A Dreamer And A Badass

She’s a dreamer,
And a badass,
And a romantic
To the bones.

She’s the moon,
Stars, earth,
And fire.

She’s fierce,
And soft,
And forever.

Artist: Amy Sherald

That’s What Art Is

Those moments you feel alone, those moments you are alone and storytelling, be it in the form of film, song, some medium that drags you from the depths of despair. That is what art has done since the beginning of time, that’s why humans value it so much. It saves us and keeps us going when nobody else can. For all those who contribute to that, thank you. When was the last time art held you when a body could not?

Strength In Scars

All that you’ve survived is what makes you beautiful. Scars hold stories of your strength, proof that you healed. When’s the last time you overcame something? Are the scars you need to accept mental, emotional, or physical?

How Do I Know If…

Can’t explain how many times my gut nudged me that there were red flags. Even when I couldn’t see it, I felt it. My instinct has never been wrong, all the guys I proceeded with caution with eventually showed their true colors. When it’s true love you won’t feel something lurking underneath the surface. The person will be transparent and created specifically for you. They will respect you, they won’t play games, they will be loyal and won’t pit you against other people. Wait for it, it will come. Via: Poets Tribe

Happy International Women’s Day

Live life for you, not societal norms. Do it for our ancestors who were abused and burned for centuries. The ones who had to marry their rapist, the ones who couldn’t get abortions, the ones who couldn’t work, the ones who couldn’t vote, the ones confined to finite careers due to their gender…They would kill to experience an ounce of the freedom we have now. And still we have a long ways to go. Photo: Love April Green

Fear Of Falling

Fear is vital for our survival, tells you when to leave a bad situation keeping you alive. So is the ego, it protects you from getting hurt by others, filtering out the cruel. The world is filled with so much sensory information, that these two defense mechanisms become our constant armor and that’s no way to live. Check yourself, are you living in extremes of fear and ego? Where does it stem from? Via: Word Rover