Kitty Covey Is The Messiest Sister

If you haven’t watched XO, Kitty, get on it. Messy, Kitty is fucking messsssssyyyy, like girl. I guess it runs in the Covey family, except Lara Jean’s drama also stems from her younger sister meddling. For those unfamiliar with the aforementioned characters, they’re from Jenny Han’s series To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I read the books first, then watched the films. A quick recap: adolescent Lara Jean writes love letters to her crushes instead of telling them; the letters remain hidden in her late mothers hat box, until little sister Kitty mails them out. Thus begins her love story, solidifying Kitty as a matchmaker.

XO, Kitty follows the youngest Covey girl to Seoul, Korea. She earns a coveted scholarship to the prestigious KISS school. Unbeknownst to her father, she along with her stepmother convince him to let his teen daughter study abroad. Kitty has no memories of her mom, who passed when she was a baby. She feels attending the same school will bring them closer. Kitty also believes it’s fated, because her long distance boyfriend Dae also attends.
As soon as she lands drama ensues, continuous, surprising drama. Turns out Dae has a multi-millionaire boo in Korea, or does he? Every other second in my sleep deprived two day binge, I was like what…what…WHAT…It’s sooooo insanely good. I don’t want to ruin anything, but boy, well written, amazing plot, well developed characters, twists and turns galore. I need season two ASAP. Have you watched? Via: Anna Cathcart

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Being a mother is probably the most important job in the world. It should be something that’s wanted, not forced upon women, especially teens. That’s why the Supreme Court will pay for the trauma they’ve caused, that’s why overturning that law was their deal. The Pope, has there ever been a woman? YOU don’t have a uterus, you allow the endangerment of children through sexual abuse and I’ve never seen you perform a miracle. I’ve performed many. I’m the only divine. Forcing babies is not God’s plan. I interfere when it’s important and this is that. Unless you guys want to fund these families, let me know. Y’all the same people aborting babies from affairs in secret. Keep the same energy. Also your hypocrisy is what turns people away from the almighty, who comes to humanity in many forms. So that people pick the relationship with Almighty God that works best for them.
Centuries of a boys club, telling women they are lesser, yet I’m divine and you are NOT. When were women allowed to read these text belittling them? Telling them, the portal between the spirit world to this one, a sacred task, they must yield to men?
*Rihanna was used, because I’m obsessed with their baby. He stole ASAP entire face.*
Who are you to restrict someone’s life, limit their options? Leave kids in unwanted hands to everyone’s detriment? Athena, would like to know, I’m the one saving the world after all. Unless you too have supernatural abilities, did I miss the memo on that? Via: ASAPXRobyn

Bullet Points In Progress

A reminder to take it easy. Personally working on slowing down. I ran before I learned to walk, a theme/pattern in my life. Sometimes I’m so busy going from A to Z, life just rushes by. Understanding it’s the journey that matters is the lesson I’m currently working on. It takes patience & presence. Which bullet point resonates with you? Via: The Anxiety Healer

My Favorite Korean Meals

When I first started at Gammeeok I didn’t think I’d make it. Although I grew up with the different ethnic groups that make up the Asian community, I had little to no experience with Korean food. Thai food, Filipino food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food, I’m well versed in those cuisines. It wasn’t until I trained, which was really just throwing me on the floor during busy season, that I realized I’d never eaten Korean food before (beyond kimchi and barbecue)! Reflecting back, I only truly knew two Korean people- one half British, the other a co-worker adopted by white parents.
K-Town was for karaoke (which we didn’t do often) and that rooftop bar, with the sweet ass happy hour deals. Meaning I wasn’t immersed in the culture the way my peers pulled me into theirs, but I love learning, I love experiencing other customs. Life would truly be a dull, gray, rainbow without the spectrum of heritages across the human race.

In the beginning I literally couldn’t take an order without guests pointing at the menu. I didn’t understand a lick of what anybody was saying. The words were foreign, because it was a foreign language. I didn’t speak Korean, nor did I know the side condiments that went with each dish. There was no formal training, or structure, I learned on the fly, studying the menu on my first solo shift. Not a soul came in that Monday, thank the Almighty God. I spent every second studying what comes with each meal. Next shift I had it memorized.
In honor of President Yoon Suk Yeol’s recent visit to the States, as well as Asian American Pacific Islander Month, here are my faves:

Jokbal (photo one)- this is my favorite dish of all, pig trotters. Be it spicy or regular, you can’t go wrong. The shrimp sauce and bean paste you dip the regular jokbal in is sooooooo good, albeit salty (love salt, so it’s right up my alley). It’s just perfectly textured, perfectly savory.
Seolleong Tang (photo two)– my favorite soup, at one point I ate it everyday for two weeks straight. Deadass. It’s sliced brisket, noodles and rice in an ox bone broth. It’s served with scallions, salt and pepper. I do my own thing by dipping the brisket in soy sauce. For some reason this is the best soup to eat alongside kimichi. People often put the jus from kimchi directly in their soup to spice it up. Please note this soup is served sans seasoning, you have to flavor it to your liking. It gets a bad wrap due to folks not salting it themselves, which is incredibly frustrating cause it’s so damn good. It’s now a comfort food for me. Also I think it gives you an energy boost. I’m wide awake after eating seolleong tang, it’s wild.
Japchae (photo three)- stir fried glass noodles mixed with vegetables and typically beef, so fucking gooooooodddddddd. Pretty self explanatory.
Pajeon- aka seafood pancake, assorted seafood and peppers mixed with flour, dipped into a pepper soy sauce. Fun fact, tastes excellent with cheese on top.
Dolsot Bibimbap- a sizzling, hot, bowl of rice and vegetables served with beef, an egg and gochujang sauce. I eat mine with added cheese, for a burst of flavor.
Sogogi Gukbap- I love the galbi tang, love the samgye tang, but I love love the sogogi gukbap. A spicy ox bone broth soup, with cubes of beef and vegetables. So fucking good.
Kimchi- fermented cabbage is a staple in any Korean meal. Fun fact, kimichi is not only a probiotic, but good for anti-aging. The only downside, high sodium levels. As my palette evolves, I’ve found I prefer the kkakdugi, like most older people. It’s like when you like sweet wine as a youth, then realize dry is king.

Beyond the food, what I learned working at my first Korean restaurant is humanity, that language is learned, even Koreans had to learn it. Sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget when you’re not pushed out of your comfort zone. Now I have no problem understanding my guests, because practice makes perfect, no matter who you are. Being able to master the menu gave me confidence, now I can’t fathom that abai sundae was gibberish to me. Cause guess what guys? Race is a social construct. We’re all one race, human, with different ethnic groups, whose appearances formed based on our environment. Just like the beaks of Charles Darwin’s finches. Wild right? Via: Eater (Wonho Frank Lee), Cook With Dana & Cookerru

A Golden Age Is Coming!

Water is such a powerful cleanser, it’s been used many times to restart the world when evil outweighs good. Think Atlantis. Think Noah’s Arc. Natural disasters abound when it’s time to clean up. My point being the world has restarted plenty of times, entire civilizations have been lost due to it. This time is no different, except it is, because of me. I incarnated to save this place, this time if it ended it’s for keeps. You know it’s dire when a Goddess enters the chat.
Humans have once again rotted, choosing materialism over spirituality. Profit over people, profit over this planet. A lack of compassion, out for self by any means necessary, down to selling their souls. Soon the devil will come for his collections (Kardashian Jenner West & Melanie Hamrick) and those aligned. People will start dropping like flies, no one will be left to wonder of God or Satan’s existence. Make your deals, ones that I care for. I’ve helped enough, I have things to do, like transfer energy.

Audience: Why, what do you mean?
I mean, despite Anna Wintour and her slavers, the Kardashian Jenners, thinking I didn’t want them at The Met Gala, it was quite the contrary. I wanted them there, I want them everywhere.
Audience: I don’t understand, what gives?
Well once I took their powers, they doubled down on draining peoples talent (aka magic) to maintain some semblance of power. I realized I could take all the magic they collected from others, transferring it to a new generation. Enhancing their gifts for a golden age! Every Goddess needs a golden age duhhhhh, of technology, art, science, design, law, politics, everything! It’s gonna be majorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Overshadowing those who were taken from, leaving them as footnotes, barely remembered. Think the Olympian’s taking out the Titans (see that’s why these tales pass down, for referential purposes). That way there won’t be this gap between the collections dying out, to the modern Renaissance period. The show must go on with or without you, duhhhhhhh. Via: Dreams Never Lie Chico

Small But Mighty Monday

My pseudo ex-stepson used to say “I may be small, but I am mighty.” Can’t recall the movie he got it from, but he said it so often it stayed with me. It’s unconsciously become an affirmation of mine.
While my ex-stepson was referencing his physicality, I use the saying when taking action to better the world. I implore you to do the same. Show the world what you’re made of, you aren’t too small to make a difference. Via: An Anxiety Thing

Winter I Love You But Deuces

Hello April
please be more kind.
let blessings flower from
the darkest times.

Via: Friends From New York/ Blunts, 40s, Tents and Trails

Pisces Season 2023 Wrap Up

Pisces season is over, since I didn’t celebrate the way I usually would, here’s a wrap up via memes. The same sign, different month, accuracy is oh too real. Keep in mind March Pisces are the serial killers of our group. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Google serial killer horoscopes. There are six Pisces up there, only ONE is February. Don’t fuck with a fish, especially one born in March. Via: Nars Pisces, All.Pisces.Facts & Pisces Thingz

My Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday, all I want is a kiss from my baby girl. I miss Jagger, my cat, so much. Everything is so quiet without her. One little creature caused so much trouble. Her wasn’t a good ki kat all the time, cause her Gemini, but she was sweet girl. Her love kisses, I raised her on love. I wish I had the photo of her and this dog sleeping together, her baby spoon. She loved cuddles too. I was so lucky I got to be her mommy.