Sativa Versus Indica An Education

I smoke whatever I’m in the mood for, but for those of you who don’t know the difference between sativa and indica here goes. Sativa stimulates, it increases energy, increases focus, eases depression, its light green in color, long and best used during the day, a mind high, and good for fighting anxiety.

Whereas, indica is a body high, higher CBD (while the former is higher THC), dark green in color, bushy, short, best nighttime because it relaxes, eases nausea, stimulates appetite, relaxes muscles, acts as a sedative and relieves pain. It’s a cute little sleep aid.

Then of course there’s the hybrid, but we won’t get into that. There are copious marijuana strains, all falling under either, or, hybrids a mix of both. Find what works for you, and when it works for you. Via: ArtBy_Mozart

Down To Weed Dust And Stems

One of the worst feelings in the world, when you’re down to weed dust and stems. Time to re-up. I have about two days worth left, so it’s not all gone praise the lord. Cannot wait until dispensaries open up in New York City, well more that is. Weed clams me down, helps me sleep, shifts me into gratitude, food taste phenomenal and everything is ten times funnier. Via: Vintage Fantasy Art

Stupid Stoner Moments

Some of the dumbest things I’ve done due to being stoned out of my mind:

  1. Dirty Laundry- One time in the not too distant past, I was staying at an Airbnb and thank the lord, they had a laundry room. It was quaint, just a washer and dryer placed in a broom closet. Still I was grateful. The plan was to run errands while I did chores. Dropping my load, I came back to hot, fresh laundry. Under the impression that my clothes had washed then dried all in one. Wow, what a super advanced unit! Two full minutes later. It dawned on me that I’d placed my clothes covered in detergent in the dryer. Like a dummy. This wasn’t some super fancy new technology after all.
  2. Aaliyah Was A Man- Standing in the doorway my roommate equally, if not more high, Nicole went on a 45 minute tangent dragging me into the K hole she found herself in. “And see look at this picture. You see the man, you see the woman, look at the difference in their back structures. Now look at Aaliyah…she was born a man bro. She got Indian in her family, Indians believed in five genders…” She was so passionate, so convincing I ran to text my very sober friends. Presenting the evidence, I was shaken out of my smoke fogged brain. “This is dumb.” I was made aware how preposterous the whole thing was.
  3. Take A Stand- It’s so rude! You can do so much better than that and she’s fucked up for saying that, I’m sick of it. “Okay….calm down. He’s not that bad.” What? You deserve more. Don’t say that about yourself! You don’t have to settle for an old man. “What are you talking about?” Turns out for an entire year I thought my friend Lala’s coworkers were trying to hook her up with the seventy year old in the office, mixing his name up with that of the hot, young one who looked liked Usher. Suddenly everything we ever discussed about it made sense…well kind of.
    What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done, because you were high af? Photo: Grass in Class

Happy 420 Twenty

Courtesy of Cypress Hill. I hope you all got to re-up in time. Which celebrity stoner would you hotbox with? If I wanted to pass out: Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Rihanna.

Cerebral Cortex Vibes

Personally, I will be getting stoned and:

Eating, creating, watching films, journaling, developing characters, listening to music, reading, learning, learning, learning and playing with my cat.

Doesn’t this remind you of the cerebral cortex structure?

Via: High Times Magazine

Dr. Masaru’s Dab Experiment

Hubba, hubba. Marveling at these exquisite dabs in all their glory. I wonder if you could change the molecular structure of dabs with words, like Dr. Masaru’s water experiment? Which dab is the love of your life? Via: High Times Magazine

Rolling Into The Weekend

Happy Friday folks. Remember when you had to worry about your mom finding your stash? You grown now, go enjoy the weekend however you see fit. What are you getting into tonight? Photo: Hypnotique Minds