Beyoncé 2020 Forecast Is Spot On

Beyoncé’s facial expressions for 2020 thus far…accurate.
January: Something’s up.
February: What happened in China? It’s traveling where?
March: Aw hell naw.

Based on April it looks like there’s some hope, things are still awry but getting better. May leaves me optimistic. Did she nail the vibe or what? Via: BeyCarter81

Some Favorite Neon Quality Signs

The first sign is apt. Stay home, protect our elderly and those with respiratory or autoimmune diseases. I love neon signs, they’re just so pretty and cool. Which one do you want the most? I can’t choose between live colorfully, wish you were here and you fine rare mess.

A TI DE By Oye Diran

Yoruba for “we have arrived.” African photographer and creative director Oye Diran travels back in time to the 60s. Reminiscing on old family photos he cites “curated memories from his heritage as inspiration.” It reminds me of Kehinde Wiley, when I went to see his Byzantine exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum. We were there, but never represented. When you think of Africa in the 60s what fashion originally comes to mind?

Landscapes With Franck Bohbot

Melancholy and nostalgic landscape photos by French photographer, Franck Bohbot. Pastel, saturated colors on film give it an element of magic. Something about it gives me a 1950’s feel, maybe its the subject matter the automobiles outside a vintage building, the carnival filled boardwalk. Which photo makes you feel the most whimsical? Why?

Zdzislaw Beksinski & Nightmares

“Nightmare number 83: I am walking in a dark dark place and something big and slithery is slithering in the dark so close I could reach and touch it but if I touch the slithery thing it will know I am here and it will eat me very slowly.”