Pick A Crew: Prince & MJ Or Haring & Basquiat

Weekend hangout are you meeting up with the legendary musicians, or iconic artists?

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Which Cat Pairing…

Best describes your ideal date? An evening of romance under the moon, or going on an adventure?

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Monday Versus Friday

This is the vibe. I’m still working on my second article, but I’m a writer if the words don’t flow I don’t press go. It will definitely be up later tonight as in early morning, or tomorrow before evening. Trust. Enjoy your weekend, with they way American wages aren’t livable and women still aren’t treated equally, the climate destroying our land and people placing profit over people, you deserve it. Unless you’re contributing to the problems at hand. Actually you should enjoy it too, it’s as good as it gets. Time only passes doesn’t it? Via: Love Fool.99

What You Give Me…

I give back to you times three. Be kind or karma, which can also be good fyi. Karma is just your reflection magnified. How do you treat people? Via: Violet Tinder

Veiled Blonde Bombshells

Marilyn Monroe, or Brigitte Bardot? Which alliterate blonde bombshell, screen siren is you vibe right now? Via: Old Magic Movie & Masters And Beauties

In Honor Of Nicole Setting Herself On Fire

The funniest birthday post I’ve ever seen, is without a doubt Nicole Richie setting herself on fire blowing out candles. Always cracks me up, which I appreciate more than ever nowadays. Here are some The Simple Life clips to honor the levity she brings to this world. This moment is now on my Mabon gratitude list. Which is your mood? Via: Dazed Intentions

Tough City Girls

One of these city girls who wasn’t afraid of anything. He’d seen her curse out this muscle-bound turkey who whispered something untoward as she passed on the street, she got up in the dude’s face, but a rat made her squeal like a little girl.

…and I’d run again from more stuff tbh. I don’t do creatures from hell, that’s why I have a cat.

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