Don’t Fuck Up My Peace

Some people are miserable and spread their shit to feel powerful. My ex-boyfriend is an energy vampire. Draining others due to his inner misery, life circumstance, pending downfall. Low vibrational people see you happy, and rather than do the work you’ve done to achieve this peace, try to take it from you. Spend the same energy you use trying to bring others down, to work on yourself. You’ll go a lot further. Are there people in your life trying to steal your joy? Via: Awakenned Soul

False Self Vs. True Self

Which are you? Be honest with yourself. What do you need to do to make the shift to your higher self? Ego is miserable, soul is happiness.

Via: Cee.Crystal.Clear

People To Stay Away From

Listen I trigger people all the time, I’m fully aware that some people compare themselves to me and “fall” short. I use quotations, because they’ve made themselves feel inferior, not me. I’m also fine if they need to remove themselves based on insecurity. Whatever makes you mentally well do it. Our vibes aren’t matched up, bye, you save us both the trouble.

Remember it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, if they’re doing any of the above in a non constructive manner, ditch them. Is there someone who fits this, that you need to leave behind? Via: SelfCareExpress

Take Toxicity Accountability

Being perfect is impossible, that’s part of being human. We err, but have the capability to evolve and do better. Humans who take accountability are happier, owning your shit and fixing it shifts your energy. Raising your vibration. Ask yourself, are you being the toxic one? Always check yourself, before you wreck yourself, cause it’s bad for you health. Via: SelfCare4Yu

I Want To Turn You Off If…

  • You’re stupid
  • Hateful
  • Racist
  • Jealous
  • Take no accountability
  • Manipulative
  • Hypocritical
  • Value money over people
  • Spineless
  • A bully
  • Weak willed
  • A troll
  • Self-absorbed
  • A liar
  • Parasitic
  • An overall low vibrational human being. I’ll chuck a deuce while you kick rocks. What types of people do you want to turn off? Via: Notes From My Therapist

Pick One To Cut Out Today

Emotions and thoughts shape your reality, talk about low vibrations these are it. Ever evolving creatures, there will always be something to refine. To live a high vibrational life you have to replace these negative emotions with positive ones like: love, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, self-respect…Choose something from this picture to fix, maybe it’s another low energy that isn’t included. Personally I don’t experience jealousy it’s a pointless emotion (it does nothing for the person feeling it, nor does it hinder the person you’re envious of), but boy am I always on the receiving end (“friends”, a business partner who would cut her nose to spite her face, gay men who have friends they want to fuck, who want to fuck me, hi Roger Chillingworth and your clown ass crew, also the reason I unfollowed that model who thinks he can hang out with people who racially disrespect me like he’s exempt, insecure women who love the men who love me, people who want to be black, people who seek the attention I fight tooth and nail to avoid, toxic family members…this is why I keep things to myself). Be honest, what do you need to work on today?

I’ve been working on the grudge ball. As someone who can efficiently dismantle people who cross me, it can be hard not to seek vengeance. Especially when minding my business. In the past my lesson was to stand up for myself, now it’s about letting go. Balance is key, every lesson has a time and a place. So instead of reminding the basic, vapid, idiotic, superficial people who couldn’t buy the experiences I have, who despite my saying it a million times don’t understand I value the things that have meaning. If I wanted the things you covet I could have them, how is it that you know me again? Exactly. Not only will I have those material items on my own terms, but I have a spiritual fulfillment most of you will never achieve. You’re too focused on the external. I wake up without that void that consumes you everyday and for that I feel bad for you. So I forgive you, gods got it. Hopefully one day you’ll experience this true joy, to know yourself whole. Artist: Sammy Jo

Three Strikes You’re Out

You can only give people so many chances. Even if they’ve done something great for you in the past; people change, things change, once someone exhibits toxic, disrespectful behavior let them go. Personally, I have a three strikes you’re out rule. I’m getting more meticulous with social media as well, I don’t want to follow or connect with anyone who is toxic af, no matter who they are. Energetic ties are everything, so many people have chaotic, unhappy lives due to low vibrational company kept. That shit spreads. Cutting people off has left me feeling light, filled with merriment and at peace. Are there any toxic people who need the boot? Who came to mind? Do you hold on for personal, or professional reasons? Remember a toxic person will turn an inch into a mile, give them nothing. Via: Poets and Writers

Character Says Everything

In the age of the aesthetics instagram reigns supreme. The devil’s playground, where the vacuous and vapid indulge in delights of quantity, rather than quality. Focused on how many likes and follows they have, who they know. People get so concerned about how they’re perceived rather than who they actually are, especially when you’re an influencer, or knee deep in the fashion game. But here’s the thing, if you have a good character your reputation will precede you.

I’ve watched entire groups of people I once admired, lose sight of this. Becoming so starved for status, power, money, external things that leave you feeling empty. The chaos echoing, then shattering other parts of their lives. Exacerbating the situation is you attract what you are, so if you’re already low vibrating, that’s the company you’re attracting. If you aren’t of sound character: honest, moral, kind, compassionate, positive, stand for something to elevate humankind…usually the people around you aren’t either. When you aren’t being your best self, you need authentic people to check you, to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The dangers of this can be learned at the end of the film Menace To Society, when Sharif the god fearing muslim is shot dead. No he wasn’t a gangbanger like Caine, but being connected to certain people is enough for you to fall too.

Before taking action think it through, what is the intention of what you’re about to do? Does it align with high vibrations (taking accountability, love, light, joy, empathy…) or low vibrations (jealousy, violence, ego, power…)? Whatever energy comes from it is what you get back, the longer it takes the better or worse it will be. The universe is always paying attention. Via: Psyche Dela Lune

You Are The Company You Keep

The company you keep is crucial. You can look at the characters in a persons life and tell everything about them. If someone is vacuous and vapid, more than likely their friends are too. Quality human beings for the most part stick together, as does low vibrating ones. There are direct correlations between the people you hang with and other areas of your life. You hang out with criminals you’re more likely to commit crimes, because the group dictates the norm. Do the people in your life bring out the best in you? Why or why not? How does it affect other areas of your life (work, social activities, decision making, perspectives…)