Educate The Idiots

Teach these kids, some ignorant commenter asked, “Can you even name five Prince songs?” Nigga…I said are we including songs he’s written for other artists, or just the songs he performed? Like little boy, know your place please. Are you out of your mind? That’s Prince, the icon, the innovator, the legend. How dare you? There aren’t anymore stars, just spectacles and stars yielding to spectacles. That’s why I told VH1, E and MTV to remind this dingbats of their iconography. Thank God I’m here to save the dying breed of what little smatter of stars we have left and right these wrongs. That’s why there’s no originality, especially due that trash satanic family, the Kardashian Jenner West coven and friends. You hoes are finished.

Give me Michael Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony, give me James Brown driving with a busted tire across two states, give me Whitney Houston crack is cheap…these spectacles are boring, manufactured drama is lame. I’m the only one delivering, that’s why they’re copying me. I’m going to give you a show you’ll never forget. Bye influencers, talentless hacks and the idiotic talent who followed behind them. This is Armageddon, spoiler alert I win. They literally have you dressing up like demons in all black and face masks. The absence of light, look at Kanye’s Gap collection (I miss the old Kanye, that was a star). They’re taking souls to hell, believing they’ll be rulers, the rulers are set, you’re just another tricked batched of idiots. Enjoy your time. Amber Rose was peak Kanye.

The people are gonna love me, now I know why two of my spirit guides are such, people loved them too, both were compassionate. I digress. Can you name five Prince songs, artists he’s written for included? Via: Lost Boys And Girls86

Celebs With Spiritual Gangsters

Cats are a huge deal spiritually, probably the most intuitive animal there is. No wonder there a witches go to and were worshipped in both Egypt and Greece. They aren’t demonic, although mischievous. If you don’t love them properly they’ll leave and they can tell when someone is evil, or when something bad is about to happen. Cats are great guides. Their purr emits a healing frequency. Originally I got mine to kill bugs and rodents, boy does she deliver, but what is their spiritual significance? Well it depends on the culture, color and species. Overall they’re protectors, mystics, wise af, curious, independent, playful, regal and the definition of self-love. We can learn a lot from cats, like how to set healthy boundaries. Pay attention to animals, look them up if they appear in dreams, or reoccur in your life, the universe is telling you something. What it is, is up to you to decipher. The universe talks, listen. Via: So Audrey Hepburn, 90s Boom Bap Rap & As The Vinyl Turns

Girls Be Goin Tweets

This has me dying, dying with laughter. I feel everyone of these forreal. I genuinely try to hide my crazy, you know lure em in, then switch it up. People like crazy though so it’s a silly endeavor. Myself and the ladies I grew up with straight up stereotypical dudes in terms of being fine doing me. I’ve often been described as difficult, but worth it, about the b.s, always in b.s, out of my mind and I’m fine with that. Which one is your favorite? Via: Girls Be Goin

Patti Hansen The Last Hottie Left

The only hot bitch left. Not only is she hotter than both basic bitches in her age, she’s smart and humble. It’s just wild how Sally Wood, who is 3/5’s hotter than Melanie deformed Hamrick, with her gross nose and frumpy outfits, wants to antagonize someone. Melanie and Sally are two basic white problematic Karen’s. You’re only as powerful as the woman standing behind you. Ronnie Wood and Mick Jagger are both jail bound like the ones behind them, which they deserve since they both have a history of domestic violence. L’wren Scott and Jo Wood were the last baddies. This is their karma for disrespecting women and finding them of no value.

Patti Hansen is an icon on her own and with Keith Richards, a power couple. What the fuck and who the fuck is Sally Wood? Another nobody bitch living off an old man to be relevant, but wanted to come for me? Girl take a seat, ruining your reputation, taking your money, putting you in jail, then sending you to hell, chef’s kiss. Subpar ass, you couldn’t even stand next to me you would cry I’m so much hotter, that’s why getting rid of you is so easy. Thanks for the Ed Westwick evidence racist gutter rat, an entire joke. Know your place hoe. Ps- neither of you have ever, nor will ever look as hot as she does. Via: Emanuel_Chilo

Make Even More Art

Don’t think about making art, just get it done.
Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad,
weather they love it or hate it. While they are deciding,
make even more art. -Andy Warhol

Artist: Poetry.Erin

Yin And Yang Politics Of America

“We threatened the sanctity and symmetry of white and black America whose yin and yang racial politics left no room for any other color, particularly that of pathetic little yellow-skinned people pickpocketing the American purse. We were strange aliens rumored to have a predilection for Fido Americanus, the domestic canine on whom as lavished more per capita than the annual income of a starving Bangladeshi family.”– The Sympathizer

Ask yourself, do you have any Asian loved ones or just cruel caricatures created by cruel white people?

Have you been inside an Asian household?

Photographer: Chet Lo

Kelly Marie Beeman

Oklahoma City artist Kelly Marie Beeman captures the flatness of her youth perfectly. Her subjects seemingly have no dimension on canvas, due to the clean lines, but the backgrounds add depth. “I grew up in a place that was very flat, not particularly suburban. When I think of suburbs, I think of places that exist as this kind of rescue from the big cities- suburban as being peripheral to the city. There was not a lot going on in Oklahoma City when I was growing up there in the 1990’s. There was no downtown, no skyscrapers. I was perpetually bored, but we entertained ourselves…you create fantasies that kind of get you through the boredom of everyday life.” The characters in her work look exactly that- perpetually bored, their wandering eyes makes the viewer question what thoughts roam their minds. Kelly Marie Beeman magically captures this expansive internal dialogue on stoic faces. They’re thinking of the past, the future, the would of, could have of, should of, the what if’s. They’re not living in the present moment, but the one before, or after. Thus “inviting the contemplation of narrative and interiority” she wants her audience to have.

There’s a listlessness to them. They seemingly don’t interact with one another, or their environment. Yet the lack of personal space between subjects, and bright, bold coloring of the background leaves us with a sense of hope rather than despair. It remains me of David Hockney’s American blandness, with Modigliani’s oblong people feels, but make it fashion. Beeman’s subjects possess a curiosity in their eyes, as opposed to the gloom of the aforementioned artists muses. Reinforcing the eyes truly are the windows to the soul. Her characters are nonchalant not dejected. Which piece is your favorite? Artist: Kelly Marie Beeman

You In The Van Or Nah?

Honestly, me, I would get in this van. Free drinks and I can charge my phone, plus I’m inquisitive and live for adventures. Am I proud? No, this could lead to kidnapping, I’m willing to take that chance as are the people I know. Plus what if the van is lit and there’s pancakes too and they just didn’t say it? Via: Drinks For Gayz