Melanie Hamrick Obsessed With L’wren Scott

Raggedy Anne aka Melanie deformed face Hamrick, keeps going. Before I post her ugly ass trying to copy me, let’s go back to her still trying to be L’wren Scott. Melanie thinks if she’s L’wren, or me, Mick Jagger– her rape victim, will love her. You sold your soul to the devil to still be an unattractive, mentally unstable loser. You can’t be us, because we’re beautiful, chosen by Mick. You however, used black magic to rape an old man, murder his lover, and force a murder rape baby on him. For his fortune, fame, and to use blood magic on Mick for your bidding.
He played you again, putting sexy, gorgeous me on the Diamond Hackney album cover. You aren’t Stones material, that’s why you forced your way in. Yet Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, nor Patti Hansen affiliate with you, or your murder rape baby (read People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick). For the first time in history Keith doesn’t hangout with Mick and his “chick.” Yet they’ve vacationed with the Woods. You aren’t Glimmer Twins approved. This is why Mick wouldn’t let me go, because I know him best and he’s vain.

The only reason he pretended through this was to distract everyone from their legal drama and to spite me. On my main account Itsjqboo, I pointed out how miserable he was at the airport with her. Despite his best endeavors, he still slipped up. Body language people, him and L’wren are enmeshed, while he doesn’t even have his arm around Melanie in the above pictures. It’s in his pocket. Mick will do anything not to have custody of that murder rape baby, because he doesn’t want him and never wanted her. I asked him to get custody so we, Mick & I, would raise him, but he didn’t want to. Imagine having to pay your rapist, especially when she’s an ugly, mentally unstable parasite, who contributes nothing to your legacy (like those idiot kids), except ruining it. She gave me the idea to jail everyone. He can only tolerate that boy in doses.
He also made it clear he didn’t propose to you (read Good Riddance Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). She purchased that ring, like she did that house, then paid to have those stories published. Also to even out her deformed features she makes the eyeliner on one side of her face longer than the other. She creeps me out. The red dress. The same nail color. You’re vile.

Mick would never pick you, that’s why you tried to have my evidence removed. You’re below plain, that’s why you don’t have any other powerful male connections, or suitors like the rest of us. You’re an unattractive, talentless, uncool, no style, no body, nobody joke. Enjoy your time, the devil always comes to collect and he’s come for you and those aligned clown. Don’t ever think there’s competition, you’re a black magic rapist murderer. I’m a gorgeous goddess. Via: Daily Mail

People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick

Please don’t call yourself a fan, or even intelligent and not notice the reality of relationships. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen don’t fuck with Melanie ugly ass Hamrick. Neither did Charlie Watts, nor her murder rape baby. Fake ass fans. Unlike Ronnie and Sally Wood, the Richards aren’t Mick Jagger’s slaves. Nobody tells Keith Richards what to do, which is why he is the most rock n roll ever. My style icon, the man I got almost everything from, possibly my biggest influence, down to attitude. Mick got confused and thought I was bimbo Jerry Hall, or one of his clan.
Actually come to think of it, Keith only fucks with Mick when it’s about work. No birthdays, no hanging out, nothing. Probably because that bitch Brenda is a psychopath monster, who literally didn’t give af that Charlie Watts died- asking me to give him money for his funeral. Ensuring he had full financial control to enslave me. Brenda also destroyed their life’s work for an ugly bitch, who raped him for money and murdered L’wren Scott. Let me guess, you’re crying you decrepit hotdog faced bitch, because Keith isn’t going to help you? He’s not gonna pose with some deformed faced girl to help you abuse me, after I saved your lives. Cover up a murder. Boost your ego. Cause you could have just gotten custody like I said, but instead you’re going to lose everything and go to prison. Pedophile scum. That’s why Charlie was helping me. That’s why Keith isn’t going to jail.

Notice picture three, Keith hanging out with Mick’s grandson, no such pictures with the murder rape baby.
The following pictures are Charlie and Patti with L’wren, things they’ve never done with Melanie the rapist parasite. This is probably one of the only times Richards hasn’t hung out with Mick and his chick. Because Melanie isn’t Stones material. She’s weird, ugly, deformed, a stalker, murderer, rapist, talentless, has no self-respect, a loser all her life, and mentally unstable. She fits right into that psychopath family.

After not speaking to him for a year, getting my energy back, not watching his videos, or listening to his music, seeing how disgusting he is (trying to get me to accept his abuse and pedophilia like the others)- I want him to die in prison. He can’t get or keep pretty girls anymore, because he’s vile. Thinks the sun and moon revolve around him. Disrespected the dead and a Goddess. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson you can’t afford to pay. You are going to be a nobody just like Melanie, what they remember you for will make you wish for death. I’m going to take everything from you.
Birds of a feather, she’s ugly and now you’re ugly. Beauty is power, you’re finished.
Don’t want to be a good human? Give me my money? Thank L’wren Scott for saving you? Drag more people to hell? Abuse women? Then I’m going to give you back what you gave thee, by ten, not three, so mote it be. Athena and Queen witch, you’re gonna learn your place boy. Via: Fashionista6373, Best_Pics_Of_ Stones & Getty Images

Mick Jagger Can Die

Mick Jagger keeps getting people to contact me, triggering my PTSD. You guys think you know him and you don’t know shit. His kids didn’t even know he changed the will. He’s a psychopath, I’m not saying it in jest, his brain is wired that way. Mick is so use to abusing people and getting away with it: torturing women, fucking his friends partners, not valuing human life, draining people using incubus energy and letting his kids take the fall for his karmic debt. He’s one of the most disgusting, vile people I’ve ever encountered. He didn’t and doesn’t give a fuck about Charlie Watt’s death, I was crippled with grief for two weeks. I hate him, his family, his band, the day he dies will be the happiest day of my life.

The fact that you think I would ever be with you, after you betrayed and bullied me, something is wrong with you. You’re not my twin, I don’t like or love you and watching all these people go to hell hoping you’ll save them is funny to me. Now they’ll experience what I have for several years. DIE you old, abusive, gremlin, saggy skinned, bobble headed bitch. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. Everyone is going to see you for what you really are now. A scumbag and all those who are complicit are spineless pieces of shit. I love Keith Richards, but he disgusts me, so happy this is your last tour as you all deserve. You keep thinking you’re exempt from when the public devours you, you’re not. This is a new generation, you can’t even play Brown Sugar. You think enslaving, abusing and bullying someone, aiding in a felony, disrespecting the people (L’wren Scott & myself) who saved your lives is gonna fly? Everything you built, I will take from you. Can’t wait to press charges. Bye Karmick Jagger, may your line perish in three years or less. I don’t want amends or apologies, I saved your lives and am the only reason people even talk about your lame ass kids. Via: Brian Jones Galore & Gypsy Luna Spirit

Currently Fighting PTSD

I wanna get back to normal, currently I’m working on finding pleasure in the things I once enjoyed again, before going back to the psychiatrist (who told me my life is cinematic from birth, that’s how unique and crazy it is). It’s hard not controlling your mental state. It’s hard living in fear. I’ve gotten my appetite back, which is good, my sleeping is better, still self-isolating, still have a long ways to go. Once this toxic person is out of my life and I get my financial freedom, I’m sure it’ll get better. I will never interact with Mick Jagger again; fun fact domestic violence cases get fee waivers, now Mick has twenty days to respond.

Looking back at all the proof: missing my friends wedding, Chris Evans, the lies about his heart problems, the fake moves to our home, leaving me in poverty, letting me go to Poughkeepsie to cancel the hotel, asking me for money for Charlie Watts funeral, breaking into my social media, his racist white trash family, not caring that my friend died and SO, SO much more, gaining my trust after I told him what happened to me, only to abuse it, because I’m just an object to him, not a person…I never want to see, or speak to him again. People say, oh he’s old school, what they really mean is he’s a domestic abuser which was acceptable in the old days. He abuses due to his psychopathy. I was tortured mentally and emotionally, I’m not the same about people. Right now self-care for me is healing, one step at a time. How do you take care of yourself currently? Why? Via: Good_Vibe_Girl_Gang

Happy Birthday Charlie

You’re safe and sound in heaven. Wish I could have seen you knock Mick out. Beat his ass Charlie, beat his ass, he’s all mouth no hands. Mick denies it, because he’s a liar due to his psychopathy. The fact that you got dressed, suit and tie to do it, bravo. We miss you king. Via: Darling Watts

A Wedding & A Funeral

What is there to say? Except I learned what some of you will, i.e those who stuck by the trash ignoring all the red flags. I was taught what I preached: when you affiliate with certain folks it’ll cost you, even if you’re a good person. All the good I’ve done and two dreams are forever dead 1) seeing The Rolling Stones play, the four 2) watching my best friend walk down the aisle and exchange vows with her soulmate. Instead a family filled with ego caused karmic chaos by arrogance and ruined both for me. What did I say the Jaggers would learn in my Sometimes Time Is Of The Essence article? Oh that’s right, knowledge from pain, dire consequences, for disrespecting the dead, affiliating with demonic people and with cruel intentions try to teach a lesson to someone protecting them and now look…until they rectify their wrongs it’s only going to get worst. Is it still cute liking, following and aligning with someone who murdered and raped to spite someone who was a victim of racial profiling, some being your friends who also disrespected your father? Grow up. Time is running out on you righting your wrongs too and this time I’m not saving your asses. I’ve had enough of putting people first who haven’t earned it. I will no longer add to your entitlement. Being kind didn’t work so now you have bitchy, reality check me.

The same as what those affiliated with the Kardashian’s will learn. Pay attention to the signs, or it’ll cost you. In your case eternal damnation. In my case irreplaceable, priceless, once in a lifetime moments.

There are positive things that came of it, but I’m not ready to share with you, if ever. With a new guide I’m learning the value of silence (amongst other things). Turns out dreams die, but Charlie Watts timing is never off. Cherish what’s truly important. Is there someone you need to tell fuck off for your own good? Via: Spiritual Elevation

RIP Charlie Watts

And of course a legend who changed the world exits just the same. Everything I am is due to The Rolling Stones, the year they got back together is the year I was born. Now I know why.

We are infinite souls here to experience time, which exist only in this realm. Think of how often time comes up:
Time and place of birth.
Wasting time.
Can’t turn back time.
How old are you
Time can change me, but I can’t change time.
Your times up…
Spending time with family
Time Is On My Side

We measure our years and days, seasons and landmark events by time, because again souls are infinite, time being finite gives purpose to this incarnation. That’s why time is an illusion. We can only experience time via a body, look at what it does to it.

Where your soul goes afterwards matters, because that’s all we are. This world is a very dangerous place. Most of us have spiritual protection without even realizing it, the higher you vibrate, the closer to your soul, the more connected, the more protected. On Gigi Hadid’s last warning I told her she had her own lineage to protect, because if she aligned with that family she would be hell bound, unable to be a guardian to her line when she passed (my grandmother has saved me MANY times). Charlie Watts doesn’t have that problem, rest in peace angel. Thank you for watching over those worthy enough. Via: Darling Watts

Atlantis, Athena, Twin Flames

Okay so let me come clean about what’s going on here, even though I said it before. Long story short, the world is ending couldn’t you tell? The climate changes, natural disasters, COVID, The Trump administration (was going to end the world quicker than you could blink)…because we are reliving Atlantis. Atlantis sank when everyone lost there spirituality, valuing material wealth. It’s been building up for decades, centuries even, but the Kardashian Jenner West clan have accelerated us to a point of Armageddon. They have become the most influential family in the world, due to generations of satanism, Kekel Kardashian was real. All the people who aligned with them are in their coven. I even unfollowed them, because being connected to their energy is alignment.

The Kardashian’s single handedly deteriorated the arts, feminism, business ethics, stand by racism and cultural appropriation and have inspired hundreds of millions of people to value materialism by any means necessary: lie, cheat, steal, forge tax papers, sacrifice, low self-esteem, prostitution, social influencing and plastic surgery…the impact they’ve made to lower the standards and vibrations of the human race is extraordinary. Here’s where I come in. Despite being deemed the lowest caste of society, a black woman, that’s exactly why I am. People will always go where there is power, but will they do the right thing. The way I was treated while secretly dating Mick Jagger was a test of souls. Those who aligned with that family and the Hamrick’s (the biggest perpetrators of black magic) will be joining them in hell. When I say I have to balance the vibration, it’s because there is more evil than good energetically. I have to destroy them, because the demons are all here.

The Kardashian’s aren’t smart, or cool, they’re satanist who use television to glamour people into a following. That’s why they SCRAMBLED for a new deal, after saying they quit, because they make more money on social media. LIES. I’m extremely powerful, it’s fated. The biggest mistake the Illuminati made was allowing them in. The biggest mistake they made was fucking with me, that’s why I took your powers trash and The Met Gala won’t help you get them back, you know why? I have energetic plans for you guys that day.

Mick Jagger is my twin flame, that’s why our relationship is so tumultuous, because we are here to help humanity ascend. However if he doesn’t get his ego in check and shed programmed toxic masculine traits we’re doomed.

Next year is 2022, the code of love. That’s why all this shit is happening. Mick sabotaging Sara’s wedding, a loving sacred ceremony and treating me bad, due to his ego is causing karmic chaos! He booked a hotel room for this day, the passing of beloved Charlie Watts, let me go all the way to Poughkeepsie and used his star power to somehow remove his payment (even though it was days after the 72 hour cancellation). Genc Jakupi was horrible, because he was crazy. Mick is horrible because he’s afraid I’m going to leave him and needs to cure his insecurity.

When people do bad things to me it comes back to them by three. If Mick doesn’t come into union as a twin he’s going to continue to cause chaos energetically. That’s why I keep getting angry with the Jagger’s who keep doing things out of ego. When I get angry things happen, karma happens interacting with me good, or bad. The thing is we’re on a time crunch and this insignificant, now significant day proves it. The universe is making the consequences more dire, because this planet is on limited time. Join me so we can all survive AND LISTEN WHEN I SPEAK, black women save your asses everyday. Stop disrespecting us, research and DO. You have NO idea what I’ve gone through to keep your asses alive.Via: North East Tarot

Happy Birthday Charlie

If you have nothing nice to say, be silent and read a bitch with your face. Literally the reason I roll my eyes in a grandiose manner when annoyed, Charlie Watts. The spine, the heartbeat, the most silent Stone is the reason I make faces in lieu of commenting. Happy birthday Charlie. Which face is your favorite? Via: Charlie Watts Official

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

There he was sitting in Graceland, as if he weren’t a sex god amongst mere mortals. Had that dumb manager not said anything I wouldn’t have been so filled with nerves. I had to go over for supplies to set up the restaurant. I had to walk pass Mick fucking Jagger. I mean, this is a lifelong dream come true. Youth was spent listening to classic rock, knowing I belonged to a time long gone. The Rolling Stones and everything they represent: challenging the status quo, revolution, critical thinking, rebellion, rock n’ roll, style…was the oxygen I breathed. Their music has gotten me through so much and there he was. The moment Mick Jagger checked me out in my black, backless, body shirt, burgundy skirt with slits on both sides, preening that infamous mane, I could have died happy. Thank you for being a crucial figure in my life. Anita Pallenberg really got it right, Keith, Brian and Mick. I mean I could go on endlessly, no words could elucidate how much he means to me. An icon, a legend, a king. What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song? Photos: Kevin Mazur, Jean Marie Pierre Official, Rock Roll Stars, Aquelerock, Joe Bangay and Mystery Tour