Congratulations Justice Jackson

Representation matters. Making sure it’s an accurate depiction, not a caricature created from the white imagination, is essential. What a historical day. Intersectional feminism wins. Congratulations Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Please stop acting like black women don’t have common sense, compassion and haven’t been saving everyone since forever. She’s overqualified, but who did you rush in prior? Do you think she called and said we did it Joe? Via: Green Peace USA & Minority Millennials

Name Three Black Women To Thank And Why

How much do I give and what is given back to me I turn? And you want me to give more? For nothing? Black women aren’t your mammies. We owe you nothing. You owe us everything. Via: Black Owned Everything

Assumption Of Woman

They told themselves that the people beneath them did not feel pain or heartache, were debased machines that only looked human and upon whom one could inflict any atrocity. The people who told themselves these things were telling lies to themselves. Their lives were to some degree a lie and in dehumanizing these people whom they regarded as beasts of the field, they dehumanized themselves.

Americans of today have inherited these distorted rules of engagement whether or not their families had enslaved people or had even been in the United States. Slavery built the man-made chasm between black and whites that forces the middle castes of Asians, Latinos, indigenous people, and new immigrants of African descent to navigate within what began as a bipolar hierarchy.

Newcomers learn to vie for the good favor of the dominant caste and to distance themselves from the bottom-dwellers, as if everyone were in the grip of an invisible playwright. They learn to conform to the dictates of the ruling caste if they are to prosper in their new land, a shortcut being to contrast themselves with the degraded lowest caste, to use them as the historic foil against which to rise in a harsh, every-man-for-himself economy.

Artist: Harmonia Rosales

L.E Bowman ‘Complicit’

Just remember,
when you bite your tongue,
when they command silence
and comply,
you are wrapping your fingers around the throats
of those who speak.

Just remember,
when your eyes shift and close,
when you pretend to not see what you see,
when your ears her fireworks instead of bullet rounds,
and you continue to ignore screams,
that it is you
who is now
the loudest sound.

That deafening boom of silence.
That thunderous roar of apathy.

Via: Crwn Mag

Invisible Black Girls

Don’t worry curious minds, every name will be revealed so you know who’s surrounding you, all in due time. As for my gift giver, if my present isn’t big there will be hell to pay. No prisoners, that’s not how we play where I’m from, we play for keeps. If it isn’t destruction did it really happen? Exceed my expectations, or else. Do make sure it’s in a timely manner. And please don’t back out now guys the games just begun, we are gonna have SO much fun! Doing the right thing is FREE, paying attention to the patterns is FREE, being a good person is FREE, so no I don’t feel bad for a single one of you. Name a black woman you admire and why. Via: Blkhugs

You Got It From Black Women

“Women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty and justice for all, including the black women who are often too often overlooked, but so often prove they are the backbone of our democracy.”

-Madam Vice President Kamala Harris

And this is just a FRACTION of what we’ve given. Please Don’t try to make black women masculine, an aesthetic that’s so feminine you have to go out and purchase the body. Please Don’t racially troll, harass, disrespect and be complicit with all of the above (because that makes you a racist too) the people you need to be considered cool and hip. Even our caricatured worst is emulated. You welcome. Creator: Essence Gu

I’m Holding Back

What if I weren’t as tough and strong to handle the bullying? This is something I think to myself everyday. What if it were just the wrong moment, if I were going through something devastating and couldn’t take anymore. What if you basic bitches made it so dark I couldn’t stand to live another day? Did you think those things when you decided through some kind of bullshit delusion that I had no value? Because I’m not a diluted, debased attention whore, who doesn’t love herself so I need constant validation to feel noticed? To put people down to feel power. Make no mistake I don’t feel bad for a single person who decided racial trolling was okay. You had it coming. Who the fuck do you think you are to treat people in such a manner, to co-sign it? All of you are trash and trust me I’m holding back. Black women are not a punching bag and you all belong where you’re headed. Do you think I care? Did you? Via: Okay Nevermind


Preach Whitley.

Nothing will ever stop me,

from loving being a black woman.

Even at our caricatured worst,

we still move the culture.

That part though.

How has a black woman uplifted your life? Via: The Village Wrds


Stands for pretty ugly people, masquerading under glamours (but that’s a topic for another time) of beauty. This year I was racially trolled by MULTIPLE celebrities, celebrisites, and pseudo somebodies. The most abhorrent part is the facade of caring about the lives of colored people (or colored people aiding in the bullying) to cover your ass. I screamed on all occasions of these interactions, where I was minding my business and they came for me unsolicited. Just because you can’t be light doesn’t mean I deserve for you to smear your conditioned racism, blatant racism, insecurities, or whatever miserable things you feel on me. Then like right-winged black people, expect me to be your punching bag, suppressing the trauma you’ve tried to inflict, for the sake of your peace in some regard. How do you sleep with yourselves? This also goes for all the people who thought it was cute to show support for these said trash people, to what teach me you’re trash too? Do you really think you’re a model human being, when you switch gears because of who I’m connected to, or karma? Do you think lying is cute? Making stuff up about people with your one dimensional, do anything for a dollar selves? Do you like making fake accounts as grown people to demean people who call you what you are? To troll people who were fans for no reason? It would be a disservice to myself, my people, my ancestry to let you slide. And I won’t. You didn’t feel bad, neither do I. You get what you give. I told you guys who and what I was, but you made assumptions and dismissed me based on my gender and skin color. Still I’ve gone easy on a lot of you. Please never assume my life is as surface as yours. I have substance. God is good to those who are good.Via: It’s The Hive Style

De-Conditioning: Just Because You Didn’t See It

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. All too often people have dismissed racism as a thing of the past, because seeing is believing. Only if seen by white people right? An innocent life was taken, a crime was committed, police officers are not above the laws they enforce. In fact they should be held the most accountable. ARREST THE COPS THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR. PERIOD. Why do you believe the cops haven’t been locked up? Via: Upscale Magazine