Last Days Of Beach Cleansing

Beach season is almost finished. Make sure you get in your last days of sun, but most importantly cleansing. Salt water cleanses you of curses, bad energy, any negativity. Let go of the resistance and surrender to the magic. Nature is a great healer, reveal in it. What do you need to clear? Via: Spirit Daughter

Throw Away Expectations

Yes 2020 has started off bizarre and out of mortal command with the majority of the world forced indoors. It’s been distressing for everyone, especially those who aren’t receiving any sort of income, have no food and a multitude of other issues that have plagued many during this pandemic. Everyone is dealt a different hand during this crisis, which is something to be mindful of when negativity seeps in. Personally this has been a rewarding experience for me, probably because I’m use to riding the sometimes tumultuous waves of life. Everything is probability, things go awry.

It’s easier said than done to remain positive in search of a silver lining.

As humans we need the sun for mental health purposes, we thrive when our skin is kissed by it’s rays. We also need each other, socializing is how we’ve survived, how we outwitted the other homo something’s that lived here once. So feeling out of sorts is natural and normal especially since the nicer months have come to pass. It feels like we went from winter to winter, but it’s important to remember that anything can happen. Just as quickly as this came out of nowhere, leave room for the opposite. That’s the biggest lesson that’s been reaffirmed throughout this experience for me. Expect nothing, but keep an open mind for anything. That can be exciting and nerve wracking, but the quote “we make plans and god laughs” didn’t come from the woodwork. We still have another 7 months for magic and miracles that might exceed what we previously believed possible. What are your expectations for the rest of this year? Now throw them out the window.

Fear Turned To Hate

In the beginning, Orisha was a land where the rare and sacred maji thrived. Each of the ten clans was gifted by the gods above and given a different power over the land. There were maji who could control water, others who commanded fire. There were maji with the power to read minds, maji who could even peer through time!

Each maji was born with white hair, the sign of the gods’ touch. They used their gifts to care for the people of Orisha and were revered throughout the nation. But not everyone was gifted by the gods…Because of this, every time new maji were born, entire provinces rejoiced, celebrating at the first sight of their white coils. The chosen children couldn’t do magic before they turned thirteen, so until their powers manifested, they were called the ibawi, ‘the divine.’

The maji rose throughout Orisha, becoming the first kings and queens. In that time everyone knew peace, but that peace didn’t last. Those in power began to abuse their magic, and as a punishment, the gods stripped them of their gifts. When the magic leached from their blood, their white hair disappeared as a sign of their sin. Over generations, love of the maji turned into fear. Fear turned into hate. Hate transformed into violence, a desire to wipe the maji away.

Via: Women From History

Awake Your Inner Child With Extreme Makeup

When we were little the simplest things gave us joy. Now’s the time to reconnect to your inner child, the one who believed in magic. We created just for creations sake, just because we could and we were grateful. Pick a look to recreate, improvise with whatever materials are accessible to you. Get your friends to join, send each other pictures. Photos: Cindy Chen Designs, Elle Magazine and Visible June

Do You Believe In Magic?

Do you believe in the mystical, the fantastical, the improbable, or the impossible? Do you believe that things others dismiss as dreams and imagination actually exist? Do you believe in fairy tales? “

Photos: Justin Polkey

Petecia Le Fawnhawk

Dali came back to life everyone, in the form of modern surrealist Petecia Le Fawnhawk. “In placing elemental shapes in a vast dreamscape, she strips away the unnecessary in an attempt to reveal truths in the mysterious and magisterial.” These photos are a reminder that there is a thin line between this dimension and the next. It comes in the form of death, or immersing oneself in nature. Which photo is your favorite? Why?

Don’t Lose Your Magic

Becoming an adult, means the world trying to steal the magic you were born with. As a kid you are so excited to experience the simplest things, because you were just happy to be here. You also didn’t care what anyone else thought, that’s something you learned to do. Slowly we become jaded after failure, and let other people tell us who to be. But growing up doesn’t mean becoming stern, inflexible and habitual (responsible YES). Mix it up. This is an experience, the only one you’ll have as you. Always remember to have a good time. You deserve it. Photo: Neon Quality

Only The Worthy

Not everyone deserves your time. Cut out the naysayers, the jealous, the haters, the shit talkers and the overall miserable. I constantly have people who I’ve watched be shitty humans trying to hang out with me, no thanks. You aren’t worthy of these high vibes.