Do You Believe In Magic?

Do you believe in the mystical, the fantastical, the improbable, or the impossible? Do you believe that things others dismiss as dreams and imagination actually exist? Do you believe in fairy tales? “

Photos: Justin Polkey

Petecia Le Fawnhawk

Dali came back to life everyone, in the form of modern surrealist Petecia Le Fawnhawk. “In placing elemental shapes in a vast dreamscape, she strips away the unnecessary in an attempt to reveal truths in the mysterious and magisterial.” These photos are a reminder that there is a thin line between this dimension and the next. It comes in the form of death, or immersing oneself in nature. Which photo is your favorite? Why?

Don’t Lose Your Magic

Becoming an adult, means the world trying to steal the magic you were born with. As a kid you are so excited to experience the simplest things, because you were just happy to be here. You also didn’t care what anyone else thought, that’s something you learned to do. Slowly we become jaded after failure, and let other people tell us who to be. But growing up doesn’t mean becoming stern, inflexible and habitual (responsible YES). Mix it up. This is an experience, the only one you’ll have as you. Always remember to have a good time. You deserve it. Photo: Neon Quality

Only The Worthy

Not everyone deserves your time. Cut out the naysayers, the jealous, the haters, the shit talkers and the overall miserable. I constantly have people who I’ve watched be shitty humans trying to hang out with me, no thanks. You aren’t worthy of these high vibes.