July At My Feet

July is belly up and almost over. Summer comes and goes so quickly, enjoy the remaining days of magic soaked in the sun. Don’t ruin it by thinking of the future, be here now. How are you celebrating sunlight? Artist: HiitsSky

A Bittersweet Martin Reunion

On one hand this is dope, on the other Tommy (RIP Thomas Mikal Ford) is missing and this poster makes me sad. Urgh! It’s hard to choose my favorite episode: the court episode (got the draws), when Martin got hustled at the pool hall by a woman, any episode with Sheneneh, when Martin refuses to pay the rent increase, when Biggie comes and Gina competes with Pam to be his singer…a black classic. Which episode and character makes you laugh most? Via: Martin Lawrence Insta

Thank You For Favoring Me Almighty

If I told you once, I told you twice this is my year to rise into power. You aren’t going to get away with your poor behavior, your downfalls are fated. Everyone is gonna line up and catch this fucking fade. PERIOD. Thank you universe for favoring me with fortune. Absolutely everything will work in my favor, I suggest you take the route that incurs the least amount of damage. You can’t escape KARMA, you will always reap what you sow multiplied, thems the rules. Don’t get it twisted. Via: IWitchyBook

The Ocean Is A Good Cleanser

The beach, nails done, tanned to the Gods, weed, sun, and drinks is the dream. Nature heals. Actually salt water is a great cleanser, if you’re looking to rid yourself of negative energy jump into the ocean. Have you been to the beach yet? Via: High Times Magazine

The Super Buck Moon

The biggest super moon of the year has just passed. The Buck moon is affiliated with my baby Artemis, goddess of animals and the hunt, amongst many things. Personally I did a cord cutting ritual (which should only be done on a full moon, or a Sunday), causing me to pass out a solid twelve hours. My candle burned all the way through, while Mick Jagger’s (the cord I cut) did not. I haven’t researched it yet, but instinctively I feel it’s because I’m free from this karmic connection and he’s still stuck on it. When I get the facts I’ll let you know. Our souls were tied from many past lives together, explaining my lifelong obsession. Anyways I feel liberated.

All of the above applies to me right now: I’ve been guzzling water, knocking out, welcoming change, ending shit, releasing this heavy, draining, toxic relationship, realized someone learned how to astral project and comes into my dreams (thank God for this person protecting me, they have a witches mark; I think I might have stayed til I drowned without them) and as for signs LADYBUGS are everywhere. One fell from the ceiling in front of me, one crawled my body at the beach, last night for the first time ever I saw a baby ladybug!!! A BABY! Energies have shifted, can you feel it? How did you full moon? How is it affecting you? Via: Forever Conscious

Full Moon Tonight Queen Witch Shit

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who’s the most powerful witch of them all?
So it is
Mote it be
I took your powers
Bitch it’s me.

I think it’s funny when people think their spells are going to work against fate, against me. The full moon can’t save you love. The time has come, it’s karmic season, your time is done.

Via: Pure Witchy

Work Week With Maddy Perez

The beginning of a beautiful work week, hopefully you’re doing something you love. Also don’t be that co-worker, pay attention, it’s like that person in class who asks a question that’s already been answered. Meanwhile everyone got they bags packed ready to leave. Via: Sunday.Scaries

Uploading Content

Scheduling some good ass content for later today. See you soon. Xoxo Athena aka That bitch bitch. It’s my time, my powers have increased. Before Jaquana Cornelius and after. I told you so. Mick Jagger was right I’m the special star. Get into it, the golden age of the goddess, I will make you all feel magic, empower you, enlighten you, entertain you and produce a renaissance. If you aren’t invited to my parties and such I feel sad for you. Some people will NEVER encounter or be photographed with the goddess. Kisses. It’s time to celebrate, like I said. MELANIE HAMRICK IS AN UGLY WEIRDO BITCH WHO RUINED THE ROLLING STONES. THAT’S HY RUPERT IS LEAVING JERRY, CAUSE THAT FAMILY IS A JAIL BOUND, HELL BOUND, WHITE TRASH LIABILITY. GEORGIA MAY JAGGER IS A BIG FACE SMALL BRAINED RACIST WHO HELPED RUIN HER PARENTS LIFE MOST OF ALL. CAN’T STAND HER THE MOST. FOLLOWED BY SLOPPY JADE JAGGER. DUMBEST CHILDREN I’VE EVER SEEN.

Ps if you’re angry at women you’re def gonna be mad at me. Where can I get a sex choker, or one that says slut? I’m a woman and I LOVE TO FUCK. Should I bring Jizzabel back, my nickname for when I’m a wanton woman? My body I do what I want. Hubris won’t be tolerated.