What’s She Saying?

“Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.”


“I will love you til the end of time, I will wait a million years. Promise to remember that you’re mine.”

Artist: Pruett Alexander Carter “Couple Near A Tree”

Fragmentasie Granade

Punching bags, boxing gloves, hand grenades, human hearts, just plain balls. As a jaded New Yorker who attracts insanity and grew up in the epicenter of artistic expression, I forgot what it feels like to be taken aback visually. That says A LOT when anything goes on the subway, I mean anything. Gobsmacked by the front and center, in your face details, I was left to ruminate on how many different meanings this shape can take. I stared at it for a long time, deeply enchanted by Ernesto Marenco’s ability to stun me, to do all the things art is suppose to do by making me think and switch perspectives in order to interpret what I’m looking at. He took something so simple and made it sophisticated and new. Brilliant. What do you see? When was the last time something you saw shocked you? Artist: Ernesto Marenco

Supermodel 101: Iman

A beautiful gazelle like creature come to life, elongated regal neck and grace included. The daughter of a diplomat and doctor was discovered by photographer Peter Beard who brought her to The States under the pretense that she lived a rural life. Since then she’s been the muse for Versace, Halston, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent (to name a few), on the cover of numerous magazines, television shows (ranging from Miami Vice to The Cosby Show) and music videos with the brothers Michael and Jermaine Jackson, Remember The Time and more recently discovered on my part Do What You Do. She went on to marry her ultimate soulmate rock god David Bowie, who was nervous af during their courtship, but knew she was one.
The mother of two speaks five languages and now has a successful makeup line Iman Cosmetics, which caters to women of color. She is still a bad bitch who has been working those angles for decades and is only adding to her resume. Thank you for being one of the black women to pave the way. What’s your favorite Iman decade? Via: Models.com, Yves Saint Laurent & Daniel Simon (Getty Images).

Recess By Brent Mckeever

Usually I would do an analysis of the artist voice through their work, but Brent Mckeever is still finding his beyond the subject. I love his oversaturated aesthetic, this is obvious talent that hasn’t figured out how he wants to shape the world through the lens yet, what he wants to tell us that hasn’t been seen, or done that way before, but when he does it will be spectacular. For now he photographs his friends, plays with stereotypes and gives us a look inside his world. “I like to juxtapose a lot of the bright colors and childlike aesthetics with a very gritty and adult take on things.” Evident in his work here, Recess depicts students doing drugs and sexual acts during school hours. I just feel that he will transcend and show us something different and beyond our expectations as his experiences gather range. The chemical reaction when he digs deeper and goes beyond his bubble, now that will be something to see. Photographer: Brent Mckeever

Things Not To Believe

It is a common saying that women are delicate creatures,



anything that may be crushed in a moment’s carelessness. If I had ever believed it, I no longer did.

Monday Is For…

Figuring out wtf I want to do with the rest of my week in a productive, organized manner and having the discipline to execute said goals and chugging coffee while I do it. How do you Monday? Could the beginning of your week use a shift of perspective or circumstance? Photographer: Arthur Elgort

The Black French Renaissance

“A repositioning of Black bodies within the historically French colonial context through the exploration of the season’s soft, ornate and frill-filled take on masculinity.”

Creative Director: Alexander Julian
Photographer: Chrisean Rose

Happy Birthday Tina Turner

Tina “Legs” Turner this belated birthday goes out to you. A phoenix who rose from the ashes of abuse and became more iconic than the man who built her career while trying to destroy her. You were a queen then and you’re a queen now. Your story helped shape me into the woman I am today (including the music duh). Thank you. What’s your favorite Tina Turner song?