Fully Experiencing The Day

Honestly, there’s a huge difference between getting through the day versus fully experiencing it. Being tethered to the present is how you do the latter. Getting through the day means your mind is in the future, you’re too busy thinking of the next task to be in the now. Being present is difficult, you’ll notice when you endeavor to do it. I accredit my “be here now” mentality to meditation, first and foremost, yoga and reading The Power Of Now. The practice of being present vanquished my anxiety.

What does being present feel like? Serenity, suddenly you’re mindful of the human experience, filled with gratitude for the minutiae. Turning a faucet for water, as opposed to walking painstaking miles. You’ve done it a million times, but when you’re mindful of it you’re aware it’s a blessing.

What does being present mean? Being fully invested in the moment, mindful, as in you’re not thinking of the past, nor the future. You fully immerse yourself in the sensation and sensory information of the current. You’re thinking about what you’re doing, not what you did, or what you’re going to do, and you’re doing it with intention. It’s almost like outer body introspection. Do you get through the day, or fully experience it? Try thinking of what you’re doing as you do it i.e: I’m getting out of bed (how do the blankets feel? Is the room warm?), I’m walking to the kitchen to make breakfast, I open the fridge in search of eggs…narrate your moment, you’d be surprised at how much you miss when you’re doing one thing, but your mind is elsewhere. Via: My Easy Therapy

More Asian Representation Please

More Asian representation please, including the darker tones. This is dope af, love to see it. Racially profiling people over a social construct isn’t cool, you’re a loser for that. How many diseases did white people inflict on others, especially when stealing America? Get a grip, get a brain, get a spine. STOP ASIAN HATE. Via: British Vogue

Happy New Years, Last Day Of 2021

Another crazy year in my life finished. Time to reflect, set goals and overly indulge in liquor while doing so. This year I fully rise into my power, as in get more powerful. I’m going to trust myself, my own plan and do it my way. What were some highlights of your year? What were the lows? What do you seek to change? What are your resolutions? Via: Elena_Scouting, DolceVita_Mezon and IAmNotAnArtist

Work Week And Wine Down

TGIF, Sandra Oh is the epitome of this work week is over. You did what you needed to do, gather your earnings and wine down in your fanciest gear. Why not? After the pandemic go crazy, wear a ball gown to the dive bar, be extra AF even if you’re simply staying in. Have you utilized your days off differently since the world re-opened? How? Why or why not? Via: Youth Scenes

Mary Cosby Vs. Whitney Rose

Somebody make it make sense. A few days ago on Twitter Mary Cosby unleashed on Whitney Rose in a series of now deleted post. More often than not I have no idea what Mary is talking about, none. I thought it was just me, but apparently not. Reading and re-reading these tweets the ignorance remains the same. Tears, I was left in tears between the comment section and Mary’s point of view. Here are some highlights:

  • Mary’s grammar, all over the place, especially when it comes to your, you’re and at times even you. Many people found it chaotic to comprehend, including myself. Many people were upset with her use of apostrophes, which after sometime I realized she was using as commas. Never in my life…
  • Whitney is a racist, this accusation sent the comment section into a tizzy. After Mary herself refused to go into 7/11 if there are too many black people outside. It’s safe to say Whitney is not a racist.
  • Mary accuses Whitney of lying and taking advantage of a woman in a restroom, and yet still we have no clue what is going on. Furthermore, the fanbase was shocked by a pastor talking as such and found Mary unhinged.
  • Did Mary send Jesus on Whitney as promised? We believe so.
  • Pole dancer mentality, bobblehead, she’s hungry…it’s just…classic.
  • Mary says her and Whitney aren’t friends, but last season they were out often together solo…okay

This is one of the funniest things ever. I love, LOVE the Salt Lake City Housewives, they’re hilarious. Thank you God for gifting us these women. Please, I implore you go check it out for yourself. Via: Real Housewives Franchise

Last Days Of Summer

What I’ll miss most is the beach, nutcrackers, tanning, sand under my feet. Til we meet again summer, I love you…unless I vacation somewhere where it’s summer. Then I’m going to stunt on you hoes and be dark af while y’all not. What will you miss most? Via: Use Dreams

O.J Simpson Or Jen Shah…?

I don’t want Jen Shah to be guilty, she’s great television. However the mounting evidence and pattern of lying (about owning chattel, exposing Meredith’s affairs) is giving jail time vibes. Who’s more committed to the lie her, or O.J Simpson ? Via: Baller Alert & Taste Of Reality

Post Covid Anxiety

Totally fine if coming out of this seemingly never ending pandemic is hard. You adjusted and adapted to a way of life, uncertainty, that you have to snap out of. Take it a step at a time to find your feet. What can you do this year that you couldn’t during the pandemic that you appreciate? Via: Health Regan