October Is Here Witches!

Being a witch is the best. Stop demonizing everything about powerful women (men are witches too). We are not the satanist the patriarchy and media portrays us to be. We’re protectors who respect nature that provides for us, it’s cycles, and the universe, amongst other things.

It’s our month! October makes me feel so alive! It’s my favorite! Are you excited for spooky season? What’s do you love most of all about it? Via: Wicca Academy

Elizabeth Banks Is Underrated

Fucking major.

Elizabeth Banks in a business suit with stripper heels defending women’s rights. They don’t want us to be these multifaceted, sexually liberated, empowered human beings. Guess what? Women are not property, accessories, or objects, we aren’t here for you. Anyone who aligns with this culture of toxic masculinity, deeming us subhuman, rape culture, oppression, and misogyny enjoy hell. The patriarchy will be dismantled and smashed. Let us fuck. Let us fight. Let us live. Via: Odda Magazine

Mabon Is Almost Over

Mabon celebrates autumnal equinox, where night and day blanket us in equal parts. Balance, balance, balance. Beginning on September 21st the festivities end on September 29th, here are some activities you can partake in to celebrate before it’s over. Some simple ways to join in on the cyclic energy of nature that nourishes us. Which are you doing? Via: The Inclusive Witch

Work Life Balance Is Key

Don’t forget to live as hard as you work!
Enjoy your weekend!

Do one thing for yourself, it’ll make you happier, relaxed and bring more joy in shaping your life. Via: StudioB.Design

Move Mountains Or Don’t

Do what your body requires. Don’t push yourself to move mountains if you’re burnt out and need to move from the bed to the couch. Don’t do the latter if you’ve gotten into a lazy rut and have mountains to move. Balance is key. You hear it all your life, then you understand it. Which are you today? Via: Adventuring Into Lettering

Make Courage A Habit

At some point growing up I was super shy, which grew into social anxiety the older I got. I never wanted to impose on anyone (also due to low self-worth because of trauma) no matter how small the ask. Epigenetic’s as a black woman played a large role in my not wanting to burden others. As I healed, reflected, introspected I started shedding that need to be small, being more courageous, putting myself out there. Who was going to do it if not me?

Succeeding in this world is not for the meek love. The difference between you getting something you desire and the next person could be you were too spineless to ask, or try. When you attempt/ask there’s a 50 percent chance of succeeding/getting. When you do nothing/remain silent there’s a 100 percent chance of failure/no. You lose more. Do yourself a favor, try one courageous act this week see how it fares (ask that person out, ask for a raise, create a business opportunity, pitch that creative idea…). Get into the habit of doing so every week after, making it a habit you’re use to and not a big event. Artist: Analog By Nat

How To Navigate CPT

Thank God it’s Friday, yay! It’s so funny, as I was making plans with my friend for tomorrow she asked what time we should meet. My response, “We’re black let’s be realistic.” Colored people time is real, it’s like we have an innate clock though, why? Every time I’m meeting up with other black people we’re both the same amount of late. It’s fucking crazy. We’ll be like let’s meet at 3:30pm, then we’ll message each other like oh I’m late by 25 minutes and it’s always the same time I’m running late, neither of us left waiting. It’s honestly the white friends who keep me on time when hanging out, due to the level of anxiety they add. Are you getting ready now? I’m headed out the door, I’m on the train platform…nigga. The best solution is to do like I did for my birthday at Miss Lily’s, lie about the time by a half hour minimum of when you actually want us to arrive. You’re welcome.
My friend and I showed up to Joanna’s wedding on time mad proud and we were damn late. All the seats taken except two, a mess. Our differences is what makes us all fit like puzzle pieces. What are you doing this weekend? Play as hard as you work. Artist: Tian Harris Creations

Joints Are Outselling Cigarettes

Slowly but surely we’re coming around that mountain. Apparently marijuana cigarettes are outselling regular ones for the first time. Listen, as someone whose smoked both, the former is healthier and far more beneficial. There have been so many times where I was angry, or freaking out, smoked a bowl and literally just calmed down. Then I was able to shift perspectives, not be so overwhelmed.

A drink is good too, love me a stiff drink, or some wine. Both have stopped me from dragging people, especially at Miss Lily’s. The hardest thing I had to do there was 30 days of sobriety, everyone kept tempting me, but I persevered. Legalize it everywhere. Artist: Little Savage Design

A Push Out Of Procrastination

Prostration can be a bitch. Sometimes you’re lazy, other times you’re just scared and talking yourself out of something for fear of failing. Break the spell with the above tips. Personally I feel so accomplished checking things off, or erasing them from a whiteboard using different colored markers. I’m the type of person who finds joy at Staples, I loved school supply shopping: highlighters, binders, binder tabs, dividers, clipboards, staplers!!!! There are different ways to get motivated, find yours.

If you do choose to tell a friend, make sure it’s someone you trust. Letting people know your plans opens you up to evil eyes. You don’t want someone wishing ill upon you, blocking your manifestations. Remember misery loves company, some people don’t want you to do better than them. Some people want you to be just as disappointed in life as they are. Fuck those people, use them as motivation. There’s nothing better than rubbing success in their low vibrational basic faces. Who are they to limit you? Via: Just Girl Project

Summers Almost Over

As the sun fades to fall and we enjoy our last legal beaching in NYC, let’s remember why the season is a joyous one. Technically September is the end of summer, but still. Until next year. Fortunately for me I’ll be chasing the sun with my financial freedom (all the terror was worth it to be set for life). Let us reminisce on what we’ll miss most: lightening bugs at dusk, ice cream, barely there clothing, tanning to a crisp, being outdoors, beach bumming, the beautiful sun. Your turn. Via: Maneskin Family