The Ocean Is A Good Cleanser

The beach, nails done, tanned to the Gods, weed, sun, and drinks is the dream. Nature heals. Actually salt water is a great cleanser, if you’re looking to rid yourself of negative energy jump into the ocean. Have you been to the beach yet? Via: High Times Magazine

Afternoon Delight

For the chronic over thinker…see what I did there? Seriously, I smoke to calm this mind that never quits. It tells my brain, yo chilll. What delights you today? Via: High Times Magazine

No Matter How Sick

Yes I am sick from this energetic upload, but the show must go on! I’m still gonna toke dat smoke, period. Also going to organize my photos more efficiently, I will literally scroll for ages, swearing up and down the photo I wanted was here. Very time consuming. WEAR A MASK! My visions are coming true! Via: High Times Magazine

God Must Have Spent

When I look into your eyes
I know that it’s true
God must have spent
A little more time
On you.

Via: High Times Magazine

The Ultimate Spliff

How far do you think you can go before you hit the floor? I gotta be real with myself, I think I can take TWO solid hits, the circumference is just doing the most. That’s a lot of green.

Cerebral Cortex Vibes

Personally, I will be getting stoned and:

Eating, creating, watching films, journaling, developing characters, listening to music, reading, learning, learning, learning and playing with my cat.

Doesn’t this remind you of the cerebral cortex structure?

Via: High Times Magazine

Dr. Masaru’s Dab Experiment

Hubba, hubba. Marveling at these exquisite dabs in all their glory. I wonder if you could change the molecular structure of dabs with words, like Dr. Masaru’s water experiment? Which dab is the love of your life? Via: High Times Magazine

Irish Cannonball

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although people bash this holiday as a scam from Hallmark, there’s nothing wrong with a day to spread more love. This bouquet is better than flowers, do you agree? Via: High Times Magazine