Black History Month 2021

Black History Month has commenced, also my birthday month which makes total sense. Stop taking from a culture you don’t respect, be gone and embrace your own. How do you honor BHM (even though our history is everyday)? Via:Nnoorxo

Billy Porter BB

To close out Black History Month on this auspicious leap day, Billy Porter peeps. Thank you for your fluidity, thank you for being brave enough to broadcast it from the tops of mountains. Representation is important, especially for men of color who are given less freedom to be fluid. Black culture can be very critical and rigid regarding gender roles. Take a bow. Which look is your red carpet steeze? Photos: Billy Porter

3 Classic Songs Black People…

Will always dance to once played. It’s black history month, so let me enlighten you. These classics have a generational, trance like effect. If you play any of these songs be it cookout, birthday party, anniversary, wedding, bookclub, at a PTA meeting…it really doesn’t matter, we will dance. If you find yourself in a black space to one of these tunes, just start doing the electric slide. Theres’s a 98.7% chance we will join in. Which song is your favorite?