Your Peace Is Priceless

Yesterday I cancelled the debit card Mick Jagger forced me to get, which in the past week he’s been making Apple purchases with. As a psychopath his only goal is to maintain control, dominance, and power over his victims, intentionally causing chaos and distress. This is why he wanted my main bank account information, so he could drain me of every cent with no remorse. Breaking into my instagram until I gave it to him, too bad it didn’t work. I bet his skinny bobbled headed ass felt sheepish when he realized I reported it as fraud, explaining to the bank I’m in a domestic violence situation, and getting the charges removed. What a fucking loser this man is. Suddenly ALLLLL of my energy came back.

Listless, sluggish, no desire to do any of the things I love from learning to reading, going out, working on new ideas (creative and business wise), that’s what I became. He truly was draining my energy and I’m a high energy person. It’s actually scary feeling the difference, like I was in a trance. Since cutting any ties we have I feel fucking fantastic! Once I get my money and put him in jail I’ll be on cloud nine. Be careful with who you trust and allow in energetically.

It’s so funny, because all these bimbos valued themselves in being Mick’s chick, tolerating his abuse, selling their soul to be in. Now look, he’s going down as a sexual offender/ predator, domestic abuser, psychopath prisoner and all your trash kids with him with him. Being a Jagger, or related to them is the last thing anyone’s going to want to be. While everything about his dynasty is destroyed I’ll be laughing to the bank. No wonder I’m his obsession, you guys are the stupid girls, and women who try to waste him he complains about. The reason he doesn’t respect us. No amount of status, (which as you see can be taken away) would make me give up my peace. Everyday I get happier and happier to be disconnected from him. I’d be ashamed to have him as a partner, or the father of my kids. His time is up. Get use to it, get into it, get over it. You can pull that shit with these basics, but you ain’t gonna pull it with me. And to Melanie uggo Hamrick, was it worth your soul sell? You’re going to jail on so many charges, you perish and so does your murder rape baby, you didn’t get a fraction of the career or reverence and you literally destroyed everyone’s life. You’ll go down as the ugly one, who ruined everything (don’t forget your own family, they go to hell too). You made me rich though so thanks ugly. You also made L’wren Scott historical, proving one can be murdered by black magic. What a joke.
Learn from me, don’t cheapen yourself for status, or sell your soul. Be priceless, in the end you’ll win. What’s costing you peace that you need to ditch? Via: Bolly Meme

Melanie Hamrick Will Never Be Beautiful

Mick Jagger, would never in a million years choose Melanie ugly Hamrick, especially over L’wren Scott. She is the ugliest person he’s ever been linked to. Honestly after looking at these photos he should disown everyone in his friends and family circle. This is why you need real people around, not parasites who kiss your ass cc: Tommy Hilfiger and his family, Brett Trailer trash Grace, and all the other users. I’m the only one in the fucking building to tell him the truth, Melanie is ugly and you’re wayyyyyyyyyyy out of her league. Meanwhile friends, family and fans who are fake af let an icon walk around with an entire deformed, bad body, bad hair, bad skin, nobody on his arm (it’s like the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where the blind guy dates that ugly girl who told him she’s a model, magic being the blindness). People who genuinely love you don’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear for your betterment. Thank God I’m a real one, it solved a crime and prevented more deaths. I’m the only person who actually cared about and took care of him. No wonder he won’t let me go.

Melanie Hamrick is a stalker, murderer, rapist, satanist who grew up unpopular due to her looks, which also serves as a detriment to her career. Which is why even a legend can’t help her. Women are expected to be beautiful at all cost as the minimum. With her career going nowhere (no talent), she got desperate. She wanted to be L’wren Scott who was everything she isn’t: beloved, gorgeous, successful, cool, stylish, talented in everything she did. This mentally disturbed black magician took her life and tried to be her, knowing exactly how close she lived from her. How many times did you watch them from afar?

Born ugly to a point where she needs surgery, (which again is why her career is collecting child support from a murder rape baby Mick doesn’t want) she is desperate to be seen as sexy. Always talking about being a pretty ballerina in articles she pays people to publish, she submitted these photographs to a site called These are some of the most disgusting pictures I’ve ever seen, liming how unattractive she is. Funny she’s always talking about being young, except Luciana Gimenez like L’Wren, is older than you and both are prettier. Luciana eats your deformed face UP. Both of them have no makeup on, with wet hair post swimming; only one of them is beautiful.
Luciana is hot Melanie is not, which is why the former has a career as a host, model, influencer and the latter collects child support checks on an unwanted baby.
One of them has been with other powerful suitors like all of Mick’s consensual picks, the other can’t get anyone without black magic. I feel bad he was raped by this thing and horrified she planned on doing it to me. I literally want to vomit in my mouth. Light plays on Luciana’s features and gets swallowed in the crevices of Melanie’s.

Her desire to be seen as what she isn’t, pretty, is why I remind her of reality. You will never be pretty without intense plastic surgery. You’re a weirdo, an unattractive freak, in no world are you better than L’wren Scott. Mick’s kids should all be kicked out of his will for this alone. Anyone who said she was suitable for a legend doesn’t care about him. I’m the only person who had his back (too bad he didn’t have mine).
I knew Georgia May Jagger was off when she posted a story captioned- this is what goes on in my brain. It was all scribbled graffiti, like a bad acid trip. I literally thought, this bitch weird af, a screw is missing, but I was devoted to my idol and saved them. His kids are idiots and have done nothing but help ruin his life, legacy, and reputation.
Melanie you better sell my house in Florida, I don’t want it. It’s ugly. What other assets besides that and child support will you have for my $9 million dollar lawsuit?
Guess what, you’re paid cents in jail and I’ll take every cent you make. Clink clink ugly, better have my money. Get to work and remember guys don’t sell your soul to the devil, he always comes to collect. You’ll end up broke in prison.
She’ll live in the shadow of me and L’Wren Scott forever. Fake fans, fake friends, trash family of Mick’s, enjoy your time, hell isn’t fun.

Melanie Hamrick’s Not Hot

First name Anne, last name Raggedy. I mean at this point it’s ABSURD. Melanie went to Japan with her ratty ponytail and weird looking albino roach face and Mick Jagger said I just need her? The Sir Mick Jagger? Who is historically one of the most superficial people on planet Earth. Mick who can have a starlet, a gorgeous influencer, his pick of the litter based on his person alone. Melanie is young and ugly, it’s straight facts. Lwren Scott eats you up at any age. Look at the first photo, Lwren is a million times prettier, I even gave Melanie a head start by not posting side by sides where they are the same age. Even with makeup you look an entire mess. She’s wearing makeup in all these pictures.

Look at the difference in clothes, Melanie has NO BODY, Lwren is va va voom. Not to mention he was happy with her for 13 years. Mick’s kid’s and Luciana Giminez are equally to blame for my evidence gathering. Had they not disrespected his wishes, where he called her evil, to comment on her wall, you wouldn’t have been fooled. Luciana only stopped when she realized she was in danger. None of you are bright, all of you need him to be relevant. Mick is also the most interesting thing bout his baby mama’s. That’s why we have issues, he needs to be the star, use to women clinging to him, I’m my own star with or without him. I’m in a million other dramas before, during, and after this nigga, because we share one soul he can’t process that we are equals. And look where it’s led these women and their children. You all had a chance to make different choices and take action to protect yourselves and your families, just like you took actions to be antagonistic. Let this be a lesson to those watching, don’t let a man validate you. It might send you to hell. Why did she tell me to save you? Lord knows you didn’t prove you’re worth it. Don’t listen to me I can only talk to the dead, see into the future, connect to anybody’s energy (that’s how I found her troll accounts, the Kardashian Jenner West and affiliates troll accounts) and more. I’m only a goddess in charge of where your souls go, or have you not been paying attention?

Mick Jagger’s Favorite Child Lucas Jagger

Lucas Jagger is the only child Mick Jagger said Happy Birthday to, Gabriel’s, Jade’s and Devereaux’s passed he said NOTHING. He not only follows Lucas, but one of his fan pages. He doesn’t do that for anyone else. Now how bad did he not want Devereaux not only as a murder rape baby, but in general, if he plays it right you’ll never know. I do understand being reminded of your trauma from someone as abhorrent as Melanie, to do such things. Melanie’s opinion and fake stories don’t matter, what Mick post does.

Back to Lucas tho, who is the only one set to inherit anything. What exactly did he say about the others? If he plays it right you’ll never know. All I could think is wow, Jerry Hall must be mortified, the mistresses lovechild is his absolute and only favorite. All those years, all those kids and I had to defend one of them. Lest we forget I defended Georgia, a mistake on my part. Between Georgia’s behavior, her marriage to Rupert Murdoch, Mick’s feelings regarding their children being proven accurate, his refusal to follow her (if he plays it right you’ll never know that story), or apologize for his behavior, any admiration I had for Jerry, who I once idolized– GONE. Via: Mick Jagger’s Insta May 18th 2021

My Apologies To Luciana

The only person I’m apologizing to is Luciana Gimenez, even though she was with the bullshit at first not respecting Mick Jagger’s wishes. Then again Naomi Campbell made up a complete lie about me and I’m a private person so I won’t share my narrative until forced. On my end I thought she was a home wrecker. After discerning her energy I realized she has a huge heart and apologized for judging her. Lucas is the only child Mick has spoken positively about. For days he was sad believing Georgia May was a bad person and what did I do? Defend her. It’s his kid he knows better. Georgia proved him right time and time again. Completely entitled and ungrateful to return the favor I’ve given her.

Mick runs his family like a legit lion, making his ruling final no matter how asinine. He wants me to be that way, under his thumb. No matter how poorly he’s treated women they stick around happy to live under his legacy. I on the other hand have so many dramas going on that he wasn’t the center of my attention, which is why he put on this facade with Melanie to be the star of my life. My independence frightens him into thinking I’ll leave. All I’ve done is protect him out of love and I won’t apologize for being a feminist who doesn’t want to be dehumanized to property.

I’m a native New Yorker we don’t do that fake shit, I grew up with my friends and family holding me accountable, doing the right thing and apologizing. This Hollywood bullshit is not my vibe and never will be. I ain’t backing up poor behavior. I don’t care WHAT relationship we have, or for how long (except when Trecey & Lauren started fights in these streets to which I disclaimed to the stranger “I know my friend is in the wrong and I’m sorry for that, but I have to back them up and fight you”). How does that help you be a better person, a moral person, a decent human being?

Mick has yet to cleanse himself from the black magic Melanie put on him and L’wren Scott, which I think is amplifying his insanity. Melanie has no soul, without me and L’wren they’d all be dead. If I gave her powers back she’d wipe them out in a minute. I do not know why anyone would take my abilities lightly with all I’ve done, nor the depths of her darkness as she’s murdered, raped and planned to murder again. That’s why I was sent to protect, because their egos can blind. It’s entitlement as well, she’s not harmless, she’s still trying it just won’t work due to me.

Luciana’s energy is why I understand his adoration for Lucas. Luciana is the only person I feel comfortable interacting with. As for Melanie, beauty is power and Melanie isn’t beautiful otherwise she’d move on to another Hollywood suitor, but no one’s interested not even Mick. Mick who made sure Chris Evans doesn’t “steal me.” Everyone one of us excluding Melanie has some sort of influence, because we are beautiful the way superficial Mick likes his women. Beautiful the way L’wren was, he would never look at her over L’wren and I could never be jealous of someone who looks like this. A mess even with make up. He’s never wanted to dance all night with you. He was happy with beautiful, stylish, talented, successful, glamorous, socialite L’wren. Melanie is a loser and a psychopath with a deformed face. All in her allegiance deserve their fates. Now I’m being punished for being beautiful and it’s not right. I’m all about forgiveness and second chances when behavior is modified and actions speak louder than words. I have not received a single cent and am grieving my friends death.

Via: Portalestrelando & Shezeboss