Black Women Sit Down

“They told themselves that the people beneath them did not feel pain or heartache, were debased machines that only looked human and upon whom one could inflict any atrocity. The people who told themselves these things were telling lies to themselves. Their lives were to some degree a lie and dehumanizing these people who they regarded as beasts of the field, they dehumanize themselves.”

Although you are use to black women raising your children, saving democracy, trendsetting, winning, styling to the tee and much more, we are not your mammy. We are people, with our own needs, our own problems, our own lives to save. Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, Megan Markle, ME, deserve breaks after all black women endure for centuries. We don’t need to explain ourselves to anyone, about the how’s and why’s. When black women speak listen. It’s amazing how you can’t live without us and yet you take for granted all we do.

If anyone thought their relationships with people would impact my decisions, you’re bugging. Their insights mean NOTHING to me, where is it from which those insights derive? Exactly. They’re lucky to have found refuge in the first place. What role do black women play in your life? Do you even have black female friends? Question your conditioning, are you proud of all you stand for? Via: Black Women Thrive

Black Women As Lab Rats

“The doctor, James Marion Sims, would later be heralded as the founding father of gynecology. He came to his discoveries by acquiring enslaved women in Alabama and conducting savage surgeries that often ended in disfigurement or death. He refused to administer anesthesia, saying vaginal surgery on them was ‘not painful enough to justify the trouble’. Instead, he administered morphine only after surgery, noting that it ‘relieves the scalding of the urine,’ and, as Washington writes, ‘weakened the will to resist repeated procedures.’

A Louisiana surgeon perfected the cesarean section by experimenting on the enslaved women he had access to in the 1830’s. Others later learned how to remove ovaries and bladder stones. They performed these slave cabin experiments in search of breakthroughs for their white patients who would one day undergo surgery in hospitals and under available anesthesia.”
How does this passage give you a better understanding of feminism from a black females rappers perspective?
Why does this make Lil Kim iconic?
How does this passage give you a better understanding of the deep seated distrust African Americans have towards the medical industry?

*Bonus: how does this play into why I’m going to drag the Kardashian Jenner West family (as well as Ed Westwick) and affiliates? You guys messed with a smart bitch, I promise you I’m gonna beat your asses in more ways that one. Ima do y’all how Kourtney did Kim. Via: Word Up Official