Your Relationship With YOU

How you feel about yourself translates into all other relationships. You accept the love you think you deserve. What you feel deserving of comes from you. If you love yourself, you won’t settle, you’ll set up healthy boundaries others adhere to. If they don’t you’ll let them go. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll have toxic relationships. Even if someone loves you, you’ll find yourself unworthy and push that person away.
Evaluate how you feel about yourself, how it correlates to the bonds you have with others. Via: Doodle Gems

Peace Or Peace Out People

However you want to spin it, the message is the same- choose your peace. Anyone adding stress, toxicity, chaos to your life shouldn’t be in it. Are you giving your time to those deserving of it? Via: Speak To JayJay & Sassy Hype Empire

The Past Two Years Aptly

Story of my life. Both years played out this way precisely. I’m so much happier now, because my toxic ex isn’t taking my energy. He was draining af, the constant drama he created around the simplest things. The abuse. Urgh, a headache. He lives in fights, power struggles, not love and partnership. I feel alive again, plus I’m set for life. I hope you win this year, or this post invigorates you to keep going, keep pushing. Via: Deep.LyFallen

Self-Love With Queen Ze

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but here you go. Prioritize yourself and everything else will fall into place. Life is too short to accept draining toxicity. Talk to yourself nice, treat yourself nice, fucking go for it. Fear and crippling self-doubt is no way to live. If it makes it easier, pick one as your mantra this week and act accordingly, especially if you’re sacred. Via: A Sophisticated Me

Living With Love Lost

Let things end for better to come in. Don’t hold onto something to avoid feeling like a failure. Sometimes walking away can be hard, you invested so much time into someone and it feels like a waste. For women there’s the added stress of our biological clock ticking, don’t settle. Having kids with someone is forever. Everyday I thank god someone saved me when I couldn’t save myself, that I didn’t have children with Mick Jagger. Then I could never get rid of him. Now all the women who did are about to suffer more than just the abuses he inflicts. His family goes down in flames, then spend eternity there. Imagine the father of your child be a psychopath, soon to be sex offender about to go to jail, who held someone hostage, abusing them to the point of asking someone to kill them just to escape. Imagine co-signing that, as Luciana Giminez and Jerry Hall did most of all. I’m going to make sure you all lose you jobs and everything you love and jail you too, you’re gross people. He has never loved anyone, he’s incapable. That being said, can you live with love lost? Via: Audrey_Emmett

Loving Someone Vs. Being In Love

You can be in love with someone and not love them. The former is a feeling, the latter is an action. Two different things. Loving someone is expressed by caring for them, treating them properly, nurturing them, being affectionate, supporting them, prioritizing their happiness, not abusing them. Know the difference. Via: Goddamn.333

Needed This: Lovers That Destroy

Never be ashamed
Of how deeply and passionately
You loved someone who destroyed you,
Because destroying things is just who they are…

But loving things deeply and passionately is who you are.
Photographer: Cho Gi-Seok

Reason Behind Ignoring Red Flags

In the past I ignored red flags like no other, painting people how I wanted them to be. Seeing their potential, not who they actually are. Trust in red flags, it’ll save you the future trouble of a relationship that isn’t gonna work. Be it friendship, family, or lover. Do you ignore red flags? Why? Has it bitten you in the bottom? Via: Curly_Therapist

Allowed To Cut You Off

Don’t get offended, give people the same freedom and space you would like. Sometimes you trigger things in them and they can’t deal. Respect their decision the way you want yours respected. How do you handle being cut off? Via: Tarunvmishra

What Healthy Looks Like

Be with someone who is worthy of you, make sure you reciprocate the same energy. Are you in a healthy, happy relationship, or are you settling? If the latter why (loneliness, low self-esteem, societal benchmarks…)? Via: Happy Not Perfect