Evil Eye Nails Vibe

Put out those evil eyes, black magic is running rampant. Believe it or not it’s real, the latter just leaves you unprotected and fair game for those who are about that life. I’m leaning towards the first set. Which evil eye nails would you rock to block these hater hoes? Via: Miss Betty Rose, Grookere Nails & Nails Ride

How I Felt Vs. How He Feels

On my explore page. I didn’t see an old man I saw someone who saved me, someone I thought was beautiful his entire life. Only he can heal his insecurities. After the life he’s lived he’s lucky to be alive, especially when Melanie gave him that heart problem to begin with. I’ve volunteered at senior citizen homes many times. I’ve watched elderly people have difficulties doing simple tasks: bending down, walk, memory loss…things Mick Jagger can do with a full head of hair to boot. Instead of seeing how miraculous he is, he let’s an ageist society and a black magic freak deplete his confidence. It’s sad, but self-love comes from within. Peep the nostril in the last two photos again: grew up poor in Virginia, wasn’t the star ballerina, has no social connections before Mick Jagger (like many who had so much to say about me aha), has no personality, no style, no body and even with Mick she couldn’t get the same attention all the others got, because she failed to be the one thing women are suppose to be, beautiful. This is why her career opportunities were limited, this is why she did what she did. Do you get signs in your life? If not it’s because you’re vibration is low. Via: Miss Thang510

Sometimes Time Is Of The Essence

This is how connected I am with the universe. For years now it will confirm, speak of my present situation, or the future on my explore page. It’s a great guide, I’m thankful for it. Now Melanie Hamrick, her coven and the Kardashian’s have practiced some of the darkest magic. The devil’s come to collect them and their peers in the worst way, it’s all a matter of timing. After L’wren Scott came to me I urged everyone to honor her. I myself was told the same, which started my exposing a voodooer. When the dead request respect you better damn well honor them, that’s why I did my part. It’s also why you don’t build on burial ground, or ransack graves. Without L’wren’s tragic end a brighter future wouldn’t be in place (you all will see in due time), I told this to the Jagger clan, who filled with ego did not listen in time. As you can see these cards and more have revealed the Hamrick’s true nature and because it wasn’t done on their part in time, the future has shifted for greater consequences to be had. They will now learn this lesson through pain I tried to prevent.

Although my abilities are greater and I am wiser, I humble myself to the universe always for this reason. You would do wise to lose an ego, especially when dealing with the spiritual realm, it prevents you from seeing the boundaries, or consequences. Pay attention when I speak and pay attention for what’s to come, that’s why I’m telling you. What was the greatest lessons you learned through pain? Via: Disappoointeed

The Kurse Spreads

Told you so.
Kanye West went to Haiti to see if he could find something on me, because I’m Haitian. After his family lied to people telling them I was doing black magic, I don’t need to do that. Only Satanist partake in such rituals. And look what happened.

Anyone who is connected to that family, liking their pictures, hanging out with them, wearing their stuff, any energetic ties without my protection, is going with them. Even if I am protecting you from going to hell with them, something bad WILL happen to you. The kurse is spreading like I said, because the devil’s come to collect. People make all these deals, exchanges, failing to realize there’s always a catch. The devil is friends with no one. That also goes for aligning with people of their nature, from the main racist families, something bad will happen to you. We are just at the beginning, it will catch you all. Boo hoo bitches, I told you. Look through the information I already gave ages ago. Can you think of other people who have had tragedy strike? Nicki’s dad amongst other things going wrong with her, everything about Chrissy Teigen, everything about Donald Trump…I mean you do the math. No really use your brain for once. P.S: you guys are lucky I’m telling you in the first place. I’m good, you’re not. Another prophecy came to me, it chills me to the bone. You guys don’t listen anyways, so good luck. Via: Haitian Times & Baller Alert

A Real Life Craft

“At the end of the day everyone just wants to be cool and beautiful. Think about it, that’s the premise of most movies, shows and books.” This is why I thank god everyday for my beauty, it is a gift given unmerited and to have it naturally bestowed is a blessing. The world yields for the beautiful, it always has and always will. And those who have no access to such a world notice it most. What I found in the past two days is a real life craft, a group of misfits who wanted the world, but weren’t pretty enough to be in. So their leader, made a plan, definitely called ugly all her life, which she is with her thin eyebrows, thin lips, uneven nostrils, extra skin on the other side of her nose, uneven chin, close together ugly eyes, a ratty ponytail, terrible taste in clothes, a non existent body, to get a man renowned for his high standards in women, in an attempt to force the world to see her as beautiful. For fame and money. I have found her on multiple troll accounts, trying to sway the opinion of his fanbase. The things she said, the lengths she goes through, reveals a woman mentally unstable, desperate, delusional and dangerous.

You and your coven have broken rules even the mightiest of god doesn’t break, by taking away the freewill of two people, in love no less. And you’re still irrelevant, because you’re that basic and ugly. Notice all the articles she forces them to use gorgeous and glamorous. You feel entitled to a persons lifestyle by any means necessary. You are disgusting and seem to think you can create a seed through such darkness, evilness and that seed will not show you darkness tenfold? You created a bond from darkness, the bond on your behalf will return. You will regret the tie that binds. Nothing will go as planned, or in your favor.

You didn’t glamour the whole world darling, so no, we all still have eyes. You ain’t it. You got beat with the ugly stick, HARD. You thought you were going to be a socialite, with endorsement deals and an empire. So off, you skipped surgery, like normal people would get. You sold stories insulting my beauty, as if I would ever be second to you, as if he would have picked you, a nobody, over her. To give you a baby she wanted, to make yourself seem special, it’s pathetic. You blocked me first, you will not be unblocked. I’m not someone you disrespect. You will pay to the highest decree for what you’ve done. You not so big and bad now that I took your powers right? What happened I thought you were a bad girl, a boss bitch? Run pull up now that you know who the f*ck I am. And remember everyone, if somethings out of character investigate. Thank god the dead speak to me to find peace. Artist: Alexis Chivir-Ter