God Bless And Good Riddance

Seriously. I use to think people leaving was sad as I’ve gotten older those feelings changed. I feel bad for people who are stuck. I will never forget this experience as being one where I’m grateful for people to EXIT my life. God bless and good riddance. Am I right? Via:_Inspiration On The Daily

The Bad Bits

Hit this realization of gratitude, all my difficulties have been a blessing. People who are too comfortable become mediocre and remain naive. Thank god for the tough times, it adds depth, character, tales of adventure. It’s the reason I know how to snake a drain with a coat hanger to everyone’s surprise. What’s a skill you learned through hardship? Via: Spiritual Asylum

Dismantle Your Ego

There are a plethora of people, due to my drunken moments, who would demand (rightfully so) an apology from me. To the people I’ve soberly done wrong in the past, I’ve made amends. Nothing frees the soul like owning your crap and taking accountability. Even if you’re scared, you can go to sleep at night knowing you did the right thing. Who do you need to say sorry to? Dismantle your ego, it’s blocking your blessings.