Supermodel 101: Kate Moss

It was the beauteous Kate Moss’s birthday last week. An icon, a feline legend. The only 5’7 bitch to do it big as a supermodel. She’s bounced back after a multitude of drug scandals, she’s dated the hottest guys, she’s partied like a rockstar, with rockstars because she is a rockstar. A modern day Anita Pallenberg in terms of that. Which is more major her cheekbones, or her legendary consumption, earning her the nickname “The Tank”? Can we also note that at this age she’s still got it…is it even fair? Via: Kate Moss Photos

Via Friday. Fries

Someone got the art of CB Hoyo tatted on their arm. That’s super damn cool. A stern reminder to stop trying to be everyone else. I scroll through instagram and see these big lipped, big bottomed, all look the same, can’t tell you apart people and it makes me sad. They are so insecure in their individuality, they want to fit in like sheep. Don’t change your appearance for anyone but you, don’t dim your light, or dumb yourself down. Be honest, are you changing things about yourself to fit in?

Tegan, NY & Nathan

…but New York City was a wild card.
Every hour was made up of a series
of chances, and choosing to walk down
one street
instead of another
had the potential to change
whom you met, what you saw or were
spared from seeing.

The Zone Of Venus

“A fierce mind was behind those eyes, a sharp intelligence that was only just waking up. She was a force to be reckoned with…”

Artist: Sir Joshua Reynolds

Mark Tennant

The blurred out faces give the sense that it can be you, or anyone you know. It’s fascinating that he manages to bring structure and form out of what seems unfinished, due to the strokes being so prominent in his pieces. Yet it’s that exact technique that create the details, the wall behind the man smoking a cigarette, those strokes give shadow and depth to the painting. He perfectly captures the YOLO, entitlement, boundary breaking, privilege of white America. Well done.