Afternoon Delight

For the chronic over thinker…see what I did there? Seriously, I smoke to calm this mind that never quits. It tells my brain, yo chilll. What delights you today? Via: High Times Magazine

No Matter How Sick

Yes I am sick from this energetic upload, but the show must go on! I’m still gonna toke dat smoke, period. Also going to organize my photos more efficiently, I will literally scroll for ages, swearing up and down the photo I wanted was here. Very time consuming. WEAR A MASK! My visions are coming true! Via: High Times Magazine

The Ultimate Spliff

How far do you think you can go before you hit the floor? I gotta be real with myself, I think I can take TWO solid hits, the circumference is just doing the most. That’s a lot of green.

Cerebral Cortex Vibes

Personally, I will be getting stoned and:

Eating, creating, watching films, journaling, developing characters, listening to music, reading, learning, learning, learning and playing with my cat.

Doesn’t this remind you of the cerebral cortex structure?

Via: High Times Magazine

Dr. Masaru’s Dab Experiment

Hubba, hubba. Marveling at these exquisite dabs in all their glory. I wonder if you could change the molecular structure of dabs with words, like Dr. Masaru’s water experiment? Which dab is the love of your life? Via: High Times Magazine

Irish Cannonball

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although people bash this holiday as a scam from Hallmark, there’s nothing wrong with a day to spread more love. This bouquet is better than flowers, do you agree? Via: High Times Magazine

High Times Trichome

Surry down to the stoned soul picnic
There’ll be trains of blossoms,
There’ll be music,
There’ll be trains of trust,
Trains of golden dust.

Red yellow honey, sassafras and moonshine
Red yellow honey, sassafras and moonshine
Stoned soul.
-The 5th Dimension