A Barbie Goodbye To Summer

Summer I’ll miss you, see you later.
All that will transpire when you comeback around, what will happen? Who will I be?
All I know is the tan will still be killer. Via: Vintage Barbie And Ken

Life Isn’t Just One Thing

“I thought it would be the same as everything else in my life-difficult and sad- because I was a difficult and sad person. But that’s not what I am anymore, if I ever was. And life is more changeable than I thought. I mean a life can be miserable for a long time and then later happy. It’s not just one thing or another- it doesn’t get fixed into a groove called ‘personality’ and then run along that way until the end.”

– Beautiful World Where Are You?

Artist: Takeuchi Seiho

Halloween Inspo: The Isley Brothers

No group on planet Earth, past or present is/was more swaged out than the Isley Brothers. PERIOD. The furs, crotched blouses, sans shirts, layered necklaces, hats, gold lamé suits, suits in general, fringe, bold colors, rings… an amalgamation of textiles and fabrics unrestrained by gender norms. Ron Isley is still swaged out to this day. I kiss the ring. A great group Halloween costume (think I’ll be starting this segment early this year, love October, don’t all witches?). Which Isley Brothers song is your favorite? Via: The Isley Brothers_Retro

How Do You Start Your Day?

Coffee like Basquiat,
Tea like Hendrix?

Via: Soulr.Co & JimiHendrix.Fan

Flowers Unable To Thrive

When a flower
fails to bloom
we do not chastise,
we ask ourselves why
it’s unable to thrive,
do all we can
to help it survive.
We’re patient, we’re kind
give it space
give it time.
Imagine then,
if we applied
the same love
and kindness
to you,
and to I
oh, my.

Photographer: Things Unsaid
Poem: Words By Catherine Prutton

This Is America Gothic

It’s not the strongest of the species that survives,
nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Artist: Grant Wood, Gordan Parks, Criselda Vasquez & Lehi Thundervoice

The Blondetourage Was Major

Absolutely loved early 2000’s VH1 reality television. Those were the days. I always have and always will favor the hot bitches. Ashley and Farrah made that show. Also I will be purchasing stripper shoes, I want ones that light up like in P-Valley. Those were legit lit. A Goddess in the streets, a Goddess in the sheets.

Showgirls came out when I was six. At her twin brothers house my mom asked me what I wanted to be, “A stripper, because they get to dance and be naked,” I replied.
Gone were the days of Plucky Duck.
My mother was pissed, “Don’t ever say that again,” she scolded me. I changed my answer to police officer. Reflecting on it now my choice definitely stemmed from my past life as a dancer in the 1920’s, the one where I was famous and died in a red dress on my birthday. Where else would I have gotten the audacity at that age for such an answer. Past lives alway find a connection in the present. Same soul different body. Via: Y2K Playmate & Pink Couture Glam

‘Pour It Up’ Video Gives Me LIFE

Rihanna is so fucking hot in the Pour It Up video, this is major Halloween costume vibes. Jesus she’s fine as hell, and she wonders why we’re desperate for new music. You can’t get us hooked then abandon us like this. She wasn’t lying all she see’s is signs, all she see’s is dollar signs. Fenty has made her the youngest self-made billionaire (a real one without fraudulent documentation like two women in a certain family…no shade). Give us opulence, decadence, glamour, zero fucks given. Is this her sexiest video to date? Via: Vevo