Attachment Trauma Versus Love

Know the difference between love and attachment trauma. I didn’t until more recently. With the exception of one, all my relationships have been trauma attachment, especially my last. I put their needs before my own, sacrificed myself, made excuses for their abusive behavior putting my life in jeopardy, kept ignoring the red flags. Now I know better. Love isn’t toxic, or bad, don’t blame something beautiful for the trash behavior of unhealed humans. If you’re filled with suffering, discontent, sorrow, it’s not love. Ask yourself are you confusing the two? Via: JenPeters_Soulguide_Healer

An Exercise In Rainbows

Multicolored installation made with thread, created by Gabriel Dawe. Remember there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm; these days are no different. We will be fortunate twice, for the brilliantly burning light and the gold that waits at the end. Try to find the magnificence in each and every day. Name the last storm you weathered (the dilemma), the lesson (representing the rainbow) and the pot of gold at the end. I’ll go first.

Storm (Dilemma): I want to find the one, but I keep attracting toxic men who are emotionally abusive, creating drama and trying to manipulate my emotions. All of them really immature (one of them so young it makes sense), trying to make me jealous by using other women as pawns. None of them respect me, none of them properly courted me, all of them tried to break me in some way. Albeit they have a warped idea of love, since women with low self-esteem, degrade and devalue themselves for their attention. Throwing themselves at these boys, instead of being courted as a lady should. It started to make me think I would never find the one, maybe I should settle for what is, lower my standards. Most people would, my options have money and power. I wondered if my integrity and belief in true love was naive.

Rainbow (lesson): If you see a red flag leave, trust your instinct no matter who they are. A lot of times I put others before myself, as an empath. A lot of people take my kindness for weakness. I kept seeing things from their perspective, making excuses for their shitty behavior. These are trash men and what they feel for me isn’t love, it’s obsession and infatuation. I enable them when I don’t call them out.

Pot Of Gold: “You attract a lot of guys, even though they look different they’re all boys.” A psychic told me this years ago, that the one for me will be a man. Standing up for myself, dealing with my last karmic lesson (an actor turned influencer) led me to a man. A kindhearted human being, who respects women. Men are rare, but they do exist and that makes every hardship worth it.

Cicely & Miles Visit The Obamas

Do you know what makes people love one another?

Well, no one else does, either.

But scientist study it, and there’s all this bizarre stuff about pheromones and facial symmetry and the circumstances under which you first met.

People are weird.

Our bodies are weird.

Maybe I can’t help being attracted to her the same way flies can’t help being attracted to carnivorous plants.

Artist: Henry Taylor

Abusive Love Is No Love

Could he really do the gruesome things he does to her and believe at the same time that he’s acting out of love? Is the world such an evil place, that love should be indistinguishable from the basest and most abusive forms of violence?

Photo: Blacker Things

Use Your Mind Always

Take one second to think before you do. If people took the time to do so, there would be way less conflict, chaos and misunderstanding. There would be far more compassion, sympathy and love. Use your mind folks. Which one of these tenets do you need to work on the most? Photo: The Spirit Guide