Stands for pretty ugly people, masquerading under glamours (but that’s a topic for another time) of beauty. This year I was racially trolled by MULTIPLE celebrities, celebrisites, and pseudo somebodies. The most abhorrent part is the facade of caring about the lives of colored people (or colored people aiding in the bullying) to cover your ass. I screamed on all occasions of these interactions, where I was minding my business and they came for me unsolicited. Just because you can’t be light doesn’t mean I deserve for you to smear your conditioned racism, blatant racism, insecurities, or whatever miserable things you feel on me. Then like right-winged black people, expect me to be your punching bag, suppressing the trauma you’ve tried to inflict, for the sake of your peace in some regard. How do you sleep with yourselves? This also goes for all the people who thought it was cute to show support for these said trash people, to what teach me you’re trash too? Do you really think you’re a model human being, when you switch gears because of who I’m connected to, or karma? Do you think lying is cute? Making stuff up about people with your one dimensional, do anything for a dollar selves? Do you like making fake accounts as grown people to demean people who call you what you are? To troll people who were fans for no reason? It would be a disservice to myself, my people, my ancestry to let you slide. And I won’t. You didn’t feel bad, neither do I. You get what you give. I told you guys who and what I was, but you made assumptions and dismissed me based on my gender and skin color. Still I’ve gone easy on a lot of you. Please never assume my life is as surface as yours. I have substance. God is good to those who are good.Via: It’s The Hive Style

De-Conditioning: Just Because You Didn’t See It

Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. All too often people have dismissed racism as a thing of the past, because seeing is believing. Only if seen by white people right? An innocent life was taken, a crime was committed, police officers are not above the laws they enforce. In fact they should be held the most accountable. ARREST THE COPS THAT KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR. PERIOD. Why do you believe the cops haven’t been locked up? Via: Upscale Magazine


Got A Golden Skull

Lying here your plant looks tall
With light shining through
Remembering a runner’s way
A look in your eye

Could you be the psychic one staring me through
Though we may whisper calm
My head spins with truth

Artist: Lindsay Bri Adams

I Was Happier Then

Gold teeth

And a curse for this town
Were all in mouth

Only, I don’t know how they got out, dear

Turn me back into the pet
I was when we met

I was happier then, with no mindset.

Artist: Bria Paints

De-Conditioning: The Difference

Because white people weren’t meant to be slaves under the 13th amendment, only black people. Why? As punishment for being held captive by a country that stole Africans, raped our women and created the African American. Period. Where’s the lie? How many other cases similar to this can you think of? Artist: The Daily Don

Pay Attention To Newspapers

If you’re not careful, newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
-Malcolm X
*Photographer: Kamyiis

De-Conditioning: Strength Of A Stereotype

Although the ethics and validity of the Stanford Prison Experiment (1973) has been called into question, it still remains a milestone in psychology. Led by Phillip Zimbardo, the experiment took place in a basement with volunteer’s taking on the role of guard, or prisoner. Originally it was to run for two weeks, ending in six days when things got out of hand and damaging. Prisoners were abused by guards, who took pleasure in degrading them.

“Within hours of beginning the experiment some guards began to harass prisoners. At 2:30 A.M. prisoners were awakened from sleep by blasting whistles for the first of many “counts.”

In response the prisoners fought back.

“Because the first day passed without incident, the guards were surprised and totally unprepared for the rebellion which broke out on the morning of the second day.”

The show went on, with guards ending the riots, becoming more aggressive as consequence.

“The guards retaliated by using a fire extinguisher which shot a stream of skin-chilling carbon dioxide, and they forced the prisoners away from the doors. Next, the guards broke into each cell, stripped the prisoners naked and took the beds out.”

Things continued to snowball. Confronted about why he allowed it, Zimbardo confessed his state of mind was that of a jail superintendent, not a psychologist. The study concluded:

According to Zimbardo and his colleagues, the Stanford Prison Experiment revealed how people will readily conform to the social roles they are expected to play, especially if the roles are as strongly stereotyped as those of the prison guards. Because the guards were placed in a position of authority, they began to act in ways they would not usually behave in their normal lives.

What does it say when one puts on that blue uniform? When the circumstance is a black individual, stereotyped to be a thug and a menace to society?

They forget to be civil servants meant to protect. Instead they end up seeing through the lens of authority, behaving as they’ve been taught, reflecting society unto itself:

Believing they are saving the world from a savage, who is really a captive. In reality they are the one’s to fear, their cruelty, their savagery, their white imagination’s spinning everything in their favor; by any means necessary. They created the caricature, then built a system that forces colored people to play their assigned roles. The strength of a stereotype is life, or death. When’s the last time you assumed something about someone based on race? How often do you stereotype others? Photo: Mental Knots

Source: https://www.simplypsychology.org/zimbardo.html

De-Conditioning: Paris Is Burning

I would like to be a spoiled, rich white girl, they get what they want.
Venus Extravaganza

A two for one special; in honor of The Black Lives Matter Movement and Pride Month, watch Paris Is Burning. A timeless, poignant documentary that chronicles ball culture, which birthed Voguing . The balls were created in reaction to systemic financial disparities between blacks and whites. As Venus from house Extravaganza stated, as implied throughout much of the film, as the world turned, being white is the best way to attain wealth. Screaming black is beautiful, the creation of the black panthers, are reactions of beating ‘white power’ into the world by force. To counter the hate you give, we have movements and mottos and more. White power has resulted in oppression and hate globally, that’s why it’s vile. Via: Cinephile IG