Warhol Quarantine Edition

Pick three roommates.
Liza Minelli
Mick Jagger

On My Gratitude List

Just thankful that these two queens exist. Their creations have gotten me through life’s rough moments, happy moments, lost moments and everything in between. That is the beauty of artist. Thank you for you legacies. Just happy I get to see it in real time. Photo: Lawless Bey

Cerebral Cortex Vibes

Personally, I will be getting stoned and:

Eating, creating, watching films, journaling, developing characters, listening to music, reading, learning, learning, learning and playing with my cat.

Doesn’t this remind you of the cerebral cortex structure?

Via: High Times Magazine

Marc Posso: The Way We Value Customs & Culture

Self-taught photographer Marc Posso’s “work aims to inspire and celebrate the beauty and diversity of cultures and people from Africa. He uses photography to contribute to change and improve the image people have of Africa. For the most part Africa rhymes with savage even for some Africans.”

Human Invention Of Money

“…if she finds it strange, to be paid for her hours at work- to exchange, in other word, blocks of her extremely limited time on this earth for the human invention known as money. Time consists of physics, money is just a social construct.”

Photo: Franco Rubartelli

Quarantined Friday’s

Suddenly Paris Hilton’s downstairs nightclub makes so much sense. While the rest of us will dance in our respective living rooms, she will be at her personal club living her life. Major. Enjoy this time, no use wasting the most valued currency being down. Be grateful. Get your freak on, just six feet away from everyone else is all. Photo: Pop Cult Princess