Happy Birthday Ronnie

Two major bands, one icon. From The Faces to The Stones, not only is Ronnie Wood a talented musician, but a phenomenal painter. Ronnie taught me to always have fun, but most importantly he was the first time I felt an energetic surety without knowing my abilities. As soon as I saw him I knew he was crazy, but couldn’t put my finger on it. As time went by I got a sense that Ronnie is the type of dude that convinces you to do something, you get arrested even though it was his idea, he continues the night, bails you out later and you vow “I’m not fucking with Ronnie no more.” And yet someway, somehow, he charms you into the next adventure. Out of his mind in the best way, when I found out he was a gemini I said “Ohhhhh that makes sense”. Could you keep up with Ronnie? Via: Rocknr Roll

Happy Birthday Mary & Rod

Two icons. Mary J. Blige has survived abuse, addiction & self-sabotage to rise like a multi-talented phoenix from the ashes to reinvent herself time and time again. Sir Rod Stewart (thought it was Ronnie Wood for a second) from The Faces to his solo career has co-signed all my debauched behavior. Thank you both for your legacies. What are your favorite songs by these two? Via: Hollywood Melanin & Charles Gatewood

Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

There he was sitting in Graceland, as if he weren’t a sex god amongst mere mortals. Had that dumb manager not said anything I wouldn’t have been so filled with nerves. I had to go over for supplies to set up the restaurant. I had to walk pass Mick fucking Jagger. I mean, this is a lifelong dream come true. Youth was spent listening to classic rock, knowing I belonged to a time long gone. The Rolling Stones and everything they represent: challenging the status quo, revolution, critical thinking, rebellion, rock n’ roll, style…was the oxygen I breathed. Their music has gotten me through so much and there he was. The moment Mick Jagger checked me out in my black, backless, body shirt, burgundy skirt with slits on both sides, preening that infamous mane, I could have died happy. Thank you for being a crucial figure in my life. Anita Pallenberg really got it right, Keith, Brian and Mick. I mean I could go on endlessly, no words could elucidate how much he means to me. An icon, a legend, a king. What’s your favorite Rolling Stones song? Photos: Kevin Mazur, Jean Marie Pierre Official, Rock Roll Stars, Aquelerock, Joe Bangay and Mystery Tour