What Happened In 1440?

Nosy AF? Guilty! I like to call myself inquisitive. Naturally I needed to find out what happened 500 years ago being that this was the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440 and bingo bango I found some information. The first witch hunt to ever take place began in Valais, Switzerland from 1428 through 1447. In 1440 it spread to Fribourg and Neuchatel. Leading to the Protestant Reformation. These trials were the first time witches were accused of maleficium- using supernatural powers to harm others in a pact with the devil. Interestingly enough one third of the witches murdered were women, two thirds were men. This is the only witch hunt where men were the focal point. Until it turned to women thanks to a painting.

1440 is the first time a witch is depicted riding a broomstick in Martin Le Franc’s “Les Champions des Dames” (The Defender Of Ladies) where he condemns heretics and witchcraft, but defends Joan of Arc in 24,000 verses…I know, but what else was there to do back then? Now this is what I’ve been trying to tell everyone, there’s a difference between witches and satanists, the patriarchy and religious fervor have wrongfully intertwined the two.
The Kardashian Jenner West family and Melanie Hamrick are satanist invoking power through deals with the devil, maleficium, until I came through. A witch is of god, of nature, respects the Earth, follows the moon, protects and defends amongst other things. The year 1440 was the first time society got it twisted regarding women. That blood moon turned the wheel for depravity to enshroud the world. This moon reversed it.

A new world order is coming as I’ve said, where karmic justice will be restored. We’re reliving Atlantis. Those who have made their demonic dealings will fall, those who worship profit over people will fall, those who side with hate and oppression will fall. The ways of old are coming to an end for humanity to live on. That is why twin flames have incarnated. It isn’t about feeling like the best soulmates ever, we’re literally here on a divine mission to raise the vibration in order for planet Earth to survive. We’ll return to source and those possessing spiritual gifts will rise to blot out those who are corrupt. That’s why the wheel–of Fortuna — turned with the blood moon. I tried my best to reform a ton of folks, but they’ve made their beds in the crevasses of hell. Oh well. Deuces hoes. Yeah all your friends will be there, but darling you won’t ever see them nor anyone you know or love again. Blessed be. This time you can’t burn us. Did you confuse satanism with witchcraft? Please note these holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving are predated, as in before Christianity and such, pagan rituals celebrating the land and community. Knowledge is power. Via: Hajro Photography

Witch On A Broomstick: https://www.history.com/news/why-witches-fly-on-brooms

The Horrible Treatment…Worth It

As I stated in a prior post suffering in the material world means spiritual gift enhancement. With the way I’ve been treated it was worth every second, that was my sacrifice for the world to bend to my will and it will. You have to give to receive. Thank you universe.

Getting my period on Friday the 13th then on the blood moon, the longest partial eclipse in 500 years –note to self check out 1440- means I’m synched up with the universe and aligned with the divine. As I was not expected to get it on either days. ALL the people who contributed, participated and aided in my mistreatment will pay, the wheel turned with the blood moon. 2022 will be the rise of a new world order and the fall of the ways of old. Everything I touch will wilt or turn to gold. Where do you fall in the new paradigm? Via: Tmrw Tarot & Starbabe Oracle

Black Magicians Of All Kinds

I said it before it was confirmed via the cards. If you’re keeping up you would know the Kardashian Jenner West coven, Melanie Hamrick, her son and bloodline along with their allegiances will go. Darkness never beats out light enjoy your time before a fiery goodnight. To everyone else be blessed, I tried to save as many as I could but it is your fate. Via: Divine Serpent Fire & The Divinity Dealer

Lessons On Listening

Lessons can be right in your face, yet still one doesn’t see it until divine timing hits. Here I am watching everything I say come to pass, tarot cards on my explore page and others with similar abilities confirming the same thing. Honestly, I don’t talk for my health, I can see what’s to come and you guys are lucky I’m even giving insight or warning, especially in Hollywood. It’s like reliving Atlantis, people valuing the wrong things and the creator getting angry, serving karma to sealed fates. I’m like why aren’t people understanding? So many more abhorrent things will be revealed, so many people will be going down via alignment, many others will try to backtrack, but it will be too late.

EUREKA! It rocked me like a hurricane, I don’t listen either so what do I expect? Time after time, psychic after psychic reading me for free on the street due to my energy, family, friends and countless signs have said the same thing: do your businesses alone, you can’t take anyone to the top with you. This person isn’t meant for you, blah, blah, blah.

A full two, three years later, has proven they’ve been right. Like 100 million percent accurate. I was acting out of my ego, ignoring the universal messages for people who quite frankly are shitty. Why would I expect any different then the way I’ve behaved? Mind you this just hit me like two days ago, but what a way to learn the lesson of listening. I don’t blame people for doing the same, because what I see will come to pass, whether you like it or not. Period. Some people are meant to fall, others aren’t. All I have to do is deliver the messages given to me and put evil back in it’s place, as I’ve done countless times. But, please do carry on, people watching is fascinating, especially when true colors are revealed. My what a web we weave, when at first we do deceive. Buckle up buttercup, many of you are in for it. Via: Paula Litu

A New Twist On Atlantis

The mythical Atlantis written by Plato was said to be an advanced civilization in 360 b.c. A naval power with sight’s set on expanding it’s empire. The denizens of Atlantis fell out of favor with the gods. The deities angered by their immoral behavior sent a night of natural disasters leading to their watery graves.

Sound eerily familiar?

What if Atlantis wasn’t a once upon a time, but a prophecy? Here me out, here me out. We are currently the most consumer driven, money oriented, technologically advanced civilization to date. Told time and time again that our wasteful habits will end the world by climate change. Still fossil fuel companies continue to deplete the Earth’s natural resources and pump carbon dioxide into the air. What will come of all of this? Incessant natural disasters with sea levels rising until large bodies of land are underwater, just like Atlantis. If that isn’t creepy.

But here’s the thing. I think we make it. We have entered this age of Aquarius where despite what it seems there is more love pumping into the atmosphere everyday, think about it. Homosexuals can get married, KKK members lost their jobs for rallying, plastic is being pushed out, clean energy is getting funded, transgendered people are gaining more rights, punishment for hate crimes that are racially based are taken more seriously, (it’s now a crime to call the cops on someone who isn’t doing anything, because so many people were being racially profiled)…Yes we still have a long ways to go, there are kids being held in cages at the border. But we are doing it together by acknowledging our faults and progressing.