Mick Jagger The Misogynist

Everything Mick Jagger does is self-serving, he’s a psychopath, he comes first. Everything and everyone is a means to an end for him. You think he’d be with The Rolling Stones if his solo career took off? HA. His disgusting personality disorder is why they broke up. I’m trying to be compassionate, but when I take him to court you’ll see the evidence of my anger. He took advantage of my lifelong love for him, how he was my idol, I named my cat after him. He is a disgusting human being, who will pay for his lifetime of abuse, it ends with me. I read Goddess In The Doorway and wonder was I a premonition, or a manifestation? When I look at him, I feel hate, my blood boils. Mick Jagger and his band will pay, as will their families. The only reason he’s trying to put on a farce is not to take custody of that murder rape baby. Too bad. He doesn’t want that kid at all.

Mick Jagger is a misogynistic pig, who believes women are beneath him. He’s been quoted to say child rearing is women’s work. Which is why I’m going to make him do it. Women aren’t your property you decrepit fuck.

The fact that he told Bianca Jagger she can’t have babies with someone else, but he could is disgusting. Jerry Hall gave a married man blowjobs for two years to keep him, then wonders why he played her, a joke. Karma. Bianca clearly listened to him. In fact I think I’m the only woman whose ever stood up to this sexist bully. He also happens to be a powerful witch, Google The Hell’s Angels attempt to murder him. He created that storm. That’s why Melanie mutilated Hamrick needed a coven and a soul sell to get him and L’Wren Scott. He knew what I was before I did, that’s why he tried to own me. He doesn’t want me on vacation for a reason. I now know why.

The cards have been changing. I haven’t and won’t tell anyone what’s in store, I can’t trust anyone and for once it’s all about ME. I have never done that before, me, me, me. I’m not scared to be the star anymore, I want women, especially black women to see themselves as powerful. I shouldn’t have to hide behind men to be safe in this world. I’m a Goddess. I shouldn’t have men telling me what to do with my body, or anyone for that matter. I’m going to show you stars, not spectacles and as you can see I don’t need to manufacture drama. I’m fucking fascinating. Feeling envious? I’m just beginning. Athena/Minerva, Queen of Witches…bitch. Via: Sir Jagger & Andy Warhol Diaries

Basquiat, André, Andy & Anna

Remembering when Anna Wintour knew the difference between stars and spectacles. What an iconic photo of a golden period in art. New York City in the 80’s was a different species, gritty, glamorous, dangerous and electric. If ever you need an example of lows creating greatness that era is it. Another reason I cherish Serge Becker, he was apart of this vibe. Anna despises him, I wonder if they crossed paths during this time and something insidious transpired? Andy Warhol took these at Julian Schnabel’s Pace Gallery exhibit. Via: PopArtTrio

The Andy Warhol Diaries: Bianca & Jerry

Off and on for a few years, up until recently, I’ve read The Andy Warhol Diaries. I stopped for awhile when he started dragging Jerry Hall. Now, I grew up on Bianca Jagger and Jerry. One word. Glamour. I mean…anyways, Andy started going in, having been there for this period, Mick Jagger between Bianca and Jerry. The circle Mick ran in much preferred Bianca, Andy dead said Jerry smelled like b.o and wasn’t bright. Andy said a lot of things, such as Jade Jagger was a tool for Mick and Bianca to hurt each other, Mick told Bianca he could have kids with someone else and she couldn’t, and Bianca believed Jerry was a phase, because Mick likes smart girls (…does he…). Andy felt Bianca wasn’t smart either, but more so than Jerry. Having dealt with Mick this is very, VERY telling.

First thing’s first, Jerry Hall experienced a little thing we like to call karma. You knew that nigga was married before you started opening shop for the first TWO years of your relationship. Mind you, Jerry was engaged to Bryan Ferry, so you was on some double jeopardy shit. Bianca thought it was just a phase and waited around for Mick, playing cool when seeing them at parties, as seen above. NOW, I don’t play that shit, I don’t care what age Mick is, he’s getting his ass beat and so is she, PERIOD. The fuck I look like? Straight as soon as you enter the premises, both of y’all throw bones. Like what…we sure not sitting at no table together kekeeing when y’all cuckold me.

Second Jerry got what she gave multiplied. PERIOD. You did it to Bianca, Carla Bruni and MANY others did it to you. That’s the name of the game sis, you reap what you sow. The fuck you confused about? And y’all are the reason Mick got me messed up…I don’t play like that, ever. You can call Tyrone and go. I think like a “man” which is why Mick is doing the most, he’s use to women bending boundaries for him. That’s not my vibe so leave. Romance melts my heart not drama. I’m not fighting with no bitch in a hotel lobby, talking bout stay away from my man and I’m damn sure not writing a letter saying we can bang girls together. Bitch I’m beautiful, smart, funny, cool, I love myself and more. Like I get why you’re like this, but it’s not gonna work with me so change, or move on. Find someone who’s into it.

Let’s be real. You’re not admiring Jerry & Mick, because she’s good to him. You’re admiring that she tolerated how terrible he was to her, and that’s not cool. Nor should I be expected to maintain that low grade standard. Let’s go find lives with people that suit them.

Mick wants a woman he can control and have power over. It ain’t me babe. Respect me as a human, my desires and wants matter. I’m not an accessory to you. Also I’m a goddess, you disrespected me so you’re gonna feel my wrath. I don’t want you controlling my life.


Mick Rock is the most legendary and crucial photographer in rock n’ roll. For decades he’s captured icons starting their careers, performing, in their prime or candid hangouts. His photos are electrifying, you can feel the raw star power jumping out of his pictures. Pure raucous energy that defines these bigger than life personas who’ve shaped the art scene solidifying their place in history, as well as our hearts. These are the people who shaped the world and our beings. Fortunate to have been alive at the same time as him. Thank you for the precious, beautiful art. The second photo is at the World Trade Center, a place that no longer exist. I mean it just doesn’t get better. Rest in peace Mick Rock, this one hurts. I chose picture from his insta as those are his obvious favorites. Which photo is your favorite? Photographer: Mick Rock

Andy, Anita And Edie

Um let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that Edie Sedgwick and Anita Pallenberg hung out, two sixties icons, seemingly polar opposite in disposition. I mean what did they talk about? The mind reels. Have a great weekend folks. Via: Peace And Rock N Roll

Supermodel 101: Patti Hansen

Not only was she Vogue’s cool blonde, but she’s duality incarnated. Patti Hansen has a chiseled, open broad face, yet dainty features; she’s simultaneously the wholesome girl next door, with an athletic build, and a wild seductress with pillow lips and large feral eyes. The hottest thing to ever come out of Staten Island was scouted and signed to Wilhelmina ASAP at 16. In the 70’s she had a wild child reputation, often running around sets naked. In her defense she’s a Pisces and was born on Saint Patrick’s Day, the odds were stacked against her.

This hot girl is one of the most iconic glamour supermodels to come out of the disco decade and muse for the likes of Andy Warhol, Arthur Elgort and Richard Avedon, she still graces the biggest covers to this day (In Style, Playgirl, New York Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ to name a few) and has been the face of major campaigns (Revlon, Versace, Dior, Calvin Klein). A Studio 54 legend Patti can pull off any hairstyle (layered, long, pixie), beat cancers ass twice and is one half of one of my favorite love stories with her marriage to rock god Keith Richards. Her family didn’t approve of their courtship, a meeting that ended with Keith smashing a guitar and Patti crying, but true love persevered. The soulmates who met when Richards got her a bottle of champagne at Studio 54 have been married for nearly forty years. The supermodel rockstar pair have two kids, which hasn’t stopped her from being the subject and muse of eponymous book by Ivan Shaw and strutting down runways, despite living a quieter life. Rock goddess, free spirit, reformed party girl, call her what you want, but once a bad bitch, always a bad bitch. Which Patti shoot is your favorite? Photos: Cosmopolitan, Calvin Klein, Getty Images, Vogue and Richard Avedon

Happy Birthday Liza & Quincy

If you don’t understand the level of legendary these two are, we cannot be in the same room. I MEAN, just badass and talented. Happy belated to Liza Minelli and Quincy Jones. Gifts to this planet. What’s your favorite creation by these icons? Photographer: Andy Warhol & Quincy Jones Insta

Supermodel 101: Jerry Hall

Rapunzel in real life, the long hair don’t care Texan is the definition of GLAMOUR (pronounced glair-merrr), with signature styles so deep she’s easily the most emulated supermodel in drag culture. Exhibit A: although she looks hot with red or blonde hair, no other model in her field has made fiery locks iconic. Exhibit B: of course signature hues have a matching pose, running both hands through her hair on either side of her head is Jerry’s. Exhibit C: over the shoulder minimum 20 inch wave coiffure, depending on the rest of the get up one could easily pull off straight tresses, but the outfit has to be Exhibit D: over the top gowns and accessories from fur throws to dangly earrings, think Dynasty darling with a hint of Jessica Rabbit. This Studio 54 regular has covered covers for decades, with a diamond like bone structure that shines iridescent when made up.
A muse for the likes of Andy Warhol to Thierry Mulger and the most renowned photographers (from Helmut Newton to Terry O’Neill ) after being discovered on a beach in Saint Tropez, the striking legend went on to marry Mick Jagger who stole her from Bryan Ferry. The two have four kids together. Although she’s done many things, she’s most major for surviving her marriage with Jagger at his most rakish, without doing jail time. Deadass. In solidarity I watched Kept on VH1. Nothing stops a bad bitch for long, the stunning model and activist went on to bag billionaire Rupert Murdoch. She’s still got it, legendary. Which photo is your favorite? Via: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff, Antonio Lopez, Andy Gotts & Helmut Newton