What Women Are Like

“Curtis used to take me down to the lake, and I’d study that water. It came to me that women are just like that lake. They do everything to it, but it’s still beautiful. I wish you could see it, Tan. They fish from it, throw garbage in it, and sail boats in it, but it’s still as wide and beautiful as ever. That’s what women are like, and we ain’t gon run dry. Sell a bit, and five minutes later we just as deep and wet and full as we was before.” Artist: Madeline Gross

A Man Who Doesn’t Cry

You shouldn’t either. Vulnerability is strength. We need to stop teaching boys that emoting is weak, but violence is a-okay. Don’t limit someone’s humanity by restricting their feelings.
People cry, as they should, because life can be insanely sad: death, heartbreaks, headaches, depression, betrayal, loss, stress…Crying heals, cleanses, releases. Do not make men swallow their pain, let it build up, boil over in rage. Artist: Eric Stefanski

Angry Rolling Stones Release

I’m going to keep this brief, Angry is a song about our relationship. Mick Jagger told me he was writing songs about us. That I’d be happy to hear them. He was right, which annoys me. I love the song. Although the lyrics and illustrations of my stabbing his diamond heart is revisionist history. Much like the lyrics, um I’m angry with you for a million reason including: making me miss Sara Tam’s wedding, letting your kids disrespect me, you taking all my money, you not honoring L’wren Scott– who helped me save your family’s life from ugly, satanist Melanie Hamrick’s attempted murder of your family, using that murder rape baby’s blood to take his fortune, which was repaid by you aiding in a felony against me…I’m actually going to save it for when I annotate the lyrics. You did cause me pain. I adored and genuinely loved him, which was taken for granted. Is he serious about why I’m angry at him? Damn him for the song being good.Via: Rolling Stones Insta

Women Are Beloved Or Burned

“It’s a battle we are losing, the American public still sees women as housewives at best and witches at worst. We may be either beloved or burned, but never trusted with any degree of power.” Via: Michelle Yeoh Insta

Recreational Reading Is Rebellious

“A reader lives many different lives’ James Harris said. ‘The person who doesn’t read lives but one. But if you’re happy just doing what you’re told and reading what other people think you should, then don’t let me stop you. I just find it sad.” Artist: Myles Hyman

Pattie Boyd Love Songs And Triangles

Um, just found out Pattie Boyd & Patti Hansen share the same birthday, March 17th (RIP L’wren Scott, read Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon and Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). Pisces women represent.
For those of you living under a rock, Boyd is a 60’s icons and rock muse. The model was involved in two different love triangles, both involving husband George Harrison. While married to the Beatles icon she was having an affair with Ronnie Wood, the final straw in his first marriage dissolving. However she’s most known for the triangle involving Harrison and bff Eric Clapton (that’s rock n roll, a fucking mess). Both wrote songs for her, the most famous being -Something, by The Beatles (written by George Harrison), Layla & Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Which love angst classic is the best? I know what my answer is. Via: Getty Images

Cynthia Bailey Gives Us Nothing Always

Having cheekbones is a pre-requisite of being a model, sorry not sorry, Cynthia Bailey doesn’t get points for that. Not only is she bad at being a housewife with her boring ass, she’s a horrific model. I’m being nicer than the model agents I grew up with, trust henny. Whatever it is, you don’t have it, not for modeling, not for television. Everything about you is mid, mediocre.

Look at Naomi, look at you. That’s why she’s a supermodel and you’re commercial at best.
What the fuck are you actually doing? You’re not serving face. You’re not giving body. I don’t know why you woke up that day. You gave us nothing. As usual. Then you carried this delusion. You didn’t think it odd Naomi & Kate Moss, long time friends of Mick Jagger, weren’t at his party, but you got an invite…You and Sutton Stracke, who haven’t given an iconic moment and can’t if your lives depended on it, were invited. That should show you how low the bar was set, this man has clearly fallen from grace. A prelude to me exposing you bitches. You will always be the joke you are. PS YOU NEPO BABY BITCHES LOOK LIKE CYNTHIA, I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE MEDIOCRITY. I’M GONNA START DOING SIDE BY SIDES. Via: Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar

Asian Men Aren’t Allowed To Be

“Men like him, the article would suggest, weren’t supposed to lose their cool-though I was never specified whether ‘like him’ meant lawyers or something else entirely. But the truth was-as Mr. Richardson recognized- that an angry Asian man didn’t fit the public’s expectations, and was therefore unnerving. Asian men could be socially inept and incompetent and ridiculous, like Long Duk Dong, or at best unthreatening and slightly buffoonish, like Jackie Chan. They’re not allowed to be angry and articulate and powerful. And possibly right, Mr. Richardson thought uneasily.” Artist: Andy Warhol

Rihanna’s Thoughts On Black Women

“I’m a black woman. I came from a black woman, who came from a black woman, who came from a black woman and I’m going to give birth to a black woman. It’s a no-brainer. That’s who I am. It’s the core of who I am in spirit and DNA. We are impeccable, we’re special, and the world is going to have to deal with that.” Artist: Amacie Forever

Xenia: Might Be God

“The Greeks had a word, xenia– guest friendship- a command to take care of traveling strangers, to open your door to whoever is out there, because anyone passing by, far from home, might be God. Ovid tells the story of two immortals who came to Earth in disguise to cleanse the sickened world. No one would let them in but one old couple, Baucis and Philemon. And their reward for opening their door to strangers was to live on after death as trees- an oak and a linden- huge and gracious and intertwined.” Artist: Kerry James Marshall