Reboot: Birth Of Venus

Which Sandro Botticelli reboot resonates with you the most? It’s the second variation for me, the climate change is apt. Certain people have a lack of regard for the planet we inhabit and the elements needed to sustain us. This is the level of stupidity that irks my soul. Clean it up, stop distorting facts to fit your horrific behavior. Via: Nowness, Giulia J Rosa, Oreshina Photo & A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour

Begin The Week Like Frida Kahlo

My seven page art dissertation was on Frida Kahlo. In high school on her way home from an apprenticeship the bus she was on collided with a streetcar, causing the handrail to lodge into her abdomen and exit her vagina. Her spine was broken in three places, her right foot was broken in eleven (dislocated and crushed), as were her ribs, collarbone and pelvic bone. Thirty two operations were needed throughout the duration of her life due to the crash, which she references in many of her works like the one above.

By some miracle she was able to get pregnant after suffering a multitude of miscarriages, but lost the baby at two months having never recovered from the bus accident. Henry Ford Hospital (painted in 1932) depicts her pain: the desire for a functioning uterus, the baby boy she hoped to have, a snail representing the slowness of the ordeal, her pelvic bone forever damaged, a purple orchid given to her by husband Diego Rivera while she was in the hospital and an autoclave, symbolizing the medical tools used. And at the center is Frida Kahlo, naked, bloody, exposed, filled with the sorrow of knowing motherhood would forever elude her. Through the catharsis of art she found the strength to endure both her emotional and physical trauma, becoming a legend and one of the most successful female artist in history.

If Frida could push through so can you. Start the week with her determination, hardiness and optimism that you can beat the odds and become something great. We tend to compare ourselves to others highlighting what we lack, but how often do you compare in terms of gratitude? Don’t take the simple things for granted, you are bountiful in ways others are not.

James Iha Was Hot AF

That is all. I am just here to remind you of it. The Smashing Pumpkins guitarist in my book is an under appreciated hottie, stylish too and it’s not right for this to go unnoticed. I see you sir, have since I was listening to K-Rock in my bedroom, or flipping through a magazine. Will be doing a De-Conditioning post on Asian men being desexualized due to racism (y’all missing out). Via: Ted Cantu, Rock On Collectibles & Lady Bloody Luthien

It’s Called Jung

“There’s a Korean word my grandma taught me. It’s called jung. It’s the connection between two people that can’t be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can’t ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them.”

Artist: Madeleine Gross

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

Unfortunately apt on so many levels. Who knew Michael Scott could see into the year 2020. Am I right? Name someone who is doing exactly that. Via: Vintage0052

Black Girl Gang

I got consumed with the desire to show
Black girls in a different light.
I didn’t want to just be one thing.- Letitia Wright

Via: Afro Centric Films Collaborative, 2000s Pop & Word Up 90s