Down To Weed Dust And Stems

One of the worst feelings in the world, when you’re down to weed dust and stems. Time to re-up. I have about two days worth left, so it’s not all gone praise the lord. Cannot wait until dispensaries open up in New York City, well more that is. Weed clams me down, helps me sleep, shifts me into gratitude, food taste phenomenal and everything is ten times funnier. Via: Vintage Fantasy Art

Joints Are Outselling Cigarettes

Slowly but surely we’re coming around that mountain. Apparently marijuana cigarettes are outselling regular ones for the first time. Listen, as someone whose smoked both, the former is healthier and far more beneficial. There have been so many times where I was angry, or freaking out, smoked a bowl and literally just calmed down. Then I was able to shift perspectives, not be so overwhelmed.

A drink is good too, love me a stiff drink, or some wine. Both have stopped me from dragging people, especially at Miss Lily’s. The hardest thing I had to do there was 30 days of sobriety, everyone kept tempting me, but I persevered. Legalize it everywhere. Artist: Little Savage Design

NYC LEGALIZED Recreational Pot

Dreams come true, it can happen to you! New York City has legalized recreational weed for those of us 21+, unfortunately those who are underage still out cyeah in the trenches. Hey it’s not all bad, knowing how to spot the DT’s at whatever smoke location you’re using is a great skill set to have, it keeps you aware of your surroundings, keeps you sharp and teaches you to run like hell (no slacking). I on the other hand, earned this moment, remaining a devout smoker while others quit to be an “adult.” Finally I can walk by cop dogs without fear of being pulled to the side and having my weed confiscated.

Recreational weed is allowed to be puff, puff, passed wherever cigarettes are smoked and can’t be in excess of three ounces. Glory be, what amazing news during the month of 4/20! Happy toking folks. Via: Tree Femme Collective

Different Year Same Smoke

My wish is for weed to be legalized everywhere. While I’m leaving a lot of things behind this ain’t one of em. What’s something you’re keeping? Via: Riri Navy Turkey

Dodgeball Blues

Waiting for New York City to legalize it feels like getting picked last in dodgeball. Come on bro, I’m standing right here! CHOOSE ME NEXT, I promise I won’t let you down. Anyone else feel these sentiments? Via: Duhugh