What Women Are Like

“Curtis used to take me down to the lake, and I’d study that water. It came to me that women are just like that lake. They do everything to it, but it’s still beautiful. I wish you could see it, Tan. They fish from it, throw garbage in it, and sail boats in it, but it’s still as wide and beautiful as ever. That’s what women are like, and we ain’t gon run dry. Sell a bit, and five minutes later we just as deep and wet and full as we was before.” Artist: Madeline Gross

The Alchemy Of Pain To Power

“Second: I can use pain to become.
I am here to keep becoming truer, more beautiful versions of myself again and again forever. To be alive is to be in a perpetual state of revolution. Whether I like it or not, pain is the fuel of revolution. Everything I need to become the woman I’m meant to be next is inside my feelings of now. Life is alchemy, and emotions are the fire that turns me to gold. I will continue to become only if I resist extinguishing myself a million times a day. If I can sit in the fire of my own feelings, I will keep becoming.” Via: Holly Murray_Doodles

Taylor Swift’s Soul Switch

Once I saw the reports on Taylor Swift dating Matt Healy, their history, his history I knew she was up to some shit. Taylor is extremely smart, which is why I favor her. There is no way on planet Earth she would date someone who disrespected her, women, is a racist and makes mediocre music. I’ve never heard of this man until she got him attention, which is exactly why she did it.
About a week ago I wrote on some obscure blog to her “If you want, he is sent.” Unfortunately this was the one time in my life I didn’t screenshot the interaction.

If you recall in my Lessons From Drag Me To Hell article, I dissect the accurate universal rules of the film. Now what you might not know is Selena Gomez royally pissed me off, presenting herself as an idiot, a try hard and a disappointment. I use to favor her. I told Gomez she was never getting a deal, she would burn in hell eternally. Which is where Taylor being a bright, ardent student came into play. Knowing I wouldn’t accept any deals Selena made, she decided to switch out her soul with somebody else’s. She chose Matt as tribute, banking on my love for her that I would understand and accept her offer. It worked. Had it been for Gigi Hadid, or a few others it would be a hard NO. However, I did love Selena and due to Swift’s bravery, intellect, a well executed scheme and being the first to think of doing this, offer accepted. Selena Gomez is free to go. She will not be exposed, nor sent to hell. Taylor Swift has made me incredibly proud. She found a loophole in my words and used it to save someone she loved. It’s very rare someone makes me smile at the thought of their character, Taylor did that. You basic Aryan bitches, learn from this. She is what you need to aim for: beauty, talent, compassion, class, intellect.
Selena Gomez count your lucky stars that people love you enough to give you a kidney, to send someone to hell. Niggas really out here doing anything for Selena’s. Get it together and don’t disappoint me again. I expect better from you. Matt Healy deuces bro. Enjoy your time, hashtag feminism, hashtag Black Lives Matter, hashtag you got played little bitch. Xoxo Athena. Via: Porch Light Swift

Reading Is Rebellious

Reading is fundamental, that’s why women and black people weren’t allowed. It fills the mind with ideas, the truth, it’s the best thing you can do. Banned books are a way of warping facts, preventing people from thinking for themselves, a way to control the masses. Reading is quite possibly the most rebellious thing you can do. That being said if the aforementioned parties weren’t allowed to read, we certainly didn’t write, yet we’re suppose to follow these religious works used to support slavery, used to degrade women. Think about that. What’s the last book you read? Do you take reading for granted? Via: Hyper Allergic

Slavery Introduced Black People To Christianity

“The preacher back home says it was God’s will that purged witches from the world. He says women are sinful by nature and that magic in their hands turns naturally to rot and ruin, like the first witch Eve who poisoned the Garden and doomed mankind, like her daughters’ daughters who poisoned the world with the plague. He says the purges purified the earth and shepherded us into the modern era of Gatling guns and steamboats, and the Indians and Africans ought to be thanking us on their knees for freeing them from their own savage magics.”

Photographer: Andrew Macpherson

Prioritize Emotional Safety

Safety was never essential on my quest for true love, until my last relationship. Dating Mick Jagger was overall a nightmare. I have never felt so unsafe, scared, miserable, as I did with him when he tried to force me to accept his abuse. The level of cruelty he has is in the 1% of human history. This is a man who has no regard for human life and due to his psychopathy, he will never change. After him safety has become my priority, it encompasses and umbrellas so many other things. Someone who makes you feel safe won’t dehumanize you, abuse you, betray you, stalk and harass you. If someone isn’t making you feel this way, it’s not love. Stop attributing toxic behaviors with its opposite emotion, love isn’t at all these negative traits, it’s not repainting horrible people. Make sure be it with friends, family, or lovers that you are the above image, if not cut them off, or set up boundaries. Also make sure you provide the same support. Via: Monknotion

The Right To Be Equal Oppressors

Instead of rallying behind narratives that center on America’s return to the misogynistic past, they could actually vote in their own interests. They could skip the dramatic shows of support for predators and I stead support their own freedoms.
Irrationally, what white women seem to fear is that if they push back against the misogyny, then what power they currently have will be lost. In the same way many white men seem to see power as a zero-sum game, so white women want to cling to the agency and selfhood they feel they have fought so hard to achieve. They genuinely believe that by defending these avatars of the patriarchy, they will somehow benefit even if it’s at the expense of everyone else.
When you see causal racism from so called feminist white women, you have to understand that whatever work they are willing to do to insulate themselves, they are still willing to sacrifice others for their right to be equal oppressors. They might not characterize it that way, might feel genuinely offended that anyone can perceive them as the weak link in the chain that is feminism. Via: Ramona Singer

Elizabeth Banks Is Underrated

Fucking major.

Elizabeth Banks in a business suit with stripper heels defending women’s rights. They don’t want us to be these multifaceted, sexually liberated, empowered human beings. Guess what? Women are not property, accessories, or objects, we aren’t here for you. Anyone who aligns with this culture of toxic masculinity, deeming us subhuman, rape culture, oppression, and misogyny enjoy hell. The patriarchy will be dismantled and smashed. Let us fuck. Let us fight. Let us live. Via: Odda Magazine

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

I wasn’t raised a feminist, nor did I have examples in my family of such a thing. Yes, the women were strong in some ways, but they followed gender roles, ones that were instilled in me. Asking me what I want to be, versus helping me attain that goal are two different things. In fact my mother, traumatized by the ups and downs of her own childhood (I think therapy will fix it) feels we deserve to be equal to, or lesser than her more often than not. Never wanting us to go too high. She’s resentful. Needless to say we have issues, I’m not an under the radar type of girl. I didn’t ask to be born and your job is to prioritize me, making sure you find someone who will treat me as their own, not ostracize me. All her and my stepdad told us repeatedly whilst doing chores, including everyone’s laundry, was if we didn’t do it right we were never going to find a husband. Our value was placed on serving men. Mind you my sister and I were being told this in elementary school.

Rebellious I found my voice to speak, started doing things my way. I decide who I wanted to become, not have it dictated to me by two never changing ignorant people. Yeah I’m domesticated, but that doesn’t define me.

History was my favorite subject in school, I excelled, getting a 98 on my regents exam. To this day I wonder what the one (or two) question(s) I got wrong was. How do you know where you’re headed without knowing where you come from? Historical figures are most fascinating, shaping the world we live in. Watching Queen Elizabeth ii, the most powerful woman in the world, whose husband had to walk behind her the entirety of his life, you could not tell me my worth was reduced to finding a husband.
She ruled when women couldn’t get jobs, she ruled when women needed permission from their husbands to change the locks, or open bank accounts, she ruled when beating your wife was acceptable. Her reign was fated. No one ever expected her to be Queen, but by a series of succession miracles she became head of state. And thank God almighty for it, without her and many other feminist icons, I wouldn’t believe in myself. I would have no one to look up to and who can be more impactful than a female monarch, when you live in a country that believes we’re too emotional to be President.

All you need to do is see to believe, like the Obama’s being in the White House, to believe you can be great, you can overcome hate, you can do anything. Queen Elizabeth’s passing feels like the Northern star was blotted out from the night sky, how do you navigate without it? How do you find home? Will my kids ever see such a sight? Reading about it versus experiencing it isn’t the same.
There was Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria, who Queen Elizabeth beat by seven years, but when will this happen again? We lived in an iconic historical time due to her. She read my words and stopped affiliating with Anna Wintour, she read my words and got confirmation on her inklings regarding psychopath Mick Jagger (she’s met many rockstars and refused to be in the same room as him, or knight him), she refused to hob knob with the Kardashian Jenner West family knowing they’re gutter rats. She had standards and thank God for it. Rest in peace, thank you for be a guiding light for powerful women everywhere. I’m gonna get Mick for you, wish you were here to see it. Via: Getty Images