Melanie Hamrick Has No Career L’wren Did

L’wren Scott’s career includes modeling, because she’s gorgeous. Having been a muse for the likes of many including Thierry Mugler, just like equally gorgeous Jerry Hall.
L’wren directed videos for hip hop artist, working with: Rev Run, Diddy, Mase, Salt N Peppa, Snoop, Keith Murray & Onyx on Santa Baby (she directed more of course). She also styled videos for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, the above photo is from hit song Ain’t It Funny.
L’wren designed entire sets for campaigns, like Absolut Versace, a collaboration between the vodka company and fashion brand.
L’wren did costume design for films, shoots, styled major celebrities from Penelope Cruz to Meryl Streep. On the red carpet, or for editorials.
L’wren was Keith Haring’s muse in the 80’s due to her height and beauty.
L’wren was the first style director for the Oscars in 2000’s.
L’wren had her own fashion company and many celebrity clients and friends. Despite ugly Melanie Hamrick’s black magic lies it was successful enough for her to leave her fortune with Mick Jagger of $9 million. A net worth Melanie the secret lesbian will never reach, meaning she will be indebted to me in my lawsuit, while in prison.

Melanie is Siradjdjoud, commenting under L’wren’s birthday tribute, which is why Mick didn’t post one to his page, but to his stories this year. She can’t help herself and he doesn’t want that murder rape baby, who thanks to Melanie will be gone soon, like his entire line. She openly states she killed L’wren Scott. Also her stories don’t add up, because she can’t keep her lies straight (read: How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick). Also Mick doesn’t remember as Ronnie Wood confirms (read: Why Ronnie Woods Family Is My Favorite). If L’wren knew and suffered from depression why didn’t she change her will, the way Mick did his with your not inheriting anything, ugly, weirdo, soon to be dead due to you devil deal ass? Please note this isn’t her first time pretending to speak a different language (read: Melanie Hamrick As Anna Maria Grassani). Melanie was never the star, which is why Daily Mail will be held accountable for journalistic integrity, whatever she says they print due to payment. When was she ever the principal dancer (read: Melanie Hamrick Still Trying To Be Lwren Scott bye Sally Wood you’re hell bound with your kids early, terrible parent)? Never, she said that after I called her out for having no career. Who offered her a deal? No one, because no one cares about her. She’s ugly, and collects child support, she pays people to publish lies with that money, which is soon to be mine. She has no other suitors due to being ugly and Mick would never pick her, especially over successful L’wren. She’s a nobody background dancer with a deformed face. I will be posting more of our convo’s (Mick and me) to put this ugly, murderer, rapist in her place. Enjoy prison felon. I’ll also post more troll accounts. Siradjdjoud screenshots taken Feb 19th 2022. Mick’s family, his kid, white trash who deserve all that’s coming. Via: L’wren. Scott

Melanie Hamrick Isn’t Sexy Like Me

No wonder Mick Jagger doesn’t want to let me go I’m hot, glamorous, stylish, got body, wedgie free and well connected. For those of you not caught up Mick Jagger and I met at Miss Lily’s in 2016. He’s been searching for me since before that murder rape baby was born. After writing happy birthday on his instagram post in 2020, his personal assistant made a page to contact me. We started dating in the beginning of August, after he assured me he wasn’t with Melanie ugly Hamrick. Not only that, but he told me she’s evil and he wanted me to take care of it. His kids forced her back into his life (read: Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). However I didn’t care, being involved in my own celebrity drama with the Kardashian Jenner West coven and co (read: Why The Kardashian Jenner West Drama Started). Also she’s basic, I had zero interest in her. Figuring he was bereaved and settled with anyone after L’Wren Scott’s death. Until L’Wren Scott came to me in June 2021 showing me how she died (read: Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon). Melanie Hamrick and her coven black magicked her into killing herself, L’Wren came to me because Melanie was going to do the same to his kids. Then him. She gave him his heart problem. Her murder rape baby was going to inherit the fortune.

As queen of witches I took her powers away, as Athena I found all the evidence of her deal with the devil, obsession with L’Wren (who she stalked for years), by connecting to her energy. Her plans were to be like Misty Copeland & Prince, except her career didn’t take off (read: Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick: The Difference). I then found she was stalking me, and got her to incriminate herself after promising Nicole Kidman I’d make her pay (read: Mood: Melanie Hamrick Is Going To Jail). She was friends with Scott for 25 years, too distraught to comment on her passing. I also promised L’wren justice.

Melanie who couldn’t sue me for defamation, was so desperate to cover up her murder rape crime she committed perjury, endeavoring to get the evidence removed. As a goddess I’m prescient and set her up. I never messaged Melanie on anything but troll accounts she was stalking and harassing me on. Therefore she submitted false evidence, a felony. Now corrupt Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg who helped her commit this crime knowingly, is going down with her (read: Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick). I’m suing both of them and putting them in jail. Alvin Bragg knew she was going to rape me (read: Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me), like she did Mick, I tagged him in the post (read: Melanie Hamrick Is A Black Magician). He obstructed Justice and violated my civil rights over and over. Melanie was also stalking Noor, Mick’s other ex.

Below you’ll find messages between Mick and me. I refused to go on tour after the pandemic, or continue to be with him due to his kids. They racially profiled me, they’re mediocre, dumb, entitled and antagonistic, gross people. I saved their lives. White trash.
Mick and I at one point were happy. Naomi Campbell lied to everyone on behalf of Genc Jakupi, my ex boss telling them I was a call girl (read:Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (1/2) & Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (2/2). That I was older than I pretend. That I didn’t grow up on the Upper East Side. Genc left me alone after half a decade of abuse when Mick told him we’re dating. After he tried to set me up for unemployment fraud (read: Karma Alway’s Comes Featuring Miss Lily’s).

Mick & I could have astral sex, that’s part of why I thought him my twin. He wished me happy Mother’s Day, and rewrote his will for me, our unborn children and Lucas Jagger. He kicked his other kids out of the will. Melanie inherits NOTHING, since I left Lucas gets it all (read: Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING). He doesn’t want Melanie, who has no talent, isn’t beautiful so she has no career, her face is deformed, she has no connections, she can’t get a suitor without black magic rape and let her obsession, love for me, be her downfall. It was also fated. Mick is superficial he would never choose her. Especially over L’wren.

Mick two was the new number he contacted me on. He’s blocked on both numbers and Instagram. When he saw I really put the lawsuit papers in he got quiet. This downfall thanks to deformed Melanie is a liability, which is why Rupert Murdoch is divorcing Jerry Hall. The Jagger’s didn’t listen so now they fall. As you can see April 2022 he begged to have me back. He only pretended with Melanie thinking it would keep her out of jail, because he doesn’t want that murder rape baby. Too bad the devil’s come to collect. Via: Daily Mail

Uploading Content

Scheduling some good ass content for later today. See you soon. Xoxo Athena aka That bitch bitch. It’s my time, my powers have increased. Before Jaquana Cornelius and after. I told you so. Mick Jagger was right I’m the special star. Get into it, the golden age of the goddess, I will make you all feel magic, empower you, enlighten you, entertain you and produce a renaissance. If you aren’t invited to my parties and such I feel sad for you. Some people will NEVER encounter or be photographed with the goddess. Kisses. It’s time to celebrate, like I said. MELANIE HAMRICK IS AN UGLY WEIRDO BITCH WHO RUINED THE ROLLING STONES. THAT’S HY RUPERT IS LEAVING JERRY, CAUSE THAT FAMILY IS A JAIL BOUND, HELL BOUND, WHITE TRASH LIABILITY. GEORGIA MAY JAGGER IS A BIG FACE SMALL BRAINED RACIST WHO HELPED RUIN HER PARENTS LIFE MOST OF ALL. CAN’T STAND HER THE MOST. FOLLOWED BY SLOPPY JADE JAGGER. DUMBEST CHILDREN I’VE EVER SEEN.

Ps if you’re angry at women you’re def gonna be mad at me. Where can I get a sex choker, or one that says slut? I’m a woman and I LOVE TO FUCK. Should I bring Jizzabel back, my nickname for when I’m a wanton woman? My body I do what I want. Hubris won’t be tolerated.

Melanie Hamrick Death & Destruction

All that surrounds Melanie Hamrick and those aligned with Melanie Hamrick is death and destruction. Same with the Kardashian Jenner West coven eventually. You’ll see. You should have listened to me. The devils come to collect. Don’t worry more evidence is getting uploaded, just wanted a break from that deformed face.

Mood: Melanie Hamrick Is Going To Jail

Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies of all time, idc how cheesy it is! Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are iconic witches. Plus it’s a love story, swoon. Granted in my life I’ve dealt with Nicole’s issues, when I’m searching for Sandra’s idealism. Last year I promised my beautiful Nicole I’d put the doggy down. As promised baby girl it’s delivered. I got you boo. I never, ever miss a target.

Below you’ll see the history of the now deleted Veeeeeefr account Melanie Hamrick was stalking me on. When I called her out for raping Mick Jagger, murdering L’wren Scott, and being too ugly for anyone to want her without black magic, she blocked me on my Itsjqboo account, unable to handle the truth. Like the legend I am, I made sure to switch to Saint_twenty proving she just blocked me for calling her out. Read Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick) for the rest, or Me & Veeeeeefr AKA Melanie Hamrick something Alvin Bragg should have done.

Melanie Hamrick is a deformed face loser who wanted to be cool, so she sold her soul, black magicked, stalked, murdered, raped, attempted to do the last two again, with me being her next rape victim. Now karma has come, because the devil always comes to collect. As I’ve said. Mick Jagger is being held hostage by a murder rape baby he doesn’t want. He not even in the will.

No one would pick Melanie over sexy L’wren, just wait til I post more receipts. Coming later today.

Mick Jagger is a rape victim and his kids are some of the dumbest, repugnant people I’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with. This is the age of Athena. My party for her imprisonment is gonna be LIT, I throw the best parties. Which Nicole mood are you, knowing Melanie deformed face Hamrick is going to jail? Via: Nicole KidmanBR

Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is meeting his downfall thanks to Melanie deformed face Hamrick. He’s not the first or the last. Had he read my articles properly, did a proper investigation and knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t be here. Instead he’s in the devil’s collection with Melanie. That’s what happens when you’re a sheep, he fits in with the stupid half of The Rolling Stones fanbase, hell bound and brainless, over an ugly, weirdo, who planned on raping me. PS she was still stalking me today. Two people in a fake couple to evade the law, both in love with me, the feelings not mutual.

Thanks to her perjury, the government is now involved. This is the end of an era, The Stones are about to be over. If I have to take Mick to court I will press charges, he’ll face 25 years in jail. I’ll also get the band and their families charged for being accomplices period. Everyone should have listened to me. Now you look dumb following a psycho who doesn’t want to take care of a murder rape baby. Oh well. You reap what you sow. Something big is coming this month, I feel it. For those on the wrong side of things it’s going to be tragic.

This is why I said honor L’Wren Scott. This is why I said disconnect from her energy. This is why I said don’t disrespect me, Athena, the only one who can protect you. A wrathful deity. Once I’m done giving chances that’s it, I ruin lives, that’s why I have restraint.

I was saving you. Now it’s too late. Enjoy your time. Melanie is about to be exposed and imprisoned. I wish I could charge her for being ugly and talentless. For now I’ll settle for her being the first modern black magic case, along with her other crimes. On the bright side this is making me rich, as I deserve. Bye smelly Melly, enjoy jail and your last days of freedom. Now the greatest band is the biggest joke. Now the Jagger line will cease to exist, as will Sally and her line. It takes one unattractive, murderer, rapist, stalker, satanist, loser to ruin it for everyone. This is what I tried to prevent. Fate is fate. Via: NY Post

Mick Jagger As Apollo For Me

After killing a python Apollo saw Eros (Cupid) and started teasing him; arrogant due to his serpent slay the god of poetry, music, prophecy, and beauty felt Eros wasn’t manly enough to wield the bow and arrow. Wrathful as Greek divinities are he shoots Apollo with a gold arrow, then Daphne the water nymph with a lead one, causing Apollo to fall madly in love and Daphne to despise him.

Daphne promising to remain virginal evades him, running for her life. Apollo chases her endlessly, just when he’s about to catch her she begs her father Peneus to transform her. Peneus abides turning her into a laurel tree.

This is why wreaths crown Olympic winners, as the game is a celebration of Apollo killing the python.

Mick Jagger is telling me what he always does, that he’ll love me no matter what. Rereading the myth I broke down crying, because I loved him my entire life and it’s really over, it has to be. I tried so hard, but we’re not meant to be. All my life I thought of the lyrics “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.” How come it had to be that way? Now I know. I will always miss the good parts, like The Weakest Link, picking my nail color, when he healed me and Jagger anytime we were sick, when he wrote me poetry everyday… For the first time I’m mourning our end. We are not a happily ever after fairytale, but a Greek tragedy. It was a sweet, romantic gesture, but we just can’t be, like Mick Taylor you have to know when to walk away before the band kills you. I loved him, truly loved him, so much I gave him everything. Let me go Michael, just send the money to 500 Pearl Street and don’t make things worse. I told you to honor L’wren Scott, I told you what would happen if you didn’t, she saved you. We saved you. Don’t end up in jail like Melanie deformed face Hamrick, don’t lose everything over an ugly weirdo who raped you and murdered L’wren with plans to rape me, for once listen to me. Via: Sir Jagger

The Stones Are A Coven

The Rolling Stones never pretended not to be a coven, an extremely powerful one at that. That’s why ugly Melanie Hamrick had to do black magic, selling her soul to satan with her coven to infiltrate it. Now her karma’s arrived. Mick Jagger was indeed right, I do have more powers, that’s why as queen witch I took theirs. My favorite part of the tour is every time Mick post I’m contacted about the investigations. Why? Because he’s incriminating himself as a domestic abuser. Thanks to it I’ll be a multi-millionaire, sans baby, with a restraining order. He’ll have ruined his legacy and I’ll be iconic. The one that got away, the one who destroyed the band that created her. Sex symbol and feminist legend.

And if the lawyers reading this, belittle my intelligence again, you must think I’m dumb. You’re not the first lawyer I’ve outsmarted, ask Miss Lily’s how that went. Thanks for the evidence when I sue the shit out of everyone, play with me again. That’s why I dragged you to silence. Law was my backup profession. Athena’s Roman counterpart is Minerva, it’s also a specialty.

My favorite part about the tour is now the government knows where to find this psychopath. I saved your life, now I look at you and can’t wait until the Jagger’s die off and they do. Make no mistake Melanie is going to jail, she committed perjury, a hate crime, murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, stalking and harassment. L’wren Scott is getting justice. Furthermore, I’m sure I can get Mick on a criminal charge for stealing my money and telling me to be a call girl. That’s a sex crime. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it? Blessed be. Now he’ll watch me raise my own family, while his dies off, once I get over my PTSD. Between “good guy” Chris Evans and everyone else, I can’t trust people aren’t horrific human beings. Soon I’ll see beyond my trauma. Which Stones song best describes the predicament they’re in? Photographer: Anton Corbijn

Alvin Bragg Is A Criminal

I wish I could say I’m special, Alvin Bragg made a fluke, in hopes to support the first black district attorney of Manhattan. Nope. Nope. Can’t say that. He has literally messed up every investigation in his short time in office. Alvin Bragg is one of the most incompetent people I’ve ever seen. Long story short he’s a criminal and I plan on suing him for violating my civil rights, misconduct and perjury. PERIOD. He’s a prime example of education doesn’t equate intelligence. I made his job so easy. He’s a dingbat, who will pay more than he can afford. He’s an Uncle Tom and the living embodiment of Humpty Dumpty, looks and fate wise. When you come for me I NEVER miss, now I know it’s because of what I am. He’ll learn, so will everyone involved. The city is unsafe in part due to this man. These are just some of his mishaps. Tali Weinstein needs to replace him, he’s a liability and if he remains…you’ll see… Via: Gothamist, New York Post, The City & Daily Mail

Chris Evans The Fake Nice Guy

After messaging me, appearing in my dreams and involving himself in my affairs, I begged Chris Evans to help me. “Don’t leave me with him, he scares me [his level of cruelty, he has no empathy or sympathy].” Keep in mind this is before I cleansed myself. Chris offered to help first mind you. His help came with a catch, he wanted dirty pictures of me, I refused. I didn’t want to take Mick Jagger to court to protect his career, his legacy, to escape the drama peacefully. Chris is mentioned in my lawsuit and I’ll provide the exchanges in court. He’s a fraud. On his brother’s birthday he pretended to be Mick (to be antagonistic in cahoots with an old psycho), but guess what? Mick doesn’t call me babe bitch, he calls me baby (Mick def told him what to say, but he slipped being wasted). You’re a fake nice guy, frat bro, asshole. You will never touch this, in your life bitch. I didn’t want to post a picture of him, his beauty distracts from his horrific behavior.

Enjoy. This is the only dirty pic you’ll ever get. How do you live with yourself? Please note no one’s checking for Melanie ugly Hamrick, Mick asked me for pictures two weeks ago, I blocked him. Via: ChrisEvans.FR