Eric Adams Needs To Be Fired…

Immediately. He’s incompetent and stupid. Too busy galavanting around Hollywood, with his satanic friends and attending events to do his fucking job. He comes up with the infeasible idea to house migrants in a city with no space or funding. Too busy attending The Met Gala to be the mayor, or he’d have seen how idiotic his decisions are. With no solid planning of how to execute his pipe dreams, he literally cuts essentials for the citizens of this country: education, sanitation, police and libraries.
So now you want to turn the financial capital of the world into a homeless shelter, with illiterate, undereducated kids, while criminals run wild due to understaffed police…make it make fucking sense you clown. He’s a detriment to this country. Maybe if you and your partners in crimes Alvin Bragg and Kathy Hochul weren’t busy being corrupt, siphoning money for personal use, aiding in the Rat Soup scandal, endeavoring to attack a domestic violence victim, who had a hate crime committed against her (that’s me), you wouldn’t be fucking idiots. All of them need to go (read Corrupt Politicians Vol 1). Eric Adams just increased unemployment and endangered everyone in an already dangerous city. Which I think he’s done intentionally, since they profit from crime. These three are demonic democrats, harbingers of destruction to our city to fill their wallets. Three blind mice. Via: NY Post

Alvin Bragg Lives In Sue City

Ruining Alvin Bragg’s life is simply me returning the energy he gave. Thanks to these very articles containing evidence of his racial profiling and calling him out publicly, Bragg is being sued. He doesn’t have Tali Farhadian Weinstein money, he’ll go broke with all these lawsuits. My attorney isn’t corrupt, because she’s a billionaire, something Broke Bragg weaponized against her to become the Manhattan District Attorney. Jealous of her wealth, he used the coveted position for his financial gain, endeavoring to reach her monetary status. Engaging in bribes to press charges against innocent people of color, along with raising the bail and pocketing the difference, amongst other things.
As I stated in Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent, “Bragg has a history of racial profiling. Black people, stereotyping the Asian community, arresting Jose Alba for defending himself, yet needing protest to arrest Daniel Penny. A white a man who wasn’t under attacked, but killed a black man.”

Alvin Bragg arrested me using false evidence to cover up the murder of L’wren Scott, on behalf of Melanie uggo Hamrick the rapist. He got paid to, believing I’d take the plea deal. Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall told Melanie to go to him (read Alvin Bragg Is A Felon). If that weren’t bad enough, the prosecutor throughout my seven months in and out of court, isn’t a licensed attorney in New York. Illegal. You aren’t allowed to practice law, let alone prosecute on behalf of the state without a license. I’ll be posting that along with Rupert and Jerry racketeering in another article.

I sent everything to Kathy Hochul, the governor, to remove him and replace him with Tali Farhadian Weinstein. She refused, because she’s corrupt too, along with Mayor Eric Adams.
Hochul recently used tax payers money for a trip to Israel she had no business going on. Which is why her father passed as soon as she touched sacred land. You’re aligned with the devil and made a mockery. You aren’t the President, stay in your lane. PS: I paper trailed you (read Kathy Hochul The Con Artist).

Thanks to Hochul’s negligence, her partner in crime continued his white supremacist agenda, targeting actor Jonathan Majors. Attempting to set him up, and refusing to press charges against his white ex-girlfriend, who assaulted him. Majors like myself, had a restraining order against him from a lying white woman, granted by the same judge.
My amassed evidence has allowed justice to be served for others. Below is Jose Alba, a Hispanic senior citizen, who was arrested after being stabbed and defending himself. Protest were used to get Bragg to arrest Daniel Penny, protest were used to free innocent Alba.
You’ll also find two out of forty pages of Alba’s racial discrimination complaint. Displaying Bragg’s duplicitous ways. He’ll lie, cheat, and steal to win.

Bragg clearly states he’ll end racial injustice, only to instigate it by setting up Korean eatery Gammeeok. I worked there, as payback for getting him to indict Donald Trump he orchestrated the international rat soup scandal. Perpetuating stereotypes against the Asian community that they’ll eat anything, rat, dog, pigeon…viewing Asians as other. Ruining the reputation of an authentic establishment that’s been around for over 30 years, taking money out of hardworking employees pockets. All to target an innocent black person you tried to wrongfully incarcerate. Under Hochul and Braggs administration- if you aren’t white, you aren’t right. Too bad you didn’t read my articles, or you would have known what I am. That you weren’t going to win, Broke Bragg. Via: PD Soros, Daily Mail & Fox News

Corrupt Politicians Vol 1

“I know something about Officer Bell, who is a racist and a liar- I have told him that to his face, so you can feel perfectly free to quote me, to anyone, at any time you wish- and I know something about the D.A in charge of this case, who is worse. Now. You and Fonny insist that you were together, in the room on Bank Street, along with an old friend, Daniel Carty. Your testimony, as you can imagine, counts for nothing, and Daniel Carty has just been arrested by the D.A’s office and is being held incommunicado. I have not been allowed to see him.” Now he rose paced to the window. “What they are doing is really against the law-but- Daniel has a criminal record, as you know. They, obviously intend to make him change his testimony. And- I do not know this, but I am willing to bet- that that is how and why Mrs. Rogers has disappeared.Via: The New York Post