Raise Your Hand…

If your retrograde has been a little…intense. Has anything strange happened to your technology, transportation or communication? My phone was acting bonkers last night for a good 30 minutes.

Hallow’s Eve

The spiritual meaning of Hallow’s Eve, has roots that trace back to a celebration called Samhain. Samhain is the celebration of the darker half of the year, where we enter winter. It celebrates death and new beginnings. This is a great time to release anything that is no longer serving you.

Halloween is when the veil between the dead and the living is the thinnest. It is believed that the dead are allowed to roam our world for this one night. This is how costumes started, to either ward them off or confuse them. Many use this time to honor the dead, specifically their ancestors through rituals. In doing so one must be careful, as you might attract the wrong energy. Especially since Mercury in retrograde is overlapping with this event. How will you be celebrating tonight? Photos: Super France and Morphe Brushes

Happy Halloween

From the B in apartment 23. Not only is it Halloween, but Mercury in retrograde begins today. This means massive spiritual shifts and purging. Have fun, be smart, be safe. What are you dressing up as tonight? Photo: Sunset Witch

Going Backwards To Go Forward

Shouting from below my window compelled me to peer out. I am absolutely staggered by the events taking place. One man is stomping on the head of another by a pile of garbage bags, with such brutal force I have contempt for humanity as a whole. This can’t be real. Crawled into fetal position, the victim’s glasses fall off, as a caramel colored boot meets his temple. Immediately I am teleported back to high school, AP psych.

Kitty Genevese.

A white woman murdered in Queens, on her way home. There were 37 witnesses, all peering out their window, doing nothing, just like me. A huge revelation in psychology, it proved that the more people there are, the less responsibility each person feels. All of them assuming someone else would take action. I lift my phone to call 911, but the deli guy intervenes. Placing my phone down I scan the street and notice several people have called the cops. Thank god. The absolute most bizarre week, insane things were happening frequently. A friend I confided in told me this was to be expected during Mercury in retrograde.

Dumbfounded, I went home to Google wtf that meant.

Apparently Mercury is the planet of communication and transportation. The planet appears to be going backwards, but it isn’t. This is not a time of action but review. Repeatedly it’s stated that you shouldn’t:
-Start new relationships.
-Sign contracts without triple checking the fine print.
-Start new projects.
And that you should expect transportation delays and for your electronics to bug out.

Since discovering this cosmic event I’ve paid attention to how it affects me every time. Honestly I’ve been stuck on a subway for an hour, had my computer go on the fritz, almost died in an Uber when the driver dozed off at the wheel… So yeah, through my own experiences I’ve become a believer.

Mercury in retrogrades main purpose is to slow down, reflect and review. This is the first retrograde where I’ve actually listened, instead of pushing forward and it’s treated me well.

I learned that I haven’t been as compassionate towards an ex love as I thought I was. I spent so much time trying to prove I was wronged, that I didn’t see it from their perspective. When I did I realized they weren’t being cold, we simply had different love languages. It allowed me to heal from a wound I was inflicting on myself, by forgiving him.

Even if you think it’s all malarkey what’s the harm in pausing for some introspection? Name one thing you learned from the past, or about yourself upon reflection.

Happy Fo’Twenty

Brain Finke/Gallery Stock

Be it a lifestyle, or a special occasion happy 4/20 motherfuckers. Here is a cute list of things to enjoy while stoned.

  1. Eat a bowl of cereal it will never taste better, nothing will ever taste better. My favorite cereals to eat while stoned: AppleJacks, Honey Nut Cheerios, Coco Pebbles, Coco Puffs and Rice Crispie’s WITH sugar. #ThatMilkThoYum
  2. Have sex, you will be so focused and present, enjoying every sensation.
  3. A walk in the park, preferably during the day. Nature is so damn beautiful the color of flower petals, the ripples of the lake, the rustling leaves.
  4. Watch one of the following tv shows: The Office, Arrested Development, I Love New York, Flavor Of Love, Flavor Of Love Charm School, Portlandia, Adventure Time (didn’t understand these last two shows until I was high), Family Guy, Dave Chappelle Show… I mean it really doesn’t get better.
  5. Watch one of the following films: Kung Fu Hustle, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, City Of God (my favorite movie), The 40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, Scary Movie 1…Honestly being high heightens everything, you just notice more so you can fully appreciate it.
  6. Listen to music. You could be listening to the same song for the millionth time, when suddenly instruments and vocals you’ve never heard manifest. Two of my current stoner jams: Fall by Chloe X Halle and Age Of Aquarius, peep those harmonies.