Marc Posso: The Way We Value Customs & Culture

Self-taught photographer Marc Posso’s “work aims to inspire and celebrate the beauty and diversity of cultures and people from Africa. He uses photography to contribute to change and improve the image people have of Africa. For the most part Africa rhymes with savage even for some Africans.”

Reverie X Rebel Mag

Composition wise, creative direction wise, subject wise, this is one of the sexiest shoots I’ve ever seen. Reverie, a Seoul photographer NAILED IT. Which one is your favorite? I think I love the second photo the most.

Breann White

“The world is inspired by our natural hair, full lips and bodies and melanin, so I want everyone to recognize the beauty in being black.” In this series Detroit photographer Breann White, uses white space to accentuate the black allure, whilst showcasing the genetic rainbow. Photos: Breann White

Peter Lindbergh 1944-2019

RIP Peter Lindbergh the German photographer who captured the rise of the 90’s supermodel (the most prolific era of modeling EVER). “This should be the responsibility of photographers today; to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”