Fortunate Enough To Love Yourself

Someone, somewhere needed to see this after a long ass day, week, month, year, decade…whatever it is. This message isn’t for everybody, only the sexy people. If you’re fortunate to be these things count your blessings. And most of all love yourself, know your value and ditch anyone who brings you down, disrespects, or abuses you. You welcome. Artist: Le Revel London

Basquiat, André, Andy & Anna

Remembering when Anna Wintour knew the difference between stars and spectacles. What an iconic photo of a golden period in art. New York City in the 80’s was a different species, gritty, glamorous, dangerous and electric. If ever you need an example of lows creating greatness that era is it. Another reason I cherish Serge Becker, he was apart of this vibe. Anna despises him, I wonder if they crossed paths during this time and something insidious transpired? Andy Warhol took these at Julian Schnabel’s Pace Gallery exhibit. Via: PopArtTrio

Eric Stefanski: Honest & Refreshing

Super into contemporary American artist Eric Stefanski’s pieces. His work is refreshing, because it’s honest. “My work is a reflection on the humor and rejection that comes with having a studio practice. The intention is to point outward to larger issues in our culture and art history, while also reflecting on my own personal history.” He’s holding up a crucial mirror to society and to oneself. He’s holding all of us accountable, like reasons he makes art, cutting through the bullshit. Obsessed. Which piece is your favorite? Can you name his inspiration for painting three? Artist: Eric Stefanski

My Wrath Is Like Barbecue

“His grandpa Alfred had kept a steel-drum smoker out back in Newark, on Clinton Ave. He’d do ribs, brisket, make his own sausage. Grandpa Alfred’s father had been a butcher and cook on an indigo plantation in South Carolina and passed down the mysteries.
‘You throw chops on some coals,” Pepper’s grandfather said, “that’s one way to cook a piece of meat. Few minutes later, you got that black on it, you’re done. But barbecue is slow. Put it in that smoke, you got to be ready to wait. That heat and smoke is going to do its work, boy, but you got to wait.’ One was fast and one was slow, and it was the same for stickups and stakeouts. Stickups were chops–they cook fast and hot, you’re in and out. A stakeout was ribs–fire down low, slow, taking your time.”

Via: DiaryDuneAfricaine

Beech Trees In Spring

I want to be like the maples,
letting go so easily of their leaves,
surrendering every piece of themselves
they no longer need, and embracing bareness
like a new suit they can simply step into.

But I’m more like the beech trees,
which cling to the husks of their leaves
long into spring, refusing to give up
even a scrap of who they once were
until the last possible minute.

Perhaps they need the reassurance,
or maybe they’re here to lend music
to silence of winter, leaves
beaten thin as tissue paper rustling
a lonely chorus in the snow-covered woods-
until April blows in, and with no other choice,
they say yes to the final scatter and release,
seeing again, as if for the first time,
how loss leaves room for something new.

Via: Silk Sneaker

Iconic Embraces: Nicks & Grohl

It’s only me who
Wants to wrap
Around your dreams.

Via: 90’s Vertigo

Things Fran Fine Taught Me

Freaking out over the amount of things taught to me by Fran Drescher. The Nanny coming to HBO Max is a gift, rewatching the episodes I realized Nanny Fine raised me. Far more than just one of my idols, or style icons, some of my behavior and beliefs also stem from her. Allow me to expound.

Thigh high heeled boots for work: I was the only one at Miss Lily’s who wore heels, including over, or thigh high boots. I never noticed it until someone told me they heard me before seeing me, because everyone else wore sneakers. A look is a look. Where did I get it from? Fran Fine.

Tights: winter wear is no problem, simply add tights, or leggings to my impossibly short skirts. I live by this. Got it from Fran.

Saying meanwhile: literally got it from Sylvia and Fran Fine. Cannot believe how often they say it, nor how often I say it due to them.

Wait on love: Oh, Mr.Sheffield (one of my great impersonations)! Fran taught me true love requires patience. She waited for that man, her soulmate, one true love, for five entire years. I mean, need I say more…

Brothers: aren’t off limits. I didn’t date either Jakupi brother, but boy did they want to date me. Genc Jakupi would be Maxwell Sheffield, Binn Jakupi would be Nigel. Fran started dating Nigel post Max taking back his I love you. I led Binn on by accident, drunkenly, when Genc started dating Madalina Ghenea. He dumped her fearing Binn & I becoming a thing. Just saw this episode the other night, had to close my gaping mouth!

Respect your idols: the amount of references and cameos made by stars are astounding, from Ray Charles to Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Fran taught me Barbra Streisand walks on water. Revere the greats. Know your iconography.

Tramp or old white woman: I’ve been told I dress like both. I thought my Upper East Side upbringing was the reason for the latter, until I saw Yetta. Fran’s grandmother was wearing a fit I wanted, from the bright sparkly sweater to the jewelry, eureka!

Sexual liberation: be it Yetta, or Fran, being a slut is a-okay. Everyone needs that phase in my opinion, but hey to each their own.

Colorful clothes: the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m from the U.K due to my colorful clothing? Copious. It’s very rare I’m donning all black, I’m not that type of New Yorker. Fran said ROYGBIV, so I did.

Fran Drescher, you powerful Romanian, benevolent witch, I wouldn’t be me without you. I’m floored by the hand you had in my breeding. God bless you. My children will also watch The Nanny. Love you to pieces, you also taught me not to take myself too seriously. An icon, a legend, a queen. Artist: Tori Sarkis

Paul Rudd: Two Literary Classics

Watching the masterpiece that is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet for the millionth time, and had to give a shout-out to my nigga Paul Rudd. He was in not one, but two stellar literary remakes of the 90’s. Not only was he in the aforementioned film, but Clueless, which is the book Emma come to life. Anytime either film comes on I’m watching. Have you seen them though? Via: 9gag