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Scheduling some good ass content for later today. See you soon. Xoxo Athena aka That bitch bitch. It’s my time, my powers have increased. Before Jaquana Cornelius and after. I told you so. Mick Jagger was right I’m the special star. Get into it, the golden age of the goddess, I will make you all feel magic, empower you, enlighten you, entertain you and produce a renaissance. If you aren’t invited to my parties and such I feel sad for you. Some people will NEVER encounter or be photographed with the goddess. Kisses. It’s time to celebrate, like I said. MELANIE HAMRICK IS AN UGLY WEIRDO BITCH WHO RUINED THE ROLLING STONES. THAT’S HY RUPERT IS LEAVING JERRY, CAUSE THAT FAMILY IS A JAIL BOUND, HELL BOUND, WHITE TRASH LIABILITY. GEORGIA MAY JAGGER IS A BIG FACE SMALL BRAINED RACIST WHO HELPED RUIN HER PARENTS LIFE MOST OF ALL. CAN’T STAND HER THE MOST. FOLLOWED BY SLOPPY JADE JAGGER. DUMBEST CHILDREN I’VE EVER SEEN.

Ps if you’re angry at women you’re def gonna be mad at me. Where can I get a sex choker, or one that says slut? I’m a woman and I LOVE TO FUCK. Should I bring Jizzabel back, my nickname for when I’m a wanton woman? My body I do what I want. Hubris won’t be tolerated.

Things To Master For A Dream Life

1. Decide the type of person you want to be.
2. Prove it to yourself with small wins.

You only live once, don’t play it small. Life’s too, too short to settle, at least try. Shoot for the moon, you’ll land in the stars. Find someone you admire look into their advice, routine, mindset, mold it to your unique path. Master the changes you need to make, one small win at a time. Artist: ItsNata

Currently Fighting PTSD

I wanna get back to normal, currently I’m working on finding pleasure in the things I once enjoyed again, before going back to the psychiatrist (who told me my life is cinematic from birth, that’s how unique and crazy it is). It’s hard not controlling your mental state. It’s hard living in fear. I’ve gotten my appetite back, which is good, my sleeping is better, still self-isolating, still have a long ways to go. Once this toxic person is out of my life and I get my financial freedom, I’m sure it’ll get better. I will never interact with Mick Jagger again; fun fact domestic violence cases get fee waivers, now Mick has twenty days to respond.

Looking back at all the proof: missing my friends wedding, Chris Evans, the lies about his heart problems, the fake moves to our home, leaving me in poverty, letting me go to Poughkeepsie to cancel the hotel, asking me for money for Charlie Watts funeral, breaking into my social media, his racist white trash family, not caring that my friend died and SO, SO much more, gaining my trust after I told him what happened to me, only to abuse it, because I’m just an object to him, not a person…I never want to see, or speak to him again. People say, oh he’s old school, what they really mean is he’s a domestic abuser which was acceptable in the old days. He abuses due to his psychopathy. I was tortured mentally and emotionally, I’m not the same about people. Right now self-care for me is healing, one step at a time. How do you take care of yourself currently? Why? Via: Good_Vibe_Girl_Gang

Notes On Degrassi

Rewatching Degrassi: The Next Generation trying to figure out why this show is so damn good. And here are some of my notes:
-Jimmy, that nigga Ric shot you with his eyes closed…what?
-Ellie, Marco was minding his business, you messaged him anonymously. He did lead you and Hazel on though…everybody messy.
-Manny & Craig were it from jump, so the cheating wasn’t out of nowhere. Craig is the reason she turned into slutty Thong Manny, when he played her by the lockers. He dead told her he didn’t like her, in that episode of their first date. She reminded him too much of his baby sister. It’s a cold world.
-Hazel was wyling for that terrorist chic fashion ticket, even the white women were offended. Then, then she spray paints TERRORIST on the chicks project…meanwhile she’s Muslim.
-Craig was always off, running on railroad tracks and what not. Sean a wild nigga, but even he was like what…
-Jimmy was often the voice of reason, be it hate crimes, or Marco’s sexuality. Wheelchair Jimmy my nigga for life.
-Emma was always on one. Just like continuously out of pocket and in grown folks business. Girl, had your mama been black, whew chile.
-Paige was better than I recalled, she held Ashley accountable and supported Terri’s plus sized modeling. She’s a good friend.
-Terri was gorgeous.

Those are my note thus far. This show remains in our hearts, because they’re straight savage. I mean it really goes there, my mouth was dropping at some of these scenes. I implore you watch this show stoned whilst taking notes and you’ll double over in laughter. Wine will do too. What’s the wildest scene you remember? Via: Consequence

Dear Julia Fox…

Literally shut the fuck up. That’s not the definition of abuse, that’s the definition of racism. You’re abhorrent for diminishing this man’s plight based on power. Power is something you can abuse, but isn’t a qualifier for abuse. You owe him an apology. Stop making erroneous statements. I never comment on her since she already sealed her fate, she couldn’t do the deal I gave her. Bonus points is that Kim K met her attention seeking match, she couldn’t get rid of her. Pretending to be cool, she copied my nonchalance, but the troll account receipts I have say otherwise. Oh to be a goddess and connect to ones energy, Julia Fox was trolling them too. She called Kim a bad co-parent, and it all started with moi, texting that family on one of the many burner numbers they harass me on. I needed proof so I got it.

Since I was the person to make you relevant to Kanye West when I wrote my East Side Middle School Alumni article, I’ll be the one to say it, reel it in. You just called Cara Delevinge thirsty, Azealia Banks don’t like you, you came for Johnny Depp and the Kardashian Jenner West family don’t like you either. You also watched them troll me, which you’ll have to explain publicly when the time comes. You’re burning bridges sis. SIT DOWN, or think before you speak. It’s not cute. MEN NO MATTER HOW MUCH POWER CAN BE ABUSED. Via: Amore Depp_

Bring Back House Of Ho

Um, I demand that HBO brings back House Of Ho, in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Month. I NEED to know what happened to Judy, Washington, Lesley, Regan…I played it as background while doing stuff, and got instantly hooked.

This reality show is based on a Vietnamese American family, with patriarch Binh Ho, immigrating to America and rising from literal nothing, to become a multimillionaire. The American Dream. Everyone is so strong willed, opined and vocal, an amazing cast. Love seeing the Houston Texas customs fusing and differentiating with the old world cultural beliefs. Quality television. Have you watched? You should.

Happy 4/20 Twenty Twenty Two

Honestly, when I smoke too much my eyes look closed. I look high boo. This day happens to fall on Krispy Kreme match the gas price Wednesday’s! Meaning I got a dozen doughnuts for $4.08! Until the middle of May, they’ll match the current gas inflation. Getting high and eating warm glazed doughnuts? Don’t mind if I do. Via: She Smokes Clouds & 4.20.R. Us

Declutter By Picking A Color

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to clean! I love cleaning, it’s peaceful and clears the mind. Baby steps. Instead of taking on the daunting task of tidying everything all at once, do it in increments. Pick a color then declutter. Choose a color everyday, twice a day, or check it off as you go in one day. Via: MindfulThroughLife_

Reality Of Weekend Drinking

A night out of drinking and the next day consequences. Current mood. The older you get, the harder the hangover hits. Drink water while drinking to prevent the booze blues. The more you know. Via: _Atours_ & Its Claudia Clark

V-Day Reflection: Why Are You With Them?

Make sure you’re with your significant other for the right reasons. Ask yourself these questions before wasting anymore time, yours or theirs. If the latter to each section is what’s popping, it’s time for a change. Go deeper, what void are you trying fill with unrequited love? Via: Positively Present