Melanie Hamrick’s Blood Ritual Spell

Yesterday in my stories on my main account, I posted this picture asking if you noticed anything. Not just her ratty hair, sloppy body, and unattractive profile. Nope, this photo was from the staged ones last tour in Miami. Remember? When she pretended to be his girlfriend to promote her show. Even though he didn’t spend any time with her, nor the murder rape baby by the pool. Melanie Hamrick, desperate to put Mick Jagger back under her spells resorted to blood magic.

Look at her shoulder, below I enhanced it using instagram filters. She got this tattoo in white ink hoping no one would notice.
I did. It’s a tattoo of 70’s Mick, with bangs. The cut on her hand was for the blood supply. My beauty was enough to break the black magic, she needed to get him back under her control. Mick had no idea until I told him.
Why the tattoo?

Because pictures are very powerful when casting spells. Tattoos even more so, since it’s adding a sigil to your body. Blood fuels sigils (I don’t know why it says text, but since it highlights her cut I’ll leave it).

Melanie Hamrick is a satanist, who has murdered, raped and stalked to get what she wants. She’s remorseless and the definition of evil. Mick would never choose her over L’wren Scott, or at all. He’s a psychopath, superficial, he only likes beauty. To look like Melanie you would have to mutilate your face. She had plans on murdering his children for her murder rape baby to inherit his fortune and of raping me like she did Mick. She was going to take away my freewill and make me her girlfriend. L’wren Scott DID NOT WANT TO DIE. She cried trying to get back into her body. Sally Wood, his children, the Hilfiger’s, Brett Grace the parasite, and so many more are the shit stains of this world. You aligned with her, with racism, with murder, rape, and the demonic, face your fate. You chose this. Look where antagonizing a goddess got you (you needed me for protection, I say NO), in the devil’s collection, because he always takes more than you can afford. The devil always comes to collect.

Part of me wishes I never saved them, but then L’wren wouldn’t get justice and I wouldn’t be legendary. I get to be rich, the one that got away, a hero, all without being tied down with a psychopath baby, in a family of psychopaths, which the Jagger’s are. Alvin Bragg is a menace to society, just like her.

Melanie Hamrick’s Karmic Justice

“She looks like one of Charles Manson’s girls, deranged and feral. She is not cute.”-Nani

That’s exactly what Melanie Hamrick looks like. Google them if you don’t know who the infamous Manson girls are, she fits right in both looks and morals wise. Melanie believing she’s better than L’Wren Scott whom she tried to be, in any way, shape, or form is a JOKE. You could never, you couldn’t even do the bare minimum and be beautiful. Look at the above close ups of her face, Mick Jagger would never look at you twice. Her non existent career reflects her person. Beauty is power and she ain’t beautiful.

Now let’s get down to karmic justice and what her deal with the devil really was. Melanie did black magic in hopes to copy Misty Copeland and Prince, (read Misty Copeland Vs. Melanie Hamrick) to achieve success, fame, be considered beautiful, and black magicked a son to look exactly like Mick. She wanted to be Lwren, so she switched places. The devil gave her all these things with a catch, as he does everyone.

Melanie can’t sue me for defamation, because I got her to incriminate herself, therefore she made up lies. Now all the things that were once a blessing are a curse. I can now subpoena her information in defense of her false allegations, turn her case into a murder trial, and put her in prison, as promised to her troll accounts. The fact that she took those screenshots to the cops prove she is using fake accounts, as I’ve never communicated with her any other way, I been blocked her.

Melanie can’t flee the country, because of Deveraux, the kid you black magicked is literally your demise. Not only that, Melanie has no career, she depends on child support (Lwren’s fortune she left to Mick). Even if she left she’d have no financial means to support herself, and leaving with the boy would be considered abduction. Topping it off Mick is an icon, her departure in the midst of a court case would make headlines.

The devil promised Melanie fame, but it won’t be for ballet, it’ll be for black magic. The devil promised her a look alike son, who is now her anchor to prison. She shortened Lwren’s life meaning her life and the boys will be shortened (you reap what you sow). Melanie lived well off Mick like a parasite. Now she will live the opposite in prison. She tried to be better than L’Wren, now she will forever live in her shadow, as well as mine. Everything was a false blessing, because the devil is friends with no one. She will now be the ugly one who black magicked L’Wren & Mick, that’s her legacy. Remember kids, you will always reap what you sow MULTIPLIED. When you make deals with the devil he always comes to collect, and he has for her, her defunct coven and those aligned with her, fans, family and friends included. You cannot escape your fate. Times up. There’s always a catch with his deals, always. I was your protector, but if you weren’t aligned with GOD enough to see, you played yourself not me. Via: L’Wren Scott Archive

How Melanie Hamrick “Met” Mick

During my gathering of information, I realized Melanie Hamrick puts out conflicting stories on how she met Mick Jagger. Mick wouldn’t know, since he was black magicked with the full moon of February 14th 2014 (the irony of today). Let’s go through her contradictory tall tales shall we?

Lie Number 1: Melanie says Mick Jagger asked her to dinner, after meeting backstage. Okay…

Lie Number Two (below): Melanie says Mick was cheating with her since meeting backstage. He left L’Wren Scott for her, because she’s so stunning. Melanie isn’t beautiful, she’s deformed and not gorgeous, or successful like L’Wren. Whom she tries to be, after killing her with her coven on the March 16th 2014 full moon. I also have PROOF of Melanie’s premeditation coming in tomorrow’s post.

Please note in post one of above articles, she lives five minutes away from L’Wren, like a psycho.

Article post two is how you know she wrote this, as she refers to herself as stunning and mentions for the 100th time, as she does in countless articles, and on her now deleted troll accounts, that’s she’s 43 years Mick’s junior (but still ugly).

Article post three above, is where Melanie says they didn’t hit it off, because he had a girlfriend, only to retract it by saying they were already having an affair, in the same damn piece. One of the egregious lies in this last article (annotated in blue), she says L’Wren died months after their meeting. Except it was less than two weeks…and if you think her stories couldn’t add up any less look below.

Lie Number Three: Melanie states, as she writes her own articles, because no one has any interest in her, that she stayed in touch with Mick after meeting. She only started dating him to help him cope with the pain SHE caused.

So which one is it Melanie Hick Hamrick? Did you start an affair causing L’Wren to kill herself? Did you wait til Lwren died to reach out? Did he ask you out backstage? Your lies don’t add up, just like you’re his girlfriend, but reference me in another one of your articles. You know why you can’t keep your stories straight? Because you’re a liar, a satanic witch, a murderer, a stalker and a rapist. You’re ugly, deformed and a creepy loser. That’s why. Mick Jagger would NEVER choose you without being black magicked. You aren’t pretty, stylish, successful, cool, or talented. Just wait til tomorrow’s post. Ohhhhhh just WAIT!

Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon:

Melanie Hamrick And June 24th 2021

Lwren Scott came to me because I didn’t take Mick Jagger seriously. If you read my article Single White FeM(elaine) Hamrick (link at end of article), you’d see multiple messages of Mick complaining that she’s: evil, manipulative, causing trouble with his children, a negative connection in his life. Drowning in celebrity drama involving people who actually matter, I was disinterested. Like most people, mediocre Melanie isn’t someone I pay attention. Who is she? I apologized to Mick later. I’m an accountable human being, I own my shit. Being a better person matters to me. Plus I was being a hypocrite, doing to him what others were doing to me, when I complained about being racially profiled by the Kardashian Jenner West coven and their power hungry affiliates.

L’Wren Scott showed me what happened to her, because the next full moon was less than two weeks away, June 24th 2021. Melanie planned on doing to his entire line what she did to her. She was going to take them out, leaving Deveraux Jagger the sole heir to his fortune. Mind you the boy is a product of black magic, murder, and rape. Neither he nor his deformed mother are owed anything. Due to his origins his ending will be steeped in tragedy. To get rid of the children born with consent, because he chose their beautiful mothers, takes a temerity only an ugly, desperate, deformed psycho possesses.

Deveraux has everyone’s DNA, she would have wiped them out in a matter of days. Without Lwren, without me, his entire brood would be deceased. How do they repay us, owing us their lives? Disrespect. Georgia, Karis, Lucas and Jade sealed their fates by not listening to me, nor honoring the dead as a universal law in such a case, hubris, and taking too many other souls to hell. By continuing to support a murderer and rapist, they made others think it was okay to align with Melanie, adding to the devil’s collection. Exactly what I tried to prevent. This is why I said disconnect your energy, it’s everything! Yet here we are, due to ego and insolence. Mind you his kids were already hell bound. At least Lwren saved some, Devereaux will be going with her when she is ready to claim him. Even as Athena I follow the universal laws, which is why I instantly honored Lwren and am still doing so. Yes I’m a divine, but there’s still the almighty. If I did it as a deity, who the hell are you guys to think yourself above it? For a weirdo, who isn’t attractive, talented, or cool, who your dad didn’t want to affiliate with any longer, who was so obsessed with L’Wren she had to be her (stealing her poses, outfits, life, look at row two an entire wannabe freak show, when Lwren didn’t want to die), then pretend to be better than her. Just wait til I start posting the articles she wrote, just wait. How do the Jagger family live with themselves? Shame on you.

Single White Fem(elanie) Hamrick:

Calls From The Other Side

Paranormal lessons come full circle, in my experience. It’s divined.
It was an average Friday; we all separated into smaller groups, or pairs to drop off our belongings at home, before getting wasted for the weekend. Sara and Paula went off together to Sara’s. Paula had a free house as always, that’s where the entire crew was headed. Jenna and I were the first to meet them. Halfway up the block I noticed their ashen faces, expressions filled with fear and disbelief. The vibe was eerie. We stopped our mindless chatter.
“What’s wrong? Why do you guys look like that?” I’d never seen them so visibly shook. My inquisition was met with silence.
“Seriously what’s going on? You’re acting strange,” Jenna pushed.
“If we told you guys, you wouldn’t believe us,” Sara replied teary eyed.
“…What? Are you guys joking? Just tell us,” perplexed, I was perplexed. What could they possibly say to blow our minds?
“We’ll tell you once and then I never want to talk about it again,” Sara said. “We were in the elevator and her phone starts to ring…” she stops and Paula finishes.
“It was my dad so I didn’t pick up, because his numbers been disconnected,” she inhales her cigarette. Exhales. “He left a voicemail.”
“Wait, what?!” Jenna and I said in unison, it must have been.
“I swear to God, it was staticky and said ‘Paula, it’s dad I love you.”
We all stare at each other.
“You’re lying,” I accuse her is disbelief.
“She’s not,” Sara confirms “It was on speaker, I heard it.”

Paula’s dad died when we were in tenth grade, he shot himself in the head. She was devastated, we were devastated for her. His phone was disconnected shortly after, him calling was impossible, he left a voicemail, she played it twice then deleted it. People can call from the grave? I didn’t understand, but Sara’s not a liar. Blunt, bitchy, but never a liar. We were silent until others pulled up to break the tension. An unspoken agreement, we keep it to ourselves. Cut to…

Over a decade later I’m watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. This black actor is on. I cannot for the life of me remember who, but the story is unforgettable. He goes home to the hood between shooting, while there he stays with his mom and grandmother. Every time a certain childhood friend comes around to see him, they go out of their way to turn him away. Finally he catches his grandmother doing so while descending the stairs, he’s midway when she closes the door. Now this friend was from the streets, gang banging and what not, the actor lucked out finding a different path. Days later his mom tells him the boys been shot. Turns out his matriarchs kept him away, because they saw death around his eyes and knew his time was up.
Shortly after that the actor receives a call, he picks up, it’s his deceased friend.
“Help me, help me, you gotta get me out of here,” his dead friend says.
The actor hears a deep voice amongst the noise, scream “Get back here.” His friend screams no, noooooooo and the phone hangs up. He was calling from hell. Now I’m teary eyed, you can get calls from the dead…Paula’s dad. It all came full circle, the universe designing both experiences for me to experience.

Hell is real. Those aligned with the Kardashian Jenner West coven and Melanie Hamrick, that’s your final destination. I was never joking. You are a soul. When you look into a coffin at a loved ones lifeless body, you always think it’s not them, because the body is a vehicle for your soul. Suddenly it’s a useless inanimate object, a stranger.
You’re going to hell, because it was your choice. I told you what to do to a tee, it was your freewill (a sacred right Melanie doesn’t understand). You cut your life short, you chose eternal damnation. All the evidence was in your face, everything provided for you. How many times did I say the devils come to collect? OWN IT. This world doesn’t need you incarnating again to lower the vibration of humanity.

I’ve seen a demon, at my grandmother’s house during witching hour, waking up my sister and cousin. They saw it too.

It looked like this: short, red eyes, a smile so wide it went off it’s face. The darkest thing I’ve ever seen, with a hat and arms longer than it’s body, curling up, swinging back and forth, never touching the floor. I’ll never forget it. Where do demons come from?…Duh. Was it worth it? Play with me if you want, Monday Wednesday I’ll tell you how a lesson on homeless people went 360 as well. Via: Monsters Amongst Us Podcast & Unworn

When I saw a demon (he wasn’t shadow person, his body wasn’t human form):
Celebrity Ghost Stories (found it!):

L’wren Scott 2014 Vs. Melanie Hamrick

Let’s take a trip back in time. The first photo is Melanie flying to Japan in 2014 where she met, but really decided to black magic Mick Jagger and be L’wren Scott. Melanie looks a MESS compared to Lwren at any age, but the photo below is gorgeous Lwren at the time. You’re telling me Mick Jagger saw the uneven nostril, messy ass hair, thin eyebrows, close together weird shaped eyes, thin lips, no body like Lwren, who was an entire model before being a designer and went WILD over her? She wasn’t even the star of the show. A little over a month later Lwren Scott was dead. Disgusting, deformed, desperate Melanie then shouts out her coven on Halloween aka thanks for helping me murder, rape and black magic, then produce a seed that will return to the darkness I created. STILL not influential, STILL has no career. Beauty is power and your time is up. Lwren Scott is gone forever, because she decided she deserved the life Lwren earned. You cannot do magic that dark and get away with it dummy. But the good news is everything I promised you is happening, I told you’d I get you the attention you wanted didn’t I? I’m a woman of my word. May Lwren rest in power, peace and love, the opposite of what Melanie will experience. Via: Christine Shevchenko

Eternal Flame By Fernando Gomez

Wow. Everything really happens for a reason. Lesson learned and excited for this cycle to end. Writing is cathartic, when it’s out of your head and down on paper you can see the patterns. I literally sat here recounting all the relationships in the past few years that’ve taken the SAME overall turns to destruction, out of nowhere. I thank God for looking out for me, synchronizing my life, or I would never have suspected my stepdad. From the psychic who stopped me on the street to tell me he’d lit black candles, to this. There’s just NO WAY the same events happen with different people each and every single time. Same with career, but after recounting childhood in that article how could I be that blind. I mean duh bitch, wake up. Now everything down to last Thanksgiving makes sense.

Without introspection, the need to be a better person by reflecting on my role in repeating toxicity in order to take ownership and accountability, I’d never see it. Just stunned. Good always wins over evil, justice will always be served. Take the most destructive area of your life. Create four columns (see below). Find the pattern, apply the lesson and open to abundance. Via: Trunk Archive & Starseedps

Person Or SituationHow It StartedHow It Ended My Role (actions/reactions)

Saint Twenty’s Introspection Chart

Five Black Candles Overseas

“Someone in your family is doing black magic on you, they’re jealous. They don’t want you to be better than them. I see someone going overseas lighting five black candles. I see it’s your father.”

This woman didn’t try to upsell with cleanses, nor did she charge me. “Omg your energy, come sit with me I have to tell you something.” I was on break from Follia heading to Hotel Tortuga (a now closed Mexican restaurant) when a small white brunette woman from a Slavic background– poaching people in front of a gym a few doors before my destination, stopped me. Many street seers have done this, my infectious energy drawing them like moths to a flame, bees to pollen, flies to shit. Giving me a message was so crucial they physically inserted themselves into my personal bubble.
Upon receiving the news I believed it to be my estranged biological Haitian father, a fluent voodoo practitioner. It must have been him I responded, except there are six of us… it didn’t add up.

“My brother, my two sisters, my mom, my stepdad, me. Why would he only light five candles? Unless he didn’t know there was a boy.” She was also confused, because silently we both knew black candles are for protection.

When I shared this experience with my stepdad over a year later his replies were suspicious, guilt ridden.
“Who told you that? When? What did they say again?”
Now my stepdad is not the brightest. Great at architecture, construction, renovation work, but intelligent? No. Basic knowledge escapes him, he reminds me of a caveman banging on things and grunting. He’s amenable, with little desire to expand his knowledge via research. Having never worked in a restaurant he had the audacity to tell me where you eat doesn’t matter, it all comes out the same and the people working at restaurants don’t know what’s in the dish. Who cares? “Food is food, you yam it.” Sage Antiguan advice. Having been in the service industry for years I explained to him how incredibly wrong he was, not only were you required to know what was being served you were tested on it and needed to time your orders by sequence of service, failing held consequences (write ups, firings). Furthermore you had to know the beverage menu and pairings, that’s the bare minimum. Beyond taste aversions there were allergies, ignorance meant death. He was finally silent. How idiotic did you have to be to tell me, someone with experience, how a job you’ve never done works? He’s sexist, loud, inconsiderate and wrong.
His response confirmed he was the person who lit the candles.

Black candles are for protection, the missing one was for me. Just like childhood when he would take Whitney on shopping sprees in elementary school, announcing she got clothes because she was his kid. A sensitive child he use to pick on me, but if a man pulled up he wasn’t about that life. Part of is was punishment for my not calling him dad, which had nothing to do with him and everything to do with me being uncomfortable. At this point I was like eight you’ve known me since I was one, you had the chance to implement this but chose division.
Just like signing only my sister up for ballet, my mom having to get my uncle to buy me a laptop for school, my uncle paying for my senior trip, my mom having to sneak money for me to go to prom (thank god my teachers were UES Jewish women, my gym teachers silk halter Bebe dress fit me like a glove), just like all my siblings taking swimming classes but me, just like not helping me through college, just like taking me to his family holiday events with my sister and while she was showered in gifts I was forgotten about so they put together a measly card with twenty bucks, even though they knew I was coming (that’s why I stopped going), just like I’ve caught him red handed gathering items from my mother or me, just like he turns men interested in me into him, Genc and Mick both turned on me, or all my failed situationships, it was him doing black magic. Pay attention to patterns.

He has always sets me up to fail not wanting me to be better than his blood children, but spoiling me enough to be spoiled. Like when I went over my phone bill by 24 hours and he switched me to unlimited data, or furnishing my first apartment. The mental capacity of a child, raising my sister with delusions of superiority. Causing her to get angry when overshadowed, the way racist whites are when they see colored people with better lives. Bitch please. Everything makes total and complete sense and now I’ll act accordingly. What he did to me, I’ll pay him back in kind times three. Via: Queer Prints

Evil Eye Nails Vibe

Put out those evil eyes, black magic is running rampant. Believe it or not it’s real, the latter just leaves you unprotected and fair game for those who are about that life. I’m leaning towards the first set. Which evil eye nails would you rock to block these hater hoes? Via: Miss Betty Rose, Grookere Nails & Nails Ride

How I Felt Vs. How He Feels

On my explore page. I didn’t see an old man I saw someone who saved me, someone I thought was beautiful his entire life. Only he can heal his insecurities. After the life he’s lived he’s lucky to be alive, especially when Melanie gave him that heart problem to begin with. I’ve volunteered at senior citizen homes many times. I’ve watched elderly people have difficulties doing simple tasks: bending down, walk, memory loss…things Mick Jagger can do with a full head of hair to boot. Instead of seeing how miraculous he is, he let’s an ageist society and a black magic freak deplete his confidence. It’s sad, but self-love comes from within. Peep the nostril in the last two photos again: grew up poor in Virginia, wasn’t the star ballerina, has no social connections before Mick Jagger (like many who had so much to say about me aha), has no personality, no style, no body and even with Mick she couldn’t get the same attention all the others got, because she failed to be the one thing women are suppose to be, beautiful. This is why her career opportunities were limited, this is why she did what she did. Do you get signs in your life? If not it’s because you’re vibration is low. Via: Miss Thang510