Preach Whitley.

Nothing will ever stop me,

from loving being a black woman.

Even at our caricatured worst,

we still move the culture.

That part though.

How has a black woman uplifted your life? Via: The Village Wrds

Charlotte McSell-Pickles

What you absorb matters. Sometimes I’m dumbfounded by how woke and moral my childhood watches were. Charlotte Pickles was about that life. Even though Angelica was a demonic only child, she never lacked confidence. I see so many girls post doormat type ideals: be nice anyways, don’t respond to negativity, stick around no matter what…sis that ain’t it. Do no harm, but take no shit. When you allow others to disrespect you constantly without boundaries, you send a message to the universe that that’s your worth. In return the universe sends you people, places and things on that wave. This is how you create your reality. What energy are you emitting? Via: 2000s Fashionista

Sippin On Just Juice

Beach evaluations. If we don’t have the same beach vibe I will never go with you again. Pop a bottle, or dip. Name a circumstance where you feel like Chloe. Via: Miserable Darlings

These Are Dark Times

How people use to do you when the new Harry Potter book came out. If you didn’t finish within the week, niggas would intentionally ruin it for shock value. “Sirius died, Sirius died.” This is why the Midnight Magic Parties were a major soirĂ©e. I dead went to sleep reading. I wasn’t getting caught out in these streets with spoilers. Who was the last person trying to ruin your book? What book was it? Via: Voracious Readers Only

Don’t Make It About You

There’s a difference between relating to support and trying to be the center of attention. Oyster finding out her father was in critical condition, eliminated herself. Can you name the show ANDD the season? Have you been a little bit Hottie when it comes to other people? Tiffany “New York” Pollard ALWAYS DELIVERS, a queen.Via: VH1