Have A Blessed Weekend

Just in case you needed this. A few reminders as you enter the weekend. Take note of all there is to be grateful for. Be a loving, kind human being, as you always reap what you sow. Enjoy your rest days. Via: _MyMixedFeelings_

Mood: Holiday Host With The Most

How hosts feel after the holiday’s. Sure you’re left with the majority of food and drinks, but you also have the biggest mess leftover. Hosting ain’t easy.

Artist: Phaedra Peer

Black Friday The True Star

It’s time to get it popping, for some that’s literal as Black Friday fights are common. One minute we’re giving thanks and gratitude for stolen land, the next everyone’s throwing hands Alabama Riverboat style over the last flatscreen. America. Who doesn’t love a good sale? Happy shopping all. Via: Style Caster & The.Olio.Stories

Rebecca Loos With The Back Up

Now I can’t remove my previous post, for documentation sake. When I saw him it was 2014, Last Magazine Party at Acme, late af. He checked me out the entirety of the night. I’ll explain why I was too much of a liability to take home in front of his girlfriend. Saving that for my story. It’s a good one.

This man is a serial cheater. Trust he’s going up to women, he’s so fucking sexy, tatted up, clearly has black friends cause his hair is always on point. Like I can’t explain the sexual magnetism he exudes, you have to feel it by being in his presence. I don’t even play like that morally, married is off limits, but David Beckham had me calling on the lord for support. Questioning my integrity and entire person til this day bro. Mind you I grew up on The Spice Girls, I’m talking fanatic, for him to have me betray one says a lot. That man is too gorgeous for his own good. He’s dangerous…I have the vapors still. Via: Ok Magazine

PSA Don’t Play With Me

If someone thought this was funny, I’m not laughing. Screenshot October 16th 2023. Let me make some things crystal fucking clear, I’m not your mammy, but I am more powerful than you. I’m supernatural. I will fuck your shit up. If anyone thinks I won’t turn on them after they’ve disrespected me, or align with people who have, you aren’t thinking. I was bred on the Upper East Side, a mean girl, a bitch. People finding inspiration from my post is cool as I said in my Donyale Luna Gets Her Due piece. However the courtesy isn’t extended to racist trolls. You can fire the person who thought it was funny, or I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never forget, one you’ll wish you never learned. Trolling me is NEVER a good idea, especially using satanist. You get what you give and I don’t give a fuck. Part of why fame isn’t for me, if I don’t like you I don’t like you, I’ll ruin your life publicly, no apologies. As you’re seeing and continuing to see. Try me. You used talentless, entitled racists Hailey Bieber (read Hailey Bieber Copied My Post) and Kendall Jenner (read Negligence Is The New Black) to be funny. Had you used others with the stolen concept from this blog, I would’ve let it go. Other publications copied me sans disrespect, which is why they aren’t getting cursed out. Don’t mistake me, ever. And I won’t miss any of you, I’m far more fun. You not getting invited to what I’m doing, is your loss. I’m a fucking movie, duh, I’m divine. People who spend their free time bullying and trolling others are bored losers. Remember, I give you the same energy you give me multiplied. Athena. Via: Elle Aus

Reminder: Baby Steps Accumulate

Every time you feel like giving up, that nothing is changing, remember change is the only constant. Look back at how much your life has changed from this year to last, and the year before that. If you’re going through something awful know this too shall pass. Accomplish things in pieces. Baby steps accumulate, turning into leaps and bounds. Via: An Anxiety Thing

The Price Of Being Ruled By Evil

When evil people override the good ones, the price humanity pays is the universe wiping out entire civilizations. The current events are worse than indifference. It’s aligning and aiding in the rule of evil men. For what? Profit? You will find be it heaven, or hell your money is meaningless. You’ll find if there’s no planet left, your money is meaningless. That’s why the world is ending, natural disaster and wars. It’s the imbalance of good to evil. The energy must be shifted, that’s why I’m here. Energy is everything. You fall where you align. Via: Philosophy Ideas

Scary Movie Horoscope

Which scary movie are you?

I got Us, which gave me the heebie jeebies after seeing it. Also Beetlejuice isn’t a scary movie and Ma is a comedy. That movie cracks me up. Via: SliceDotCa

Happy Anniversary Michelle And Barack

I’ve had this meme for so long. Happy anniversary to two historical figures, the wildest dream the ancestors could have. A black family in the White House, when black people weren’t even allowed to check out library books until the early 60’s. Really let that sink in, so you recognize who the fuck they are.
What’s clear is they definitely have a dynamic, Barack Obama is obviously the petty one and Michelle Obama the bigger person. Every couple needs balance. Personally I’m Barack, will stoop to your level as opposed to taking the high road, will throw shade, will come for you if you send for me. Idgaf, I know who I am. People like us need Michelle’s. Which Obama are you in your relationship? Via: Lolita Snipes Productions

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Go support businesses and artists. Please remember these racists think you’re all Mexican, and equate Spanish to the language of the help. The fact that this is in the middle of two months is disrespectful. From September 15th to October 15th…easy to forget. Which is why I almost did.

I posted Selena (classic Halloween costume), because I love her. Although I grew up learning French, my favorite songs of hers are the Spanish ones. Actually my favorite thing to do when working at Miss Lily’s, or going to the prep kitchen at Follia was making an entrance to Como La Flor. I always did it just like the movie, dramatic, stopping to look at the audience after a long, como la florrrrrrrrr. I’m a terrible singer, which made everyone laugh until tears. It would also just be so out of nowhere. Of course I messed lyrics up and was corrected. However, I do that with English songs too, since I was a child according to my mom. For example, I literally thought Crime Mob was saying “I come in the club shaking my grits,” on Knuck If You Buck. It’s shaking my dreads…grits doesn’t even make sense, as my friends stopped the sing along to tell me. I’ll sing loud and wrong for years, smh.
Our difference are what makes us beautiful. I think racist people are filled with so much hatred, because their lives are one note, when you need different ones to achieve harmony. Via: 90’s.History