New Week Style, With Selena

Me getting ready for the new week by outlining how I’m going to expose the Kardashian Jenner West family, Melanie Hamrick, Ed Westwick and their affiliates in a beautiful cohesive manner. Overwhelmed with receipts and themes: black magic, racism, classism, power, morality, greed, desperation, but they all have one thing in common. Stupidity. Are you ready for the grand finale folks? Good things come to those who wait, I patiently gathered my evidence while these dingbats thought they were pulling a con. The saying is true after all. Via: Selena Laleyenda

Make A Dance Addison Rae…

But just like your culture vulture friends, the Kardashian’s, you can’t. This is why I only use Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok is problematic and stupid.

You guys (Kartrashians) try to jack my swag, yet have the nerve to fix those filler lips to call my boyfriend a slave master. Someone who has credited the black community and donated to causes before it was a movement to save your image. Right Alexa Chung? When I called them out on your wall for disrespecting him it was funny, but your basic British ass has NO problem using his kids to get backstage. Just like the rest of your social climbing user clique. You want pictures with legends and clout. You’re so rock n’ roll, yet none of you even know what it means.


You guys want to act like black people are beneath you, but we create everything and built this country, we are the origins of humanity. Either respect us, or stop stealing our shit, because I’m not having it. The only subhumans are the ones who exhibit this savage behavior and those who are complicit. Can you name other examples of appropriation and non credit to black people? Via: Impact

Look At The Bigger Picture

Let me tell you a little something about life, it will switch up anytime it damn well pleases. Just because something isn’t happening the way you want right now, doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Or better yet you have, which redirected you to your true purpose, or taught you to master the skill. Your life isn’t a loop (for the most part) you’ll progress, go forward.

Last year, as I’ve harped on many occasions I was attacked, profiled and bullied by people I was a fan of. They then got their myopic, stupid, insolent, arrogant, egotistical cohorts to join in. I sat patiently, letting them think they won, because they were looking at the now. I on the other hand look at the grand scheme of things, keeping in mind the future. In the time they were gang ganging, I gathered evidence to expose their nefarious ways, amongst many other surprises.

Never let the now be your forever, life is a series of ever changing moments. That’s why it’s best to be open about what the universe has in store. Trust it, co-create with it, believe in it. You’ll end up better off than you planned, just gotta have faith. And ALWAYS remember when a girl bitch from the Upper East Side says don’t mess with her, don’t do it. We’re not new to this we’re true to this. Do you feel inadequate because of your timeline versus reality? Shift perspectives to the bigger picture and reflect on times past when it didn’t work out, but later you understood why? Via: Seconds Apart

Racist Deal Or No Deal

And now that the proof of a recent “I’m not a racist” redhead has been passed along to the right people, you can see these liars for what they truly are. I love seeing people’s true colors which is why I let lies told about me remain, they worked out for me like a fucking charm. How you treat people who can do nothing for you says everything about your character. I don’t make deals with trash, I take it out. There is no justification for any of the parties involved, not from the ten hour trolling, the lies, the cultural appropriation, the white man’s burden mockery of justice (the duty of white people to help less developed non-whites), children as accessories to access what you are not and will never be and so much more. Why should I care about your careers or family, you didn’t. You saw the unsavory and doubled down on your behavior. Ight bet. Like I said to the people of color in power THEY TOLERATE YOU. AND TO THE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT OH SHE LIKES ME LET ME SWAY HER I RATHER TAKE YOU OUT TOO IDGAF. All of you are disgusting, entitled, arrogant, immoral and most of all fucking stupid. What a bunch of idiots. And for my non celebrity readers you’ll know soon. And trust I’m MEANER in person, you wanted war you got it. I do forgive you, but accountability is accountability. Can you justify racism and bullying from grown ass people especially when they are public figures? Via: FemeStella

A Bitch If You Are

Scribe. She was a scribe in a past life and a knowledge keeper now. The reason I know I was under a glamour. At first we all loved them, genuine, hilarious, endearing, making the most out of a bad situation. We each chose a character based on our personalities, most people were doing that for the lovable family. Then things turned, it got dark and narcissistic, money mattered over each other, but still I watched.

One by one my friends dropped out, finding out it was manufactured, scenes were being redone. The scribe was one of those friends and she would show me facts of lies, reshoots, man stealing, bullying of black women, eating the magic of black people, psychics everywhere saying what I felt later on etc…but I argued with her to the death, the death. A walking advertisement harping on the issue of her ignorance, it was all explained thank you very much! Watch the show and maybe you’d be factual. Full on heated debates, powered by a wave of emotions I felt out of loyalty from watching them forever. The same abusive patterns that’ve played out in expired friendships.

It’s totally fine that Donica tried to head butt me, she got too drunk. She had healing to do. What about when she threw the lamp that time, after a slew of pillows? After mugs. 14 years of sisterhood gone when I finally set boundaries. If you don’t people take your kindness for weakness.

After the degradation one sister faced by placing herself over money (paper, a social construct that’s left them loveless and reviled, for their low grade behavior, lack of dignity and absent class), I stopped watching. Tasteless. The rose-colored glasses were off. I saw what was and not what was glamoured on me. Compounding the issue, their unsolicited bullying. Everything said by the scribe was true, about what they had and were willing to do. The show was the difference.

The needle and the damage done: mindless social media influencers, removing ribs and inflating lips to look the same, stealing, profiting off black culture, racism so blatant they mock us, lying, stealing, manipulating, textbook satanist pretending to love god but worship money, soulless…an energy so dark it chills me. They are fated to fall. I look at all the others in the news connected to their energy falling too, I warned as many people, as many times as I could. GET OUT. Do you really think I want to spend my time on mindless tarts? No, but they want to spend their time on me, that’s how it started. It’s divined.

De-Conditioning: Appropriation Vs. Appreciation

To the people coming here to learn, forgive me for a moment while I address the bullies who jumped out of their clown car. Now you guys want to rep BLM, after trying to bully a black woman minding her business? Coming to my facebook page, seeing what I wrote about complaining of boredom as a first world problem, attached with an article on Indian slums and thought it was funny to do the opposite. All you proved is you’re heartless. Pulling up on my social media to see this woman these men are into (mind you I don’t fight over men, it goes against nature and my self-respect) with your insecurities and empty brains, then you tried to bend or break me? Spend the same time doing something productive; no wonder you’re bored in the house, in the house bored, no brain, no heart, no spine. Yuck. Use your position to elevate humanity, not just to prevent you from being called out and dragged. I’m not fooled, you aren’t good people.

Doing damage control when you’re caught between a rock and a hard place is very…telling. I’m going to go easy on you since it was beneficial, but the fact remains that I was a fan of all parties and still you tried to gang gang. Why? For a celebrisite (someone who feeds off their relationship with celebrities, rather than a talent) who was what, loyal? Didn’t your NDA call for that, when you hired them to do their job for a powerful family? You don’t get a gold star for that, you tried to troll a person whose aesthetic profits you. Maybe if you were less involved in appropriating my culture, you could have told your friend using Kimono was offensive to Asians, specifically Japanese people. Instead you trolled me with poorly written captions and ill formulated thoughts, that prove the lack of talent portion of my statement. Instead of being held accountable, because again I was minding my business allowing you to monetize off my follows, likes and views, your providers all tried to bully. I could go in on how they’ve accessorized and commodified black people, as well as black culture so well blacks don’t even notice, but I’ll save that dissertation for if you try it again. Count yourself lucky, due to the impact the man one of you married had on my upbringing.

Moving forward. Today’s topic is appreciation versus appropriation.

If you’re ever confused by the two here’s the difference. Appropriation is taking of one’s culture, exploiting it for your own personal gain and giving them no credit. To do this is extremely disrespectful. For instance wearing traditional garb, or hairstyles without acknowledging the culture that inspired you. The Kardashian’s have rocked the black aesthetic from head to toe, with people all around the world who have never met a black person, nor respect black people taking our shit too.

They have no idea they are replicating us, but fix their filler lips to demean us to stereotypes as seen on tv. Kim has never sat in a Polish airport on layover with people gawking, because they’d never seen a black person in the flesh. Kylie has never had a loan application denied, because of braided hair. You didn’t suffer for this divinity, but you take it to market? Now people think it belongs to you. Abhorrent.

Appreciation is what Gwen Stefani does. When she is dressed as a Chola in her Luxurious video, she is surrounded by Mexicans, crediting the people she mimics. She does this in her What You’re Waiting For video, surrounded by Harajuku girls, the same with her reggae work. In all instances she involves the community of people whose culture she’s showcasing. There is NO confusion on who created what. Thank you Queen. She also brings attention to the mainstream, making everyone more culturally aware and worldly.

People of color are not costumes. That kimono, that sari, that Indian featherhead, that afro, those “boxer” braids aka cornrows, that hanbok means something. You can’t tell people white is right, discriminate against them (denying loans, racial slurs, not getting hired for jobs, not being allowed to buy a home…), then take the same things you held against them for you. That’s the issue. How many of you take time to research and learn about other cultures? When people complain of appropriation did you educate yourself on why they were upset, or the significance on what was taken?