Uber Eats Apt

Recently I was a victim of an Uber Eats driver named James, who stole my food and my tip. Now I went OFF on Uber Eats, I’m not someone who takes hunger lightly. Hangry is an understatement. If I see James I’m ruining his car, something, anything.

They refunded me my money, tip included, but the trauma remains.

All I want is food and affection and James ruined the former. How do you handle hanger? Via: Square Sayings

Compassionate, Kind, Always A Good Time

Have an amazing weekend. Make some time for gratitude regarding where we were a year ago compared to now. Everything’s re-opening, massive deaths have stopped, the vaccines work and I plotted on you hoes for the long win. I told y’all don’t play with me. That’s how you know I’m major, I didn’t even go anywhere and I’m still more fascinating than you. Compassionate and kind too, unlike some. Most of all I feel bad for you, because I’m always a good time, your loss in more ways than one. What are you grateful for this weekend? Via: Lost In History Pics

“Bantu Vibe”

“The fairy tales Catalina had shared with her always had good endings.

The wicked were punished, order was restored.”

Via: Black Art Expo

A Place In The Sun

ME causally ruining your lives, ya tu sabes. Where I’m from being an evil bitch is a prerequisite, I had to learn be nicer. Now I’m only horrible to those who truly warrant it. A treat! Karma is a bitch after all, I mean look at me. Do you think I care? Photographer: Marc Hispard

Marlene N’ Jerry

Came across a picture of Marlene Dietrich and was like damn…she looks like Jerry Hall. How have I never realized this? Naturally I went down a k-hole, discovering Jerry’s intentionally channeling this glamour OG. She understood the assignment, by homaging and not hating on the icons who came before her, but making it her own. Which set is your favorite? Via: The Marlene Dietrich Archives, The Jerry Hall, Old Hollywood Archives & Supermodels Of The 90s

Supermodel 101: Paulina Porizkova

Ocean blue eyes, a perfectly square jaw, topped with chiseled cheeks and a bawdy that made her the first Central European model to cover Sports Illustrated, Paulina Porizkova looks like a Disney princess with a naughty side. This Czechoslovakian hottie is an 80’s icon, signing to Elite at thirteen. Anyone who watched Paris Is Burning remembers Octavia fawning over Paulina’s poster on her wall, hoping to follow in her footsteps. Going to contest to get scouted.

This banging b*tch went on to supermodel stardom, landing the highest paid contract of any model in the eighties with EstÄ“e Lauder at a cool six million, starred in campaigns for Chanel, Escada, Versace, Dior, Revlon, was a regular on the Calvin Klein runway, has graced covers for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and landed a rockstar husband when video vixen-ing for The Cars. Her role in Drive caught the attention of front man Ric Ocasek and she was just what he needed, until a tumultuous falling out before his passing. The pair have two sons together.

Since her days on the runway this beauty has kept busy with television appearances, judging on America’s Next Top Model, writing books and picking up the pieces of her life post marital woes with grace and class. You’re still gorgeous and we’re rooting for you Paulina. Which photo is your mood? Via: Estee Lauder, Elle Czech, Sports Illustrated, Victor Skrebneski, and Supermodels Of The 90s

Becoming A Shade Too Yellow

He had never felt he belonged here, even though he’d been born on American soil, even though he had never set foot anywhere else. His father had come to California under a false name, pretending to be the son of a neighbor who had emigrated there some years earlier. America was a melting pot, but Congress, terrified that the molten mixture was becoming a shade too yellow, had banned all immigrants from China. Only the children of those already in the States could enter. So James’s father had taken the name of his neighbor’s son, who had drowned in the river the year before, and come to join his “father” in San Francisco. It was the story of nearly every Chinese immigrant from the time of Chester A. Arthur to the end of the Second World War. While the Irish and the Germans and the Swedes crowded onto steamship decks, waving as the pale green torch of the Statue of Liberty came into view, the coolies had to find other means to reach the land where all men were created equal.

Artist: Hi Sue Yun

Maxing N’ Relaxing Beach Vibes

Laying on the sand with your hand behind your head for optimal beach vibes, check. But who did it better Janice Dickinson and Patti Hansen, or Wham? Photographers: Irving Penn & Gered Mankowitz