Make America Great Again

Obsessed with this! Amazing job Ralph Lauren for giving representation to the true, original Americans of this country. THE most American ad EVER. I hope to see more representation beyond Native American Heritage month. There simply isn’t enough and their voices and stories are integral to this country’s history. Updating this blog I’m often frustrated with how little I find for certain ethnic groups. America isn’t just black and white. When’s the last time you saw a full Native American campaign, or representation in any capacity? Via: Topash Shkarr

Where Is Your Mind?

For me the most apt heads are intuition is real, if someone is giving you a bad vibe dip no matter what anyone else says. Energy does not lie indeed. The other head I’m torn between is a negative mind doesn’t lead to a positive life. Right now despite what seems like chaos I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Whatever my stepdad put on me has been lifted and all my blessings are coming in. I kept getting cards saying a “friend” was low vibrational and to stay away. They left me feeling drained with the lies, gossip about friends no less imagine what’s said about me, competitiveness, constant arguing…as soon as it was released all I wanted started to appear. This experience solidified the cards never lie, pay attention and if you’re like me give them a test to see their true colors. Where is your mind? Which resonates with you the most? Via: The Pulp Girls

Lil Boosie, Leave Gay Men Alone!

We need them. All those bad bitches you’re drooling over have a gay man in their corner keeping it 100: you look a mess, those are not the right shoes, be a slut…of course everyone is different and can’t be stereotyped. Thank God, diversity is how we survive (referring to genetics) and thrive. Still the point is gay men keep order, are extremely successful and overall a joy to be around. Probably my favorite people. If you were smart you’d know a gay club is where the hot bitches are found. Do you have gay friends? If not go get some you’ll be happier I promise. Via: Lewis Magazine

Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way

And that’s exactly what this Brooklynite did. Lara was a gift gone too soon like many people I love. Old age is a gift not all of us are granted. Society is foolish for telling you otherwise, or maybe they haven’t had their hearts broken as many times as mine. Full disclosure I was feeling really low from being betrayed and bullied. For many reasons I’m exhausted. Lara brought so many people back together and I needed it. She lived in love and passed the same way. If my friends didn’t check on my mental state I don’t know where I would be. Lara did that, oftentimes I feel as though I’m screaming into a void that I’m not alright and no one hears me. I’m mentally and emotionally drained. Thank you for protecting us and bringing us back to each other. I’m going to spread more love. The people I know are kind, compassion, intelligent, empathetic human beings who stand up for what’s right in the face of injustice. We will continue to honor that. Rest in peace. Via: Silverwoman69

Skins For The Weekend

I never got into into Skins, but still the sentiment is the same enjoy your time this weekend and in general. Happy to have taken advantage of my youth, living it to the fullest. What’s your favorite teen drama? Via: Of The Best Years

Pick A Witch

Def Hermione Granger. If my kids don’t like Harry Potter I will literally disown them. Deadass. What you’re not gonna do is disrespect me. You can gather your belongings and exit the premises. Also there needs to be more witches of color. Which witch are you? Via: House Craft Official

Halloween Inspo: Tupac

Super last minute and in a bind? Be Tupac; black activist, woke before the woke mob, legendary rapper, hard af. Here’s the deal get a bandana, nose stud and a chain, those items are mandatory! The ensemble? Either topless with tats, an oversized jersey, or a white tee under a vest, bulletproof included. Is he a New Yorker who betrayed us for a West Coast is the best coast lifestyle, making him apart of one of the most tragic iconic beefs? Heck yeah. Do I give him the side eye after watching Juice, where he was absolutely out of his mind even for a villain? Yup. And he’s still fine AF, he spoke facts. Do make sure your eyebrows are it for this tho. Via: Tupac Amaru Shakur The Goat

Halloween Inspo: Hilary Banks

A carefree black girl. Hilary Banks was a beautiful, rich, fabulous, slutty, successful socialite. An underrated sex positive feminist icon. Sure she was superficial, but nobody loved Hilary more than Hilary meaning she never settled. She didn’t validate herself through men, making them earn it. To embody Ms. Banks played by Karyn Parsons you must have the following: a bowler hat, a standout blazer donned with a brooch or flower for extra points, signature curls, a skirt and a purse. A 90’s queen, that decade was just a vibe. Which Hilary would you base your look on? Via: Fresh Prince Forever

Assumption Of Woman

They told themselves that the people beneath them did not feel pain or heartache, were debased machines that only looked human and upon whom one could inflict any atrocity. The people who told themselves these things were telling lies to themselves. Their lives were to some degree a lie and in dehumanizing these people whom they regarded as beasts of the field, they dehumanized themselves.

Americans of today have inherited these distorted rules of engagement whether or not their families had enslaved people or had even been in the United States. Slavery built the man-made chasm between black and whites that forces the middle castes of Asians, Latinos, indigenous people, and new immigrants of African descent to navigate within what began as a bipolar hierarchy.

Newcomers learn to vie for the good favor of the dominant caste and to distance themselves from the bottom-dwellers, as if everyone were in the grip of an invisible playwright. They learn to conform to the dictates of the ruling caste if they are to prosper in their new land, a shortcut being to contrast themselves with the degraded lowest caste, to use them as the historic foil against which to rise in a harsh, every-man-for-himself economy.

Artist: Harmonia Rosales