True Blood Spirit Animal

True Blood is one of those series I love to death, but can only watch once. Honestly I can’t live through that drama again, it’s heart attack inducing. The villains were plentiful, so my friends and I would play this game, which evil bitch would you be? I would always get Maryann the maenad, because of the epic parties she threw. At first I was like what…you guys associate me with madness and Dionysus type bacchanals? It’s truer than true, not being able to exercise my demons for so long is driving me mad. I need one full epic night of partying, maybe a day from brunch til brunch. My mood is the demon on the right, what’s yours? Why? Which True Blood villain would you be? Via: Ley N Relax

Hannah Montana Friday

This cracks me up. Enjoy this holiday weekend, Hannah Montana style (even though that means a totally different thing on the streets). Go let loose safely. Miley doesn’t smoke anymore, but if she did could you keep up? Via: 2000 Snow Bunny

Romance Of Understanding

Something everyone seeks and it’s free. To be understood is literally the best thing ever; there’s a person who is not only hearing, but listening to you. A rarity. How many people in your life do you feel truly understand you? Does your partner understand you? Could you be more understanding in turn? Via: Girl With Writings

Mood: Pandemic Limbo

When the world continues to reopen, but you’re hearing whispers of a second wave. Florida literally got 4,000 new cases in one day, with reports of surges everywhere. Which one best describes your mood regarding pandemic limbo? Number 11 is me. Via: Rupaul Daily

Pay Attention To Newspapers

If you’re not careful, newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
-Malcolm X
*Photographer: Kamyiis

Arnold Butler: Fat Bottomed Girls…

You make the rocking world go round.

James Baldwin Defines A Looter

Before I get to that, how would you define somebody who puts a cat where he is and takes all the money out of the ghetto where he makes it? Who is looting whom? Grabbing off the TV set? he doesn’t really want the TV set.

He’s saying screw you.

It’s just judgement, by the way, on the value of the TV set. He doesn’t want it.

He wants to let you know that he’s there.

The question I’m trying to raise is a serious question. The mass media television and all the major news agencies-endlessly use that word “looter.” On television you always see black hands reaching in, you know. And so the American public concludes that these savages are trying to steal everything from us, and no one has seriously tried to get where the trouble is. After all, you’re accusing a captive population who has been robbed of everything of looting. I think it’s obscene. Artist: Cristina Martinez