Why Kim, Kanye & Kylie Dress Demonic

Since I’ve revoked the Kardashian Jenner West covens power, after they mistakenly believed they could take mine, they’ve been dressed as the demonic. Openly too. Kim, Kylie and Kanye do it, because it’s their last resort to collecting people’s energy to use as their own. That’s why Kylie was a snake (Satan in the garden of Eden) on Halloween and these two were just demons. Kim and Kanye made demonic appearances again at The Met Gala. Notice people with no talent: Melanie Hamrick, the Kardashian Jenner’s, summon black magic, cause they don’t got it sis. Also notice it’s the richest of the KJW lot who do it.

Kanye West needed a smash, since Drake smashed his wife. Donda was successful, because he used negative energy of the people he took off the album to make it so. Soulja Boy gave him SOO much of his. The demonic, evil spirits and shadow people feed off of negativity, this the reason they do the dumb shit. When I was low vibrational I saw shadow people jutting out the corner of my eye all the time. I also attracted a lot of homeless people, throwing pennies at me, spitting on my pants…I’ll explain this in a post dedicated to Candace, Sara Tam’s niece, later. Kanye also makes fun of the church by pretending to praise God, another demonic sign. When demons attack they leave three scratches, to make fun of the Holy Trinity, this is what his Sunday Services are. Yesterday’s Kanye isn’t today’s Kanye, he hates black people and I think he’s jealous Drake light skin. Now you know negativity, remember homeless people. Via: Planet KKW

What Is Glamour Magic?

The biggest abusers of Glamour Magic are the Kardashian Jenner West family, Melanie Hamrick used it in a dark way as well, to force herself on Mick Jagger. The Kardashian Jenner West clan are satanist masked as witches, using these techniques to trance people into a following. They also use it to drain energy of people with real talent (which is magic) and yield their abilities as their own. Kanye West is down with the shit, don’t be fooled. Notice the richest Kardashian Jenner’s are the ones using beauty products the most, Kim & Kylie. This is why I said stop rocking their items, it’s another way for them to use dark magic on people. They aren’t intelligent, or talented, just evil. Now that I’m getting legal it’s time to release the receipts. They do their best work visually, through a television especially. How many connections between the above and the Kardashian Jenner West family can you make business and lifestyle wise? Via: Lilith Of Oz & Witchy Tips

Monsters Deserve Monsters

“She made my cat bleed, I’m going to make her kids bleed! That fucking dog too!!” I screamed on the phone to Melinda. My boss at the time had given me a plant, which I nurtured, feeding her intentions which were sinister. When Nani told me she believed Sue did black magic while in South Africa, “I’m telling you bro, something isn’t right about this place,” real talk I ignored her. I didn’t believe small, white, frumpy Sue, with her unbrushed hair did any of that. Nor did I think my cat Jagger was a familiar, let alone my familiar, as Nani stated numerous times. What I did know is this random restaurant in Gramercy sure did attract a lot of strange events, we also made the most money when negative. Odd, but I didn’t look into it. Until…

“Follia means madness in Italian,” Nani disclosed. This piqued my interest, a name sets an intention, why would you call your restaurant such a thing? I thought back on all the homeless people this place attracted, how she allowed a soiled homeless man to sit at the bar during a busy brunch. One costumer guest vomited inhaling the effluvium of his defecation. We comped her bill and sent her party a round of drinks on the house. My idea. Had I been in her shoes I wouldn’t have paid a cent. These people were spending hundreds of dollars and should not be subjected to this olfactory abuse.

I’ll tell the full story of the supernatural events of that place later. The point of this story is once I discovered she was trying to kill my cat, I got rid of the plant. Out of anger I screamed how I would make her children bleed to one friend and the next day…Nani calls me. She worked the lunch shift and Sue’s kids, Alex and I think Nick is his name, started bleeding randomly within five minutes of each other. Nick cut his finger deeply with a knife and had to get off the floor it was so bad, then Alex’s (even people who don’t judge remarked that her vibe was evil) nose started to bleed randomly. “It was just weird and out of nowhere.” I told her what I told Melinda, I told Melinda what happened. I could sense their fear. I was scared of myself. Just the day before I made that declaration. And while it wasn’t the first time this happened it was the most significant. This is why I try not to get angry. I could no longer deny my abilities, nor could my friends.

Now I’m fearless, for the most part. I don’t want to be a despot, but I’ve been far too kind. The reason I am what I am is because I won’t and don’t abuse my powers, but I will abuse bad people. That being said you guys better run if you’re not in my good graces. Monsters deserve monsters. Please trust me, if you think you’re going to win, you won’t. If you think I’m someone to joke about, don’t. You should of listened. Good luck. P.s: remember homeless people and negative energy, I’ll tell you why it matters spiritually. The latter is why Kanye purposely got those artists he removed off DONDA angry. Via: Lolita Diamond

Melanie Got A Reality Check

Imagine forcing yourself into a powerful family using black magic, to get L’wren to commit suicide and getting an old man who would never look at you, to date you with no consent. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he deserves ugly, youth ain’t everything (also he looks better than people half his age, still has a full head of hair and is spry af). Then to bring a life into this world, again with no consent. She then proceeds to stalk someone from multiple accounts, who got the same man without dark forces, trying to defend what was never yours in the first place. This is the story of Melanie Hamrick, to be released later this month. Her ballet dreams were never coming true and through delusion she felt entitled, so she took. Now she must pay.

The first photo is when Melanie revealed herself as Veeeeefr, for the full story wait until later this month. She came to look at her photo after I caught her on a different account disrespecting L’wren Scott (fans, friends, family… I don’t give a fuck who you are, anyone aligned with her is going to join her in hell). She’d been following me for months, but until that point I thought Veeeefr was the Kardashian’s, because as stated before I didn’t pay attention to Melanie even at Mick’s urgings.

The next two pictures are the day she blocked me when I hit her with a reality check, Melanie cannot take being called ugly, which is the truth, this is why she’s hellbent on trapping an old man. Unlike the rest of us actually chosen by Mick Jagger, no one is checking for Melanie. She’s not interesting or hot, even with a legend on her arm. Looking at Rachel Hamrick, it runs in the family. Melanie, my loyal doggy blocked me, because she has 15 other accounts she’s stalking me on. She can’t leave, because she NEEDS my approval. Now we talk on her Come On Stimmy account. In an effort to disguise herself as Kanye West, she stereotyped black rappers. Too bad I have a brain and abilities dingbat.

The last photo is to show you how serious she was, this isn’t Halloween fun. This is the coven she led before I took the powers that weren’t naturally given to them. Some people are missing, but I have other pictures with them in it. I’m only here to wet your beak.

When you dance with the devil he drags you to hell. Time was of the essence, because Devereaux an innocent victim she bought into this world, had limited time to be saved. Hence why I urged people to honor L’wren, preventing the consequences from being so dire. As L’wren’s life was taken for this to be. The Jagger’s didn’t listen in time, forcing the universe to create an ultimatum: the seven children and their mother’s die, or Melanie and Devereaux go. This was the painful lesson the Jagger’s were to learn.

What you’re about to see is karma, Melanie cut a life short and her life will be cut short in return. Melanie created a seed from darkness and the seed is now a liability, with his DNA she could wipe out the entire family, without her coven (had I not intervened). If you want to know what her final plan was, wait until later this month. L’wren came to me for a reason. God is real, karma is real, the devil is real, this is all happening for you to see it. Watch. Melanie know your place, you, your one nostril and methed out roach face need NEVER to forget the difference between me and you. You got slick, got your feelings hurt and ran off with your tail between your legs.

The Kurse Spreads

Told you so.
Kanye West went to Haiti to see if he could find something on me, because I’m Haitian. After his family lied to people telling them I was doing black magic, I don’t need to do that. Only Satanist partake in such rituals. And look what happened.

Anyone who is connected to that family, liking their pictures, hanging out with them, wearing their stuff, any energetic ties without my protection, is going with them. Even if I am protecting you from going to hell with them, something bad WILL happen to you. The kurse is spreading like I said, because the devil’s come to collect. People make all these deals, exchanges, failing to realize there’s always a catch. The devil is friends with no one. That also goes for aligning with people of their nature, from the main racist families, something bad will happen to you. We are just at the beginning, it will catch you all. Boo hoo bitches, I told you. Look through the information I already gave ages ago. Can you think of other people who have had tragedy strike? Nicki’s dad amongst other things going wrong with her, everything about Chrissy Teigen, everything about Donald Trump…I mean you do the math. No really use your brain for once. P.S: you guys are lucky I’m telling you in the first place. I’m good, you’re not. Another prophecy came to me, it chills me to the bone. You guys don’t listen anyways, so good luck. Via: Haitian Times & Baller Alert

Advice For The Future

Just because I’m protecting you from hell with the KarJenner klan doesn’t mean you’re protected from all things. There are plenty of people I never followed like those Tik Tok girls who mentioned Kim and Kylie at a dinner, only to lose 1.7 million followers while facing extreme backlash. Then there are people I follow like Chrissy T, defending Skims and going through a tragedy two weeks later, Andre Leon Talley aligned himself with their energy and his embarrassing eviction came to the public eye, Alexander Wang is now facing sexual assault charges. Ellen Degeneres went through it, because she had that family on her show the most. The list continues and will continue. The devil has come to collect period. You didn’t find it funny that all these people took an interest in me? That reality stars ended up giving pardons and becoming more powerful then those with actual talent? I’m sick of thinking for you, if you don’t care I certainly don’t; it’s been a year since the descent into hell began and I’m weary of protecting adult idiots. Unless I choose to save you consider yourself going with them, between a battle of good and evil that’s where you aligned. From here on out whether I gave you a chance and you blew it (knowingly or unknowingly) everything will be handled privately and you’ll know when it’s your time to go (or you’re my twin who I share everything with).

My advice to those unscathed, note that karma is real. My advice to those going, enjoy your time because you don’t know when it’s up, money can’t buy you more and now you know which holds more value. Can you name other people bad things happened to who affiliated with this family? Artist: Liana Finck

Raise Your Hand…

If your retrograde has been a little…intense. Has anything strange happened to your technology, transportation or communication? My phone was acting bonkers last night for a good 30 minutes.