do it to me. Lest we forget how his 25 year relationship with Jo Wood ended. He met Russian dancer, Ekaterina Ivanova and not only cheated on his spouse, but invited her to their home. Let the record show both are hotter than stubby Sally Wood. Sally is his karma, she only looks good standing next to old men, with her basic ass, tacky clothing and that nose. Hers isn’t missing pieces like Melanie the ugly rapist Hamrick, but boy does it enter a room ten minutes before she does. That profile is tragic, like that hair. I digress. Ronnie assaulted the young, hot, Ekaterina, who described being with him as an evil fairy tale. She went as far as calling him a Goblin King.

Ronnie then rubbed her in Jo Woods face, saying how she’s his baby, bringing her to their home and saying she looks like Jo when she was younger. He’s a disgusting, abhorrent, abusive human being. He can’t even blame it on his drug use, since he’s helped Mick do the same to me sober, unless there’s something you’re not telling us? I too would describe my time with Mick as an evil fairy tale. The Rolling Stones are the biggest disappointment of my life. They’re racist, misogynist, pedophiles. Brian Jones use to beat the shit out of Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards had such a problem with it. Except you never interfered to stop it, nor have you ever stopped Mick. The only reason you mentioned it was to seem like a hero when you were stealing your friends girl. Unless it’s something that benefits Richards he stands by, defends and is complicit with abuse. As he has been with me, over a sum that’s a fraction of the wealth they’ve amassed taking over Brian’s band. Not even attending his funeral. Old clowns. Theodora Richards will pay the price for your cowardice.

Above is just to emphasize that Jo is major, via the caption. Sally Wood isn’t dubbed anything, she’s a basic bitch, only a step above Melanie ugly Hamrick. Her face isn’t deformed and she didn’t murder, rape, stalk and pretend to be engaged with a cubic ring, from a man she black magicked. Yet both of you will be going to jail. I’m not Jerry the brainless hick Hall, still pining over a man who made her look like an idiot, abusing her, giving her STDs, love child, fake marriage, the reason she’s going to jail for an ugly bitch who was going to kill your kids and doesn’t like you, after black magicking her way into your family by murdering and trying to cover up L’wren Scott’s death (the one who saved you mediocre trash spawn), not to mention using the souls of their kids to pay his debt. She’s a loser. I don’t play that shit. I like being a liberated woman you idiot bitch, you old hoes tolerate abuse and keep all women shackled. You’re all disgusting and a joke. Except it’s not funny, your complicity has led to deaths. Your times up. Via: Evening Standard, Hello Magazine & Daily Mail

Full article:–explosive–story.html

Melanie Hamrick Is Ugly And Soulless

“Do you have a soul? I mean, are you such a miserable sack of crap that you lack any kind of compassion? I guess I’d be upset, too, if I had a face like yours.”

Melanie Hamrick is ugly. L’wren Scott had huge boobs, compared to her tiny ones, a nice butt, compared to her flat one (Mick Jagger is obsessed with butts, always telling me to eat so it didn’t get smaller, always asking for nudes), no career, not well connected. A piece of her nose is missing, while the other side has extra skin, her skin is blemished, her eyes have nasty circles and are close together, her lips thin as the lines on loose leaf. Her hair is a rats nest. Her chin uneven. That’s why she never was, nor will be a model like L’wren. Bianca Jagger is barely 5’5 and stayed on covers, because she’s beautiful like all of Mick’s CHOSEN ladies. Unlike the rest of us, she black magicked and raped him. She can’t get another suitor, because she’s ugly and I took her powers, so she couldn’t rape me (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me) or anyone else. Meanwhile Mick is still holding me hostage, lying to people to keep my many options away. This is no longer working, he’s going to jail where he will die.

All I wanted was my money so I can move on with my real twin flame. I already saved this disgusting family, they owe me everything. I owe them nothing. I will show them no mercy. For anyone to disrespect my existence by even thinking I would stalk this loser, you will pay. How many accounts has she stalked me on, since I blocked her main account? Too many. No matter how mean I am, no matter how many times I block her, she keeps coming back, adding evidence, mentally unstable, looking for my approval and in love. For her to even speak to the movie star, then make a fan page for him to follow me on, which she deleted, but I screenshot it, she is going to learn an ugly girls true place. How fucking dare you? Do not ever speak to him, that idiot family has you delusional, so let me catch you up to speed. You’re ugly you don’t get to ever speak to him, nor do you get to speak to me. Now I’m going to learn you, since the soul sell got to your odd shaped head.
She is a murderer, rapist, stalker, a nobody who committed a felony to cover up her deal with the devil. Too bad you tried a goddess and queen of witches. This is the end of the Jagger’s. You are going to watch an idol fall. Two, Ronnie Wood goes with. Everything I said is happening. Fates are sealed. It only takes one ugly satanist to ruin everything. The devil always comes to collect. Via: L’Wren Scott

Melanie Hamrick Is Denise Ducharme

L’wren Scott was Mormon, meaning she grew up expecting men to behave the way Mick Jagger does, having numerous lovers and being the head of the home. That’s why he was so happy with her, she never tried to tie him down. All she wanted was a family, another pillar of her religion, but Mick the abuser likes taking things women want most. That’s why Melanie uggo Hamrick is his karma. He deserves every second of it, he’s a psychopath on his way to prison and a sex registry. Can’t stand the sight of him, can’t believe I spent my life idolizing someone so treacherous.

Mick would never look at Melanie, who is so unattractive she has no career even with an international legend. Nor leave L’wren to be tied down to someone of her nature, who lives off child support and fake articles. Melanie wanting to be beautiful and beloved, stalked, murdered and raped her way into Mick’s life. Then committed perjury to get my evidence removed, paying the corrupt Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. The photo above is a never before seen photo of L’wren, only her loved ones have it. I implore you scour the inter-web (remember people use to say that?), you won’t find it. The first time it was seen by the public is on a L’wren dedication page on January 23rd 2022, yet Melanie copied it years ago for Quest Magazine on September 2nd 2017. Melanie goes through Mick’s personal photos and copies L’wren, as you’ve seen here numerous times. She stalked her, murdered her then tried to be her. In her delusional unstable mind she thought the world would be tricked into thinking she’s beautiful that she’d be a successful socialite like L’wren, but she’s ugly, has no shape to her body and zero talent, cool factor, or personality. That’s why Mick got over 200,000 likes on his birthday post with me and 50,000 without. I’m gorgeous, talented, connected and cool, but also an art goddess. How did the dedication page get it? Alana Stewart, an amazing friend gave it to her. Yup, that’s right Sir Rod Stewarts ex-wife. One rock goddess helping two others.

Below you’ll find another troll account of mentally unstable Melanie, Denise Ducharme, how many is that now I’ve uncovered? As you can see she comments on her own post, she’s also Anna Maria Grassani and RinTinTin04. She uses the same wording to describe her murder rape baby when stalking my blog, or updating a story, angel (read Melanie Hamrick Is Come. On. Stimmy). And who follows this troll account? Sally basic bitch racist Woods.

Sally is also not hot, or cool like Stones girls are suppose to be. Her racism post is coming. She has no style, no career, is thick in a bad way and her shoes are gross. Like those tan shoes don’t go with everything, nor is it the color for you. Jo Wood is the shit (wish I could have partied with her), while Sally just looks like shit. I’m sorry they could get hotter gold diggers, than girls who only look good standing next to old men. No one noticed Sally standing next to L’wren. No one notices her standing next to Patti Hansen, or any real beauty. She’s stubby and only mildly hotter than deformed featured Melanie. Both of them are weirdos who believed being young equals beauty, it doesn’t.

Alana Stewart is 74 and hotter than both you basic bum bitches. You don’t know your place so I’ll put you there. Neither of you will ever know what it is to be beautiful. Stay in your lane. That’s why Mick is holding me hostage and you’re all going to jail after I run your fucking pockets. Double losers. L’wren is still winning from heaven, a place you’ll never see. Enjoy hell. Via: Lwren Scott

Georgia May Jagger Is A Racist

And the last ass beating of the day goes to Georgia May Jagger, the big faced, small brained racist. Look at her clutching her purse as if ASAP Rocky is going to steal it, can’t stand this bitch. She’s so stupid and full of it, how you both? Pick a struggle. You my dingbat are aligned with both devil’s collections, all to antagonize me. Look whose laughing now. Not only is your reputation going to be destroyed, your lifespan is one of the shortest.
So funny you and Naomi the sex trafficking madame don’t believe in bullying. Yet you both bullied me. Performative activist. For your dad to think I’m coming back when he helped abuse me, he’s senile; I’m not your mom, I have dignity and intellect. That’s what he gets listening to you and your trash family.

She had SOOOO much to say about me with her pea sized brain and mediocre, nepo-baby accomplishments. What have you earned without Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger to ever run you basic white mouth about me? NOTHING, NOT A THING. ASAP has more money than your kicked out the will for betraying your father who gave you everything ass. You’ve ruined both your parents relationships, exposing you before sending you to hell is the chef’s kiss. If anyone thinks I’m joking about jailing Mick Jagger, Ronnie & Sally Wood, Rupert Murdoch, Jade Jagger and Jerry, you aren’t thinking. All your behavior worked in my favor. If I find something where Georgia, Lucas Jagger, Brett Grace, the Hilfiger’s, anyone who helped Melanie deformed Hamrick in recent months cover up a murder, I’ll press charges against you too. You’re an accessory to murder and perjury. Bitch Mick Better Have My Money, try me. I saved your lives, so did L’wren Scott, but you’re a family of psychopaths possessing no empathy, or sympathy, only cruel, entitled behavior. Is it still funny? I’m the only one laughing and that murderer, rapist, stalker is still in my stories, still hitting on me. All of you are jokes. Remember I was kind and minding my business, you earned what’s coming. Via: Getty Images

Jo Wood Is Queen

Honestly, this is where Ronnie Wood messed up, letting Jo Wood go. He got his karma when that stripper he left her for beat on him. Jo is the only person to overtly stand up for me and to Mick Jagger. No wonder he wasn’t in their wedding. I will continue to protect her, children included. While I will one hundred percent be dragging not as hot, or iconic but two faced, complicit with racism, rape, stalking and murder Sally Wood, call it like I see it. You got me fucked up, they don’t make shows about bitchy English people (is that what she is? I honestly don’t know) the way they do about those on the Upper East Side that’s on Gossip Girl, Cruel Intentions and The Nanny (CC Babock henny). We are easily the most wrathful people to exist, hands down. And I won’t just be hanging with anyone, it’s called exclusive, standards, stars not spectacles and definitely no basic-whites (white people who think they’re cool, but they aren’t, you’re a dime a dozen, not unique, probably don’t have cool black, or colored friends cause we don’t just hang with anyone, boring, not interesting, cruel because of it). Jo Wood is a party icon, model, photographer, never forget it. Via: Disclosure_Team, Muses Podcast & Groupies Outrageously Gorgeous

Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell

Yesterday in my stories on my main account, I posted this picture asking if you noticed anything. Not just her ratty hair, sloppy body, and unattractive profile. Nope, this photo was from the staged ones last tour in Miami. Remember? When she pretended to be his girlfriend to promote her show. Even though he didn’t spend any time with her, nor the murder rape baby by the pool. Melanie Hamrick, desperate to put Mick Jagger back under her spells resorted to blood magic.

Look at her shoulder, below I enhanced it using instagram filters. She got this tattoo in white ink hoping no one would notice.
I did. It’s a tattoo of 70’s Mick, with bangs. The cut on her hand was for the blood supply. My beauty was enough to break the black magic, she needed to get him back under her control. Mick had no idea until I told him.
Why the tattoo?

Because pictures are very powerful when casting spells. Tattoos even more so, since it’s adding a sigil to your body. Blood fuels sigils (I don’t know why it says text, but since it highlights her cut I’ll leave it).

Melanie Hamrick is a satanist, who has murdered, raped and stalked to get what she wants. She’s remorseless and the definition of evil. Mick would never choose her over L’wren Scott, or at all. He’s a psychopath, superficial, he only likes beauty. To look like Melanie you would have to mutilate your face. She had plans on murdering his children for her murder rape baby to inherit his fortune and of raping me like she did Mick. She was going to take away my freewill and make me her girlfriend. L’wren Scott DID NOT WANT TO DIE. She cried trying to get back into her body. Sally Wood, his children, the Hilfiger’s, Brett Grace the parasite, and so many more are the shit stains of this world. You aligned with her, with racism, with murder, rape, and the demonic, face your fate. You chose this. Look where antagonizing a goddess got you (you needed me for protection, I say NO), in the devil’s collection, because he always takes more than you can afford. The devil always comes to collect.

Part of me wishes I never saved them, but then L’wren wouldn’t get justice and I wouldn’t be legendary. I get to be rich, the one that got away, a hero, all without being tied down with a psychopath baby, in a family of psychopaths, which the Jagger’s are. Alvin Bragg is a menace to society, just like her.