Eric Adams Needs To Be Fired…

Immediately. He’s incompetent and stupid. Too busy galavanting around Hollywood, with his satanic friends and attending events to do his fucking job. He comes up with the infeasible idea to house migrants in a city with no space or funding. Too busy attending The Met Gala to be the mayor, or he’d have seen how idiotic his decisions are. With no solid planning of how to execute his pipe dreams, he literally cuts essentials for the citizens of this country: education, sanitation, police and libraries.
So now you want to turn the financial capital of the world into a homeless shelter, with illiterate, undereducated kids, while criminals run wild due to understaffed police…make it make fucking sense you clown. He’s a detriment to this country. Maybe if you and your partners in crimes Alvin Bragg and Kathy Hochul weren’t busy being corrupt, siphoning money for personal use, aiding in the Rat Soup scandal, endeavoring to attack a domestic violence victim, who had a hate crime committed against her (that’s me), you wouldn’t be fucking idiots. All of them need to go (read Corrupt Politicians Vol 1). Eric Adams just increased unemployment and endangered everyone in an already dangerous city. Which I think he’s done intentionally, since they profit from crime. These three are demonic democrats, harbingers of destruction to our city to fill their wallets. Three blind mice. Via: NY Post

Corrupt Politicians Vol 1

“I know something about Officer Bell, who is a racist and a liar- I have told him that to his face, so you can feel perfectly free to quote me, to anyone, at any time you wish- and I know something about the D.A in charge of this case, who is worse. Now. You and Fonny insist that you were together, in the room on Bank Street, along with an old friend, Daniel Carty. Your testimony, as you can imagine, counts for nothing, and Daniel Carty has just been arrested by the D.A’s office and is being held incommunicado. I have not been allowed to see him.” Now he rose paced to the window. “What they are doing is really against the law-but- Daniel has a criminal record, as you know. They, obviously intend to make him change his testimony. And- I do not know this, but I am willing to bet- that that is how and why Mrs. Rogers has disappeared.Via: The New York Post

Down To Weed Dust And Stems

One of the worst feelings in the world, when you’re down to weed dust and stems. Time to re-up. I have about two days worth left, so it’s not all gone praise the lord. Cannot wait until dispensaries open up in New York City, well more that is. Weed clams me down, helps me sleep, shifts me into gratitude, food taste phenomenal and everything is ten times funnier. Via: Vintage Fantasy Art

Fragmentasie Granade

Punching bags, boxing gloves, hand grenades, human hearts, just plain balls. As a jaded New Yorker who attracts insanity and grew up in the epicenter of artistic expression, I forgot what it feels like to be taken aback visually. That says A LOT when anything goes on the subway, I mean anything. Gobsmacked by the front and center, in your face details, I was left to ruminate on how many different meanings this shape can take. I stared at it for a long time, deeply enchanted by Ernesto Marenco’s ability to stun me, to do all the things art is suppose to do by making me think and switch perspectives in order to interpret what I’m looking at. He took something so simple and made it sophisticated and new. Brilliant. What do you see? When was the last time something you saw shocked you? Artist: Ernesto Marenco

Must Watch: Nora From Queens

Highlight of being sick in bed was finding this absolute gem. Nora From Queens left me doubled over in laughter, blinded by my tears, from beginning to end. Nora, played by Awkwafina, is an underachieving stoner, pushing her thirties, still living at home with her grandma and father. Attempting to assert her adulthood she finds herself in ridiculous situations; getting addicted to amphetamines in order to balance her gaming addiction and real estate assistant position, getting caught up in her own Fyre Festival scandal. The latter made so much funnier due to the dynamic with her foil character, Edmund. Her gay, tech-savvy, successful cousin, who reads Nora whenever possible.

The show is similar to Broad City in that it showcases that ‘Only In New York’ (OINY) eccentricity, that as a native I can attest to. A city filled with complex, zany characters all trying to find their place and purpose. A reminder that the definition of success varies from person to person, people value different things, everyone has their own timeline. Awkwafina is about elevated fuckery, adding levity to soften the edge of what can sometimes be a cruel world. Can’t wait for season two. What is your version of success? Do you feel pressured by society to have a different goal? Why? Via: Nora From Queens

Saturday Weather Update

Chomping at the bit for the days I can go out and order a glass with friends. Definitely took restaurants for granted. Missing the ambiance and those frenetic New York City weekends filled with so much potential. A blank night waiting to be filled with stories of hardworking denizens, looking to exercise their demons. Truthfully my first drink order will be a plain margarita, salted rim. What you sippin on tonight? Via: Square Sayings

Favorite Pastime Of Toxic Men

On the plus side, being harried by countless men while simply trying to walk, has also been deferred. In New York City this is the toxic males favorite pastime. Standing on the streets demanding women yield to their sexual desires. Said female after showing disinterest, is then called a bitch.
Maybe she’s taken option B, lying about having a boyfriend, because men respect other men, even if they aren’t real. Catcalling, following/walking along, ignoring no as an answer, being disrespectful…all inappropriate ways to treat women. We aren’t property, or second class citizens. Am I missing any toxic male behavior? Via: EverThineEverMineEverOurs

Wet On Wet With Malcolm Liepke

A curation of Minnesota born, New York based college dropout Malcolm T. Liepke. His loose brush work and wet on wet technique gives his work a luxuriant, sensual and intimate vibe. Applying wet paint to wet paint adds a quality that the figures themselves are dripping, melting in a controlled way, one that feels like the moment between moments. I feel like I’m watching the transition of water turning into vapor as we speak, the figures are present. There’s an element of motion: she’s just gyrated on the horse and is about to move again, you watched the lovers slink up the couch and you’re about to see them merge, you saw when the boozehound fell onto the couch and she’s a blink away from crashing to the floor…Which picture resonates the most with your soul right now? The first image reminds me of Jennifer Connelly on that horse in Career Opportunities.

NYC Weekend Squad

Two parties, one city. Which event are you attending, 1983 with rockstars or 1965 with art stars? Currently drinking the same Jack as Keith, so I gotta go with the rockstars. Top: Rock Rebellion Bottom: Cosy Nostalgia

An Intro To Perspective

How can Martin Scorsese’s New York City be the same as Woody Allen’s New York City, which is not the same thing as Spike Lee’s New York City and Mike Nichol’s New York City? That was my introduction to perspective.

Photo: Raymond Mair