Corrupt Politicians Vol 1

“I know something about Officer Bell, who is a racist and a liar- I have told him that to his face, so you can feel perfectly free to quote me, to anyone, at any time you wish- and I know something about the D.A in charge of this case, who is worse. Now. You and Fonny insist that you were together, in the room on Bank Street, along with an old friend, Daniel Carty. Your testimony, as you can imagine, counts for nothing, and Daniel Carty has just been arrested by the D.A’s office and is being held incommunicado. I have not been allowed to see him.” Now he rose paced to the window. “What they are doing is really against the law-but- Daniel has a criminal record, as you know. They, obviously intend to make him change his testimony. And- I do not know this, but I am willing to bet- that that is how and why Mrs. Rogers has disappeared.Via: The New York Post