Elizabeth Banks Is Underrated

Fucking major.

Elizabeth Banks in a business suit with stripper heels defending women’s rights. They don’t want us to be these multifaceted, sexually liberated, empowered human beings. Guess what? Women are not property, accessories, or objects, we aren’t here for you. Anyone who aligns with this culture of toxic masculinity, deeming us subhuman, rape culture, oppression, and misogyny enjoy hell. The patriarchy will be dismantled and smashed. Let us fuck. Let us fight. Let us live. Via: Odda Magazine

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

I wasn’t raised a feminist, nor did I have examples in my family of such a thing. Yes, the women were strong in some ways, but they followed gender roles, ones that were instilled in me. Asking me what I want to be, versus helping me attain that goal are two different things. In fact my mother, traumatized by the ups and downs of her own childhood (I think therapy will fix it) feels we deserve to be equal to, or lesser than her more often than not. Never wanting us to go too high. She’s resentful. Needless to say we have issues, I’m not an under the radar type of girl. I didn’t ask to be born and your job is to prioritize me, making sure you find someone who will treat me as their own, not ostracize me. All her and my stepdad told us repeatedly whilst doing chores, including everyone’s laundry, was if we didn’t do it right we were never going to find a husband. Our value was placed on serving men. Mind you my sister and I were being told this in elementary school.

Rebellious I found my voice to speak, started doing things my way. I decide who I wanted to become, not have it dictated to me by two never changing ignorant people. Yeah I’m domesticated, but that doesn’t define me.

History was my favorite subject in school, I excelled, getting a 98 on my regents exam. To this day I wonder what the one (or two) question(s) I got wrong was. How do you know where you’re headed without knowing where you come from? Historical figures are most fascinating, shaping the world we live in. Watching Queen Elizabeth ii, the most powerful woman in the world, whose husband had to walk behind her the entirety of his life, you could not tell me my worth was reduced to finding a husband.
She ruled when women couldn’t get jobs, she ruled when women needed permission from their husbands to change the locks, or open bank accounts, she ruled when beating your wife was acceptable. Her reign was fated. No one ever expected her to be Queen, but by a series of succession miracles she became head of state. And thank God almighty for it, without her and many other feminist icons, I wouldn’t believe in myself. I would have no one to look up to and who can be more impactful than a female monarch, when you live in a country that believes we’re too emotional to be President.

All you need to do is see to believe, like the Obama’s being in the White House, to believe you can be great, you can overcome hate, you can do anything. Queen Elizabeth’s passing feels like the Northern star was blotted out from the night sky, how do you navigate without it? How do you find home? Will my kids ever see such a sight? Reading about it versus experiencing it isn’t the same.
There was Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, who Queen Elizabeth beat by seven years, but when will this happen again? We lived in an iconic historical time due to her. She read my words and stopped affiliating with Anna Wintour, she read my words and got confirmation on her inklings regarding psychopath Mick Jagger (she’s met many rockstars and refused to be in the same room as him, or knight him), she refused to hob knob with the Kardashian Jenner West family knowing they’re gutter rats. She had standards and thank God for it. Rest in peace, thank you for be a guiding light for powerful women everywhere. I’m gonna get Mick for you, wish you were here to see it. Via: Getty Images

Females Faking For Men

Female humans will put in headphones, pretend to have a boyfriend, pretend to speak another language, ignore you, start a movement #MeToo, cross the street, sue you and put you in prison (Mick Jagger, Chris Evans, Genc & Binn Jakupi), to avoid unwanted male attention. Fuck off means fuck off, females shouldn’t have to go through such lengths to tell you I’m not interested and I’m not here for you. What else am I missing? Artist: SoFlyTaxidermy

Girls Be Goin Tweets

This has me dying, dying with laughter. I feel everyone of these forreal. I genuinely try to hide my crazy, you know lure em in, then switch it up. People like crazy though so it’s a silly endeavor. Myself and the ladies I grew up with straight up stereotypical dudes in terms of being fine doing me. I’ve often been described as difficult, but worth it, about the b.s, always in b.s, out of my mind and I’m fine with that. Which one is your favorite? Via: Girls Be Goin

Women Own Nothing Absolutely

“We women own nothing absolutely, save what lies between our ears. Our virtue belongs to our father and then to our husband. We dedicate our duty to our family. As soon as we share our thoughts with another, put pen to paper or thread a needle, all that we do and makes belongs to someone else. So long as she has words and ideas, Annie will always posses something that is hers alone.” -Shadow Of Night

Artist: Kelly Beeman

My Neck My Back With Attico

Posting about Khia’s iconic My Neck, My Back on FB gave me a flashback! First off let me just say, this song is legendary, probably the most sampled female rap song of all time. City Girl’s used it for Fuck Dat Nigga (my most listened to song two years in a row), Erica Banks used it for Throw A Lil Mo (Do It), Saweetie used it for Icy Grl. Every single time it hits, from lyricism to beat. Be it sped up, or slowed down. Khia gets flowers for empowering females to be selfish in their sexual liberation. Make sure you get yours, fuck dat nigga. Inspirational. Female rappers often deemed crass, are actually the biggest advocates of feminism art wise (thank a black woman as usual). Encouraging women to value themselves, over society indoctrinating us to be subservient subhumans for the patriarchy. Sometimes it only takes one hit to empower a generation.

Flashback to an epic memory, not when my friend and I turned the gay bar up for karaoke, but another Miss Lily’s moment. I was wearing my Yetta black and gold sweater belted, with over the thigh leather black heeled boots (my pinky toes BLED to break in those shoes, but a look is a look), and black biker shorts. That’s the most athleisure I get in public. Everyone kept asking me what I was wearing. Is it a sweater dress, or just a sweater no bottoms? I get asked this often, since they can’t tell if it’s in pieces, or a single garment. Anyways, the dj plays My Neck My Back, and everyone loses their MINDS! Wasted from the flask of whiskey in my makeup bag (for that nosey bitch Jamila who got fired for writing me up, that’s how I did it), on top of the bartender doling out drinks, I instantly turn up. Dropping it low made everyone in the back stop eating to stare. Then the whole place goes into an uproar, especially in the front where these women in diaphanous pink silks stand on the chairs to dance. That’s where I remembered my favorite designers The Attico from! Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordoni were those women. It was major, no one ever stood on the furniture before. Rockstars. Everyone was screaming, dancing, taking videos for the duration of the song. A classic.

Ladies, be whatever type of human you want to be, do things to fulfill your own desires. That’s the point of the song. Smash the patriarchy; whose entire goal is to make women chaste objects to fulfill their desires sans having our own. Which rendition is your favorite? Via: Gilda Ambrosia & Net A Porter

Pay Attention To Your Sorries

Certain things you don’t owe anyone an apology for. Set boundaries and stick to them, so people know how to treat you. Especially as women we’re bred to apologize just for existing and taking up space. Seriously ladies pay attention to how often you say sorry, the things you say sorry for, then stop doing it all together. We do it as a defense mechanism, because the world isn’t safe for us. In general, for everybody, note when you’re saying sorry for the right reasons, to people please, out of fear. How must you modify the behavior to be fair to you? Via: SelfCareExpress

Being A Woman Is Painful & Powerful

Standing up for myself rather than tolerate abuse,
accept it as love,
is seen as stubborn and not a stance to be treated as human.

Poet: E.L.Withem